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Easy, Smart, Home. Control smart bulbs, plugs, cameras and more from one app!
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Meet Geeni. Your wish is Geeni’s command.
Control all Geeni smart home devices in one easy app, or by voice using Amazon Echo, from ANYWHERE in the world. Geeni is easy enough for anyone to use and combines the SIMPLICITY of an on/off switch with PREMIUM features such as:
– Easy, powerful control of each device. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, perfectly Dim a white bulb, track energy usage of a plug, all from the same app!
– Group devices and control by room
– Set smart scenes for automated actions
– Schedule when devices turn on and off to allow more control and security
– Choose which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or your family can control thanks to account sharing
– Cloud based services so you can log in and control your home from any phone
– and more.

Compatible with all Geeni-enabled smart devices. No complicated hub required; each Geeni device is smart enough to connect directly to your home wifi network.


1、Fix "failed to stream" bug on Android 12 ;


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  1. I enjoy it and it’s an integrated part of my life. I trade one piece of mind for another but I enjoy it more than I expected I would. It would be very helpful if there were more option for adjustment when tracking through footage. It’s difficult to pinpoint a start time to begin recording clips. Also would be great if the “activity are” was a bit more versatile and could make shapes other than just a square to cover a more useful area of view.

  2. I’ve only two of the smart bulbs so far, so I don’t know how well the app is with the other types of devices it supports, but I love the variety of colors and brightness that I have! One thing, though, almost all the “scenes” available are pretty much exactly like all the other “scenes.” How about some real variety in colors and timing and brightness and tones? Thanks!

  3. I give 3 and a half stars. Simple, easy to use. The biggest downfall is you cant adjust the length of time it records. If motion detection starts recording, it only records for a few seconds. Even if someone is walking around it stops. A car can pull in, and 20 secs later they are parked and getting out, it is no longer recording. Would be perfect if it gave the option to record between 15-60 secs. If motion is detected it should record until motion stops. U can manually record as much as u want

  4. So far after using a genie for a couple of months it’s a great little camera to keep an eye on whatever you may need. The only issue I’ve had with it so far is the cloud storage, I bought it once with no problem but when it was time to renew I can’t figure out how to do it. I pull up cloud storage on the app and click renew but that gets me nowhere. I have reached out to support multiple times with no reply. Very frustrating. Other than that the app is perfect for me.

  5. Absolutely horrible. I keep having to reconnect to my light because three app won’t recognize it. And connecting is a PAIN, I’ve been working on reconnecting a light for roughly 2 hours and have Absolutely nothing to show for it. It gives the option to Hotspot to the light but then will get rid of the Hotspot immediately when you try to connect it to the app. I’m livid at the lack of function it has. The only plus side is that there’s no ads.

  6. na na dice:

    I’ve been using this app since 2018 and have experienced persistent bugs. The app constantly notifying you that there is a network error. It gives you an option to check the error. It’s been doing this for the last 4 years. I moved into a new house with a different router and provider; and still I get the same error. The other issue is creating a group. This app has a bug where it allows you to add up to 4 LED smart bulbs into a single group, but will only control 2 of 4! This has to be fixed.

  7. Works. Mostly. All the lights and switches work great individually, but getting them to work together in scenes or groups is a hair-pulling exercise in disappointment. I can’t get all lights on AND red in a single command. I have to adjust the color for each light, individually, each time. This is a serious limitation for a “smart” home.

  8. Les T dice:

    Love the app! I have several wifi cameras outdoor and indoor as well as wifi light bulbs. The app works great. Sometimes I cant see the video but I think that more of my wifi connection. The view from PC is great but I lose the connection a lot. I leave my old mini PC on just to view my cameras in the living room but I’ll have to refresh the webpage, log in again, or click the reconnect button. I need it to stay on 24/7. Hopefully the app keeps getting support.

  9. Works good till it doesnt. Crashes or shuts off with no previous consent or warning. It’s happen5ing with more frequency after every episode. I have to physically restart the app to get it going again. Very frustrating at night when you want to view the cameras and they are offline due to the program crashing. We need an upgrade to fix these issues.

  10. This app and camera is my solution to keeping an eye on my mother in laws property. The audio is a bit choppy but if it’s a constant sound, it will catch it on the playback feature. Also, the video is very clear, there is about a 2 or 3 second delay from Real Time, so rest assured your still viewing the image LIVE. Be sure to get a SanDisk Micro SD card so that the playback feature is compatible, also you have the option to clear the memory card for more recording. I love this app, 5 stars

  11. I love these bulbs! I would only add that when power goes out, you’ll have to re pair the connections. Would be a nice feature to remember the last known wifi signal, so when power is restored an attempt is made to reconnect. Otherwise we have 4 at second home in the country and they work amazing!

