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The best VPN for online security and data protection is at your fingertips!

Better than an internet proxy: Get ExpressVPN and stay private on any network, even Wi-Fi hotspots. Secure your connection with the best VPN today. Try the top-rated VPN free now!

7-day free trial
Download the best VPN on your Android phone, tablet, or TV, and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

World’s top premium VPN provider
ExpressVPN is rated Excellent by 9,000+ reviewers on Trustpilot and has been crowned the best VPN by PCWorld, The Verge, TechRadar, and more.

Fast VPN server network
Connect to our fast VPN servers in 94 countries, wherever you want to be with an easy IP address changer.

Safely access your favorite content with an unlimited VPN
Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with secure access to a world of great content and apps, with a fast VPN and unlimited proxy.

Powerful online VPN security
Protect your data and keep online activity more private with our VPN encryption. Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots and browse more anonymously wherever you go.

Privacy protection with an easy IP address changer
Browse in peace while keeping your IP address and location private with our safe VPN. Under our strict privacy policy, we don’t collect activity logs or connection logs—it has been independently audited to ensure your protection.

Next-generation VPN protocol
Get exclusive access to Lightway, a VPN protocol developed from the ground up by ExpressVPN to offer greater speed, security, and reliability.

Apps for every device
Download and enjoy the best VPN protection on all your devices. Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, and more.

Wide language selection
Make our VPN app work for you by switching among 18 languages.

Five-star customer service
Get help in seconds, not days. Ask us anything, anytime, through 24/7 live chat support or email.

Android app features
• Our in-built kill switch stops all internet traffic if your VPN connection drops. Kill switch is supported on Android 8 and higher.
• Select which apps will use the VPN and which apps won’t when your device is connected with ExpressVPN’s split-tunneling feature.
• Our convenient widget allows you to easily connect or disconnect from ExpressVPN, change your VPN server location, or check your VPN status.
• ExpressVPN automatically connects whenever you join or rejoin an untrusted Wi-Fi hotspot or network, and it auto-reconnects if your VPN connection is interrupted.
• ExpressVPN’s encryption supports these protocols: Lightway UDP, Lightway TCP, OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP.


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40 comentarios en "ExpressVPN: VPN Fast & Secure MOD"

  1. Excellent VPN and does not appear to slow down apps. Recently I have experienced slowdowns. I often get too many responses messages and requests a captcha test. I assume the sites are responding to the VPN IP address. That’s the one annoyance but must be related to all VPN services. Yikes, I changed Automatic to Lightway – UDP and it is very fast. One must assume it chose OpenVPN. Can we see the choice when set to automatic?

  2. When I first started using ExpressVPN a few years ago it was one of the best. Since then it has been a constant decline. Now it constantly crashes and looses connection with VPN sites on my tablet and phone, but almost all the time on PCs. When it takes several minutes to relaunch and many times log back in, it is of no real value. Or you are constantly having to change VPN sights. Definately no longer worth the subscription cost. And support has been little to no help. No renewal for me.

  3. Great VPN for the most part. Speeds are superb there is a loss so don’t be surprised, but nowhere bear as bad as some of the other’s I’ve tried. For the most part it runs fine in auto I use the VPN on several devices. On my phone near %100. Sometimes on certain networks I have to change protocol but then it works fine. I’d give it five stars if it worked a little more fluid in auto and wasn’t so expensive. But I guess you can’t put a price on privacy. App also comes with a password generator.

  4. I am in China, depends on your location and time, this app will works on the big city area and terriable in countryside area at the peak hours. Even in the big city, the connection might not be stable and will disconnect every once awhile. Also, if I turn on the VPN on my phone, the laptop will disconnect. I had contacted tech support, reported the issue. The service are great, and patient, they told me to update the latest version, but it did not solve the problem. I am disappointed

  5. I turned off W+ in my network settings. (Probably a Pixel or Google Fi thing.) That improved things, I was at least able to get it to work. Recently automatic protocol selection has been working, so that’s a huge relief. It’s also now reconnecting automatically when I get off WiFi. I glad they figured things out. 5 stars! 👍🏻

  6. I’ve been using the service for 5+ years, mostly works great until September 2022, it barely works in China, and I live in one of the biggest cities. Tried to update the apps as told by the support staff every time the issue occurs. The problem is, these new apps don’t solve the root problem. It’s like buying a lottery, a new app may work for 1 day or 2 if you’re lucky. BTW it takes them 1-2 weeks to release a new version, and no refund after 30 days of purchase.

