ASUS Router MOD 2022

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Manage, Secure and Boost your WiFi network.
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The ASUS Router app unlocks the power to manage your network in just a few taps whenever you want, wherever you go. We are aiming to provide the best Wi-Fi and Internet-surfing experiences you have ever had with these comprehensive features.

Key Features:
1. Router Monitoring and Remote Management
2. AiMesh 2.0 Network Topology
3. Client Device Management
-Bandwidth limiter
-Block Internet access
-Customizable device icon and nickname
4. More Features
– Firmware Update
– QoS
– Parental Controls
– Network security scan
– Router setting backup
– IP Binding
– WOL (Wake-on-LAN)
– Port forwarding (RT models)/ OpenNAT (ROG Models)
– Schedule Reboot
– USB Ejection
– ASUS Notice

ASUS Router app supports the following routers.
– All ZenWiFi line up
– All 802.11ax line up
– All ROG Rapture line up
– All TUF Gaming line up
– Selected DSL routers
– Lyra/Lyra mini/Lyra Trio/Lyra Voice (needs to be at least version)
– Blue Cave
– RT-AC5300
– RT-AC3100
– RT-AC88U
– RT-AC3200
– RT-AC2900
– RT-AC2600
– RT-AC2400
– RT-AC2200
– RT-AC87U/R
– RT-AC86U
– RT-AC85U
– RT-AC85P
– RT-AC65P
– RT-AC57U
– RT-AC65U
– RT-AC1900
– RT-AC1900P/U
– RT-AC1750
– RT-AC1750 B1
– RT-AC66U/R/W
– RT-AC66U B1
– RT-AC66U+
– RT-AC1300UHP/ G+
– RT-AC1200
– RT-AC1200G/HP/G+/ E/ GU
– RT-AC58U
– RT-AC56U/R/S
– RT-AC55U
– RT-AC53
– RT-AC52U B1
– RT-AC51U/ U+
– RT-N66U/R/W/C1
– RT-N18U
– RT-N19
– RT-N12E B1/C1
– RT-N12HP B1
– RT-N12VP B1
– RT-N12+ B1
– RT-N12D1
– 4G-AC53U
– 4G-AC68U
*ASUS Router App does not support the following models:

New features are consistently being added.
Get excited for the ASUS Router App!


[New feature]
**Supports later version / Router firmware later than 386.48xxx.
-Add ‘’Safe Browsing’’ feature on Device Management Page and Family Profile, this feature helps to filter inappropriate internet content.

-Bug fixes: Login issue, Parental control setting issue, firmware upgrade issues.
-Stability enhancement: remote control, Alexa/Google assistant connect issues.


4 comentarios en "ASUS Router MOD 2022"

  1. Julie Figueroa dice:

    Last few weeks the app cannot connect to router, so it’s become essentially useless. It’s installed on this device, so obviously, I’m connected. A BIG problem for me is that even when it did work, it neither saw nor could block the Asus Extender we use to boost wifi to the kids rooms for gaming, and it’s annoying to have to unplug it every night to get them off. It was good, when it worked, and I especially liked the ability to create a schedule to block access.

  2. Todd Nguyen dice:

    Whatever happened to this app? It used to work very well. Binding worked. Optimizations worked. Now binding never works. Optimizations state the device is still assigned to the same router, yet it sometimes is actually reassigned. Nothing works like it used to. How disappointing.

  3. Merci dice:

    It’s a decent app with quite a bit of info. One thing I wish it had was able to show total WAN statistics for past day/week/month. The 2nd bigger issue for me is that it shows your wifi password within the app and no way to hide it (that I could find at least). It’s not visible in the settings menu, but from Home, Internet Status, swipe the Real-time traffic until you get to Network Name, click on it, and that’s where your full password shows in normal text. For now, the only choice is to lock the app with a strong password in case you lose your phone or tablet, but that seems like a big oversight that the password is fully visible there.

  4. Johnny5 dice:

    Up until a few ago this router was doing fine until the last two updates. The latest update for the router has made it so the security, family, and insight do not work anymore. It also seems that there is a bug in the update that gives a problem while trying to receive dhcp ip assignments. Never had these kind of problems beforehand. Cannot see any of the usage statistics. Whats going on over there? This used to rock.

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