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Protect yourself from Apple's Find My Tracking
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With AirGuard you get the anti-tracking protection you deserve!
The app periodically scans your surroundings for potential tracking devices, like AirTags or other Find My devices.

The AirTags and other Find My devices are simple, small and perfect to track Android users!
Without tracking warnings, as integrated on iOS, anyone could try to track your behavior by placing an AirTag in your jacket, backpack or car.

With the app you can play a sound on AirTags and find it easily. Afterward, you can view at which locations the device has tracked you. For this we use background location access. All location data never leaves your device

If no one is trying to track you, the app will never bother you.

How does it work?

AirGuard uses Bluetooth scans of your Android phone to find AirTags and Find My trackers. Every tracker that is found will be saved locally on your device.
Whenever a tracker gets detected multiple times the app will recognize this. It compares the locations where the tracker has been detected.
If a tracker is detected at least 3 times and the locations have changed (to make sure its not your neighbour) the app sends you a notification.
If this tracker is an AirTag you can play a sound to find it.

All this happens locally on your device and the private information, like location, tracker ids, etc will never leave your device.

Who are we?

We are part of the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. This project is part of a scientific research from the Secure Mobile Networking Lab. Our goal is to protect privacy and to find out how many people are opposed to tracking.
In this app you can voluntarily participate in a research study that will share anonymized data with us.

This app will never get monetized by showing ads, in-app purchases or anything else.

Our privacy policy can be found here:

This app is open-source:

AirTag, FindMy and iOS are trademarks of Apple Inc.
We are not working together with Apple Inc.


Fixes an issue that background scans would stop on some devices.


40 comentarios en "AirGuard – AirTag protection MOD"

  1. L M dice:

    Updated to 5 stars. This has detected a few different scenarios that were done on purpose (car, bag, pet tag). It takes a little while, but it does need to determine patterns. It was able to find and detect more than just apple which was nice to see. Thanks all for the work. Hopefully this will make it into android OS by default. ——— Installed finally after waiting a long while. I’ll update again if it ever notifies me of the tag that I put in my car that’s tied to a buddies iPhone.

  2. Hi, this app was working. Until the Jan 3 22 update. I am looking at aApple device, that this app “hit” before the update. Many times, many days. I’m aware of a follower. Now I even run manual scan, and the app found it, on the screen only, but did not log the hit. Did not even put it on the ignore list. I can see the Apple device, with my own eyes, and it’s powered up. Now what?

  3. James M. dice:

    I like the concept! I installed the app and dug through the source code. The biggest weakness of this app is the location data quality is poor. It looks like location comes from the GPS or network, whatever is fastest, but not whichever is most accurate. Bluetooth tracking is in the range of tens of meters which needs high accuracy to work, so the idea doesn’t work, unless you get lucky and get good location data.

  4. It seems to require the ability to track your location all the time, not only when the app is not in use. I cannot even get past the setup procedure to try this out without allowing this permission. I get that constant tracking may improve the app’s ability to judge your location, but I’d prefer to make that judgement on a case by case basis. Anyone see the irony with installing an app that *needs* to track you 24/7 just to check for nefarious AirTags that *might* be tracking you, maybe?

  5. So far it’s detected a airtag on my vehicle, which I am taking to someone to search for. I wish it wouldn’t pick up apple tablets, phones and such. But I would really like if we could get more explaination on what the tracker means, how long it’s been tracking like to which locations, and gave me better details on the map. Also when I was hitting the button to make the airtag make a sound it wasn’t working. Please keep working on this app to improve, we need this safe technology.

  6. kur dee dice:

    The app is insightful & useful. But I have to uninstall app until developers make changes. It needs option to turn off scanning when desired. Add a button for “on/off” or an option to “diasable automatic scanning”. It was of interest seeing an apple device follow me & child to several stores & within a store. I am skilled at pattern recognition & was uncomfortable with all that I learned from the scanning data. I wont mention it so not to teach the wrong people how the app should not be used.

