Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) MODDED 2022

The Galaxy Wearable app manages the wearable devices and gear series to phone.
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The Galaxy Wearable application connects your wearable devices to your mobile device. It also manages and monitors the wearable device features and applications you’ve installed through Galaxy Apps.

Use the Galaxy Wearable application to set up and manage the following features:
– Mobile device connection/disconnection
– Software updates
– Clock settings
– Application download and settings
– Find my Watch
– Notification type and settings, etc.

Install the Galaxy Wearable application on your mobile device, then pair your wearable devices via Bluetooth to enjoy all of its features.

※ Settings and features provided by the Galaxy Wearable application are only available when your wearable device is connected to your mobile device. Features will not work properly without a stable connection between your wearable device and your mobile device.

※ The Galaxy Wearable application does not support the Gear VR or Gear 360.

※ only for Galaxy Buds models, The Galaxy Wearable application can be used with tablets .

※ Supported devices vary depending on your region, operator, and device model.

※ Please allow the Galaxy Wearable application permissions in Android Settings so you can use all the functions in Android 6.0.
Settings > Apps > Galaxy Wearable > Permissions

※ App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]
• Location: Used to search for nearby devices for Gear through Bluetooth
• Storage: Used to transmit and receive the stored files with Gear
• Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for updating apps and installing plug-in apps
• Contacts: Used to provide services that need to be linked with accounts using registered Samsung account information


- Fix update error in non samsung device.


40 comentarios en "Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) MODDED 2022"

  1. Erfan H. dice:

    This app used to be awesome when I first had my gear s2, 6 years ago but now it’s a disaster. Nothing is organized. Why should I find sending options inside watch settings. The battery indicator on the app isn’t accurate and only refreshes every 10 minutes. And I remember there were settings for each watch app on the phone. And there were pie charts to indicate free ram and storage which made the app much easier to use. Please if you can’t upgrade it then just don’t touch it.

  2. I have been a big fan of the galaxy watch for for several years. Just upgraded to the 4 after using the 3 for almost 2 years and I’m not liking the changes. The biggest complaint is the bedtime mode. I hate the Grayslake on my phone so I will not sync these settings, but you cannot set a schedule on the watch so it continues to light up as I move should I decide to go to sleep earlier than usual. This is very disturbing to try to sleep.

  3. Since the most recent update, my phone displays notification that says “Can’t notify on watch” and I can’t dismiss it. I also can’t connect my phone to my watch anymore. I get lucky and sometimes I can get it to manually connect to Bluetooth. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, that made things worse. Did a full wipe on my watch and ended up deleting all of my data (couldn’t back it up bc watch couldn’t connect to app…). PLEASE FIX! Watch doesn’t function as advertised!

  4. This recent update to the Galaxy Buds took away the ability to turn on the Ambient Sound feature with only one earbud, now you have to be using both. That was literally my favorite thing about using these ear buds. Please bring that feature back. I don’t understand why an UPDATE would take a function AWAY, but it’s a year later and I’m still sorely missing the ability to use the “hear-through” feature with just one earbud.

  5. They removed the sleep option. Lights up like a spot light when I move. Used to be a great watch and app. Updates have made it an annoyance. I have to take off my watch at night. I used to like the sleep tracker and being able to snooze my phone from my watch. No more. All the little annoyances add up to getting a different watch. It won’t be a Samsung.

  6. Nathan K dice:

    Okay, except it’s asking for data it does not need. Like access to gps location and calendar access. I will not use this app with these ear buds, galaxy ear buds. I will be looking into a better ear bud that doesn’t require all your personal data to change a setting. And you cannot access the app without giving it all your data, which is unacceptable. Seems Samsung’s only goal is to data farm. Their phones aren’t that good, se as tvs and appliances.

  7. It never opens. Never. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it (which completely resets your watch, by the way), and it worked long enough to reset all the settings to how they were, and then it doesn’t work anymore. Wth, Samsung? What kind of operation are you running here? Get it together and fix your damn app!