  7. Overall I think its a great value and does exactly what I need without requiring me to have a lot of tech savvy. I do have occasional loading time issues but it’s not bad enough that I feel it’s a problem. Update 12/11/22 While I still have had no issues with regards to the ease of use, I am quite bothered by the fact this one app uses 1.45g of data, and takes up 11.47% of my phone’s battery. It causes not just my online activity slower loading times, but all of my device’s apps!

  8. Will use mobile data even though connected to wifi. Cost me 60+ dollars in data through this bug. Contacted support and was told it didn’t happen and there was no problem. Finally canceling my account after 3 months of losing money to this “not happening” bug. App has been getting worse over past several years and frequently gets stuck (shuts off all data) when moving between wifi and mobile.

  9. V dice:

    Options > Settings > VPN Protocol Anyone experiencing frequent disconnects should adjust this setting, it will likely resolve your issues and keep you connected to any server location once you find what works. It is set “Automatic” by default and also may reset to “Automatic” post update so please check that out. I am extremely grateful for ExpressVPN service and I appreciate how it works from day 1 for me to be more safe and secure on my smartphone. Cheers.

  10. Trash. It’s slow. Doesn’t always work. Just go with a free VPN because you will get the same results for free rather than paying over $100/yr. You won’t get refunded when you end your subscription either (not that I tried, but it’s in the email when you end your subscription “No refunds will be issued”). TL;DR – you will get the exact same results with a *FREE* VPN. Do not pay for this VPN!

  11. Whenever I try to login to the app I get an error message saying ‘Check connection and try again later’. I’ve updated it, Uninstalled and reinstalled and still problems. I know my connection and my account is good because everything else on my phone works and my account works fine on my PC. Very frustrating to pay for something and not have it able to be fully utilized.

  12. I’ve been using this VPN in China for years. A country that is notoriously difficult for VPN’s to operate in, due to the Great Fire Wall – a country wide censorship and traffic control firewall. It has consistently worked. It is constantly updated to stay ahead of the curve, and with the new super fast VPN protocol it works even better. Update: As of October 2022 VPNs in China have taken a major hit. This VPN is no exception. My up time has gone down to something less than 70%.

  13. I have used ExpressVPN for several years now and rarely have I had a problem with it. Tech support is very quick on helping out, and I have never had a problem with billing or my account. I think one of the most important features of any payable service is prompt and professional support and ExpressVPN definitely has exhibited this in my experience. Thanks.

  14. It only works when I’m connected to WiFi for searching the web. Both incoming and outgoing calls using the phone’s standard phone app don’t work at all when the VPN is on, but work fine one the VPN is off. I’ve talked to customer service a few times and there is still no resolution. I want to live this app, but it’s making it hard.

  15. I have to say that express became more and more unstable in China. Connection issues happened frenquently in past a few months. The tech support only responded with same pattern of words when I reported my connection problems but resolved nothing. It takes at least one week to fix. Sometimes even though the app shows “connected”, it actually couldn’t update the ip address which means it is totally a fake connection. I have used express for a few years but now I’m disappointed on the experience.

  16. Louis DLC dice:

    I loved it at first so simple and easy to use but recently it has been extremely annoying to work with. When I listen to a podcast or a video when I start to drive it stops. When I get to my job and I look and figured out why because it is this app that stops it for working. The updates are really quick to fix it but now it is becoming to common of a problem. I am done with this app maybe next time.

  17. One of the more expensive VPNs, but it’s the easiest to use and has really short latency. Sometimes I’ll forget to turn it off before playing a FPS, and it’s almost entirely imperceptible. The interface on desktop and mobile is simple, professional. I’ve tried other VPNs, but there’s always been some issue, like their speeds are lousy, or some content doesn’t load on a webpage. Never had an issue with Express. Been a user for a few years now and don’t see that changing any time soon.

  18. The Android app is great. The windows 10 app has a problem where the network disconnects when the computer goes to sleep. The only way to get the network to reconnect is to restart the computer. It makes using this app across all devices difficult. After speaking with an expressvpn rep, they know about the issue but don’t have a date when it will be fixed. Everything else with the app is great. It’s better than NordVPN….as long as your computer doesn’t go to sleep!

