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🏆 Powerful Ad Blocker
🏆 Powerful Video Download
🏆 Powerful Customization

Everything is there.
Everything is powerful.
Everything is simple.

Stylish browser with all features
A more advanced browser

Main Features
⭐ Automatic translation
⭐ Go back without refresh
⭐ Data Saving
⭐ Clean mode
⭐ Fast download
⭐ Layout editing
⭐ Menu editing
⭐ Search bar editing
⭐ Tab bar editing
⭐ Gesture editing
⭐ One-handed mode
⭐ Dark theme
⭐ Screen filter
⭐ Reader mode
⭐ Enlarge text
⭐ Change font
⭐ Text to Speech
⭐ TV cast
⭐ Keyboard security
⭐ Lock screen
⭐ Incognito mode
⭐ Scrolling screenshot
⭐ View only images
⭐ Save all images
⭐ Download video
⭐ QR code
⭐ PDF viewer
⭐ Photo editor
⭐ DNS change function (using Android “VpnService”)

And so many more features

Required Permissions
⭐ None

Optional Permissions
⭐ ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : When requested by the site user is visiting
⭐ RECORD_AUDIO : When requested by the site user is visiting
⭐ CAMERA : Photo attachment or Barcode scanning
⭐ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : File management
⭐ REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES : Users can download apps from sites they visit. When a user installs a downloaded app


⭐ Code optimized


40 comentarios en "Soul Browser MOD 2022"

  1. C B dice:

    NEAT app. There are so many options available it’s a little confusing, so only concentrate on the specific ones you care about and get to the others later. FYI: dark mode is: hamburger, gear, display, UI & browser. Why they forced it to light and not follow the system mode is beyond me. Be sure and try out reader mode, the black and white book icon near the URL in the upper right.

  2. In my original review, I erroneously thought & thanked developer(s) for implementation of “On” & “Off” for YouTube’s Videos, and gave 5 stars. Obviously, this was not, and still has not been fixed – as switching to a new video has the little autoplay icon “on” – which automatically plays the video AND the next videos in line. Sometimes, when pasting a youtube video link, the youtube video automatically plays. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose and/or settings to turn off autoplay for videos?

  3. mark s. dice:

    Been using Soul for a few days now and I’m impressed. Usually a new browser lasts only a few minutes before I uninstall it for various reasons. Lots of customizations available. I like how a new tab or window opens in the forefront, not in the background where you have to switch tabs to view it. Importing bookmarks was a breeze. Websites render well and load quickly. No problem playing videos. Haven’t had any pop-up ads. A few more weeks and this might just become my daily driver. Thanks Soul!

  4. Finally!! a fully customizable browser with an amazing selection of tools. During my initial set up process, there are options available I never thought (nor has any other browser) about but makes perfect sense. As someone who is constantly searching and downloading and removing browsers due to lack of functions and features, I HIGHLY recommend this one! and feel it will be the standard by which others are judged.

  5. Pretty sure I’ve never reviewed an app on the play store but I feel like I needed to review this browser. This browser is great and the best I’ve used on mobile. Automatic night mode, pop-up blocker, pull down to refresh, no reload on other tabs, video playback control, and it’s fast. Pretty sure this browser has it all and you can customize it to your liking.

  6. Echo dice:

    Great browser for privacy. Sometimes crashes when loading videos, and also blocks a few downloads here and there. The only other problem is that sometimes the audio doubles because the site is playing audio at the same time as the in built video player. Besides those 3 things, this is the absolute best browser on the playstore, and shall be one of the two apps that always stay on my phone. Thank you for making this amazing app.

  7. This browser continues to be awesome. Just a few issues: (1) wish we could view the tabs as tab cards, instead of just grid, list, or simple; (2) when tabs are sorted as a list or simple and are at the bottom of the screen, the ‘undelete’ button that pops up covers the bottom tab; (3) we aren’t able to set the scroll bar on the miniature tab viewer to be on the left, even though we can set the scroll bar to be on the left elsewhere. Thank you.

  8. Absolutely phenomenal. Perhaps the best browser on the market – definitely preferable to both Chrome and Opera for most things. The only thing I wish is that the tab list was available as a plain list as well as a grid, and that tab-specific history could be seen. The history of just the tab, as opposed to the complete browser history. eta; oh! yes, ty, the list/simple mode is what I want – I thought Type was just the menu title, so I never clicked on it, but yes. List option is there.

  9. So glad I discovered this browser! Started having issues with my Samsung browser so I went on a thorough search for a new one. This is by far the most customizable browser I’ve ever seen! About the only thing I couldn’t find in the settings (unless I missed it) was a place to store your home Address and Credit Card information for autofill purposes. The autofill/password storage def needs some improvement as well. Other than that, this is just about everything I’ve been looking for!

