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Reliable phone calls with spam protection, caller ID and more helpful features
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Google’s official phone calling app is now available to download for the first time. Phone helps you easily connect with family and friends, block spam callers, and know who’s calling before you answer – all with a simple, intuitive design.

Powerful spam protection
See warnings about suspicious callers that help you avoid unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers and scammers. Block numbers to prevent them from calling you again.

Know who’s calling you
Google’s extensive caller ID coverage lets you know the business that’s calling so that you can answer with confidence.

No more waiting on hold 1, 5
Hold for Me lets you go back to your day. If a business puts you on hold, Google Assistant can wait on the line for you and let you know when someone is ready to talk.

Screen unknown callers 1, 2
Call Screen answers unknown callers, filters out detected spammers without interrupting you, and helps you learn more about callers you don’t recognize before you pick up.

Visual voicemail 1, 3
Check your messages without needing to call your voicemail – view and play them in any order, read transcriptions, and delete or save them right from the app.

Call recording 1
Record your phone calls to capture important information for reference later. Everyone hears a disclosure when the recording starts so they’re aware, and recordings are saved on your phone.

Intuitive design
Our simple, lightweight design keeps your favorite people just a tap away. Plus, switch to dark mode to save battery and reduce eye strain at night.

Emergency support 1, 4
See your current location when you make an emergency call, and share information about the assistance you require, along with your location, to the emergency operator without speaking.

Phone app is available on most Android devices running Android™ 9.0 and above.

Also available for Wear OS.

1Available only on some devices that have Phone pre-installed.
2Manual screening is not available in all languages or countries. For more information, see Automatic screening is available in the US only, English only. Call Screen may not detect all spam calls.
3Transcription is available in the US only, English only.
4Available in Australia, United Kingdom and the US only, English only.
5Available in the US only, English only. Pixel 2+ devices only. Toll-free numbers only. May not detect every on-hold scenario.


40 comentarios en "Phone by Google MODDED 2022"

  1. A lot of new features are great, but some of the ones that should just work are very annoying and clumbsy to work with. Please fix the dialer. I should be able to get to dialing just numbers easier. I had an emergency situation where I was in a panic to dial 911. And when I tried I ended up dialing a friend as a wrong number because the interface was in text input mode using the pad. This is absolutely annoying.

  2. It’s discouraging to see so much extreme negativity. I think there’s a new bug, but I’m happy with the app. As a software developer myself, it’s kind of amusing. It’s a complex software/hardware/radio platform. And those have bugs. With the latest release, I’ve had more than one call switch to speakerphone and open the dialpad inadvertently AND (this is a problem) disable the microphone. I can hear the other party but they can’t hear me. Switching to internal audio doesn’t fix it during the call

  3. I keep having an error message saying this app is not responding. I’m not getting a lot of my calls and/or they get dropped a lot and/or the quality of the sound is bad. Also, the visual voicemail and call recording features they claim this app has I do not seem to have even though I have a Google phone that came with this pre-installed. The spam detector seems to get it right most of the time. Call screen seems to work well but I wish there was more response options or a way to customize them

  4. Incoming calls go directly to voicemail, I clear the app’s caché, installed latest version, reset phone, etc… It only takes one call and all incoming calls after that one go to voicemail. On top of that, sometimes I call and the other party’ s voice cuts out, I have to hang up and call them back again. Read lots of reviews and everybody has similar problems. I’ve lost important calls from work because of this nuances. This is just ridiculous

  5. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. the phone freezes up periodically. not happy with the performance. I have started and restarted the phone many many times to no avail. When it freezes up, I have to wait for a day or so for the WHITE SCREEN to kill the battery. I have even taken in the phone for a scan for viruses or something wrong. Nothing. Your response does not help.