  8. I have sent feedback at least five or six times the last few weeks with no answers. The app does not work and just crashes when I open it. Since the app isn’t working, the watch does not connect. Since the watch does not connect, no data is transfered from the watch to the Samsung Health app. It is now simply a watch with no other purpose. I have shut down the phone and the watch, deleted the app and reinstalled it, looked for updates, and tried installing older versions of app. Nothing works.

  9. The latest update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a bug that disconnects the watch from the phone and necessitates a full factory reset to pair with the phone again. This is an unbelievable mess – search for it and you’ll see. What’s worse is the Samsung Backup for the watch is supposed to be automatic and daily. However, you’ll find out the hard way that your most recent backup is often over 6 months old. Lousy software and even worse QA by Samsung. You stink.

  10. The app itself us super easy to use. It randomly disconnects and reconnects my watch, sometimes 3-4 times a day. Also, every single time there’s an update, which happens sort of frequently, it turns off the “block touch” option for my galaxy buds pro. I keep that on bc i move and sweat a lot at work, so i end up adjusting my buds routinely, only to find i have stopped or skipped or changed the volume of what I’m listening to. Very annoying

  11. Was great. But recent changes have really become annoying. The good night mode used to work when you fell asleep and turn off when you woke up. Reliably for me. Now, it’s not even an option. Par for the course for Samsung. Edit: months in and the app is still missing features it had in the past. Usable and great features removed. They’ve made several updates since removing the auto detect night mode and it’s apparently not coming back.

  12. Disconnects During Calls Not sure what’s going on with the app or the ear buds. I love Samsung and would boast about them over the Apple products but now I feel a little irritated. Every couple of minutes during a phone call, it drops and disconnects. I would connect it back only for it to drop again. Now it won’t connect at all… Totally frustrating!!!!

  13. What happened?? This app used to be amazing and now I am just frustrated. I am, fortunately, not experiencing all the other issues that the others are (my watch is connecting to my phone) but since the last two updates my Galaxy watch will now notify me repeatedly, like I have 7 or 8 text messages coming in at once, that I have a voicemail. It does this off and on during my whole work day or until I check my voicemail. Has gotten so awful that I am missing in text messages that I need for work.

  14. 2 problems 1. Watch is never auto backed up even the option is on. Using it for over a year there is only 1 backup from a year ago. I had to do another manual backup to somehow trigger this auto backup. Stupidly unstable software. 2. Notifications were secretly changed to allow only some apps from originally allowing all. We users just want to use the freaking app and hardware without too much hassle. Stop forcing us to check each every place of your app to see if this and that is working.

  15. DPSFSU dice:

    Had a rash during covid so I couldn’t wear the watch for a while. I suffer from eczema and the silicone bands help for flare ups. But since I had to put down the watch for a few months, it now doesn’t even recognize the same phone it was connected to prior. I tried to delete cache. No pairing. I tried to delete memory. Nothing. Delete app and reinstall. Nothing. I now have a useless watch and the app gives zero help to fix it. I was a huge fan, after your earbuds caused me inflammation, no more.

  16. Can someone please fix the bug with Samsung Pay restarting on its own on my watch about every minute? You cannot delete the app and I cannot get this to stop, even with all advice out there on the web. I reset the watch yesterday and it helped for about 12 hours. Now I am back to the app opening on my watch every minute or so. It has made my watch useless. BTW, all was good until I updated the app 2 days ago.

  17. Mike H dice:

    The app operates as intended with no major issues, but the watch 4 classic is such a step backwards. Simple features touted never work. Not many options in the Wear app to make an abysmal watch much better. Samsung said switching from Tizen would be great, and it just isn’t. They said they would further develop many new apps to be used with these new Watch 4s, and again they haven’t. I don’t like using apple products, but in this case their watch wins out.

