File Manager MODDED 2022

XFolder File Manager is a powerful file explorer to manage files for Android.
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File Manager – XFolder, a powerful & easy-to-use file manager & file explorer with desktop-grade features, helps you handle ALL your files efficiently. With File Manager – XFolder, you can easily manage files on local device & SD card, free up space to boost phone performance. Besides, you can also quickly find files by browsing, know memory usage like apps & files at a glance.

📂Manage Files All in One
– Browse, Create, Multi-Select, Rename, Compress, Decompress, Copy & Paste, Move files and folders
– Lock your files in private folder to keep safe

⚡️Quickly Free up Storage
– Scan large files that take up valuable storage space
– With a few taps, free up more space and speed up your device

🔎Easily Find Files
– Search and find your buried files fast with only a few taps
– No longer waste much time looking for videos, music or memes you’ve downloaded before

Key Features:
● ALL File Formats Supported: New files, Downloads, Videos, Audios, Images, Apps, Docs and Archives
● Quickly check both internal and external storage including SD card, USB OTG
● FTP (File Transfer Protocol) : access your Android device storage from PC
● Compress & Decompress ZIP/RAR Archives
● Recycle Bin: restore your deleted files
● View Large Files: browse and delete unused items to free up more space
● App Management: check and remove unused apps
● Built-in Apps for better experience: Music Player, Image Viewer, Video Player & File Extractor
● Option to show hidden files

+ Coming Soon:
– Enhanced remote access including SMB, NAS
– File sharing
– File downloading
– File shortcut on home screen

Full-Featured File Manager Tool
Find powerless to manage tons of files on your mobile device? Try File Manager – XFolder, see and manage all files, apps, videos and photos downloaded on your local device. Search and erase unused items to free up more space with this file explorer tool.

Easy-to-use File Explorer Tool
With all the basics you’d expect and some outstanding extras — all packed into a nicely designed and easy-to-use interface. File Manager – XFolder is a handy file explorer and storage browser that helps you find and manage what you’re looking for fast.

———Warm Tips
To experience all features of File Manager – XFolder needs some permissions as follows:

Please be ensured that the request is used for file management ONLY. This file manager & file explorer tool will NEVER do harm to users.

Thanks for downloading File Manager – XFolder. And if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


🌟 Faster loading for image, video, etc.🚀🚀🚀
🌟 UI improvements.
🌟 Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "File Manager MODDED 2022"

  1. John Swan dice:

    Good app for managing everything I’ve downloaded and synced from phones, camera’s, tablets, laptops and whatever else I’ve had stuff saved on for over 20 years. If I knew which permissions to give it, I think it would be even smoother. Great app but when looking at it’s permissions, it could really wreck a device fast if it went haywire or could be controlled remotely. For what it does, it’s well worth the handful of ads I saw.

  2. This is the best file manager app. Straight forward and user friendly. I can accomplish everything in the folder without ever having leave it. And, when I create a new file or folder, it does so without any issues. I have used too many useless apps that modify the file or folder and in the process create problems when trying to open them in another app. This is an app that sets the bar and is the best one offered

  3. cxr dice:

    One of the best I’ve found! But needs Local Network search & Mass selection for 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! Beautiful app.. love the look and it has ALMOST everything I need. FIRST When I go to local network.. there’s no SEARCH. NEED to be able to search parent directory & option to search sibling dirs. SECONDLY… Need to be able to MASS SELECT files… Click first file, click last file.. Option to select all files in-between. It’s a PIA to have to tap on 10, 20, 30+ files to select all that I want.

  4. After over a year and six different phones, I absolutely love it. In all that time it may have given me an ad or two, but I don’t recall for certain, as I play with lots of apps that DO bury me under a ton of ads. None of the file management tools that came with the phones even come close to the sheer functionality of this app. It does exactly what the description says and does it well. It’s the third thing I install on new phones (after Kindle and DoorDash).

  5. Kevin B dice:

    Absolutely the best free file manager, they have a remove ads option but honestly I don’t remember seeing any ads. Most file managers work well but are missing a feature/option or two, there’s always “something” they’re missing. This has everything I’ve ever needed and has all options available in one app.

  6. I don’t leave reviews. I used the app, loved the experience, and came back to leave a review. I expected the functionality but the UI is clean, it flows very nicely, and was a quick experience. If I had to give any constructive criticism, it would be to please add the percentage of completion when deleting files; I deleted a particularly large set of files and didn’t know how long I was waiting for. 10/10 experience. I am leaving it installed on my phone for when I need it again. Thanks, FM

  7. Definitely a good app. Able to do allot of things here that I’m not seemingly able to do with the file manager app that is stock on my phone. Things that one should definitely be able to do with what just comes with the phone. Also definitely very simple to use. So simple that someone like me that is mediocre at best with technology stuff with phones n’ such is still able to accomplish without my phone meeting with an accident.

  8. nison k dice:

    update: I liked the previous bar that showed used data/total data. Can’t eject SD card/USB. Transfering files between phone and SD card takes longer than usual. Is there a way to see file date created not modified? Wow very good app. Please add ability to change color of folders to orange. Ability to change thumbnail size in grid and list view to bigger.

