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Deco allows you to easily install and manage your Deco Whole Home Wi-Fi System.
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The Deco app allows you to quickly and easily install and manage your Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System. Now, you can monitor your home Wi-Fi from anywhere, and make changes right from your smartphone or tablet.

A set of three Deco units covers most homes (up to 5,500 square feet). The units work together to create fast, reliable and seamless Wi-Fi. At last, you can stream, game and browse in any room—even your basement or attic!

Deco features:
– Easy setup
– Antivirus and security
– Parental controls
– Monthly reporting
– QoS (activity and device)
– Guest network
– Remote network management
– Automatic updates

To set up your Deco network, simply plug one of your Deco units into your modem and follow the instructions in the Deco app. The app also helps you find the best spots in your home to place additional Deco units.

Once your Deco network is up and running, you can enjoy faster, stronger Wi-Fi connections that won’t drop out, even when you’re moving from room to room.

Plus, you can manage your entire Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System right from the Deco app, including:

– Sharing your guest network with visitors
– Viewing which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi
– Running network performance tests
– Restricting access to websites of your choosing
– Setting a time restriction and pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices
– Controlling when certain devices have Wi-Fi access
– Picking which activities and devices get Wi-Fi priority
– Adding a family member as a network manager to help you monitor your network

Supported Languages:
Português (Portugal)
Português (Brasil)
Español (Latinoamérica)
Русский язык


Fixed some bugs and improved the stability.


40 comentarios en "TP-Link Deco MODDED 2022"

  1. App is very basic. Lists the devices but doesn’t give an option to pause it directly. Instead it can be paused via profiles which is scheduled. Schedules via profiles cannot be disabled for the day or delayed. Given situations arise and you want to change the schedule temporarily. The only way I found to disable for the day is by removing the device from the schedule which is a hassle. Advanced featues which must be basic features is paid.

  2. Just installed M5 devices and they go in a nd out of connection. Our internet stays up but the devices drop connection sporadically and we have to connect on the wifi to make changes. The connection is good, but the app and responses from the devices can be challenging. EDIT: we found out our router was the cause. Replaced router through ISP and it’s a lot better.

  3. So far I’m pretty impressed with the app and with all it offers. The mesh system went up easy and remains strong and consistent. That said, there are times like when any WiFi that your speed drops or something happens. Still, great product and user friendly app. I did have some issues with a few smart plugs connecting to the network. I figured it out but there’s got to be an easier way to get everything on the network. But, have to say I recommend!

  4. First impressions have been pretty positive coming from the Nighthawk system. Launching and connecting is fast. Plenty of device information is readily available in seemingly real time. My only problems are that 1) Information could be organized a little bit better and clearer (that internet icon is a button!?) 2) It would be good to understand connection strength on the different frequency bands, especially for the 6GHz backhaul.

  5. Excellent, just got this from Costco. Works best with my smart home. With Orbi I had issues with being overloaded and restarting on its own. This supports over 200 devices. Currently I have over 80 devices connected and no reboot. It’s very smart, detects when another band interference is present and switches to optimize the network. I wish you could make changes from Web interface as well.

  6. Easy setup once you used the app. Forget about the very small written doc. Written in over a dozen languages. It was useless! Gave 5 stars due to the huge increase in speed and distance inside and outside the house. The “Messing” between units really worked great as you traveled inside and outside the house. Setup for smart tvs & radios went fast.

  7. Would rate this 5 stars except that it requires you to optimize the network (button in the app) manually. If I don’t do this at least once a week, devices drop off the network. MAKE THIS AUTOMATIC! Or at least allow users the ability to automatically do this on a schedule.

  8. 1. The SMART tab disappeared?! Now all of my WiFi smart switches and plugs are nowhere to be seen in Deco as if they don’t exist? 2. When there is no internet connectivity the app decides to log me out, and asks for password. This is really bad – exactly when I need to troubleshoot the router, it kicks me out with no ability to sign in. 3. Push notifications stopped working. I went from loving this app (5 stars) to hating it (1 star) because it has really bad issues that are not being addressed

  9. MrBillSK dice:

    I have very little experience with networks especially Mesh, but this install went really smooth! The app installed on my Samsung S8 in a minute or so, the instructions were simple and the first of three model S8’s powered up and connected to the app flawlessly. The second unit was in the basement and unfortunately right below furnace duct work and didn’t seem to want to connect. The app suggested moving it and I found a better spot. Not sure where I want the third yet. Great coverage so far!

  10. The basic features are covered and work well, but you have to hunt and peck to find things. The purchased version isn’t always needed or useful. The instructions, support, and troubleshooting don’t automatically match the model of equipment you have. Not all models are the same and have different features or requirements needing specific support or steps to properly set up or troubleshoot that are not available. Showing similar or specific models in the support menu would be much more helpful.

  11. Horrible. 99% of the time it doesn’t actually update the devices that are currently connected. The 1% of the time it actually works it’s wonderful; I can blacklist/un-blacklist, monitor devices that are connected, etc. Deleted and reinstalled app multiple times, disconnected and reconnected from the Deco devices multiple times, still has ZERO consistency for working. I’m currently staring at a blank device screen (yet again) after reinstalling the app for the twentieth time. Garbage. Fix it!

