NordVPN – fast VPN for privacy MODDED 2022

Enjoy ultimate online privacy and security with the NordVPN app for Android.
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Get yourself an ultra-fast VPN connection and never stop for anything.

Download NordVPN and you’ll get a fast and encrypted internet connection wherever you go. It will hide your data from cybercriminals and other people online.

One tap is all it takes to have a private and secure internet in an instant. It’s an easy-to-use VPN app for Android, trusted by millions of users worldwide.

✔ Use a VPN for privacy
When you browse the internet without a VPN, your IP address can reveal where you live. But once you connect to NordVPN, no one knows where you are, what websites you visit or files you download.

✔ Shield yourself from malware
Surf the web in confidence with Threat Protection Lite. It blocks your access to malicious websites and protects your device from accidentally joining a botnet.

✔ Stay safe on public Wi-Fi hotspots
A coffee shop serves the best espresso but its Wi-Fi is unsecured? Use NordVPN to secure your internet connection and get stuff done without worrying about your information being leaked.

✔ Guard your sensitive data
With NordVPN, your online traffic travels through a secure encrypted tunnel. This way, it’s out of reach for cybercriminals eager to snatch your private data. No proxy server or privacy browser will give you this level of security.

✔ Stay one step ahead
Enable the Dark Web Monitor to get an alert if your credentials are exposed online. This way, you can take immediate action and protect your compromised accounts before anyone can get to them.

✔ Enjoy high-speed connection with NordLynx
It’s our fastest VPN protocol built on the backbone of WireGuard to bring you blazing speeds and bulletproof privacy. All you need to do is tap “Quick Connect” – you’ll be connected to one of our 5,400+ servers in seconds. It’s almost like traveling on a virtual express train!

✔ Fail-safe protection
Working with sensitive information? Turn the Kill Switch on – your data will stay safe even if your VPN connection drops.

✔ For everyone and everything
Protect your family, friends, and all their devices with a single NordVPN account. Install it on your Wi-Fi router and enjoy an encrypted connection 24/7.


• Strong VPN encryption for bulletproof security
• VPN protocols: OpenVPN, NordLynx based on WireGuard
• Unlimited data for internet freedom
• 5400+ servers worldwide for turbo speeds
• Protection of 6 devices with a single account
• Double VPN for ultimate privacy
• VPN auto-connect for effortless online protection
• 24/7 customer support by our award-winning team

If you want to go more advanced…
Enjoy these extra features without additional costs or premium subscriptions:

• Split tunneling: select apps you don’t want to run through the encrypted VPN connection
• Custom DNS: set a custom DNS server address
• Switch between TCP and UDP protocols
• Specialty servers optimized for your individual needs

Ready to experience a better internet?
If you’re looking for a single all-around cybersecurity app, VPN is a solid choice.
Wind down, connect to NordVPN, and enjoy safe and private internet access wherever you go. Online security is just a tap away!

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

Nord Security General Terms of Service, including the end-user license agreement, which governs a user’s rights to the NordVPN app, among other things:


* Fixed: In cases when connecting to VPN takes longer than usual, we might have unintentionally put you in an endless loop of connection attempts without letting you cancel them. We’ve noticed this and acted on it: long live the ‘Cancel’ button!
* Can you link TV devices in Meshnet? Yes, you can. Is there an icon to represent them? Now there is.
* Minor improvements and fixes here and there.


40 comentarios en "NordVPN – fast VPN for privacy MODDED 2022"

  1. Kari G dice:

    The connection keeps dropping. Been like this for almost two weeks. I can’t stream anything. It hangs up. Browsing also goes dead. And the servers read some foreign country on apps. I keep having to turn it off. Unacceptable. I tried all the different server settings, etc. It’s all broken. And my wifi and mobile data are fine. I only run into problems when Nord is connected. And, according to others’ recent reviews, I’m not the only one experiencing this. What did I even pay for??

  2. It’s good when it works. Ever since the last update it will just randomly drop connection about every 20 minutes and I’ll have to find a new server to get connection back. And yes, devs, I’ve tried cycling through all the different protocols – it did not work and it’s very frustrating. Unfortunately, I will need to switch to a different service until they figure this out.

  3. (Edit: protocol change seems to make a difference, change to 4 star and will up to 5 again if connection issues are resolved.) Previous 5 star review, I pay a yearly sub and haven’t had a problem for the entirety of the year. Shortly after renewing the subscription (always applying updates when available), now there’s constant buffering in content. Games, videos, etc. will stop at random intervals only to reconnect about 30 seconds later. A very big disruption when gaming online especially.