  9. Straightforward & easy to use app that does exactly what I want it to do. Moving multiple files between internal storage & external SD card is no longer the headache it was with my former file manager (which is actually why I was looking for a new file manager & what led me to this one). Interface is clean, simple, & with dark mode enabled (a must for me) it’s one of the most aesthetically appealing file management apps I’ve used.

  10. Very efficient. Love the dark theme. No ads. It appears to be secure. The layout is exceptional. LOVE the recent files feature that allows you to scroll down through recently accessed or added files. There doesn’t appear to be any bugs or issues. There’s no lagging. I can select multiple files. There’s a recycle bin, and tons of built in features to view and play files. I prefer this over the gʘ‿ʘgle F.M. by far. Very nice and free-for-real without intrusive ads. Much appreciated.

  11. Great app. Allows for moving, editing, transferring, copying, renaming, organizing, uploading, downloading, compressing, resizing and cropping of all files and folders on your phone. The best part is it practically takes up no space at all. The only improvement I have to suggest is to include an option to change the theme of the app. Maybe have light, dark and auto themes for free. Change colors to red, green, purple etc. with dark, light and auto for a price. I’d pay a dollar or two for that.

  12. I wanted to replace my built-in managers with something more useful because both were really lacking. This one is packed with features that it even obsoletes RAR. It’s built-in player is way more stable than GFiles that it doesn’t crash when attempting to play media. The ability to hide files and folders allows for a more organized layout, and it’s just as easy to navigate. Although I haven’t tried all features available, I think it’s safe to say that they’re all well optimized.

  13. I will be removing this app. It does what I want from a file manager, and the embedded functions for file viewing are well executed. However, I DID NOT want a cache cleaner, or a CPU Cooler, or a Battery Manager, or a Phone Boost (whatever that is), or a Cleaner. I want a file manager. Just that. These additional functions are an annoyance and intrusion, and there is no way to turn them off or to eliminate the notifications that are forced on me by the latest version. You lose, XFolder.

  14. I was having issues with extracting a .zip file within Google’s file manager, which otherwise has been good enough for me for quite some time now. This is the first file explorer in a long time that has gotten me to switch over, and the speed and quality, not to mention the lack of advertising, has converted me to a regular user.

  15. The best. (And I have several) Especially appreciated is the open file location feature from the properties function. You’ll always know exactly where a file is. I also like the file transfer over WiFi. I use Express VPN when transferring, btw. It does what it says, and does ALL of it well. Get this one. It’s well worth it.

  16. Wonderful App! Excellent GUI User Interface Design. Extreme ease of use for managing both Internal & External SD Card content. Widest collection of built-in file mgmt tools of any similar App that I’ve ever seen. No “unnecessary” Permissions needed. The built-in, In-App, PIN#-Protected “Safe Folder” is a Major Plus. 100% satisfied with glitch-free performance of this app on a Samsung Tablet & multiple Android Phones ranging from Android OS Ver. 7 – 11 inclusive. I highly recommend this App!!!

  17. Liliana dice:

    1. Storage analysis cannot do one drive at a time, so it always takes TWICE as long as only one drive. 2. After selecting a folder to move, I should be able to select the destination from among those folders that are already in view, not navigate back toward the root folder first, and then navigate forward again, until I get back to the window that was already open when I started. 3. No amoled theme? 4. Tiny interface text

  18. Fantastic. Could not get es explorer to see external camera attached to my phone. File msnager on phone kept closing app. This app works great with external camera drive and can play the videos perfectly. Con: Only bad thing I could find is that, although it can zoom, the zoom location is not controlable, and the whole screen is center-zoomed. It would be great if the zoom location could be controlled.

  19. I was having an issue with Google photos not deleting backed up photos and videos from my device. My storage showed 24gb being used for photos and videos but when I’d open it to delete them it wouldn’t have anything in it. A support thread suggested downloading a file manager app to find the files so they could be deleted. I was skeptical but the other option was a factory reset without restoring anything and that felt really not fun so I gave this app a try. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

  20. Overall it’s very powerful and it works very well and I like that. However I have a gripe: I guess the newer version has this notification bar that you cannot go into the settings and turn off, at least not anywhere I can find. I like to keep my notification area very clean and so having the option to turn this off would be nice.

  21. B dice:

    Hands down the best on the app store. No ads… I almost can’t believe it. THANK YOU! Idk why the other file managers are all the most ad-riddled apps on here. Lots of features, runs smoothly, graphically is pretty. (Which is another thing, many others have LQ icons or pixelation or other optimization issues.)

  22. Jim Fisk dice:

    Fabulous. This app found and removed 114gb of videos and pics that other apps completely ignored. (i. e. Google claimed they were essential system files) I was just about to give up and wipe the sd clean which would have resulted in hours of re-installing apps but I decided to give it one more try. Excellent all around. BTW Telegram was the culprit. 44k pictures and 110gb of videos tucked away in their folders. TY, TY 👍 Update: only fm I found that I can select all files and delete all at once.

