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Get in tune and play your favorite songs with GuitarTuna, the world’s #1 tuner app! Fast, accurate tuning across 15 instruments including guitar, ukulele, and bass. Play guitar with chords and lyrics. Over 100 million downloads and counting!

• Get perfect tuning anytime, anywhere
• Perfect for beginners & professionals
• Play pro-quality songs on guitar
• See chords & lyrics synced as you play
• Discover 100+ tunings, including chromatic & alternate
• Improve your skills with chord games & trainers
• Switch across 15 popular string instruments

Designed by professional guitarists and audio engineers, and loved by millions of musicians, GuitarTuna is the tune-and-play choice for players everywhere!

Download GuitarTuna today and start tuning and playing for free.

• Pluck a string and let GuitarTuna guide you to the perfect pitch.
• See clear instant feedback as the app listens and shows when you’re in tune.
• Get professional accuracy with advanced sound recognition.
• Tune electric and acoustic guitars and popular string instruments.
• Rely on Auto Mode for precise, string-by-string tuning.
• Tune anywhere with your device’s built-in microphone. No cables needed!
• Switch to Manual Mode to tune-by-ear.

• Discover popular songs by top global artists.
• Enjoy pro-quality chords & lyrics designed for guitarists.
• Choose original or simplified versions to suit your skills.
• Play at your own pace while the song scrolls for you.
• Sound like the original with all songs produced by pro-musicians.
• Explore top songs from different genres and decades.
• Find new songs added weekly.
• Request songs you want to play.

• Metronome: set your tempo and customize your time signature.
• Chord games: learn and master chords, and recognize them by ear.
• Chord library: find any chord diagram and hear how it sounds.
• Alternate tuning: play using popular tunings for string instruments.
• Chromatic tuner: tune to any note on the chromatic scale.
• Left-hand mode: access all the way it suits you.

• Guitar: 6-string, 7-string, 12-string
• Bass: 4-string, 5-string
• Ukulele
• Viola
• Violin
• Cello
• Fiddle
• Mandolin
• Banjo: 4-string, 5-string
• Balalaika
• Cavaquinho

• Standard
• Drop-D, Drop-C, Drop-A, & more
• Other drop tunings
• Open tunings
• Half step down

We recommend checking out a YouTube tutorial or asking a guitar player how to tune to avoid damaging strings, your instrument, or yourself!

Got ideas to make GuitarTuna even better? Send your ideas and suggestions to: [email protected]

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The world's #1 tuner comes now with more than 12.000 songs! As a new GuitarTuna guitar player, onboard with tuning and songs from the get go. Explore the tools supporting your hobby and learn to play your favorite songs


40 comentarios en "GuitarTuna: Chords,Tuner,Songs MODDED 2022"

  1. Excellent App. Remove The Pop Ups! Used to be 5 stars, and might be again. Now it’s 2 or 3 because whenever I get on stage and need to quickly tune I have to scroll through needless ads and pop ups. The loading time is already slow. Besides the sluggishness and bloatware, excellent tuner for all kinds of instruments. I use it for Cello and Guitar, 6 string classical and 12 string acoustic.

  2. Not what it used to be. Used to go straight to the tuner quickly. takes too long to load now. the “start playing a note” popup stays on the screen half the time and I can’t see the note I’m trying to tune. There is always a “subscribe to this” ad that pops up first (which is why I’m guessing it takes a long time to load).. gonna find a different app.

  3. Nice tuner. They have a lot of songs to choose from. I used this app for about 6 months before I started paying for it. It is so worth it. With this app and Amazon music you can Bluetooth the music and play along with the original. Awesome way to learn and build your song library.

  4. It used to be a nice little tuner. Good enough to spend $13.80 for an ad-less Pro version, which I did a few years ago. Fast forward to 2022, what do I see? 20-25 seconds app load time, on the same device where it used to load in 4-5 seconds on a bad day. Then it takes time and some anger management to get to, eh, tuner. Also my Pro version is gone, I’m again entitled for adds and annoying suggestions to learn playing guitar with the app. Take it back and give me what I’ve paid for. Thanks.