  6. Matt C. dice:

    Love this app! I prefer it over the preloaded caller app. HOWEVER… Recently, when I receive an incoming call, my phone rings and flashes as expected but the full screen/half screen/ pop-up notification with caller details and the option to answer or decline doesn’t show up. I’m forced to let it ring for the entire duration and then check my recent calls to see who called then call them back. So, that’s been a real bummer…

  7. the phone is very slow. it starts up slow and takes a very long time to open up any app. this service is a waste of time for the whole year that I had it. I ended up losing so many minutes of text time data everything, because the phone was so low I had to use another phone. then I was asked by then would you like to upload more data talk and text. the answer is no unequivocally no. UPDATE: To developer, none of your suggestions helped. Thanks 👍 though.

  8. The call volume and speaker volume will both default to the highest setting meaning everyone in the room can hear the conversation. In the phone app either before you make a call or during, you need to click on the top right ‘3 buttons’ then click on Accessibility and toggle the Hearing Aid Assist on and off. There needs to be some kind of patch or fix to address this issue. This is a great phone but no excuse for this bug.

  9. The only way for me to get my voicemail is to call the 800 number like it’s 2003 again. I can’t play the messages in the app anymore. It’s done wonders for my productivity. The feature just stopped working one day and that was such a nice surprise. Now if I’m on the phone for more than an hour, the proximity sensor stops working. There’s nothing better during a long call than to be randomly opening apps with your ear.

  10. JMC2 dice:

    My phone appears to answer a call, but the caller continues to hear ringing on their phone. it only happens with some callers, but it is extremely annoying for the caller and me. I did not have this problem on my previous Android phone and will probably switch to an iphone sooner than later as I am frustrated with constant updates from Google that make all kinds of changes to the user interface so you never know what to expect after a reboot.

  11. very slow and has a glitch where you click on a contact, it switches to the call screen and then starts to flash and switch back and forth from call to contacts…. only option is to turn the phone off and back on. we’re talking about a phone here, not a complex app…. if you can’t get a phone app for your phone to work then you don’t have a phone, which is what you bought.

  12. it’s nice, but for some reason when you hit the power button to ignore a call, the screen just wakes back up. If the screen is off and I get a phone call, and I press the power button to ignore it, the screen goes to sleep but wakes back up right away Response to dev: This happened on my pixel and it happens on my fold4. It seems more like an app issue

  13. This 6a is a little tricky. Just touching the phone while answering will throw it to the wrong screen and delay answering. Wish the ring would last a little longer. Battery is great. Wish moving from app to app was easier. Keep losing my place having to go to another screen. Touching the right side of the wrong way closes the screen and I have to start over. Coverage from Spectrum is not quite what they say it is but good enough for the price. Nothing dropped yet. Still hard getting out in Walm

  14. Jaymz dice:

    I get soooo many spam calls! The “filter spam calls” and “block calls from unidentified callers” DO NOT WORK!!! I’d still like it if you add an option to not stop, or otherwise interrupt (this includes any kind of sound or lowering the volume of music) music being played when someone calls. I hate having my music interrupted when someone calls, even when notifications/ringer is set on silent and bulk selecting to delete received calls in call log.

  15. The phone rings — like, I can hear it ringing — but I don’t have the option to accept or reject the call. Nothing shows up on my screen to indicate I’m receiving a phone call. I tried adjusting notifications and it just tells me that I have set my preferences to not accept calls. What?!?!? And, no instructions on how to change that preference that I supposedly set are provided. Total FAIL for a phone app.

  16. I was an old Samsung owner. Their phone app has two convenient features that the Pixel doesn’t: 1. When a call is over – it keeps the app active and offers to message the other side. In cases when the call hasn’t been answered – this is a very useful option. 2. Samsung has a very convenient feature – “Vibrate when answered”, which is missing on the Pixel. Otherwise, it’s a simple phone app without bells or whistles.

  17. UI takes forever to come up after answering the phone. I don’t have the highest-end phone, but it usually takes multiple seconds between pressing “answer” button in the pop-up, and the app UI with the speakerphone button to appear. In that time, the person in the other end thinks I can hear them and starts talking.

