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Free VPN that unblocks geo-restricted content and eliminates tracking.
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Windscribe VPN is a tool that secures Wifi and helps you safeguard your privacy online. Best part? It’s absolutely free to use and offers up to 10GB of bandwidth per month, if you supply a confirmed email address! That’s something you can actually use!

With Windscribe VPN, you’ll never mess with confusing settings and option menus again; just turn it on once and forget about it.

Get up to 10GB of data per month for FREE, which you can use on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC, or as a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Free Features
• Super easy to use, just turn it on with a single tap
• Unblocks most geo-restricted content
• Network whitelisting – auto-enable/disable the VPN when you get home, or join any other wifi network.
• Split Tunneling – choose which apps should go over the VPN tunnel.
• Encrypts all your data so nobody can spy on your Internet activities
• Strict no-logging policy
• 4 protocols to choose from (OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IKEv2, Stealth)
• Access to servers in 10 countries (Including US, Canada, UK and more)

Pro Features
• Same as the free features, plus:
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited connections
• Access to servers in over 63 countries and over 110 data-centers


Fixed TV app sign up error.


40 comentarios en "Windscribe VPN MOD 2022"

  1. I’ve used over a dozen different VPNs over the years. Windscribe VPN has the locations I need, along with speed and stability that’s good enough to make it my daily driver. It also has a great feature set that includes control of which apps will use the VPN and which bypass it. I like that I can configure a good mix of protocols and ports; also new options for configuring secure DNS and filters. It’s a pretty tight system that does what I need while being stable enough to keep it on 24/7.

  2. It’s great. However, I recently updated and you have made something very annoying. When the protocol is selected manually and it fails to connect, a window pops up forcing you to change the protocol. I know that only Wstunnel works on my network and I should try different servers untill it connects. Now, every time it fails, I have to close and reopen to select another server with wstunnel

  3. For the most part works wonders. Seems to have issues automatically connecting to a network lately. When I switch to the app it’s stuck on connecting but it needs my input to turn off and on. Even with split tunnelling enabled I have some trouble with GPS on Google Maps & some other apps. (I didn’t see the review response despite a notification for it) I haven’t bothered to contact their support over this but I figured it’s a common issue across using VPNs.

  4. Update: the new version works very well and stays connected. I’m very happy with it now. Love the service – it is fast and easy to use (I have the Pro subscription). The desktop app works very well but the Android app lacks some functionality and has some connection problems. The Android app frequently disconnects and there is a notification that it is waiting for a usable internet connection even when there is one and I have to repeatedly reconnect manually. Not very stable. The app hasn’t been upgraded for almost a year now. Hopefully the app will be upgraded soon.

  5. I’ve been using it for awhile now after getting the lifetime subscription. It usually works alright. Sometimes the connection speed is inexplicably slow, which causes problems. But mostly what’s keeping it from a 5 star rating is the tremendous battery drain. When active it can drain me up to 10% in 20 minutes. This makes it unusable outside of my home network where I can have it plugged in the whole time. Please, I’m begging you, address this issue!

  6. Gone downhill. This app used to be great. I used to use the free versions and loved it so much that I eventually subscribed the incredibly affordable premium version where you create your own plan for only $2 a month. The speed was great and used to stay connected pretty consistently until the past month or so. Now it constantly disconnects and slows down to unusable speed. Videos buffer, pages don’t load. It’s awful and sad. I’ve reached out to the devs but it’s still an issue.

  7. Barry Liu dice:

    I go to china a lot and the first 2 years this provider didn’t work in China or had issues. But the last 2 years were a big game changer. I use windscribe along with a few other VPN providers just in case there are issue. I’m glad to say that this is the only one I use when in China and when I’m traveling all over the world. Especially in the U.S. This thing is very fast. I also have VPNunlimited and fastest VPN. They both work very fast in the U.S as well. But some issues in China.

  8. Great VPN for Android. I’ve been using Windscribe for over 1 year, and pretty happy with it. When I initially got it, Windscribe had a 2GB allowance for free, and was pretty fast, so I upgraded to Pro, which gives Unlimited users, something I really appreciate. The WINDFLIX servers are available for both the Netflix US and UK libraries, and have a reasonable speed. One thing I was extremely dissapointed with was the lack of a stealth mode. This was finally resolved with the most recent update, because without it the service would’ve been useless since my institution introduced Deep Packet Inspection. Luckily, this, along with the UI refresh make this the best looking and most reliable Android VPN.

  9. Giving this 3 stars since it bypasses Netflix’s proxy detection, however this is not an ideal VPN for streaming. Videos buffer every minute or so, and streaming services sometimes take a couple of minutes to fully load. I paid for a month’s membership so I could access a specific server, but I will not be renewing. It’s not worth it based on the slow server speed.

  10. I have subscribe to the one-year service, I had no trouble whatsoever during that time. I let the service expire and decided just to use the free version. I did not like the free version so I purchased another year a service and I have been having issues with slow connectivity and loss of connection. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled several times.