  5. Used to be my favorite app. Was 5 stars. I recommended it to all my friends. Not anymore. It previously loaded straight to the tuner. Now it loads you an advertisement for the paid product. You can’t just X once to get out of it either. You have to hit continue, THEN you can exit out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. no I’m not buying it, and I’ll be switching tuner apps to one of that’s free and goes straight to a tuner, NOT advertisements

  6. Bobby dice:

    I’ve been picking for over 50 years and theres a couple apps that make life with the guitar so much easier and your playing sound so much better. If your in tune the battles half over. And they have done so much to upgrade Guitar Tuna to include things other instrument apps want you to subscribe to. At least the core of this great app is still free. I been loving it ever since I can remember. Play it like you stole it. Bobby

  7. Over all the app is really good at the basic level. It is frustrating when the app doesn’t acknowledge the chord being played or passes an obvious error as a played note. It would be nice if it actually worked when it should. Problem keeps persisting. I even downloaded another tuner to check this one. One of them is wrong… I still stand by this rating, even stopped in the middle just to write this. Essentially the more I use this app it’s only good for basic chord repetition.

  8. It works great as a tuner (it’s gotten a bit worse though because it takes a second to load when that didn’t happen before), but my main problem is with the songs section as it will literally not let me close the ad after I’ve watched and whenever I back out it tells me to watch it again. A good and convenient way to learn songs blocked by a bad oversight.

  9. This is without a doubt the best tuner app out there, BUT there’s no way I could ever recommend it to anyone with the price of those scorching subscription options. I would rather recommend other products, like physical clip-on tuners that cost $10… once… forever. It’s a shame the rediculous subscription costs destroy what is otherwise an excellent product.

  10. Works very well. Never had any problems with it for the past 4 years I’ve been using it. Tunes my guitar and cello very well. Very good app to use if you have multiple instruments that need tuning and you don’t want to use different apps. The only thing is that it’s kind of hard to learn songs on guitar on the app because it doesn’t show the strum pattern at all. I do tho still like that they have the original chords and simplified but still hard to learn when you don’t know the strum pattern🙁

  11. Lock Set dice:

    Using the free version. It has been accurate. I only use it for tuning so the ads haven’t been intrusive at all, not sure how they get. I’ve used several others but this one always lines up with a clip on. Like any app like this, its useless in loud settings. But it can handle loud fans or air conditioners pretty well.

  12. Bloated. This app used to be fantastic, wide range of tunings and instruments. It was simple. Now it’s full of all this extra junk and the load in time to the tuner is terrible. It was instant earlier this year but now it makes you stare at their silly “play a song with GuitarTuna” ad. Used this for years and I got a push notification today to “learn songs”. Immediate uninstall. Bloated junk now that happens to have a tuner in it. Not worth it.

  13. Love the vertical tuning indicator. Love the way it shows the waveform shifting back and forth over the centerline. It gives a realistic sense of just how in or out of tune I am. I love the chord diagrams. I love the access to songs. Been playing for over 40 yrs., Performing live for over 25 yrs.. I use: Boss/TC electronics/ Snark/ and Peterson tuners… However, since I always have my cell phone with me, I now always have a tuner with me.

  14. Why am I beginning to hate this app? It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. I’ve used this app since pre yousician days. I still use it because yousician is incorporated into it. Of my issues: 1. When selecting songs to play, I choose original over simplified. It almost never appears correctly and I spend a lot of frustrating time tapping back and forth until the chords appear correctly. Sometimes I’m playing, and suddenly it auto scrolls to a random spot in the song. SMN981U user

  15. When it’s been a few days, and the guitar is out of tune more than usual, the tuner gives me a good baseline. Then I finish up with octaves and harmonics. BTW, at church, I was showing this app to a another guitarist, and was surprised to find out he was using the same one! Thanks for a great tuner app. There’s so many to choose from. Johnny

  16. Before yousician purchase this it actually used to be usable but now it gives you an ad before you are allowed to tune for a solid 10 seconds. Then it gives you another ad when it thinks you’re finished tuning. On top of that it doesn’t even allow you to use chromatic mode without paying for $40 per year which is an outrageous price for a freaking tuner. A subscription for a tuner? Are you serious. Uninstalled.

  17. Don’t understand why I have to pay to tune outside of standard, or just get a tuner that says what note you’re playing and if it is sharp or flat. Works well, but super limited and hand-holdy feeling. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone looking to replicate a real tuner; likely an excellent tool for beginners (I was recommend to try this app by a few)

  18. Absolutely an amazing app! I use it everytime I want to tune my guitar and it does it flawlessly! It makes it super easy to tune and all it requires is to play the string a little louder so it can pick it up. I’m a little confused on the learning part of the app, but its definitely not worth decreasing the rating for. Amazing!

