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Access blocked content, enjoy streaming video and keep network private with VPN
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VPN Proxy Master – super secure and unlimited free VPN! With VPN Proxy Master, you can go online anonymously, access the blocked websites and apps privately, accelerate mobile games and watch online videos smoothly! Best VPN for Netflix and any ohter streaming!

Everything you need is in VPN Proxy Master:
• Worldwide stable and fast VPN servers
• Access Netflix, YouTube, Hulu iPlayer cross-regionally
• Hide your ip address and location
• Stay secure connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot
• High-level encryption protocols: OpenVPN, IPsec
• Strict no-log policy
• Simple to use, one tap connect to VPN
• Unlimited free vpn service

Why VPN Proxy Master?
✔Unlimited free VPN proxy service
– Connect to free vpn proxy servers anytime and anywhere.
– One tap to set up the stable and fast connection without paying.
– Enjoy private internet access with best free vpn proxy master on your device!

✔Military-grade secure vpn protection for online security & privacy
– AES 128-bit encryption to secure your online activities, no one can track your browsing history.
– IPsec protocols and OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP) to hide your ip address under WiFi hotspot or any other network condition.
– Protect your 5 devices simultaneously, compatible with other device systems (iOS/ Mac/ Windows).

✔Go online freely with 6700+ fast vpn proxy servers
– Bypass blocking restrictions and firewalls to unblock websites, apps, iplayer, social network, streaming services.
– Watch videos, movies, TV shows, series and live broadcast on any video platform, enjoy your favorite show at home and abroad.
– Reduce game’s latency and accelerate mobile games. Improve the gaming experience for PUBG, FreeFire, Mobile Legends, Roblox, etc.
– Smartly select the optimal free vpn server for you. Surf Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube anonaymously at fast speed.

✔Access to streaming via VPN Proxy Master
– VPN Proxy Master provides multiple vpn streaming servers. There are netflix us server, netflix uk server, hulu server, Disney+ server and so on. Connect to vpn streaming server, you can enjoy Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Hulu, Peacock TV or any streaming service wherever you are.

What can you do with VPN Proxy Master?
– Set up the safest protection for online security and privacy to enjoy a secure, private and anonymous browsing experience even under public WiFi hotspot.
– Bypass regional restrictions and firewalls with best free vpn proxy. Set up unlimited access to blocked videos, streaming services, games, social network, apps and websites no matter where you are.

What is VPN? What does a vpn do?
A VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. This technology is used for ciphering the internet connection. It helps to protect your private information and transmit it confidentially between two different locations so you will get a private internet access.

Download VPN Proxy Master – the trusted and unlimited free VPN proxy! Start a secure and private browsing with this free online vpn! Enjoy the best free vpn service for android.

User Terms:
By downloading and using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement and Privacy Statement at: https://vpnproxymaster.com/static/privacy_policy.html
We value every user’s feedback please contact us whenever you need: [email protected]


- Improve privacy protection and user experience
- Improved User Experience Design


40 comentarios en "VPN Proxy Master – Safer Vpn MOD 2022"

  1. Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact I got ripped off. I paid for a 7 day free trial for premium, and then I tried to select a recommended server and it said I had to pay 9.99 for it. But I already subscribed! Other than that, the app works fine in unblocking content. Great for when you have a school laptop or Hotspot and can’t get YouTube or Netflix, works great with that.

  2. Works perfectly. Works great for the network I’ve tested it on so far. It’s typically fast but can be slow at times, but I really can’t complain since it’s free. Though sometimes (not often) can be buggy when you shut it off or can possibly randomly disconnect. When that happens all you have to do it turn disconnect, exit the app, turn off your wifi, turn it back on, and restart the process. Overall I would say it’s definitely a great free VPN, even comparable to the paid for VPNs.

  3. ***Updated Not sure how hard or easy it would be, but maybe let the user have a few minutes to use the app and get a feel for it before asking for a rating. I was asked 3 times within the first 90 seconds of opening it. Which sort of obstructed me being able to look through it, let alone use it, especially since you have to click the X to get out of it about 15 times. I prefer to give an accurate,honest rating, and I can’t do that with the rating pop up every 30 seconds. I’ll change my review up a bit when I finally get to look through and use it. I do appreciate what you guys are doing though, so thank you! ***Updated Unfortunately the app impaired the basic features of my phone. I couldn’t send or receive texts, couldn’t connect to other apps that dont require wifi or data. This could very well be an issue on my end with the particular phone I’m using, , but unfortunately, either way I still didn’t have full use of my phone. Aside from that, the app does everything that it says it will and does it fairly quickly. If you can get passed and have the patience to click out of ads for an abnormally long time, then the app does deliver on all it’s promises. Thank you again for doing what you do and for your advocacy of everyone having the basic right to privacy!!!

  4. while it did give me access to sites i otherwise would not be able to access, the connection was so slow i had to buy the pro version. The pro version also turned out to be extremely slow and i struggled to get a vpn to connect. There is no way to cancel the purchase through the app. I’ve sent in an email, but this is very inconvenient. i no longer want or need this but i can’t find a way to stop being charged for it.

  5. Probably the best free VPN service out there. It is free, so there are some downsides to the lack of available servers, but it’s free, and the servers that are given for free are fast enough and most reliable, so the premium is only a bonus. I’ve tested it on multiple different software’s to try to pull data from my phone and laptop, but the VPN has so far protected everything I’ve thrown at it.

  6. Ridiculous. had this app for a few months and everything was fine. then all of a sudden i started getting random ads even with the vpn off. I’d connect to wifi and then my phone would just blow up with stupid ads and it wouldnt allow me to use it. Nonstop. i set it down to wait for all the ads to go through once and it took THIRTY MINUTES 😡. very upset.

