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The best VPN to browse privately and protect your data online!

Better than an internet proxy: Get ExpressVPN and stay private on any network, even Wi-Fi hotspots. Secure your connection with the best VPN today. Try the top-rated VPN free now!

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Download the best VPN on your Android phone, tablet, or TV, and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

World’s top premium VPN provider
ExpressVPN is rated Excellent by 7,000+ reviewers on Trustpilot and has been crowned the best VPN by CNN, The Verge, TechRadar, and more.

Fast VPN server network
Connect to our fast VPN servers in 94 countries—wherever you want to be.

Safely access your favorite content with an unlimited VPN
Enjoy secure access to a world of great content and apps, with a fast VPN and unlimited proxy.

Powerful online VPN security
Protect your data and keep online activity more private with our VPN encryption. Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots and browse more anonymously wherever you go.

Make any browser into a private browser!
Browse in peace while keeping your IP address and location private with our safe VPN. Under our strict privacy policy, we don’t collect activity logs or connection logs—it has been independently audited to ensure your protection.

Next-generation VPN protocol
Get exclusive access to Lightway, a VPN protocol developed from the ground up by ExpressVPN to offer greater speed, security, and reliability.

Apps for every device
Download and enjoy the best VPN protection on all your devices. Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, and more.

Wide language selection
Make our VPN app work for you by switching among 17 languages.

Five-star customer service
Get help in seconds, not days. Ask us anything, anytime, through 24/7 live chat support or email.

Android app features
• Our in-built kill switch stops all internet traffic if your VPN connection drops. Kill switch is supported on Android 8 and higher.
• Select which apps will use the VPN and which apps won’t when your device is connected with ExpressVPN’s split-tunneling feature.
• Our convenient widget allows you to easily connect or disconnect from ExpressVPN, change your VPN server location, or check your VPN status.
• ExpressVPN automatically connects whenever you join or rejoin an untrusted Wi-Fi hotspot or network, and it auto-reconnects if your VPN connection is interrupted.
• ExpressVPN’s encryption supports these protocols: OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, Lightway.


A little fix here, and a little fix there. All worth doing, but nothing you’re likely to notice.


40 comentarios en "ExpressVPN: VPN Fast & Secure MODDED"

  1. Shubham dice:

    It generally works well except when it doesn’t. Deducted one star because sometimes the streaming apps would work fine and sometimes they won’t. Deducted one more star because the VPN doesn’t automatically connect when I turn on my tv, there’s no such setting as well in the tv app. I have to manually go into the app every time I turn the tv on and connect to VPN.

  2. It does it’s job. Phone is good when connected to internet, slow when connected to 4G. Interferes with voicemail downloads on my phone. Interferes with some internet/4G connection during normal usage. It’s not terribly annoying when you know the issue. You have to turn it off to fix the issue though, which the point is to keep it on 24/7. It’s not enough to uninstall, but enough to make me look at a different VPN when our subscription is up.

  3. Phillip dice:

    I wish I’d never left NordVPN. ExpressVPN is slower, and far more annoying to use. The interface is awful, for example, when choosing different servers – the city I live in isn’t chosen by default so I have to dig through settings to get to it. Worst of all, automatic protocol doesn’t select a protocol that works on Metro, so I use Lightway, and the app won’t connect to it automatically! Every time I switch to wifi or off wifi, I lose internet until I open the app and reconnect manually.

  4. This app is very good, but it prevents a few of my other apps from recognizing me when I sign into them. Temporarily disconnecting it solves the problem. I would not use any public WiFi without a VPN like this one. Update on 3-25-2022: Be sure to disconnect this VPN before attempting to log into any of the credit bureaus like TransUnion. If you don’t, you will get locked out of your account because they can’t tell where you are located. That’s all it takes for them to lock your account.

  5. Middling to poor reliability (the Phoenix, AZ, connections are particularly useless—I kept having to stop using the service during the 2 weeks I was out there because so little data ever moved through it). At home, it seems data transfer rates nosedive about every hour so I’m frequently dis- and reconnecting. If I don’t see improvements in the next few months I’m not renewing my subscription.