  11. Overall it works great, but i purchased a static ip and whenever i click it, the app crashes. Every time, without fail. EDIT I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and cleared cache and data and now it works fine. Changed from 4 stars to 5. the only negative so far has been their lack of customer support. I’ve opened a few support tickets and haven’t heard back from them in almost a week June 2020 edit: still loving the VPN and the app is good. I’ve had better success with support lately.

  12. Edit: changed the ports to a suggested configuration with the help of someone on Reddit. seems to connect now. will change my rating once ive noticed consistent performance. thanks. — Terrible. I am using this on my Samsung Note 8, just upgraded to Pie. anytime i try and connect to a server i get stuck at “Connectivity Test…” and “Adding Routes…” then it fails. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, clearing caches, and rebooted the phone. happens on wifi or mobile data connection.

  13. Edit: A quick response from Windscribe, and a simple settings change. The app is working again. thank you! updated rating to 4 stars. 1 star for now. Using the paid Pro version. A recent update rendered the app useless. The app was working very well on both Android and Windows. Since the update, Android will not connect. just an endlessly rotating icon…. when you fix it, and it works well again, i will change the rating. take a look at your recent reviews. something is wrong!

  14. It’s been a few days since the quick settings tile stopped working. A toast shows up saying “No network available.” when tapped. It was one of the most handy things of this app. Please fix it ASAP. Update: found the cause. The quick settings tile stops working when the phone is in battery saver mode. In normal mode, it works just as intended.

  15. I would happily pay the full price for this VPN service (right now, for some reasons, I can’t). It covers almost your every need and offers some extra goodies too, like GPS spoofing. What I think it lacks is the ability to create profiles for quick/auto connection.

  16. Performance is very good when connected, and offers 10GB free per month. My only complaint is that it has a tendency to drop the connection, then seemingly doesn’t try to reconnect on its own (or tries, but fails). Still, it’s definitely worth using due to the generous free bandwidth.

  17. Works great for me on my mobile device especially with all the updates since I first started using it in 2018. Lots of configuration options available. The features for ad blocking, allowing LAN traffic, and split tunneling are really nice. Bandwidth is good as far as my needs go.

  18. experience on my LG phone is flawless. Even without pro the servers and connection speed is great. the reason for 3 * review is because when I try to run the app on my android tv box, even though it takes forever, it will connect. but as soon as i start running any streaming app it kicks me off the app due to windscribe disconnect. am i missing something?

  19. Even paid version often slows down connection speed significantly. Often doesn’t connect when internet connects initially. If there’s a drop it may not re-establish when the internet comes back either. So unsafe on untrustworthy wifi – its main purpose! Now having periods where it refuses to connect at all over a variety of devices & networks at the same time. Reinstallation on Android 7 phones keep failing w/in days. Once good VPN’s become practically useless. I don’t recommend it at all.

  20. I think it could be the very best of all the VPN’s that claim to be free and probably a few of the Premium VPN’s as well. It dang sure “could be,” The one and only flaw that I’ve experienced with it so far won’t let me rate it anymore than three stars at this time. The VPN seems to disconnect by itself when the screen goes off and may or may not stay off for a few minutes even if you turn on “Always On VPN.” That is not only a major flaw but in the wrong place at the wrong time its catastrophic

  21. Please optimize the app for Redmi Note 8. Despite loving the services, especially for the awesome cryptopayment feature! – it saddens me to say that 90% of the time I’m dealing with app issues on the device. If I use split tunneling, the app just decides to not connect at all. And as soon as I turn off the feature, it works just fine. Also the notification bar slide shortcut is buggy as hell.

  22. Excellent reliable service and the app works even better than the desktop app. However I have noticed that most of the servers seem to be flagged by official agencies like banks and such and u won’t be allowed to do anything significant. Other than that, most of them have sufficient bandwidth and stable connectivity. Very good work.

  23. I like this app a lot. Sometimes it takes awhile to connect but that is not their fault as my router needs to be replaced. However it always connects. I like the ability to pick where I want it to connect. I sometimes connect in foreign countries on purpose. Most of the time I just let the app pick the best connection.

  24. After trying nordvpn, mullvad, privatevpn, and windscribe on both windows 10 and android I ended up sticking with windscribe. It’s been hands down the easiest, fastest, and has every feature I need.. My only issue is that port forwarding isn’t included when subscribing for $2/mo, wish there was an ala carte option for it for another dollar, that would be perfect for my use case..

  25. Excellent VPN. With very good App. Undoubtedly one of the best: fast, safe, with a very generous free plan, and will be useful with the connectivity options. If they provide a DNS tunnel it would be the # 1 jumping restrictions. I recommend it. Very good in every way.