  18. App software use to be great. Since updated, I do not see any text notifications. It seems to pick and choose what notifications it will show on the watch face. I’m constantly missing calls because I get no notifications. I have to keep my phone silent due to the nature of my work, fix this issue Samsung.

  19. The watch is fine for the most part but it doesn’t have a great understanding for the English language. I said obsolete and it keeps recognizing the word as absolutely. I’ve tried pronouncing the word different three times and had others try and say it but I still arrive at the same issue. Can someone please fix the voice recognition on these device. I have the galaxy watch 4.

  20. Looks like Samsung dropped the ball on the wearable buds app. Just upgraded from buds+ to buds pro. Installed the app and it won’t connect to my buds. My phone will play music to my buds using Bluetooth but I can’t customize anything on the buds. No volume, no ambient noise, no ff or repeat if songs. Basically their rendered useless other than listening to music. I can’t even tell if the noise cancellation works. What a complete waste of money. HELLO APP DEVELOPER. CAN YOU HELP OUT HERE?

  21. Widget broken! Does NOT connect remotely or almost ever. I’m sitting right next to ear buds and they can’t connect or find. If they’re in case you can’t find find them! your watch only works if your watch is on wifi so worthless in almost every scenario you’d lose your phone. This app connects to the watch 1/10th of the time. I hate the app SO MUCH that I’d almost rather wear a Walmart 10.00 watch. They removed the only useful feature which is location if you lose your watch or someone steals

  22. Tizen need some serious work. A video player needs to be added. The intervals need to be able to be adjusted for the heart rate monitor. The timer app always crashes or exits for some odd reason. Google maps needs support if you want to compete with Google’s Wear OS. The App support is complete garbage. Pictures from text messages need to show up, It has AMOLED! There needs to be better Notification support too! Also to be able to turn off “Animation Scale” watch is tooslow

  23. Sean dice:

    Great app. Made connecting my Galaxy Buds + super simple. And they connect everytime without fault when I take them out of the case. This software also makes it easy to know when a firmware update is avaliable for your earbuds and update them. Clever of Samsung to move the app to a plugin model. So the app only downloads what it needs for your accessory.

  24. K dice:

    Way too many permissions. Why the hell do you need access to everything to use a Bluetooth? I get some things but you do NOT need my location, text messages, calender and various other things that are not in any way being used. I am tired of major tech giants doing this. I also hate that at some point I cannot use my device unless I update, it forces me to when it is very bad timing for me and takes minutes when driving this isn’t ideal. Overall ok but permissions are horrible

  25. Good Buds, Terribly Intrusive… can’t open the app w/o first giving rights to everything. So before you can change any settings, you have to give access to Location, Calendar, Call Logs, Contacts, Files and Media, and SMS. Why do my earbuds need this level of information?? Only reason I can come up with is they want to harvest personal stuff and sell it. No thanks. I have 3 sets I’ll be replacing.

  26. What happened?? It was working great, now all of a sudden it doesn’t want to connect to my watch. My Galaxy Watch 4 is brand new… it doesn’t want to connect at all and always disconnects from it now. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled, I rebooted my phone and did an system update. Restart the watch, & NOTHING works!! I’m paying for service on a watch I cannot use because this app does not want to connect to it.

  27. Bought a new Gear classic 4 and went to set it up, after the phone and watch pair I am stuck on a screen with 4 dots not indicating if it’s loading or not. Then shortly afterwards I’ll get a message stating check your network connection. I then have two options, to retry the connection or close app completely. I have tried it on my mobile data and it is still the same issue. Reading into it on Samsung forums seems to be a issue with the app itself so I’m not sure when a resolution will be found

  28. I love the watch and it is clearly an upgrade from a cheaper watch used for two years. Unfortunately, it is an absolutely boring app design and is very limited. I can’t figure out simple things like display exercises over a few days or sleep length beyond one day. It could be operator error but the app it is not intuitive.