  18. My phone has recently started having issues with incoming & outgoing calls; network & WiFi calls. People on the other end can hear me, no problemo. On my end it’s completely silent. Very rarely it fixes itself after sometimes 20 seconds give it take. Doesn’t matter whether on speakerphone or ear speaker. Never had this problem with ANY other phones for the last 25 years. Is VERY frustrating. ☹️

  19. Visual voicemail is not working. When I hit play, it will hang on statement “loading voicemail”, then it will say “couldn’t play voicemail “. I can’t find how to fix this. I even emailed the developer and got no response. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED!☹️. It. Used to work. I have Walmart service and it just doesn’t work. My friend has Boost Mobile and her’s stopped working too.

  20. This app has worked perfectly fine for the last 3 years but out of nowhere it started malfunctioning. The only issue that I can’t fix is visual voicemail not working anymore. In fact the voicemail tab on the app is completely broken. I have reset the app, deleted cache and storage, reinstalled, reset phone, etc. and nothing has helped.

  21. Tom Byers dice:

    Most phone calls are clear from beginning to end. They rarely get interrupted. The only long-term, ongoing annoyance is that sometimes my phone does not ring when somebody calls, and other times I’m unable to make an outgoing call. I don’t know whether that’s my carrier, this app, or Google Voice’s fault.

  22. A E dice:

    Having recent issue with Bluetooth not working with the phone app at all. Works for everything but the phone app. If there was a Bluetooth section to the settings, it’s missing. When in a call, the options are speaker or nothing, no bluetooth option. I’ve uninstalled updates and reinstalled. I’ve also cleared cache. Update: Just saw the response. There’s no way to change from speaker to Bluetooth. I’ve tapped the speaker icon during a call, while the phone’s connected. Bluetooth’s missing.

  23. App doesn’t allow calls to come in or be made. Must restart phone to make a call. Ever since update this app has been terrible. Anyone reading this here is an update that fixed my issue, finally. A process Google set up behind the scenes called “Google play syncing game progress” was not working properly causing the glitch with the phone app. Find it, delete it. Working perfectly ever since. Ridiculous.

  24. Issues with the latest updates in October. I no longer can receive calls from anyone that is not saved in my contact list. They will be sent straight to voicemail, and if they do not leave a voicemail I won’t know that they called… It’s definitely been frustrating because when I expect calls from doctors, etc I am unable to receive those. I have tried every sense of troubleshooting that I could possibly do and I’ve received help from two different sets of professionals to no avail.

  25. This is the last straw for me. Tired of Google not supporting their software. This app will not show call notifications when I’m using Android auto. I have to physically pick the phone up to answer the calls. Also, when android auto is running my device automatically goes into do not disturb mode, which makes me miss calls. My next device will not be an Android! Yes, I have contacted support, clear the data, Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, change settings in do not disturb,. Etc….

  26. this damn review popped up right after the app was causing my phone call to customer service to totally fail. every number was removed from the audio of the call with Alaska airlines and made it impossible for me to interact with their call center. then I tried to push cancel on the pop-up so that I didn’t have to submit a review and it wouldn’t let me! fine, here ya go.

  27. They removed visual voicemail. This makes the app worthless when compared to its competitors. Contacts, message, and voice are still good and worth keeping, but Google’s phone app is in no way whatsoever better than any other high rated alternative app. I know Google doesn’t care about its consumers so there’s no reason to beg for a fix. Bad reviews might be the only thing that gets through to them. We’re all screwed…

  28. If we are speaking in reference to “a device” I gave the 2 star rating to the Google Pixel 6a!! Never been so unhappy with a phone. The absolute worst camera/video! I think an old flip phone probably took higher quality videos! And the longest video I’ve been able to take is 4 mins and risk getting 3rd degree burns for it! I’ll keep it at that 1 example..not enough room to list the cons!

  29. Joseph B dice:

    For some reason my Voicemail has stopped working completely since the latest update. I’ve tried clearing the cache and data. I’ve tried uninstalling and downloading again.. Nothing seems to work. I have to call my voicemail, and then go through every one of them, to get to the newest one that I have. What’s the point of having a visual voicemail, to still have to call to listen to the voicemails… And that’s only the voicemail complaint, not counting the other problems with this app.