  6. Almost all the population of these here Cayman Islands who have heard of ExpressVPN, also have an ExpressVPN account and find no issues with it. Whenever an issue arise, a few minutes with customer service – all good again. I’ve been a customer for almost 6 years, and I’ve never been disappointed. I have the app installed on all my compatible devices, and also 2 wifi routers.

  7. Practically useless. It constantly kicks any connection I try to make with just about anything except for simple data like websites, and even then it fails to load a lot of things on the website such as thumbnails and pictures or even proper html formatting. I try to do a speed test and it errors as soon as it starts going to 10mbps and then back to nothing with an error. Like it tries but then it stops. Also I’m trying to use an app to do some important stuff and it refuses to connect.

  8. J B dice:

    I’ve had the app installed on my 5 devices with primarily the same isp, mobile and broadband and the app is extremely easy to use. This will work great for probably 99% of the users. Make sure you know what protocol is best for your connection type (more important than server location). Your speeds will varry based the planitary allignment and the gravitational pull of the sun. In other words not consistent, but normal for a VPN.

  9. More and more apps and networks do not work with the VPN on. Even cycling the 3 locations here, the addresses are not being let through apps. Also, almost all the locations are in the same areas, most of the US cities aren’t available. 3 NJ and multiple NY and CA cities, but none near Cincinnati or Indianapolis for example.

  10. Decent and doesn’t seemnto affect speed dramatically. Some websites don’t allow you access while connected such as Offerup. I get a Captcha verifications more frequently esp with banking and more secure sites. I dont see a lot of difference in types of access as far as interntl choice but I really don’t visit a vast spectrum of sites to really know. Some sites with prices will display costs based on the country where the server you use, is located.

  11. I’m not sure what happened but the service across all locations keeps dropping and sometimes completely locks out all internet access while it is still turned on. I haven’t the faintest idea why it happens, and even ever since last year it outright refuses to update on my chromebook. Im not sure what happened but this app has gone downhill. Was this due to the buyout?

  12. The John dice:

    Update: still love this app. Feel safer knowing it’s connected. That said, still wish there was better notification for when it’s NOT CONNECTED so you actively look into the issue. Increasingly blocks certain normally used apps randomly, necessitating disconnect to allow app startup, then reconnect for security… it’s annoying. Please fix this. Thanks!

  13. Mahdi Mir dice:

    The inside app connect button should be on the lower side of screen so it is easier to tap. Also the app lacks a 1×1 widget for connecting & disconnecting the VPN so we do not have to go inside the app. The split tunneling feature is so useful I like it very much.

  14. Cody Blea dice:

    The developer will respond to this review with an appeal for me to contact them and follow through their troubleshooting protocols. This has done nothing for the stability of this app long term. If your ISP has a habit of dropping packets, this VPN will crash. For those of us in poorly served areas, this VPN can cause issues and frustration. When the automatically chosen vpn location doesn’t connect but a manual selection instantly connects. You know there is a connection issue.

  15. I’ve made repeated attempts to contact Customer Service about this VPN blocking the function of certain apps I use pretty regularly NO AVAIL! None of the inquiries seem to be taken seriously dispute what seems like a simple backend fix! I literally have to TURN OFF the VPN to get certain apps to work on my phone, which defeats the purpose of using the VPN in the first place! 🤦

  16. Although the app works very well, I did not like the way they do business. My biggest issue was cancelling subscription. It has been designed in a way that you feel you have unsubscribed successfully but in reality you need to click one more button for final final subscription. It’s my understanding this has been designed on purpose this way. You cannot even realize you pay monthly to this service because even their name of transactions look like Amex Card payment. So be careful!

  17. ExpressVPN works well, it stops me from getting those annoying targeted ads, and it gives me back the sense of privacy I think we all should have. It does slow down my connection a little bit… I like how one can run a speed test on the desktop version. To my knowledge, you can’t do this on the mobile version yet – it would be a great addition. Or, even a feature where ExpressVPN could automatically switch to the fastest connection amongst preset locations given a selected refresh interval?