  10. Very customizable. I like that the customizable features are useful ones and not just the ones that most allow you to access commonly. And it has explanations that anyone can understand about what changing a setting could possible affect. The ad blocker though is the standard as far as i go. Love it all. Thank You lets see how it handles. Keep up the great work.

  11. I used Boat Browser for years, because it was the only browser I found that was super customizable and had everything I wanted. Those developers abandoned that app, so I was looking for a replacement once that browser started giving me issues. Soul browser is a perfect replacement, and it is very customizable! It′s so fast, and looks great.

  12. G G dice:

    A few months ago the developer completely rebuilt how the browser saves open tabs and the result is massive, the app no longer crashes nearly as much anymore and is much faster! But most importantly is the fact that open tabs are ALL restored even if the app does crash! I absolutely love this browser, it is hands down the best one I have ever used bar none. Super customizable, option to use external video downloader app, and able to backup, export, and import your browser history. 11/10 👍

  13. This is a really good App. The devs clearly put a lot into it. It’s probably the smoothest browsing experience I’ve had on any platform. It has many useful features, probably too many for a browser app. (Edited)As I promised, 5 stars. Please make fingerprint screen dark background when in night mode. White background not good for my eyes.

  14. It’s a good option to Google. Lots of options. Swipe functions with adjustable locations for use. Took some getting used to but after a few months I really like it. Devs always respond to your emails promptly. Continual maintenance n performance done. All I can say is I was tired of the big G and wanted something different. After a few no go I found Soul n been with it since.

  15. This is without a doubt a 5 star browser and imho one of if not THE best browser out for Android, it’s customization options are awesome.. performs almost flawlessly no matter how many tabs you open.. and Devs consistently work on updating & adding valuable new features. I just have 2 small issues keeping it from being perfect.. First is whenever I try to type in a web address in the bar it always immediately closes my keyboard & can’t figure out why? Second is the new icon HAS to go please!!!

  16. Pretty Darn Customizable. The buttons for some of the controls are unclear (at least have and information icon where you can find more out). I don’t know if you were trying to take after Chrome with it’s silvered monochrome!? But I think most of the techies out there probably I’ve gotten used to Firefox with it’s deep & rich color splashes not to mention DuckDuckGo! But it’s my close second.⭐✨ Good job!

  17. I have decided to repurpose my review in an effort to encourage some new change with the browser. I still stand by my statement that this is one of the fastest browsers available. It also earns my high marks for allowing custom adfilters to be added manually to it. However, I do wish that this browser was modified to work well with Chrome books. Few browsers have custom built user interfaces that fits to and utilizes the extra screen space. It is a lot to ask for but it would be very nice.

  18. I been looking for a good tts browser this looks promising. One thing that could be improved on there click to speak. They should start reading on the html element that you clicked on and highlight that div and show forward and backward button. I found an older android browser that done that it was very cool but unfortunately it did not work on the newer ones and i don’t remember what it was called though.

  19. Excellent, and the updates keep coming, and with the size of this browser that’s a very good thing. You got something awesome here. If I may suggest a more thorough adblock section. Ability to Import our own filter lists(as much as adblock plus, ublock origin, adguard type filter support possible). Also a filter hit list to see our most effective rules, and eventually per-site customization in regards to adblock and filters and filter hitlist per site. I know that’s allot, but Soul deserves it.

  20. I spent HOURS trying to find the right web browser for me and this is it! Intuitive, customizable, fast! Great “accessibility” (force pinch zoom, true night mode, custom color filter) and portability (import and export bookmarks) options! I believe in you, Developer! Please keep up the amazing work!

  21. May Finn dice:

    I love using hide images option as I browse. It is an awesome tool to make it much easier see and learn which articles or posts are more valuable/interesting to my “soul”(brain) and going beyond clickbait photos/video thumbnails or attention capturing photos and focusing on the essense. It also protects you from upsetting graphic images/video thumbnails of news. I also love choosing show images option when I see things like a funny meme or a technological innovation that I want to see photo

  22. Roketsune dice:

    This browser is awestrikingly customizable and replete with features, considering its freeware status, base app memory usage, and being created by an indie/non-household entity. Despite costing nothing and having no ads (none that I noticed), this thing outright trounces every other browser I have used in almost every conceivable metric. It prevails over Opera Touch in speed, Firefox in versatility, and all others in default size and utilitarian simplicity. I salute the geniuses who made this!

  23. A fast and highly customizable browser that I’ve used as my daily driver for quite a while. However, it only allows the user to save one username/password per website. With a growing family and shared devices, I’ll unfortunately need to switch to a different browser. Hopefully, the developers will consider expanding the capabilities of the password manager in the future because it really is an excellent and well designed mobile browser.