  7. This app was working great but then all of a sudden on March 21 stopped detecting anything. Update: manual scan seems to work for the most part but not the background scan. I have 4 airtags that i use with my iPad only at home and use only an android phone daily. i keep one airtag in my car and one on my keys. Normally by the time i drive to work (45min) i can see the warning from my commute from the 2 airtags with me and by the end of the day i receive another warning showing me being tracked at work. I noticed all tracking warnings and background scanning stopped on March 21st. i have turned off my ipad (my only apple device) and will keep it off for a few days to see if i get anymore warnings. Update 19-Apr-22: app doesn’t seem to perform background scan unless you open the app, manual scans seem to work.

  8. Sorry, but nRF connect shows a whole bunch of BT around me, some of which AirGuard claims to scan for (FindMyDevice, etc.). The same I can see directly from the BT menu but your app shows really NOTHING at all, even on manual scan, in foreground. P.S. location was enabled, course.

  9. Good idea, doesn’t work. I don’t thinks the devs are malicious, but any safety tool that does not work is more dangerous than not having it at all. Showing last scan 3 days ago which is not frequent enough to even be adequate. Manual scan right now shows a bunch of tags nearby, app won’t save any scans at all which invalidates the app entirely.

  10. frank p. dice:

    Using a P5 on A12. Works as expected; stable. Don’t really know why people are complaining about the UI, seems intuitive enough to me. Minimal background battery usage. Have subsequently deleted Apple’s Tracker Detect. Nice to see the devs adding Tile support. Would like to see added support for ATM skimmer detection, since the app focus is on privacy/ security, and already uses BTLE.

  11. Brian M dice:

    The app just works. My partner got rid of his iPhone and suddenly all his AirTags consistently triggered the app while we were traveling. I suspect the UI is giving people trust issues it will notify you of a rare occurrence. My suggestion, forget the UI. Just install the app and let it do it’s job.

  12. Heather dice:

    Tries to demand bluetooth on constantly, WITH BLUETOOTH ON, won’t work for manual scan if you want to turn it on and off yourself to not keep bluetooth on always. Says it’s doing a background scan and won’t let me do a manual scan, but isn’t doing anything. Worthless. (had to edit bc developer can’t read and tried to claim I don’t grasp what bluetooth does. App does not work, period.)

  13. Charles dice:

    Seems to work pretty well for detecting both airtags and tiles. Butt i can’t find any way to turn it off! I don’t want it running all time. Is there any way to do that? The only way i found was too reboot my phone. If you could add that it would be 5 stars! I work with security teams who are looking for an app like this but we need to be able to turn it off.

  14. Does away with worries of a tracker. It’s unclear if using the low energy Bluetooth setting is better or worse. Wording is confusing. This is the wording in app. Should i enable it or disable it? “Use Low Energy Scan If enabled, Bluetooth Low Energy scanning will be used to discover nearby AirTags! WARNING: Without this option, some devices might not be discovered!”

  15. Seems to work well after the recent update, it started alerting me about my own Tile device following me, and in the logs it showed AirTags it picked up around me while I was running an errand. However I wish that ignoring a tracker that you know is yours would remove it from the “risk” list, as opening the app today greeted me with a “High risk” alert because of my Tile.

  16. Good idea, not sure if it really works though. I get tons of notifications telling me I have some airpods and a tile following me. I don’t own either of these items, and I can never seem to actually track them down with the app. I will change my review to 5 stars if I get robbed ,kidnapped, or find my stalker.

  17. Works just like the app says it will. It took a little while though, like a day, but it detected an Apple Air tag 5 that was hid in my car. Fortunately the app allowed me the capability of playing a sound from within it and locating it.

  18. Tara M dice:

    The purpose of this app is amazing . There needs to be clear cut instructions and explanations on settings and the terminology thats used. I had to google about 10 different questions that shouldve been in FAQs . Its confusing. There needs a detailed explanation on each notification u recieve.