  30. It’s very glitchy. Every time I make a call it takes forever to show the actual call screen and there’s a delay in between the other person answering and the ringing so I never know till they answer that it’s actually calling..then there’s a problem where I click a business number online it crashes when it tries to switch to the actual call app and I have to copy to my keyboard then paste in the call bar and the speaker option doesn’t work well! It needs quite a bit of improvement and updating.

  31. Google play says this is the stock app on my Pixel phone. With Android 13, visual voicemail is counterintuitive. Why would someone design a voicemail that by default bypass the the attached headphones and play through the external speaker? Makes no sense to me. I like the transcription feature though. I just have to remember to turn off the speaker symbol on the voicemail in order to hear it privately in my earbuds. Google, I would prefer a redesign.

  32. When a incoming call comes in the screen remains blank for three four seconds at a time followed by the number without the person’s name. Then within 5-10 seconds after the number shows up, the name finally appears on the screen ,everything is slow. sometimes I can’t answer the phone because it doesn’t give the option until after the caller has disconnected.

  33. Phone goes straight to voice mail, doesn’t even ring, and doesn’t show in call history,and doesn’t record message. People calling me are complaining about not being able to reach me. Takes forever “calling” and will disconnect before call goes through. Have to call a number numerous times to get through and then can hardly hear other end or voice breaks up. I have missed important calls. Even calling my carrier seldom goes through. Can I have the old apt back! I don’t need all these changes.

  34. Loving my New Google Pixel Pro 6 phone. I am still confused about how to work the camera for extra features. My last phone had many options for face smoothing and enhancements and sharpening photos if blurred. And the toning feature. I do have a better connection tho. No dropped calls all the time. I wish I received a booklet with this phone instead of tips. I learn better and can highlight and go back to It. I do like magic eraser but it does take time and sometimes it looks funny. please help.

  35. Google asked me to rate the phone app. As in, the default widget that forms the bulk of a phone’s functionality. The thing that I bought a phone primarily to have, and can’t remove from the system without hacking the device and turning it into a glorified handheld computer. It does phone calls. B+. Exactly what I wanted it for. I’m glad I pay 20 bucks a month to maintain it.

  36. The app is terribly flawed. Everytime I enable WiFi calling all calls from my contacts and those who aren’t get sent directly to voicemail. The only way to receive calls on my pixel 6 pro is to disable this feature. There are many places where I have WiFi and no cell service and I rely on it. Now I can’t. Please fix.

  37. My pixel 7 pro screen will not turn off with the proximity sensor during a call with this update. I uninstalled it and the proximity sensor works during a call now and the screen turned off. Please update the app. I am also having an issue with Bluetooth. The end call notification does not work when the other party hangs up. It does work with wired headset and using the phone directly.

  38. Microphone intermittent in calls. Have cleaned mic and done a factory reset of device but after a year of working fine, the microphone will not work in calls periodically. Speakerphone too. Mic works fine in record and in Google Voice. The problem is the app. Update: I DID reset/empty the cache. That did not work. Cannot uninstall/reinstall because it’s embedded software.

  39. S G dice:

    overall it works fine, if you want non frills app, it will do the job. But there’s plenty of room for improvement, for ex. searching through old messages is messy and confusing, poor customization of list of messages displayed, poor integration with app to ingest new phone numbers, and a number of little things, that are not intuitive to figure out or just non existent features. but again it works and if you don’t have the time for a replacement app, it’s ok because this is not bad

  40. Very disappointed with the pixel pro 7. The phone only operates in a default mode, which means you can’t change anything on the phone. I use a Bluetooth headset and on my old phone it would pick up automatically on the second ring. The pro 7 doesn’t offer that because it constantly runs in a default mode where you can’t change anything. This is a horrible feature and I’m disgusted that I bought the phone thinking seriously about taking it back since I’ve only had it 3 days.

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