Gatewise Multifamily Access MOD


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Access Gates in the Multifamily using the App Button
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Gatewise allows tenants in the multifamily to open the Main Gate via an App. Instead of using Clickers / KeyFobs / Smart Cards, Just click the App Button and the Gate will be opened.


update target sdk version
support Google Assistant


4 comentarios en "Gatewise Multifamily Access MOD"

  1. Horat Cocles dice:

    Apartment complex requires this. From time to time it won’t connect so there’s no way to get the entrance gates open. Occurs even when I have internet connectivity. To avoid searching thru apps, place on the bottom row (Android) so it appears on every screen. If your phone battery does, you break the screen, etc., you’re screwed and can’t gain entry.

  2. David Britt dice:

    I was forced to get this app by my apartment complex. And it’s terribly inconvenient to use. I have to go through my apps and find the app and press the button. It’s just a hassle, no widget support which I would prefer. But, I saw that Google assistant was supported but I see no setting or option to even use it. I guess I’ll have to keep fumbling with my phone as a line forms behind me.

  3. Laura Alderton dice:

    Pretty user friendly. The setup instructions said it needed Bluetooth enabled but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Two minor features would make it perfect: 1. Ability to customize the message that your guest receives when sending a one time code (since it doesn’t send from the user’s number) 2. A widget/shortcut that places a button on the home screen for one-click gate opening. Or voice command.

  4. Russ Thils dice:

    Using this app is just a horribly bad idea. Key fobs are perfect; they’re reliable, they can open my garage, if I lose my phone, I still have my keys, if my phone is low on battery or can’t connect, I can still open the gate. I really resent the thought that this is being pushed despite the inconvenience and most likely to also track and invade my privacy as well with GPS location and logging my personal travel activity to/from my apartment.

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