  19. N A dice:

    In the instructions it says don’t move to a safe location. The first thing I would recommend is moving to a safe location someplace well lit, police station, gas station, don’t stay in the parking lot that you were tagged in that would be a bad idea.

  20. Does not detect anything. Have airtag and smart tag in hand yet it will not detect them.. ( 3rd party owned tag is not connected to a local phone. Other apps can detect them nearby)

  21. Haven’t found any services which I guess is a good thing! I have to agree with another review on here though, the low energy Bluetooth scanning option is very confusing with its wording. Should it be on or off?

  22. Laikyn G dice:

    It’s okay. I HATE how it randomly pops up on my phone when I’m on Facebook or any other apps, on the phone. It’s the purple air guard background that pops up and i have to press out of it. .

  23. Checks for AirTag and Tile only. As for others saying you can’t turn it off, I just turn off my Bluetooth and location on my phone and swipe the app away. 👍

  24. The app apple should have made! This app allows to you scan manually for nearby iDevices/airtags just like the apple version. It also scans in the background without draining your battery. It shows the results of “ignored” or not malicious devices and where they were last seen!

  25. Dan M dice:

    App detects apple, and tile, but no smartag+. Would be nice for a reset, to clear scans, so one can count the actual tags we bought before, so we can ignore our own tags. Ignored tags keep getting counted, its supose to be ignored.

  26. Freezes or does not advance past asking for location permissions upon start up. I will update in the future if I ever get it to work, but for now… completely useless.

  27. No way to play sound on detected tracker. It’s not that the button doesn’t work. There is no Play Sound button at all.

  28. I got a notification for a tracker, but I can’t click on it to see the info or play the sound or anything like that. All I can see is the map with the locations.

  29. The dev has literally cut and paste the same response to my second “review”. The app does not work correctly on a P6P. I purchased brand new air tags, paired them to a device, shut off all Apple devices in my household and the app never notified of a tracker. Even if I take the tag with me when leaving. I can do a manual scan and find the tag. The new UI leaves a lot to be desired, it’s hiding way too much information. Dev states it’s better, that it’s less “scary” – it’s less useful.

  30. This app confuses me. It tells me I have many many many devices tracking me but none of them are able to make sound. I tried using another app that does the same thing and it found nothing tracking me. It seems this app has a lot of false positives!

  31. Used to work really well and the last update messed it up. No longer receive any notifications. As a matter of fact it tells me that it’s been 14 days since a tracker has been found… Even though I know for a fact it should have gone off… New layout also sucks

  32. Constantly jumps to front when using other apps, obscuring the screen. Doesn’t seem to function well with location permission restricted. I only want to turn location on if an unrecognized tag/bt device is regularly detected close to my phone. Otherwise, AirGuard should not need my location info. It should only ask AFTER such a detection.

  33. D M dice:

    This app opens constantly over other apps while I’m using them… texts, messenger, YouTube. I was finally forced to uninstall.

  34. Impressive, found both Tile locators in my house with a close-enough proximity reading. This app is clearly cared about by developers…kudos.

  35. It stopped scanning in background. Then there’s a detected device when I reinstalled, but literally miles away. Am I hacked or a bug? OnePlus 9Pro

  36. This app works awesome it tracked a stalker who was parked across the street from our hotel and showed him come from there to our hotel 13 times. I use it 6 times a day n night

  37. Keith G dice:

    Very confusing user experience. I have no confidence the settings are configured correctly to detect all devices. What a shame

  38. It can’t detect my air tag and its not paired. This app doesn’t work unfortunately.

  39. This no longer works like it used to. It used to detect known devices but now doesn’t see anything.

  40. This app tracks every apple product that has the find my app. I live with 3 iphone users and when they leave and come back i get a notification, the actual location isn’t precise, but it is pretty neat that this app defys Apples privacy policy.

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