  18. So far, great! I love the extra protection, definitely helps my anxiety. Brilliant. The only issue so far, which is why only 4 stars for now, I randomly can’t access my browser or apps, nothing loads, until I turn off ExpressVPN, then everything works fine, and I just click it back on again. Not awful, just inconvenient is all. **Support fixed it like a dream. Only took a few minutes, and they were incredibly kind and helpful!

  19. Fastest and most stable VPN service I’ve used. You can even watch video streaming services which prohibit VPN usage. I can’t say more than that or they’ll find a way to stop it. I can’t see any reduction in speed for streaming, browsing, or even gaming. Yes, they work with gaming consoles and, even on my slow internet connection, it works flawlessly; that is, not a single drop in connection, no noticeable lag, and no issues when connecting. Fast, solid, secure: win, win, winning all day long!

  20. Easy to use interface, many selection of servers. I find that when internet becomes slow, if I turn the VPN off and on again it goes back to normal speeds meaning my ISP or phone network may be blocking the internet when they detect a connection to a VPN. But it almost always comes back when i turn it off and on 🤷🏿‍♂️. Sometimes a server seems to just be slow at a certain time and going to another location works as well. Maybe overcrowding These are just my findings from a year or so of use.

  21. Works very well, better than NordVPN imo (which I had for about six months I think). I frequently found wifi that would not connect, or wouldn’t work after connecting, with Nord (despite changing settings) and that’s not the case with Express. I’ve run across maybe one or two wifis that required me to turn off Express to connect, and then I could turn it back on. Frequently apps didn’t work with Nord (no network connection) and so far only OfferUp doesn’t work with Express (their fault).

  22. I’ve been using this VPN in China for years. A country that is notoriously difficult for VPN’s to operate in, due to the Great Fire Wall – a country wide censorship and traffic control firewall. It has consistently worked. It is constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve, and with the new super fast VPN protocol it works even better. I have no complaints. It simply works.

  23. Works with netflix crunchyroll hulu amazon. It’s got it all. High speed too. Edit: after 2 years of great connection with the recent updates expressVPN has failed. It will connect easily, but then block most of my apps from connecting to the internet. I updated everything to see if that was the problem but nothing has helped. I had to disconnect exVPN to write this.

  24. I want to like this app/service, and I do but with a caveat. Don’t rely on the “Smart Location” the app wants to select for you. It consistently selects servers on the opposite side of the country that produce literally 1/3 to 1/4 the speed of a more local server. I don’t need to connect to San Francisco when I’m on the east coast… I’m sure it has to do with local server load, but it is wrong 95% of the time with its “Smart” decision…

  25. Emma R. dice:

    I had to delete my original review because my opinion of the app has changed drastically. Originally, this VPN service was very helpful and made me feel secure. It was seamless to use… all the good things you want. Until recently. This VPN service has become a nightmare to use. It has issues connecting, and my phone now performs WORSE when I am connected to a VPN server. It saddens me, as I’ve been a customer for 2 years, almost 3. I do not plan on renewing.

  26. If ExpressVPN can find a bug fix to eliminate the need to constantly reconnect to the VPN, that would be terrific. Unfortunately, I find there are multiple times throughout the day during which I must open the app, manually find a location, and reconnect the VPN. This results in lost productivity for me. If there is a way to address this issue permanently, that would be great.

  27. It’s worth it to buy, but you also want to workaround a little bit in settings area to make it better, everything is nice and clear. It feels like internet-browser refresh rate increased slightly saving your life from all sorts of hackers. Theft of intellectual propery is very common these days and I should probably run this software over 10 years ago rather than now. I made a good choice and now certainly feels much more smooth than ever blocking everyone’s access to your privacy and data.

  28. Brandon P dice:

    At first this VPN service was great and I could go to websites pretty quickly. After a few months it slowed down. Now, after a few more months I have to keep it off most of the time because the sites won’t load anymore. Its extremely frustrating when you’re at an airport or public place trying to get online securely. What am I paying for… Im going to cancel at the end of subscription if this doesn’t get better.