  12. I bought these for indoor use, they worked great! I ended up putting them out side where they wouldn’t get wet one day when i needed a camera asap. Make sure you buy the memory card for it so it saves everything. What I like is that it will keep recording until it detecs no movement. I bought a different brand for out side but only records 10sec and turns off. I don’t like that one bit. I the image is clear in black n white or color. For the price it’s really good. The app is easy to use also.

  13. No notifications. The only reason I bought the cat water fountain is because it said it would notify me via the app when it got low or empty. (Fountain is in a cat-pleasing inaccessible area.) It does not notify me. Instead, I have to manually check the app multiple times a day and see if it has turned itself off. NOT what I paid for. It also has a countdown for cleaning the fountain, but I don’t get a notification when it gets to zero days. I’ve gone onto the app & my android settings but nada

  14. I have three.. they all stopped working suddenly. I’ve reset the router, uninstalled and attempted to reinstalled. App finds the light goes the two min each to add it and then says can not connect. I read the trouble shooting it gives and I have attempted to correct in every way. Edit: IF you have this happen even if the geeni app shows the light. Unscrew the bulb and reinstall, setup and it will work.

  15. N dice:

    Good app but a couple of things missing to make it great. It would be awesome to have a fast forward option so I can playback my videos and watch everything in fast forward. Because I have to keep scrolling through and sometimes it takes forever to load the playbacks and when I go to a certain time, it takes me back to the beginning. Might be a bug. Also, would be awesome if we can choose the notifications on each of our phones. Sometimes, I’d like notifications to be on but my partner doesn’t.

  16. Hope Mead dice:

    We where hesitant about the quality because it was so inexpensive. After we got everything set-up, we where very pleased with the picture and sound quality. I like being able to adjust the sensitivity of the motion and sound detections. I do have a couple of things I wish could be better. I wish the speaker on the camera was clearer. It crakles and is unclear. I also wish we could select which devise would receive the motion and noise detection alerts. Other than that it’s good for the price.

  17. Jake Byrd dice:

    ***UPDATE: they actually took the ad off after my review. 5 stars! Use to be really good until they put ads in it and soon as you click on the app to turn a light off it pops up an ad and won’t let you continue until 5 seconds have past on the ad screen. So annoying! I use to really like this app service until they just started putting ads in it as soon as you go into the app. Can’t get in the app without looking at a 5 second ad now. Ridiculous!

  18. budnick dice:

    The app works fine. The reason for the 3 stars is that the widget is bad. Sometimes, the lights react fast. Other times, it’s slow or just won’t work at all. When it works, the widget is great for light control. Edit.. the developer responded very quickly. So I will give another star. Unfortunately, it’s not an issue of a weak signal. I appreciate the offer to troubleshoot my connection. I’m a technician for an ISP, so I know my connection is fine.

  19. My Mercury keeps disconnecting and I have to go through the setup process all over again over and over. The initial set up process was finicky but eventually worked for a little bit, and it was great while it did, but these repeated failed attempts to remain connected are convincing me to just get a Wyze next time around. Also, I’m not having trouble with my wifi or any other device, only these bulbs and camera continuously unpairing and disappearing from the app. Other apps work better though.

  20. I’ve used Merkury/Geeni smart bulb for over a year and and the window/door sensors for as long. They work well and are somewhat easily installed. Any time there is a power surge or power goes out for a few seconds, the lights lose connection and reset back to install mode. Neither the app or Google home/Alexa are able to reconnect the bulbs, which makes for a poor experience. Also the newly door sensors’ batteries ran out within a couple of days and the app fails to show the open/close status.

  21. Del Laine dice:

    Easy to set up, easy to use. Remote view from your phone with easy motion detection, also has the ability to talk to and hear at the camera. I use an outdoor and 2 indoor cameras and all of them work good as long as you can get at least a 40% signal I’m very pleased and would recommend them to anyone interested in a budget protection that gets the job done.

  22. It is a little bit of a hassle to reconnect the light to my phone when the power goes out. So even though I’ve used it over a year it’s still disconnects and then completely forgets the product. I’m trying to connect to in this case two light bulbs but beyond that I love the lights I would highly recommend. It has a decent amount of range on it I actually walked almost a block away from my house and was still able to cut the light out. But you can only do that with strong connection.

  23. Kay Kort dice:

    So so… I have two of these devices. One is older by at least a year. The older one causes me fits every time the time (daylight savings / standard time). This time around was the worst. I ended up having to reboot everything & uninstall/reinstall the app, stand on my head and sing Yankee Doodle and it finally worked. It was an all-day task. I find that anytime my modem reboots, it takes a while to reset the bulb as well. When it works it works great. When it doesn’t it’s a PITA to reconnect.