  19. Great for tuning, and if you want basic tuning features, then this is your app. The pro version is a little in the pricy side, it’s somewhat understandable because it’s a bundle of more tunings and play-along songs, but if you just want the extra tunings (like me who often plays in drop C# and other non standard tunings) then it’s a bit much Over all it’s a great experience, thumbs up (:

  20. S dice:

    The Guitar tuner designers have done a great job making a high quality and reliable app that has allowed me to stay in tune. I am grateful !!! This app also has a wonderful metronome and a program that allows you to learn the chords of many well known songs. It is easy to use and I have never experienced an issue with their app. SERIOUSLY, download this guitar tuner app right now!

  21. Good tuner. Wouldn’t mind paying a fair one time fee for it but seems like the options are just for subscription. Not subscribing monthly for a guitar tuner lol. But it’s very usable in the free version. As long as the nags aren’t impeding the guitar tuning part of the guitar tuning app (that is loaded with stuff I don’t use) then I’ll keep using it. Does a good job of tuning though, no complaints there. Update: I think they struck a fair balance with ads that don’t get in the way of the tuner

  22. Tosia dice:

    It’s great! You can learn chords and see the chords for hundreds of songs. The tuner is simply perfection. You do have to pay for premium, but it’s not as expensive as other guitar apps. If you’re not willing to spend money, there’s still many features that you can use for free (including the tuner, learning basic chords, and viewing the chords for songs). 5 stars!

  23. I love having such a great tuner right there on my phone. One disappointment is that I recently lost some apps on my phone for some unknown reason. Guitartuna was one of those apps. When l retrieved the app it was a different version with much smaller letters. I can hardly see the # characters. I wish l had the old version.

  24. Edited from five stars to four due to buggy performance. Ads don’t work; blows up. Original review: Tuner is great, and it shows you all the chords and variant fingerings. As someone already trained in music theory but totally new to the guitar, this has been the perfect app and they keep coming out with exactly the massive features we need – the latest is in-app autoscroll through a large library of guitar tab music for popular songs to play on the guitar. I’ve used this for over three years.

  25. Doesn’t detect drop D. Pretty basic functionality missing. Also tries to get you to pay a monthly fee for very little in return. Update: thanks for the response. Having to select this option is pretty useless and inefficient. It’d be better to assume your users know what the notes are on the strings they’re tuning and aren’t picking up a guitar for the first time.

  26. The good: It works really well! Good UI too. The bad: They push a subscription model for alternate tunings. I’m happy to pay (once) for deluxe versions of useful apps, but there is absolutely no discernable reason for this to be a subscription model as opposed to a one-time-buy option. If you use alternate tunings, just go buy a tuner or search for a different app. At $5/month here, you’ll pay it off very quickly.

  27. ive just recently downloaded the app becaue i just recently picked up the guitar again after about 14-15 years, without even picking one up. Guitar Tuner, in much shorter period of time brought me back up and even surpassed as far as I had gotten previously, which take took more than a year…and I’ve barely made it through half of the features. new, novice even long time players will find it to be an invaluable tool at their disposal.

  28. GuitarTuna is easy to use and it’s super accurate. I use it in a professional context to tune my bass, and my daughter uses the iPhone version to tune up before her guitar lesson each week. Just watch the little graph and you will instantly see if you are too high or too low. It also makes it clear when you are dead on, too. There’s no point in getting a separate tuner if you have a smartphone, just download this app.

  29. The app is fine, honestly it works really well. However if you need anything more than standard tuning, you fall into paying $4.99 a MONTH for a guitar tuner…I don’t know, doesn’t seem worth a subscription. I’d gladly pay in the range of $8-10 for a premium version of the app, and that would still compete with physical guitar tuners on the market. However paying monthly for a tuner seems silly to me personally.

  30. This is one of the better free guitar tuners out there for Android. I only wish there was a way to run this app in landscape mode. I run my other guitar apps on my tablet (tabs, effects, etc) as this mode makes the tablet more stable and keeps it from tipping over when the touch screen is used, especially with a guitar in your hands. Kinda a pain to use this app sideways, but it still works.

  31. Very useful tuning app. The display can fairly easily help someone get a better sense of the how the ideal frequency sounds if they pay attention to the guitar’s sound while observing the reading on the app. I don’t recommend trying to tune while sitting next to a source of loud noise because it can easily pick that up and throw off the reading, but that is with any good tuner. This is very easy to use and looks very good, in my opinion. I strongly recommend giving this one a try.

  32. When I first used this app, when it was completely free, it worked purfect every time. Now that they charge, 1 out of 5 times it provided the wrong key for the one I was tuning. Also, they charged me twice a month and wouldn’t give me a refund, and they make it difficult to reach them They also keep charging you after you delete the app. All other apps that I have had that charge stop charging as soon as I delete the app. I suggest you just get a tuner, works so much better and so much cheaper!