  29. Pros first. I love the safety security feature, where if your internet isn’t connected to the VPN then no data will enter or leave your device until it is connected. Mine never stays out for long on the rare occasions this happens and I am comforted in knowing my device is secure! My speed hasn’t suffered much at all. My issue is more and sites are not allowing me to connect due to “security issues”, assuming I’m an attacker. I have to turn the vpn off if I want access and this is upsetting.

  30. It’s very easy to set up on multiple devices, and make it go. I switch from LTE to various wifi and back quite often during the day, and find that it doesn’t do well when I switch the connection. Sometimes things just stop working, and turning off the VPN clears it right up.

  31. recently purchased this vpn under employer’s account. still in 30 days free trial and want to cancel. ALWAYS having connection issues, and find myself having to either go out of my way to find a secure connection on someone else’s comiputer when I need to conduct sensitve business, or wait until I get home, where it works fine sometimes, but hardly ever anywhere out in public, where I am for most of the day. Really inconvenient app that I hardly get any use out of.

  32. Doesn’t work. Or rather, it works fine but when it’s on nothing else works. It blocks my phone from sending/receiving texts, has issues with the Wi-Fi (it’ll drop the Wi-Fi then pretend it can’t find it again), can’t access websites or will load a screen, drop the Wi-Fi, then blame me for not having Wi-Fi on. I have to exit whatever I’m in, turn off the VPN, go back to the website until it loads properly then exit out again and then restart the VPN. Completely useless!

  33. Stephen dice:

    You get what you pay for. Excellent VPN. Easy to install and use. Lots of server choices from around the world. Fast too, I’ve never noticed any substantial slowdown while connected. I liked this more than NordVPN. Can use across multiple devices. Most of the good paid service VPNs are about the same, it comes down to smaller preferences most of the he time.

  34. The only issue is the internet doesn’t work if I’m connected to certain locations. However I don’t think that’s on them. Other than that it was very easy to set-up. The app walks you through everything and explains everything very well. Other features are very easy to use. The help section is actually very helpful. I’m definitely paying to get monthly service and pricing isn’t too bad at all. Good work guys!!

  35. When I 1st started using your product Automatic worked fine when using data. Then one day I could only use your product on a less secure protocol? On WiFi it still works on your recommended protocol. Tried to reset phone with no change? Maybe ISP? Also It seems like your app and You Tube are the only ones that when I launch the screen goes black 1st then comes back??? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail??

  36. Pretty good. Has its quirks but awesome overall. Best vpn I’ve used. A bit expensive unless you get a special during the holidays. Edit: love it. The only issue is with update notification on the PC. Android app takes some time to show as update too. However, their support site is really quick to respond so if you cannot connect, they’re their.

  37. If you look over the last few or more years, you will see the “top” VPN services. Nord, IP vanish, and relatively recently in the cyber security world, now Express VPN is amoung them. I would bet money ranked 1st place every time. Theres a reason why. All severs run on RAM, no data stored. Lightway protocol is INSANELY fast. All data connections are different, but I noticed an immediate double of my entire networking speed averages.

  38. Mark NJN dice:

    After a last update, fails to allow me to use my wireless data and I have to turn it off to get data. Works great on Wi-Fi like always. Tech support was no help after speaking to them for 30 mins. Big disappointment after 2 years of spotless service.

  39. Not sure what happened but the connection is unreliable and slow. I tried to cancel it last year by disabling auto renewal. You have to select turn off automatic renewal 3 times. Once to submit the request and twice to confirm. I only confirmed once and was auto billed again last year. Didn’t bother contacting to contest the charge. 2 stars for app UX. Simple design and easy to use/change settings. You probably don’t need VPN but if you do don’t go with ExpressVPN.

  40. This app never worked in China, since I moved there in February 2020. They also automatically renewed my subscription after I specifically turned off automatic renewal. I just tested turning it off again, and they turned it back on without my permission. They also require you to click the button to turn off automatic renewal 3 times, while most services require you to click a button twice. Express VPN knows this and knows it can steal money from people who assume it’s only twice. They can’t provide a service that functions properly, so they’ve resorted to stealing money from their customers instead. If you are in China and want a VPN that actually works and don’t want to have $100 stolen from you every year, get literally anything other than Express VPN.

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