  26. Hi, great app. I have been using it for a long time. I wanted to report an issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and when I make an IKEv2 connection and switch to another app and then switch back to your app, it keeps getting stuck on loading splash screen, so I have to close it and reopen it. Please check the issue. Thanks 😊

  27. It never worked on my android 8.1.0 blackberry keytwo. It’s just frozen. They keep sending constant annoying ‘where have you been?’ reminders but the app was last updated in Aug 2019, almost 8 months ago. That says a lot about the developers’ focus: marketing. Useless junk. Uninstalled because I never have this problem with any other free non-logging quality VPNs.

  28. Windscribe is phenomenal! I use the custom plan for $2 a month which gives me an unlimited U.S. only VPN + Windscribe’s excellent content blocker. I don’t need any other countries: so for the speed and functionality, the price point is amazing. The Android app works perfectly. I have Always-On set up and use Split Tunneling. No issues. The content blocker works great. On Linux I have the manual OpenVPN configs set up along with the embedded chrome extension. My speeds are not impacted at all.

  29. Your app is garbage. I just downloaded it and can’t even setup an account. It keeps asking for an e-mail to get an add’l 10GB. No matter which e-mail I give, it says I can’t make duplicate accounts. WTH does that mean? I don’t have an account with you. So, I try to setup an account without an e-mail. It just takes me right back to the same page to create an account and enter an e-mail. If you’re trying to get new customers, you’re dropping the ball. It shouldn’t take me 1 hr to set this up.

  30. Very cool vpn, Has alot of choices of servers and combinations of ports, And with the lowest price available, Im always willing to pay for it, but i wish theirs a different field for buying premiums, for example my reset of 10GB is January 6, But i only paid a week later. but the reset said that its January 6, Wish theirs a different field for the expiration of Premium, not really a problem but some 1st time users might also get confused on the reset, overall best vpn for both free and premium.

  31. thanks to its developers because of the wstunnel protocol and extra free GB for Iranians it was very good and very helpful but With every day of increasing governmental internet restrictions, it is almost impossible to connect nowadays. Even if it connects there will be no send-and-receive.

  32. alex M dice:

    I am reviewing the payed version. It will disconnect all the time for absolutely no reason and would block internet in the process. Very very disappointed. I lost time and money more times than I remember.

  33. The Best Mobile VPN I’ve ever used 👍🏼 Its Chrome extension is great too and easy to use. Plus you already have 10GB FREE to play with, which can be shared across devices using same account. As a Frontend Developer myself I can only wish to work with them 👍🏼

  34. Recent updates bring a lot of bugs in protocol and port selection. It doesn’t work like before. Also connecting got more difficult. Previous versions were better. As a pro user I’m not satisfied with their support at all. Features are great but not guaranteed. Waste of money…

  35. ogredale dice:

    Oh my Lord, by far the sexiest VPN I’ve used. The UI is beautiful and consistent with the app and extension. The extention is delicious like BBQ sauce. It blocks ads and trackers and some other cool stuff, a lot more than I expected from a VPN extention. I love R.O.B.E.R.T. and all the presets it has so it is easy to setup and manage. Other VPNs I’ve used are confusing and you gotta enter all the stuff manually. Oh yeah, the VPN part… 😒 It’s great, good speeds blah blah. Just an amazing VPN!!

  36. Does Windscribe blocks every connection attempts including System App’s when using Split Tunneling “Inclusive” with “Always-On VPN” + “Block Connections without VPN”? I want to know cuz I’ve been using this way when it comes to handling/managing sensitive data that needs internet access such as typing passwords or saving passmanager sync data. I’m not sure does this work as intended(block every network access not of inclusive listed stuff), and want to ask the horses mouth Thanks

  37. Best VPN I’ve used until now. Great features and safeguards your privacy. Has AD Blocker and takes only a few seconds to connect to any location on the map. I’m missing out on a lot of things to compliment on but I’ll end it here. Looking forward to build a plan for myself. Highly recommend it to everyone who value their privacy.

  38. Edi Kandy dice:

    Good vpn,support a lot of protocols,but it has very limited servers for free users and make sure when the app cant connect to internet doesn’t change protocols automatically,its getting on my nerves 😡

  39. Thanks for your support to the Iranian users amidst the unprecedented network restrictions. But we cannot get access to your servers, mine as an android user and my sister’s iPhone as well on another platform. I think you may consider hotfix version on github for Android and some tweaks on the servers for iPhone because it’s been a while Windscribe didn’t release an update and the filtering advances everyday here so the situation is imbalanced. I’d be humbly thankful if you consider my request.

  40. I love Windscribe and I will always be a loyal customer as this service is always improving and only becomes more useful as time goes on! – Big fan of the new 10 GBPS servers. Now I can keep the VPN on at all times without noticing any impact on streaming or downloads! – The static IP service is invaluable for decentralized port forwarding and I am very satisfied with its performance. I recommend this VPN above all others for value and usefulness! (I miss the NSFW mode but hey 😆) Keep it up!

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