  23. Great app for freeing up space on smartphone. I downloaded this app for one reason I had a notification on my Samsung smartphone telling me to “free space” feature on ” My Files” under Samsung folder. It wouldn’t allow me to upgrade my apps on my smartphone. I was force to make a tough decision. I decided to search for File Manager app, so I can transfer apps I download now and the future can be transfered to my micro SD card. The clean master helps lessen the amount of junk I have on my phone.

  24. Pretty nice app for file management! I download fanfiction .epub files from Archive Of Our Own and have different folders on my SD card for different types. It’s so much easier to sort them correctly with this app! It’s also super nice to be able to clean my cache without going to each individual app via my settings. What used to take 5-10 minutes now takes less than 30 seconds! Much more convenient.

  25. Love it. I use it on my phone and tablet. The Cleaner could use some work as it removes the photos from a photo widget I use (Simple Photo Widget from Life Simple) so I don’t use it. I would also like to see the ability to access other cloud services besides just Google, such as AT&T Cloud, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive. Fix those issues and I will edit this review and give you 5 stars.

  26. I use CX File Manager a lot, & this one has some advantages, such as being free w/o ads, zip, & dark mode, but I’m not completely giving up on that one until this one adds some features, like more network access. It would also be nice to be able to access cloud storage, such as Mega, pCloud, & OneDrive.

  27. I like it a lot. It’s helpful, in addition to normal file management, to be able to open 7Z files. I do not like that when copy & paste, or when moving a file, is used it goes back to the beginning of the directory. It makes no sense. Often times I just want to move a file over immediately to the next folder, and getting sent back to the beginning of the directory means I’ll have to scroll through a number of folders to get back to where I’ve been working. It wouldn’t be a big deal, unless you

  28. It’s awesome the features and services were what I was looking for in a file manager app. way better than I expected, way better than my Samsung Galaxy A10’s built in app. My Files tried to delete it but I couldn’t then saw an advertisement of Files by Google app. decided to download it and give it a try because of the apps. name Files by Google though it’ll be better than File Manager – XFolder but, ended up deleting it right away, so now I have 2 file manager apps. Lol.

  29. I use this app on my phone and tablets. Without a doubt the best file manager I have found! Way better the the native file app on the devices! Very user friendly and the ads don’t really get in the way. Full marks to the developers!

  30. This is so fantastic. I have never seen this kind of app ever—works beyond expectations. So fast to use even when your phone is dull or hanging. Helps in freeing up memory. Reviews to you so many hidden files and documents in your phone. Infact I can’t describe all it does, just download it and testify by yourself. I tell you; you will never regret installing it. And to the GREAT CREATOR I thank you very much. Keep upgrading. Thanks.

  31. I do love it! The interface is great! BUT…… it’s not for rooted phones 👎 I’m going to keep it installed, just because I love the interface so much. If you implement access to system storage for us root users I’ll bump up my rating to 5 stars 😁

  32. What functions shown in play store are not actually in the installed app. Unable to view the contents ofthe files before delete or move. Improved much more better. 7th Jan 2023 Latest Update has similar features but number of ads at each movement and consuming too much memory. Not convinced of any new features. Unsatisfied with.

  33. Helping me with my photo’s in a lot’s of ways I would never have expected too many things this particular application was done for me that I never did ever expect from the actual application and I have always been very grateful and I have no idea how much it means to me too good and righteous is ever even more important than I thought 💭 and thank goodness for all you have done for us all this time! Looks great too! Great application truly a great experience for me!

  34. Best Folder/File app ever! User Friendly right from the start. Found files I thought were lost Clean up utility is superb letting you know exactly what you are getting rid of. Works perfectly with SD card, allowing copying or moving. Ads don’t interrupt while you’re using it. And much more. Love this!

  35. I needed an app to help me find a file on mh phone that somehow got installed. My phone wouldn’t let me take it off and it wouldn’t show up on other file apps. I was able to find it immediately on this on under apps and Uninstall it. Thank you so much! It’s been draining my battery non stop even when on the charger. Hopefully this fixed that issue.

  36. Great app. Help me solved the headache of transferring files to my FL studio mobile. The regular file manager couldn’t do it. I strongly recommend it.

  37. I am a CX explorer user, tried many file managers, whether the interface, options, features, or ease of use, couldn’t find one to replace CX, CX does not offer dark theme, which helps save battery life, i have now found one to replace CX, and it has some very good features, the duplicate clean up is awesome, the media player is awesome, the dark theme is awesome, i am very happy with this app, would recommend it to any android user, please keep making it better but don’t f it up, it is great

  38. Far better than File Manager + I’ve been using for the longest time. I was looking for a file manager that can sort files and folders properly and this one does. It also doesn’t have an annoying ad bar at the bottom that I keep tapping by accident.

  39. Amazing. But I wish for a feature: when copying/moving any file, we have to direct such file path from starting point of storage. Windows PC style of cut/copy is very handy as we can manage file easily. Update: Feature that I had wished for, has been given. Thanks.

  40. Edit: Lost a star, Zip files with passwords don’t ask for the password and fail. Finally, a replacement for File Commander, I am able to share files themselves (and not cloud links) using the normal android options. New file viewer (Different from recent files). No issues with SD card. Good dark theme.

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