  7. Amazing VPN, I had problems with it in a recent update, but I turned my phone’s power saving mode off and it started working just fine. It’s free, the free servers are very fast, no intrusive ads, works great. By far the best free VPN out there for mobile devices. Very glad this exists, the providers are very generous to give us free and secure VPN servers without negative consequence and with no intrusive ads. Makes me want to buy premium servers just to support the generosity of the publishers.

  8. For a whole year it was working well and I was able to use my phone over school wifi. Now I am unable to for some reason. It may be due the new phone (old broke, new one is same phone and has the same sim card) I’ve gotten but still it just doesn’t work inside the school. I hit the button to connect, nothing happens but I can hear the noise when you tap it that Samsung made.

  9. Love that it stays connected unlike so many others but unfortunately it grossly slows the performance of my wifi. I disconnect it’s fast as can be but when I connect I’m dial-up speeds. (I’m not joking either) Then to top it off it blocks some videos which defeats one of the purposes of VPNs.

  10. The app works. Barely. It does have a vpn, and it will do its job. On a technicality. Its unbearably slow. For about 20 minutes it runs at normal speed, but after that, the bandwith drops an insane amount, .5 download in mbps. Thats dial up speeds. Images dont load, messages stutter to send, and you can forget about games, videos, or uploading anything. Its hard to use, but the only vpn i can find. The app itself is buggy. If opened in landscape mode, it plays ads endlessly, until the app is cl

  11. Very good quality. I really liked it i hope it doesnt get blocked any time soon in my region. Please make sure it doesnt get blocked anywhere but expect for this, amazing app. Edit: thanks for the reply but i have noticed a problem that the vpn disconnects when i connect instantly. Please fix this. 🙏

  12. Works exceptionally well for me compare to others. This is quite easy and enable you have access to as much sites as you want.

  13. Lue Htet dice:

    It was fast to connect not waiting too long. More safe and secure than the other vpn apps. Nice!

  14. Such a great app, I’ve had a lot of internet problems for joining in servers that are in another region, but the problem was fixed thanks to this app

  15. Great vpn and I incourage everyone to use it and make a decision about the annual subscription. I started as a free trial. I’ll update you in the future with further experience.

  16. It was amazing,but it now just crashes all the time and it’s also really slow, I’ve tried connecting to different servers but I grt the same result, pls fix

  17. Vlad K. dice:

    Too many ads! Have to watch ads to turn it off. Can’t select a server in a certain country.

  18. Always my best VPN fast connection,automatic connected but sometimes it is going to automatically turned off without any permission

  19. Mrs Airin dice:

    Really good app. I downloaded it for watching youtube Videos which are not available in my country. It really worked.

  20. I’m using the app for more than 5 weeks, a five was given for it’s ease of use and rare amount of ads – so it’s worth using. This post will be edited on the 10th week of use, to give you a better review.

  21. This is a very professional built app. Take it from an I T Tech this is the protective privacy we all need. Fast and easy to use.

  22. Smart, perfect and so fast, you can cancel the subscription after you finish

  23. I have never seen a filter breaker so fast, I have been using it for 2 years, it does not matter, thank you for its construction ❤❤

  24. I have downloaded it and it’s very easy to connect with any free server of any region.

  25. Ana Ana dice:

    I use a paid version. However, it’s impossible to connect to any server even after update to the latest version

  26. Only when advertisement is running, the connection is good. After that, connection is poor again. So I cannot use.Sorry. Uninstalled.

  27. I tap Connect and… Nothing. It doesn’t react at all. This app on iphone works just well.

  28. This app is amazing but it does not connect when the network is slow.

  29. I wasn’t getting a fast and secure VPN until I downloaded this app. How can I buy your yearly plan

  30. Exxelent, but simetimes connection not getting properly, but its audjustable

  31. Very good it connects fast and has high speed even with the free version

  32. It was working for two weeks, but suddenly it stopped connecting to any servers at all.

  33. It’s functioning very well and the connection is fast too. This is a very good vpn.

  34. Ever since update it keeps crashing my apps from 5 stars to 2 Edit:it actually crashed the first time I tried posting this please fix

  35. Yoko dice:

    Annoying, automatic server selection not working properly, picking slower ones. It’s the first time I find the ads of an application too frustrating. You need to watch the ad to turn off the VPN ( yes the timer is still counting ) and then they have fiddled with the close button so you will have trouble closing it.

  36. Very good vpn easy to used,not much ads. i recommened this one👌👌👌excellent👌👌👌

  37. Wowww this VPN is very nice! Ads are ok, I know they need money Works smooth, lite version too. Almost perfect, just sometimes freezes for 10 seconds, don’t know why.

  38. It says 7 day free trial, however it needed my billing information so I put it in. Except it charged me for the month straight away instead of giving the 7 day free trial and now I lost 7 days of the trial and I also lost $16.99. Plus, the point of paying regardless would be to access the faster servers, however, all the servers are “full” and you can only use the free one. So basically, I signed up for a free trial, and I got charged regardless and it says you can cancel the subscription at any time, however there’s no option to cancel.

  39. Waoooo…this app is very very nice and good quality bcos now am enjoying the fastest apps that i wasnt able to watch, thanks to you.

  40. Eng. YMA dice:

    The worst app for VPN PROXY Sorry 😞 It disconnects a lot after calling, a lot of ads and many times didn’t find any area to calling. 😑😒😕😐🙃 It was great before but now it doesn’t.

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