  4. Shane dice:

    Great! I’m shocked at all the bad reviews. I haven’t had an issue whatsoever with Nord on the devices I use it on. I know that a VPN will slow you down a little, but never really an issue for me. When I get in areas I know have bad cell reception, the app can’t work, just like any other. Some customers just aren’t good customers. 2/32023 Just did the update and everything I do now is dropping. Lost 100’s of millions worth of chips in WSOP and lost many other things in apps. Bad update. 👎

  5. Pretty much seemless. One thing that’s difficult is when you are trying to locate a business close by your actual address, but with VPN you appear to be elsewhere. You can usually change the zip code, or log out of VPN, but not advisable. I am an intermediate computer user, no real computer training, 72 years old. I had a little difficulty originally setting up, but was able to complete the process. Once set up, it’s very easy to use. Mine starts automatically. Hope this is helpful.

  6. Ian Plaza dice:

    I’ve been a user for more than 1 year and I had iphone and now that I switched to Android the experience is the worst! Developer put more effort on the app for Android. You can definitely see the difference on stability on iOS. I’ve had to switch servers constantly because it doesn’t load a simple web page. Even worst I’ve had to pause the VPN connection to surf internet and apps. This definitely defeats the purpose of having a VPN to protect you. If this keeps happening I will change VPN.

  7. I don’t know what happened but a few weeks ago since my year mark using nord, the service has gone BAD. Constant disconnect issues where the VPN is connected but no internet seems to be running through. I’ll change servers and it becomes even slower. I’ve tinkered with the settings and nothing seems to help. For example, I’ll join a discord call and within 5 minutes the connection resets and my call is disconnects entirely. Same for internet browsing. I might ask for a refund if this persists

  8. It worked fine at first, then slowed my PC down , and I never had a problem with this PC being slow before. It keeps disconnecting, leaving my computer unsecured. It keeps giving me ads in german, and when I try to go download certain apps, they are in other languages. I tried updating it and everything. I’m really disappointed.

  9. Internet connection randomly vanishes. I’ve tried multiple mobile games. I’ve tried different settings/protoicols. I’ve tested my other devices on my wifi. It is 110% an issue with NordVPN, that did not exist until last update. It is INFURIATING to lose connection in the middle of an important match. And needs to be addressed immediately. ***There is nothing to contact your team about. I’ve tried different settings. It’s an app issue, not a setting issue.

  10. Cark dice:

    Slows down or even blocks access to certain websites/apps. At first I thought maybe I was just having issues with my internet, but once I turned off the VPN on my devices, suddenly everything loaded fine (this included things like YouTube). This is a recent thing so maybe an issue with the new update? Idk but will be cancelling my subscription if it continues.

  11. Elle Z dice:

    I’ve had Nord for years and it’s worked great. A couple of months ago, I started getting ads in German and Dutch on my phone. And Pandora would tell me it’s not supported “in my country,” even though the app indicated I was connected in the US. I reached out to support and they said everything is fine and I’m connected in the US. The problem has continued. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled apps with no improvement. I now have Nord disabled but I’m still paying for it. Boo. (Ticket #12205909)

  12. Needs a more thorough walk-through and explanation as to how to use it. Also it’s very expensive. Doesn’t seem like it should cost $100 a year for basic security. I’d be happy to pay that amount divided monthly, but not all at once. Happy to have this app though, but I just needed a VPN, not this one specifically. Might get more people to sign up if a monthly option for a year subscription was possible.

  13. About as reliable as a free one. Connections constantly drop, I have to reinstall it on my Windows PC about once a month because it just stops working. Customer service is absolutely atrocious, and they absolutely have no regard for your privacy. Every time you try to get customer service they want your blood type and social security number

  14. J J dice:

    Nice when it works, however it’s frequently flickering or reconnecting. On all devices. For example, Facebook or websites suddenly won’t load and I see “connecting” at the top. Or the Twitch website is constantly welcoming me back to the chat room every 30 seconds. Or Hulu won’t even play videos because the connection isn’t stable. All on different devices. What a mess!! I need their email address to complain…

  15. I’ve used Nord In the past and had no issues except never being able to uninstall it from my computer. I main issue I’m having is I decided to try them again and after downloading the app it gave me a 7 day free trial offer before having to pay $99.99 for a year subscription. So I chose the 7-day free trial but it still charged me the $99.99 for a year subscription and did not get the free trial when I confirmed my choice. Seems to be very fraudulent and unfortunate. Heard nothing back yet

  16. I have had this app for less than seven days and I was able to dowload, install, and subscribe for six months with no problem. But connect to a server has been a never ending frustrating nightmare. In fact, I have been unable to connect at all. Even after trying to clear caches, force stopping other apps, uninstalling an re-installing Nordvpn, using quick connect, changing protocols, going through differrent countries servers. I am cancelling my subscribtion and will seek refund of money paid.