  29. Carter V dice:

    Phone and text don’t use Bluetooth. Before the last update, the phone would use Bluetooth to alert watch on phone calls and text messages. Not it will only use number sync which is disabled on the watch when Bluetooth is connected. Result is, I don’t get notifications on my watch anymore.

  30. The app will connect to my watch for awhile but if my watch is turned off or like this last time forgotten when I went on a trip for more than a day or two it will stop connecting to the point I have to delete the app and redownload it to get it to connect again. When it works my rating would be 4* but it’s not working at the moment.

  31. Asking to access everything on my phone. I just want to use headphones. Not give it access to my entire life. just settings. Samaung, stop harvesting your user’s data before you get sued. samsung buds 2 also horrible. Constantly out of sync. The ambient setting gives me a headache right away andnsounds very cheap. I cant access any settings because its all hidden behind permissions to access my phonebook messages and other things that it shouldnt need access to for basic controls

  32. The app does not function at all as advertised. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running Android 10 with One UI 2.5, and I have spent the past 2 hours trying to connect to my galaxy watch active and the app repeatedly says “Check your network connection, then try again” despite having full connectivity to the internet. I have reset my phone, reset my watch, and reinstalled the app and it STILL doesn’t work. Fix this Samsung, utterly appalling.

  33. So glad it’s not just me. On my S9+ it was working fine and today I upgraded to the S22 Ultra and got the Galaxy Watch4 but for some reason, it would not connect. Verified code and everything but then it would say “check your network connection and try again”. I cleared cache and data, reset my phone and watch, even contacted customer service and nothing helped. Coming to the comments, I’m glad it wasn’t just me having these issues. Hopefully this is fixed soon because I wanna use my watch!!!

  34. This is a neat app helps me set it to do certain things and turn the volume up higher then the phone allows. Helps me find my earbuds when I lose them. I just wish it would help me find them even when it says they’re in use because half the time it’s touching something and it thinks it’s in my ear and it is not and I can’t find them for days. That’s the one thing I wish was different. But rather then that I’d have given it 5 stars.

  35. I got a new phone today and when I went to set this app up on my new phone it wouldn’t work. It just sits on the set up page and spins and spins. Apparently a bunch of people are having the issue. It would be greatly appreciated if you would fix it since these devices aren’t exactly cheap!

  36. I don’t know what’s going on but the latest update has screwed with my watch and now is not showing any of my notifications on my watch, I use that feature all of the time to get my texts and phone call notifications on my watch. I’ve tried everything the internet said to do and it’s still not working. Just automatically stopped after the last update!

  37. App is nonfunctional. The app continually fails to sync with the watch and is otherwise unusable for modifying watch settings. App does not properly detect watch faces installed through play store app, only through play store. When watch face “customize on phone” is selected, the app does not become aware of the watch face set nor does it properly modify watch faces the app is already aware of. Once again demonstrating that Samsung’s hardware teams are comprised of the lowest quality SDEs.

  38. It denies access to the entire app because I refuse to let Samsung access my contacts, my location, my SMS, and my call history. Why do ear buds essentially glorified “headphones” need this information at all? I don’t need or want a contact name mechanically read out to me and pronounced incorrectly. I want to listen to music and audio content, which Samsung refuses to do so. Had I known in time, I would’ve returned these demonic ear buds. Ain’t no need to listen in and locate us.

  39. Was great but after the last update watch keeps freezing and now the app keeps spinning… I reinstalled the app 3 times restarted the phone and did a factory reset on the watch still no connection. The app sees it and will let me sync to it but won’t do anything else. I have nothing. Prior to all the installs and factory reset the app said there was an update clicked it and it kept booting me out to home screen now its just a spinning wheel.

  40. Gail Parz dice:

    The recent update is horrible. The sleep app started 3 hours after I went to sleep, steps count aren’t accurate as they don’t count steps less than 10, pulse rate doesn’t account for a healthy person’s resting pulse to be less than 64 which effects all the other health monitors. Terrible. Makes me want to go back to fitbit.

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