  12. Xevio dice:

    TERRIBLE RECENTLY I loved this app when I fist set up my mesh wifi, it had great features, blacklisting, port forwarding, network monitoring. As of late the app has gone downhill, for a few reasons. The biggest is the fact 99% of the features are GONE. You have “Advanced” -> “Connection Alerts” and the “Managers Tab” that is all. NONE of the connected devices show up. I’d rather not have to get a whole new system so please update and care for the android community.

  13. Still the easiest network to configure. This app works great. I have 7 Deco’s and they mesh well. Port Forwarding, Beamforming, Fast Roaming all work well and are easy to configure. Both IPv4 and IPv6 running with no issues. I get all the notifications that I setup plus monthly reports. I also have it set up for Ethernet Backhaul.

  14. Worked well and install was more or less intuitive, which was good because the written instructions were inadequate. Dont like that I must use cell phone to control. Would prefer to have long term control on PC. Would like a way to see more detail on performance so I can maximize effectiveness and identify when things have changed.

  15. Ad Hoc dice:

    I used the app to set up 2 Deco mesh systems: X60 & X90. Both setups were completed smoothly without any issue. The Frontier optical modem detected both mesh routers faster and a lot easier than the Netgear Orbi mesh router that I had before switching to RP-Link Deco. I do hope that the web version of the Deco setup utility could be more functional as compared to the Android app version.

  16. Easiest set up out of any other mesh system I’ve ever dealt with.. All of the units are the same.. There is no designated unit to be the “main base”.. Just plug in one of the units to the modem and set it up, once it’s set up, just plug in the other units and they connect to the first one automatically. It’s also a plus that all of the units have Ethernet ports allowing you to have Ethernet access anywhere. Last but not least, my wireless speeds doubled compared to my last mesh system (orbi).

  17. Rhoadsy dice:

    My barely over 2 year old Deco M4 mesh system has recently been extremely unreliable, has trouble connecting with the other nodes (even when hardwired), trouble connecting to the app, the app is slow and clunky and usually does not show new devices I added until a few hours later, even with refreshing/restarting the app. And of course, the mesh system only has 2 year warranty.

  18. Nate Glen dice:

    Worked great for about a week and now half my devices can connect. I attempt to use the app and all I get is: “We couldn’t find Deco. Something went wrong with the cloud service.” No matter how many times I reset the phone, app, or deco system it persists. As of this point it is unusable.

  19. Good, but needs a few more options. I’d love to be able to see the parent and child node connection, health status, etc. Would like to be able to change which channel they’re connected too as well. Also, the in app speed test is either wonky, or something is wrong. I have Gig up and down speeds from my ISP. The app states it’s only getting 200bps Down and 1 Mbps upload. Other than that, the app is pretty solid once you play around in it for a bit. Good job, keep it up!

  20. App was good at first for a month, than I was unable to get in the wifi settings tab as I keep getting an error message. I was told to Uninstall the app, still nothing reset my entire system which was a pain because I had to reconnect all my devices and I still receive the message. TPLink just keeps telling me to do the same thing over and over and they do not look into the issue. My Samsung phone is completely up to date and the app is current. So far no help and frustrating.

  21. The app does everything I need it to do. There is a web interface, but it only shows basic info. The app lets you pretty much configure your system to your liking. One gripe that I have is managers. If there was a way to customize what a manager has access to change, like HomeCare stuff, that would be awesome. UPDATE 9/10 – Added privlage control, so that’s awesome. Not changing my rating just because a web interface would still be nice.

  22. The concept behind the Cloud service is certainly well-intentioned and has some advantages, but the implementation leaves much to be desired. The Cloud service requires Internet access, but that means all ability to check/correct local settings is inaccessible at precisely the times that it’s actually most needed – it won’t even allow viewing of historical data and error logs, meaning it’s really only a DDNS. Nice enough, but, given a dichotomy of options, it’s preferable to retain local access.

  23. The Deco AX 6600 wireless router is the best! It’s expensive but worth it! It’s easy to return, so try it! 10x faster speeds of 6.6 Gbps and 200 device wireless support, you’ll be able to stream to all of your TVs, smart devices, games, computers, phones, cameras, etc at once without slowing down your network. My internet provider has charged me $360 for a router that didn’t support all the devices we have on our network. Our guest would leave since our Ring doorbell took so long to connect.

  24. I second everything everyone one is saying. The M4 devices themselves work great, and provide excellent coverage. The app however doesn’t work at all. Constantly fails to show devices on the network, unable to use any of the main features due to this. App will also frequently say the M4 nodes are offline or not able to be connected to by my phone, even though the network is up and running just fine.

  25. Love the deco hardware and software. The app makes setup, additional configuration, and monitoring a breeze. If I could have just one thing, it would be the ability to save multiple logins and quickly switch between them (for remotely helping family/friends with their decos). Edit: I’m an idiot. The ability to manage other networks from my login already exists! This is perfect.