  17. Switched to Nord from Express a couple weeks ago. Not only is it hard to install on the router, it disconnects all the time (even with the desktop app) and doesn’t reconnect without a full system reboot. Edit: Nord disconnects randomly and really struggles to reconnect. Would give it zero stars if I could. Paid for 2 years of Nord, but switching back to Express VPN after a year of Nord because it is unbearably bad. Update: Only way to play games is to end all Nord processes in task manager.

  18. Just warning it can be a little complicated to cancel your subscription. I thought I already did it once about 6 months ago but I guess I didn’t do it right. so I tried again and I couldn’t find it on the app so I went to the website. Didn’t find it there. Finally googled it and went to the account website and finally canceled it but since it was an auto bill for a resubscription. There is nothing they can do for resubscriptions so that was $86 down the drain. Just remember to turn off auto bill

  19. Old E dice:

    After a half hour with customer service, I was left without answers and instead given instructions that put me in an endless loop of TCP protocol and Threat Protection cat and mouse. I was 2 months into the service now, and I wish I had the same connectivity issues (no internet connection, blocking google and other safe sites, etc.) in the first 30 days. Seems like it got worse just in time to be void a refund. Now I’m stuck using a faulty connection and choosing between contradictory functions.

  20. Just Jeff dice:

    Shortly after installing on my modestly powered Chromebook Duet all functions slowed to a crawl. Note that this is without the app being opened or VPN connected. After an uninstall and reboot all was back to normal. Chrome browser extension works on some devices but not all. On my i5-powered Pixelbook the impact on performance is not as noticable.

  21. Nord is a top notch VPN service. I’ve tried several top 5 brands, but so far Nord has won my heart for the past year and I’ll most probably renew my subscription next year. I don’t have any criticism on the Android app itself. They seem to keep it updated often with bug fixes and new features. Speeds on all OS apps is amazing. I just hope I can run the service properly on my router to cover all devices instead of installing the app on each. I have 13 devices at home, you can imagine the hassle.

  22. Chris C dice:

    Recent update dropped a star. Months ago, everything was working as expected and I was happy. More recently, I wake up every day to a “we’re ready to autoconnect” sort of message on the top status bar. I have the auto-connect setting on. If it’s ready, why isn’t it connecting? I have to remember to open the app first THEN it connects. Defeats the “auto” part… Leaving router range, dropping the wifi, and coming back also fails to autoconnect. Updating did nothing. PC app works fine, though.

  23. loosoh dice:

    Was great, but the billing is fishy. I loved the service as I got it in March, but I started getting charges for subscriptions that I didn’t pay for. I got a refund back on the first fraudulent charge, but they are refusing to pay me back on the second and third fraudulent payments. There is no option to remove your card which has me to believe that I will also have to get a new debit card through my bank as well as spend an hour on the phone disputing the charges. Not worth the hassle.

  24. Generally quick and reliable but beware, this app will occasionally stop running leaving you exposed, without warning, even with the always on feature. This occurs on the Mac and PC, as well. A couple of good security improvements would allow you to see how many devices are active on your account and allow the use of a user name instead of only an email.

  25. Joseph W dice:

    Terrible app, continually crashing and causing applications as well as phone to lockup. I have had this app for greater than one year, I have uninstalled, and reinstalled several times and able to get it working for less than a day. I have looked in support as well as internet to ensure that I was setting it correctly only to have all the applications locked up once again. Does not work with local devices such as printers, thermostats and cameras that are installed on the same Wi-Fi network.

  26. Keeps crashing, freezing. The only way to be able to gain access to the app and reconnect is to clear the storage and having to sign back in. In case you customized your split tunnel, forget it you have to do it again. I haven’t seen such a bad app. I paid for 2 years subscription and I couldn’t make it work from the first day. My phone is 3 months old with android 12 and latest security patches and if it doesn’t work on it, I wonder on which phone it would! Give me my money back!!!

  27. It would be 5 stars, except for the number of times I have been charged twice within the same week. Why it isn’t once a month like everyone else, I don’t know, but usually they correct it by adding another month if the system hasn’t updated it automatically and it is brought to their attention. Customer service is phenomenal, quick, and generally go above and beyond for you. I have had some problems with the PC app download process and another thing with the DNS on windows 10.