  24. This is a review for wall plug ins. They and this app were lifesavers for our air bnb. We have an upstairs space that has 2 ac units during the summer, I am able to set them and turn them on and off remotely with the app before and after guest stays, cooling the space and saving a ton on bills without having to make extra trips! I love that I can set automatic commands, so if it’s x degrees outside unit turns on, x degrees unit turns off. Love this product. Highly recommend!

  25. Easy to set up and use. Only issue I’ve had is that sometimes it resets and turns towards the opposite way I had it set up. Example; If I set it up pointing towards the living room for some reason during the night it turns and ends up pointing towards the wall. So I have to either unplug it or manually reset it. This issue has happened three times. But overall it has work great for the reason I’ve got it. Which is to keep and eye on my dog while I’m out.

  26. There better than I originally thought. You can do all kinds of different things with this app . I jest started using them with my new light strip and fell in love with it. You can change the colors ,brightness, even the shade of color. You can also change how they light up by making the colors flash,trail ,or stay on . It even works with hey Google and Alexis. Best light strip (app) I’ve come across so far. Fits your budget to.

  27. Difficult to get it to connect. As my home has two floors, & it was trying to connect the upstairs light to the downstairs router (not modem). Once I got that straightened out. Connected the downstairs one, went smooth. Once you kick the connection issue, the app is really easy to operate. It’s a nice addition to a home.

  28. The app has good clear pictures and sound. I am not a huge fan of the night vision. I haven’t found a good setting for motion detection that doesn’t alert me to every bee or cloud that goes by. Overall a great bargain. UPDATE…. 4 out of 6 cameras stopped recognizing sd cards. Any sd card! Live viewing isn’t always possible. Video lags a bit. Will have a pic in my motion notifications but can’t find it in my playback(on sd functioning cameras).

  29. It chokes, is super slow to launch, eats up half a fricken gig of storage space and yet is still missing the ability to change the color or brightness of the bulbs via the scheduler and lots of other features found in similar apps. It does long operations on the main thread thereby bring the system to a crawl. It’s time to fire the whole dev team and start fresh. It phones home to China, and with the huge amount of unnecessary permissions it requires, who knows what they are doing?! RUN!

  30. Eric Free dice:

    I wish I could give this more stars but with recent issues, I’m not so sure. The app used to run fine. No hiccups or anything. Now any input takes 15+ seconds. Not just for 1 device but 4 different devices. A month ago, this worked great, but something is up and no amount of reinstalling the app and redoing all the lights again will fix the issue. Fix this and easy 5 stars

  31. I have been using the Geeni smart lights with this app and the lights have a design flaw where they go into setup mode anytime there is a power outage. You lose all the programming in the bulb and it flashes constantly until you connect it. The App Needs Way to auto restore Device Automation when you add the device back in so that you can easily resume existing smart functionality without having to recreate it all from scratch every time.

  32. I love these cameras. They are inexpensive, durable and whatever changes have been made are amazing! I bought my 1st one 3 years ago and it was a bit rough but customer service fixed the problem, sent me two new cameras and they’ve been going ever since. The only thing I’d change is being able to skip ahead/back 15 seconds on playback. It would help tremendously!

  33. Overall a good app! I love the smart lights! I only wish there was a way to make the grid/bars on the home page bigger? I want to turn lights on/off with a quick tap, but I end up clicking into the light instead of just using the quick grid on the home page. If it is at all possible to make those slightly bigger I would love that! Thank you!

  34. Easy to configure devices, schedules easy to set up. Basic schedules continue to operate devices even if the wifi goes down. I wish that schedules could change the color of color capable devices. As it is now, colors can only be changed manually from the app. The app controls both my Geeni and Merkury devices and today I learned it also operates iHome smart plugs. Very pleased with the app and devices.

  35. Michael dice:

    Since the last update, the home screen widget shortcuts have not worked. They worked perfectly fine until then. App has continued to do nothing but get worse and lose working features. It is by far worse than it was when I downloaded it almost 2 years ago. I won’t ever be buying from this company again. From a 5 star when I downloaded, to a 3 star, and now it’s 1.

  36. Our family absolutely loves this product. Very simple and easy to use. With most security cameras we kept finding the more options the more it would cost. We was totally satisfied with this camera. Night vision, to way communication, motion detection, two different ways to record, both motion activated and sound. Plus notifications on your phone live stream. You definitely get what you pay for and then some.

  37. Efficient for the price. The main thing I don’t like is when I’m viewing the notification images, if there is movement, the images go straight to the very top, so if you’re looking for a particular image or time stamp, you have to start all over from the top again and again and work your way back down to the day and time you’re looking for. That part is not user friendly at all. I do, however, need to store/save recordings/images, But How?