  26. This App was easy to use and the device set up a breeze. One issue I have is that my second X60 does not show up anywhere on the app to indicate it is in use and functioning properly. I never did any set up for that device because it never showed up when i tried to add a device (i.e., light blinking blue). The light only ever went from yellow to green and now I am just ASSUMING it is connected because of the green light and the never ending wifi throughout my house and outside areas.

  27. What an amazing app!!! It’s simple to use yet still has all the features that a typical home network user should have or would ever need. You can monitor devices, rename them, restrict or prioritize access. Really easy to use and the hardware has been great too. I would give 10 stars if i could. I highly recommend this product and the app.

  28. Works ok. Biggest issue is there is no way to make your device connect to the closest hub (it connects to one far away even if you are very close to a different unit). No ability to make a hub connect to a particular unit. My basement hub insists on connecting to the base unit that is furthest from it with a poor signal instead of connecting to a closer one which would have a much stronger signal. It is very difficult to tell which device is connected because it only shows model number.

  29. Wow! Easy setup! Works great! I am shocked at how easy this was. I have zero training in tech stuff. I can do the basics, plug sh** in and hope the devices are detected, follow prompts. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out this whole “mesh” deal but the app made it really easy & I have a pretty big 107 year old house & it’s working great! I would definitely recommend!

  30. Just set this up today and I am very pleased. Adding additional deco units was easy and worked seamlessly. Basic functions I knew would be easy but I was surprised at how simple it was to set up port forwarding, address reservations, and the free DDNS service was a great bonus! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their Wi-Fi.

  31. Fixed all our issues! We were losing connection, and having to connect to different access points at home. Since we installed this system we’ve had no problems connecting. I go from there backyard to the front gate and don’t miss a beat. Our guests are impressed with the stability and coverage of our WiFi. Thanks TP-Link

  32. I’m a IT technician and this app is great. Setting up wifi can be hard, especially if you’ve never done it before. But this app makes it a snap for anyone, just follow the on screen instructions. I have a Deco P9 system and I am thrilled with this product’s performance. I highly recommend this product line if you’re looking for an easy to install and great working mesh wifi system. There is one big potential problem: you have to log in over the internet BEFORE setting up the system.

  33. This has been one of the better apps I’ve seen when it comes to setup, ease of use, and features. Other Mesh systems I’ve purchased didn’t allow for range port forwarding, and weren’t easy to extend the network. I was disappointed there isn’t a DMZ setting or that you have to manage everything from the app, but happy with other features such as beamforming, fast roaming, and anti-virus built in. Forewarning: Some more advanced features may not be that intuitive on how to set them up.

  34. After many months suddenly stopped letting me into advanced settings, shows no connections on the main screen, cannot get into and view the individual nodes. (4 of them). But all devices still work fine. Customer service / chat was a 2 hour nightmare that resolved nothing. (Typical reset, uninstall, reinstall, stuff over and over – two reps since it went on so long one left for the day – what is the app version, the hardware version, try an iphone – seriously??? – and a lotttttt of waiting)

  35. After a 10 minute setup, started putting all our devices on the mesh network and we instantly saw a huge difference. We have close to 30 connected devices and all are running very well. We even put high priority on certain streaming devices and noticed no more buffering. Looking forward to having friends and family over and testing the guest network. Also, did some research on price range vs. value, truly a great deal!

  36. I’m happy with this mesh wifi system, although I would appreciate if they had a more advanced system that can tell me the actions of the AP around the house (signal connection to main and if it’s better to be move to improve stability) and interaction to the devices that are connected to. maybe it’s already there? app is clean and nicely displays info if devices connected. regular routers should move this way. it makes it so much easier to access and control than the 192.168. login.

  37. L XYZ dice:

    I’ve been using this app for a few yrs now and never really had a problem until recently. The app will no longer connect via cloud so I can’t control the settings thru my mobile device while I’m out of the house. I can connect in the app but only if I turn my device’s wifi on and pick the network for the deco. This wasn’t the case the other day. It’s gotten buggy for me. I tried reaching out to support but haven’t been able to have them help me fix this

  38. Love the app, as it works as intended. Plus I can work with the advanced options. Only issue is that it’s sometimes delayed when picking up devices online. Edited: There support has been very helpful overall with assisting me to troubleshoot. Overall, no issue with the app, as the problems are specific to the device. Steer away from the Deco M4r, otherwise, other models work great.

  39. Ok. Why 3 stars. The system itself is amazing. My signal is strong everywhere. The app is pretty easy to use and has some nice functionality. My main complaint is the app really lacks in options for icons for devices types. There is no Speaker, camera, doorbell, outlet, lights, switches… These would increase the rating immensely. I know it takes time to add features, but this has been requested for years and a simple vanity upgrade. Hopefully they add this soon. Or let us import them.

  40. Cant specify which deco i want to update firmware on. Spent ages attempting to get my last one done to no avail. Gonna have to manually unplug all but the one and run it as the main to get it done. No quick way I have seen to change which one is the main. App could be much more intuitive and user friendly with added features such as channel selection and such.

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