  28. There are a lot of negative reviews citing issues with various parts of this app. I have experienced none of these. I get great speeds, it stays connected, and the features work as I expect them to, for the most part. Killswitch and split tunneling together are a little wonky. The people who are having issues need to contact support, not whine on here; their support team is nice and extremely helpful.

  29. The latest version of the app on Android, v5.25.1, is much worse than prior releases. Previously, I could connect to the VPN and it would stay connected regardless of where I went, and would automatically reconnect. Now, however, the VPN connection simply cuts out randomly, without telling me why or how, depending on where I am. Even when I am at home, it will disconnect when my phone is on the WiFi network. Enabling auto-connect helps a bit, but the connection still simply shuts off too often.

  30. Really scammy business practices. They have both charge me for an additional year very early before my subscription expired and offered me a deal and then charged me a larger amount. The service works just fine, but I have had nothing but negative experiences with their customer service team, which just says that they aren’t able to do anything about it. This is one of the only companies I’ve had billing issues with that doesn’t correct them when pointed out.

  31. I love this thing. Makes me feel so secure having it. Like most vpns, a number of devices will need to be added to exceptions lists to work. If you don’t know how VPNs work, this will seem like a terrible app, as certain things won’t work with it active. This is part of its security features. Example: I can’t control my smart TV with remote apps. This is normal. It’s doing its job. Add an exception, or turn it off for 5 minutes. As an avid VPN user, Nord is awesome and so simple to use.

  32. I keep having to pause/disable the app just to get access to the internet. I just now had to do the same to write this review. On top of that, I keep getting logged off, not only on mobile, but desktop too. Even worse is that on desktop, it gives me connection errors and I have to reboot a few times before being able to run it. Horrible all around.

  33. I just spent the past hour attempting to get a stable connection on my tablet, just to download two images off my web browser and watch one YouTube video. I tried fiddling with the settings, restarted the device, even reinstalled the app. And once I finally managed to get everything running fine, the app just disconnected me from the server. Nord is just an absolutely frustrating crapshoot at this point. I intend to try ExpressVPN, and if that wins me over, I’m jumping ship, full-stop.

  34. L W dice:

    I would give Nord 5 stars, but the always-on, autoconnect feature often randomly disconnects and then doesn’t automatically reconnect. I have to go into the app and reconnect manually. This causes Internet disconnect bc the always-on feature prevents unprotected Internet usage. This isn’t a glaring oversight but a minor aggravation in that I must regularly go back into the app to manually select another protected Nord server point. Aside from that, Nord is excellent!

  35. I don’t have a lot of VPN experience, so I can’t make any comparisons. Overall, it appears to do what it says it does. I found that I would get somewhat frequent connection issues where my apps would freeze up or things wouldn’t load. I would have to toggle my wifi to try to unblock this. Since turning off my VPN I’ve gotten much better network reliability. If having a VPN is important to you, then it’s probably worth it. If you prefer having consistent, fast internet, probably pass on it.

  36. Pretty good at protecting me and making me feel secure. only thing is sometimes my browsers will work super slow or not load at all and I have to change to another connection spot. this gets pretty annoying but in otherwise easy fix I guess Edit: Downloaded and used on my PC and it makes games run unbelievably slow and lag. I have to turn off the VPN I’m order to run anything.

  37. The worst premium VPN I’ve tried, and it’s not even good as a free VPN. Not recommended. Well it barely connects, it’s not reliable, the app is bad and confusing to navigate, and the login… It redirects you to the website, which is the website is blocked, it means you can’t login unless you use another VPN. I tried for over 30 minutes to log it in on my Android TV, and finally gave up. It’s just so bad. I don’t know it may work in some countries but it’s not useful for bypassing censorship.

  38. This app has everything I need to feel as safe as possible on the net. No data logging and a kill switch plus fast speeds and a double VPN? The price is reasonable for the services provided, and I am satisfied with the results so far. I don’t like it if I’m being followed or tracked by anyone. No VPN is completely impervious to being hacked, but I am okay with Nord

  39. I have used this app for 2 years but if I want to use it on my computer it’s Impossible you hit login and it fails every time on all my computers. It’s ok if you just want the phone but I switched to express VPN and have had no issue with them you don’t need to login in with a web browser then it will try to login the app. Use express it’s faster and easier.

  40. After second to last update, became extremely unreliable and laggy – basically have to turn it off for a reliable connection which ruins the point of having VPN. Last update did not fix it, just gave a cancel button to stop a connection that would not go through. This is not a feature! It’s just a more convenient way to keep your VPN turned off, at which point you don’t need a VPN. I hope this is fixed soon, but I will not renew my subscription. Not a settings issue btw, tried Nordlynx, UDP, TCP

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