  38. Terrible! I try to start playback at a certain time and it will jump a few minutes or an hour or more off from where I wanted to start it. Sometimes playback won’t load the sound or will load the sound but not the video. The links in the notifications just take me to the live view and not to the time of the notification. The Look HD camera barely picks up any sound at all and even with alarms set on high sensitivity, it takes way too much sound or motion to trigger an alarm. Just terrible

  39. Ray Brand dice:

    This is an update to my previous negative review of these little cameras. After ten or so days I decided to try and install these again. This time it worked and after playing with them for a couple of days I like them a lot. Response to my first review was quick. That was nice. One thing that is vague, is while you are installing, you may get a rapid flashing blue lite with no explanation of what that may be trying to tell you, then after a two minuter progress timer it says something went wrong

  40. Works good. Been using it for a copy of years now. Only a couple of issues I really have with the system: 1. You cannot watch replays at any speed faster than normal speed. And is a little slow on actual recognition of motion. 2. No recognition ability. We have Wyze cameras at the office and they can recognize people for example. Otherwise I’ve had good luck with connections. The only other issue I have is notifications never work unless I have the app open or running in the background

  41. Worst customer service ever. There are no numbers listed on the website or app to talk to a person and your only option is email which goes unanswered. The equipment is cheap and it is constantly running if there are any bugs, rain, fog, or wind. One camera won’t recognize it’s internal SD card, and there’s no way to update payment information for cloud storage. My advice, invest in Ring cameras instead. A little more pricey, but the equipment is better and they actually have customer service!

  42. Update: no more ad wall, but something I’ve dealt with since I’ve owned the lights and app, none of my settings save, and reopening the app to make adjustments for bedtime or waking up,I get an error saying the device is not connected to the internet. I tap the device name again, and boom, it’s good – except my color choice resets to red and brightness to 35% EVERY. TIME. Doesn’t make sense, wifi is always on and operating fine, no connectivity issues besides the error. ANNOYING.

  43. Dan Nix dice:

    Been using this product for over a year now. The good; it’s inexpensive, the application is intuitive, the video quality is good. My major complaints are the playback functionality and the motion detection. When moving around to different times the playback video will occasionally hang. There is no way to play at a faster speed. You cannot rely on the motion detection to pickup animals, even at the highest sensitivity, even when they take up a quarter of the screen, especially with the infrared.

  44. Once a month, my cameras an devices go off line and disconnect with the app and there us no way to reconnect to the devices unless im forced to hit reset button on the devices. This especially annoying when i have to go outside to reset the cameras in the middle of winter. Thats the only way i can get them to restart and reconnect to the app after about an hour of trying. I love the products and the features outside of that, can you fix this

  45. Purchased cloud storage option but it’s not functional. Selecting a video selects some random video rather than the one you want. Motion detection is horrid. When you select an event to replay, it starts playing about 20 seconds after the actual detection. It Should playback 20 or so seconds prior to the detection event like any decent camera and is easily accomplished in coding. For a 720p camera, it certainly does not playback or record in 720p…at best 360p.

  46. H TB dice:

    Doesn’t record when it should, says it’s recording but it doesn’t often. Now all of a sudden, I don’t have the options anymore to purchase subscription cloud services as I have for 3yrs. It goes to the purchase page and says NO DATA, nothing else. All the recordings I did manage to save are no longer accessible, it just takes me to the purchase page to renew my service since it’s up but all that page says is NO DATA! So if I can’t renew, then I can’t reach my recordings. It really sucks! CROOKS!

  47. I have to constantly re-pair the devices to the app. Cameras, light bulbs, plugs, they all just randomly decide to stop “talking” to each other. I sell these things and the only one I can say we’ve never had a problem with is the outdoor camera. Only issue with that is sensitivity to a bug flying in front of it or even a spider web will set it off.

  48. The cameras are horrible, the one in the front room has a 78% signal reception and it connects about 10% of the time, freezes, lags and jumps. I swapped cameras around and still same thing. I purchased a wired camera system because wireless is unreliable. I would recommend buying wired cameras, these wireless cameras work when conditions are perfect but otherwise are a hit and miss with more miss then hit. You also have to pay for cloud storage if you want to record for any length of time.

  49. Justin B dice:

    Like the cameras, the app leaves a bit to be desired. Both the mobile app and web view need to have the option to expand the multi camera view instead of making it so small. When you expand, it full screens one camera. I would love to see a full screen view split into multiple cameras to make it easier to see. The mobile app cannot be used in landscape when trying to watch multiple cameras either, effectively making it much harder to prop your phone and watch them.

  50. Jeremy J dice:

    I’ve been using the single plug and the surge strip for a couple of years. One of the plugs no longer works (I have no idea why) but my only suggestion is to start figuring out how to turn on and off the digital equipment now. Example I have 2 fans one analog (turn on switch) and the other is digital (multiple settings), of course you can leave the old one in the on position and turn the power on and off it will run, however you cut the power to the digital one and you can’t turn it on.

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