  19. Does not work with Amazon Prime Video. No matter which server I’ve tired the VPN gets detected by Amazon. Also they don’t have a lot of servers to choose from, even in the States. The app has limited features, both on mobile and desktop. The favorites don’t carry over with the account when you log in to mobile version – what I put in my favorites on desktop app i had to pick all over again on mobile. Other than that the speeds are pretty good.

  20. The speeds are fantastic! BUT! Some businesses seem to have blocked the servers. Regardless of UDP or TCP. I know PIA works around this, I THINK this is done by using port 80 and TCP, not 443. Unfortunately, the app does not include an option to choose a port. Please add this feature. In general, more features to compete with PIA. But I understand if it cuts into costs.

  21. Not a very great VPN for traveling. I assume it did its job in protecting my information, but the whole reason I got it is because I find myself traveling and it is helpful to have that security when connecting to public wifi. Unfortunately, connection was almost always slow and on a few occasions it kept me from being able to connect, which was important during the travels. I do not plan to use this app again.

  22. I think I’m being nice with a 3* review. I’ve used Express while in China for two years. The first year was good. The second, horrible. For $100, I couldn’t connect for half the year, only to find out Astrill was working during all of Express’ downtime. Express was good, but now they just can’t keep up with China. Outside China, I’m sure they’re great, but inside China, you’re better off getting Astrill. My 2 year subscription for Express is over in a week. I’m writing this from my new Astrill.

  23. Slow, lagging, interruption after interruption in connection on both pc and mobile (even after the app cache was cleaned). Updated to the latest version but it seems that each version makes it worse. I’m sorry I spent money on this app. It was really good a while back. It’s almost unusable now. Not too mention the battery drainage (because yes, I do need it on almost all the time). From bad to worse. Too bad. Loved this app. One year later, nothing changed. Would give minus 5 stars if I could.

  24. Guy dice:

    Works great for me. I watch streaming services with no issues. I use it to feel more secure while on my phone. They did an excellent job explaining all the app settings and works better than all the other VPNs I’ve used in the past. It’s disconnected a couple of times and I discovered that the Battery Saver in my phone turned it off. Easy fix. I highly recommend.

  25. Easily one of the best options out there. Does what I need it to and it’s easy for my partner to use. Competitors either offer too much or too little, and their functionality is questionable at best. I switched to Express after my first provider kept breaking their own client then testing several other underperforming services. While I can’t seem to watch DRM streams over Express I can definitely do everything else. Would recommend!

  26. Very good app, just make sure no other VPN or system settings can cause it to be disconnected. From what i can tell your settings/preferences do not transfer from device to device(up to 5 devices included). So once you find the combination of settings that work best, write it down. This service covers many different network structures that what works for one person does not work for someone elses network needs. Basically if your a novice, do some research – this app is worth it.

  27. Great app, I’d definitely like to purchase this app once the free trial expires, so far it has been a good experience and has erased any doubt I had before trying out the trail. However, there is something that seems glitchy of this app or at least on my device — The app shuts off itself whenever my screen turns off! This is one of the few inconvinences of this fabulous app, hope you guys can fix it asap!

  28. ExpressVPN works well, it stops me from getting those annoying targeted ads, and it gives me back the sense of privacy I think we all should have. It does slow down my connection a little bit… I like how one can run a speed test on the desktop version. To my knowledge, you can’t do this on the mobile version yet – it would be a great addition. Or, even a feature where ExpressVPN could automatically switch to the fastest connection amongst preset locations given a selected refresh interval?

  29. Worked well for a while. Still does fine with just browsing. Won’t work with Hulu at all. I have to turn it off. Won’t work with downloading updates for samsung phones. I have to turn it off. Several other of my regular uses require me to turn it off to be able to use my device. I tried chatting with support for about an hour and a half. They couldn’t resolve any of the issues. To their credit, they really tried. Support was friendly and fast, just not very effective. So a really mixed review.

  30. Peter Guo dice:

    One of the most expensive ones, for most of the time it’s worth it and it’s easy to configure. Additionally, If you use this in china you need to regularly install small updates manually to keep it functioning, if you skip two or more small updates, you’ll have problem connecting to it. But the good thing is ExpressVPN will always let you know there’s new version ready to solve your connection problem

  31. I really love this this service and the Android app and desktop app for Windows 10. I also configured my router to work with this VPN service. Using the router, I don’t have to install the app on all my devices. I still use it on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Windows 10 notebook because of the location software that can’t be completely turned off. Most of the time it works without the app, but some websites are more strict about the geolocation than others. Too bad I’m out of space to continue.