  33. It is a very good tuner for guitars, I enjoy how it gives you the option to practice cords if you are a beginner like myself. The games theu have really help with your transitions between different cords and frets. There are two things that I think the app should improve or ads. The first is when playing these games with the cords, it seems like the app does not seem to pick up the sound. The second thing they should add is adding a tab table for a large variety of songs.

  34. Great app! I’ve been using GuitarTuna for a few years, first the free version and then the paid version. Both work well, are intuitive and easy to use. I use the app every day, mainly for tuning my guitars, mandolins, fiddle, and ukulele, as well as for using the metronome. Never had a problem, crash, or bug with the app. Highly recommended!

  35. Jacob T dice:

    The standard tuning part of the app, aka the only part that you get without a subscription, works well enough. The problem is, they want 4.99 a month for even a chromatic tuner, which includes a shitload of other features. Now, I’d gladly pay them a fiver to unlock the tuner, but, not every month. Like, you can buy a nice chromatic clip on tuner for $15, and that’s physical hardware, with all of that implied overhead. No way in hell I’m paying that 4 times a year forever because it’s on my phone

  36. This is a great app for basic instruments but I was really disappointed with the paid version. It’s hard to make custom tuning. Making them for a bass is impossible. This only has a set number of different string instruments and doesn’t let you do enough programming to be able to accommodate other things like a 6 or 7 string bass. Not sure why I upgraded if I can’t tune the full range of the other instruments I play. Works incredible for guitar though. Love it otherwise. Please update your app, guys! Would love to give this 5 stars.

  37. Free versions of apps are usually almost non functional, full of errors or theirs ads popping every moment make them unusable. Guitar Tuna is an exception. I’ve had over 10 years of experience with a few thousand apps and nothing compares to this one! The tuner is flawless and fast and the learning tools just brilliant. I didn’t even think it’s possible to learn chords so fast, but this app made it happen! I know my words sounds as if I’m sponsored – but I’m not lol. Best app of the XXI century!

  38. The app works great for standard tunings. I like the interface and precision, and it feels very responsive. However, it feels arbitrary that alternate or custom tunings only come with the paid version, even worse that it’s a subscription (and an expensive one at that!) I recommend the app if you only want to ever tune to standard but otherwise there are countless other free or cheaper options for simply tuning how you want

  39. This app simply does what I was looking for. The free version is great – I paid for the full version because I was ready to buy a clip-on tuner, then realized this was cheaper and provided more features than just a tuner (chord library, metronome, etc.) I’m not shilling for the developers, I just really think this is a great phone app. Cheers.

  40. As a free app, it gets the job done. I gave the prpo version a shot, as I wanted the ability to do custom alternate tunings, which was actually pretty cool. If it wasn’t for this next little thing, I would rate 4 or 5 stars. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy the app. Nope, you will pay 5 bucks a month forever, in order to have the ability to use the pro version. Thats insane. Greedy. I used the free version of this app for years to quickly tune a guitar in the off chance i had to. However, paying 5 bucks a month in perpetuity to have an app on my phone that I might use occasionally is a hard pass for me. I didn’t notice it was a recurring fee until they were already into me for about 20 bucks. I thought the paid version was a one time purchase of 5 dollars, not a subscription! I would have bought the app outright, for probably more than 5 bucks. Heck, I’d probably spring for 10 dollars ONCE, but not to basically pay a rental fee to have the ability to access the app. I could have just gone and bought a pretty decent ACTUAL physical guitar tuner for what these people got me for with their recurring monthly fee. You guys, recurring fees are not really justified for this type of thing. If the content were dynamic and changing from day to day, like a video streaming service, sure bring on the fee, but an app that basically takes the place of a physical item I can literally purchase and hold in my hand is pretty sleazy and scammy, and is an obvious “Gotcha” attempt to sucker people into unknowingly paying at least one recurring monthly fee, or however many you can get away with before people realize its a subscription, and you can’t just buy the app outright. Because of that, this potentially useful app gets dropped to the lowest possible rating, as well as incurring the deepest level of contempt I have for this business model and those who practice it. **TLDR: hard pass on recurring monthly fees to use a guitar tuner app. free version is ok. read the fine print and don’t get suckered. ** Lastly, here’s an idea- maybe don’t try suckering people. Resist the urge to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting people. A good product ought to sell itself, not be used as a ploy to trick people into subscriptions so you can leech off of them. 1/10. Would definitely not use again.

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