  24. I originally left 5 stars, everything seemed great at the time Turns out, when I play quite literally any video, it has ten thousand option icons all over the place, there’s a setting to disable them and it doesn’t do anything, the one button to put them away still makes some show up if you rewind back, and if you lock it you can’t rewind to begin with This is genuinely infuriating, until this is fixed and the options that are supposed to fix it actually work, I can’t leave 5 stars anymore

  25. I became a fan of this browser when I first time downloaded this browser because you get advanced features in this browser. Such as Powerful video player, , photo viewer and document viewer, as well as you will be able to download Video ,. The biggest feature of this app is that you open any link in it, to play the video, you can play the video in full screen with volume & brightness Contro.But I found a slight flaw in it. The experience of watching videos should be a little enhanced.❤️

  26. This app is a reason to use Android. By far the most customizable system web view browser there is. Rivals desktop software in customizability and function. You can make the browser into anything you want it to be.

  27. I have been using this browser for a few years now. Great browser still going strong. Regularly updated & optimised. Feature packed. Privacy focused. Fully customisable. Support team are always there to help.

  28. At first, I thought Kiwi Browser was the best around in terms of customization. Boy, was I completely wrong. This is so extremely customizable it can easily become overwhelming. If you’re reading this and are having doubts, just install it right now and see for yourself. Goodness. What an app.

  29. After the latest version the dark theme is working somewhat. But it is not working how it should. On some sites some content is in light theme and some is in dark. And on other the dark theme is changing the color of the content entirely which looks kinda glitchy and weird. Please fix it dev 🙏🙏🙏. Appreciate the hardwood devs keep it up.👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Eclipwezy dice:

    I used to love this app… but after last update every time I start downloading something it overheats my phone…but in other browser it’s fine… also it just stop downloading after a while but keep showing in notification that it’s downloading and just overheats my phone…

  31. IDK why a 2y old review is at the top but since I’m a big fan of Soul & wanted to determine for myself if there are any viruses/malware, I ran VirusTotal on my device. It found no viruses whatsoever. In fact, unlike many apps that trip 1 or 2 red flags (VT doesn’t deem 1-2 red flags as a threat; ∴ ≈ ⊥+), Soul trips Ø. I have ≈ 20 browsers (I segment with diff browsers for diff needs) & Soul is one of my favorite for its customization options. Now if it just went FLOSS, it would be #1 but it=5⭐s!

  32. Please Keep Updating & Optimizing . Keep It Minimal & Fast . Don’t Make The App Slow Adding Too Much Feature . So Keep It Neat & Clean . It Would Be Awesome 😎 : If You Add Blur Effects in The App . eg : Blur Toolbar , Blur Effect While Swiching Tab , Blur Settings Background , Blur Search Background etc. But Don’t Add Foolish Blur Effect Like Android. Make It More Like iOS. Because When It Comes To Blur Effect , iOS is The ONE.

  33. Fantastic Browser. But : 1. Option to add multiple open tabs to bookmark(in one go) is missing. 2. Option to long-press an open tab & close other tabs(in one go) is missing. Also, recently i am facing issues with the brightness & volume gestures in full screen YouTube videos….

  34. Latest update broke dark mode – news sites in particular now only display in light theme or else black text on black background. Many other sites won’t show in dark mode now either. I love this browser but not having reliable dark mode is a deal-breaker for me due to visual issues. 🥺 PLEASE FIX ASAP

  35. Amazing browser with every feature you could want. Only thing really holding it back is no desktop version so I can sync my data across them.

  36. Soul browser uses the android system Webview as its engine so its chromium. You can add easylist or adguard lists using the built in adblocker so you can block trackers ads and malware also block annoying stuff. It’s the most customisable and user efficient browser I’ve ever used once you have it set up how you want. I’d honestly recommend everyone to at least try it and tinker about with the loads of different settings

  37. Loom dice:

    Recently, even with the keep private tabs option Soul will end up deleting them anyway out of nowhere (I’m not quitting the app or using Data Saver). Other than that, it’s a nice simple browser for reading and googling things without worrying about my browsing history.

  38. Scar dice:

    Very good especially the built-in video Player. This app is severely underrated, it’s the best browser I’ve used EVER! I even deleted my YouTube app because it’s video player is that good plus I get AdBlock as a bonus. I don’t think there’s any app that’s could be considered perfect but this browser is as close to perfection as any app gets. Edit: Liked the old logo better.

  39. J T dice:

    Update. Better now. The adblocker is still terrible and slow and can’t seem to remember the settings and filters day to day. Can’t adjust the font properly. Make youTube playable in the background like Brave, Iceraven, and some other browsers, and your on to something

  40. Your Chromecast keeps crashing even turning on and off the screen and also rebooted to the phone. Your YouTube doesn’t play when screen Is turned off and if you pause on pip you cannot replay unless back into the browser. To be honest might just be the best browser on Google next to Brave and Samsung internet

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