  32. The computer is literally faster through the VPN server that without. I am extremely happy with the service. the only thing I wish is a person could add just a slight more cost and add a 4th computer or other device without having to pay for a complete new service. why do I want the capability of 6 computers when I only need one more computer added. That however is a policy, as for the service it is amazing!!! Very pleased!!!!

  33. I’ve been using Express VPN on my phones, PC, and gaming console, for around a year and a half now. Here’s my opinion to anyone who cares. My upload and download speed are unimpactfully reduced 99% of the time, for a secure, and private connection that I can rely on. The other 1% of the time, accounts for any connection issues I may have. Which I’ve always fixed with a quick 10 second VPN restart. Security is never convenient, but Express VPN is as convenient as I need, so I can feel safe.

  34. Downloaded this for a two week trip. And while it may have worked, it absolutely decimated the battery life of both my S7 and my partner’s S6. Besides draining so much faster they took forever to charge. I’m talking to a rep now, apparently there is a workaround for the battery drain, but that is of no help if they don’t tell us (I was on vacation, not the time to be fixing the issue they clearly know about.) The thing that I disliked the most was that while I specifically purchased the one month subscription, at the highest price, they automatically set me up for auto renewal. There was no check box to authorize them to do this, and this is super shady and unethical. They are processing my refund right now.

  35. It’s not intuitive. You have to go to multiple sites and download 3rd party software to get any sense of protection. What’s worse is, even after you’ve bought the service and configured all of your desired devices to use ExpressVPN, their website STILL is one big advertisement. You can’t do a health/connectivity check on anything you’ve configured and every click leads you to a page that basically tells you to subscribe again to protect 5 more devices. It’s not a scam but it resembles one.

  36. I have used expressvpn for over 3 years now in China. The first 2 years, it worked well enough and was only shut down maybe a day or 2 once in a blue moon. Half way into my 3rd year, it was shut down for a week or more and despite being told their engineers were working on connection problems, these problems still persist. I have not been able to get a steady connection and have switched to FREE VPNs my friends have told me about because they are faster and do not take several minutes to connect

  37. So far, my experience with this VPN is the worst. I’m studying abroad in China for a year so I paid $100 for the yearly subscription. Was definitely a waste of money because it disconnects all the time and sometimes won’t even connect. It hasn’t even connected once in the last week so I decided to download a few other VPNs instead and found that Ultimate VPN works best. It’s free and connects fast, whoever said she ExpressVPN was the best was definitely lying. Don’t waste your money on this app.

  38. Horrible connection in China. My free vpn connects easily and consistently and unblocks all sites except netflix. I purchased this app for that reason but I can’t ever get a connection…when I do, it will cut off multiple times requiring more and more time to reconnect. Not just for Netflix, but whenever I try to connect period…no matter which server I try. I read all these great reviews and articles…bs

  39. The goods: Great app. Solid connection. Simple interface. I’m located in US but need to connected to Colombian servers to watch some content and the speed is pretty good. I can watch what I need usually without any issue. The bad: A bit pricey if you prefer to pay for services on a monthly basis and don’t want to be tied for a year or longer contracts. Speed while connected to US servers is not as great as other competitors (CyberGhost specifically) Overall I’m quite happy with it

  40. Shy Kitty dice:

    ExpressVPN fails to stay open after the phone, a Unihertz Atom running Android 9, enters sleep mode with the app running in the background, or automatically locks with the app running in the background or foreground. After pressing the power button to put the phone into sleep mode, and the ExpressVPN app is running in the background, it has completely exited upon resuming use of the phone. This also happens when the phone sleeps automatically. However, if the app is running in the foreground, it doesn’t exit when the phone sleeps, except for when the phone is left unattended for enough time for it to lock as well. Additionally, it doesn’t automatically connect to the VPN server when the phone is first started, despite setting the appropriate preference to enable such behavior. I raised a completely separate issue regarding the Windows 10 app in March 2021, and it has yet to be addressed. This demonstrates that fixing software defects isn’t exactly a priority.

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