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Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover.
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The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
– Nearby shops and restaurants
– Live sports scores and schedules
– Movies times, casts, and reviews
– Videos and images
– News, stock information, and more
– Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover*:
– Stay in the know about topics that interest you
– Start your morning with weather and top news
– Get updates on sports, movies, and events
– Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
– Get stories about your interests and hobbies
– Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

Unstable connection?
– Google will automatically optimize results to improve loading on bad connections
– If Google cannot complete a Search, you’ll get a notification with the search results once you regain connection

Learn more about what the Google app can do for you:
For users of some Wear devices, the Google Assistant features on your watch are also provided by the Google app
*some features of Discover might not be available in all countries


• Use voice commands while navigating – even when your device has no connection. Try saying "cancel my navigation" "what's my ETA?" or "what's my next turn?"
• It's easier to access privacy settings from the homescreen. Just tap your Google Account profile picture.


40 comentarios en "Google 2022"

  1. Volume bug makes calendar notifications in routines unusable. Routine starts normal, then switches to “handset mode” for the calendar. Sound only comes out the ear speaker and is only audible if you hold the phone to your ear. Sometimes I can adjust the volume sometimes I can’t. Volume goes back to normal for the news. This problem comes and goes. Will be fine for months, then acts as above for months. Been doing it for the past five years, easy. Multiple phones, Pixel 6 currently.

  2. Google’s voice assistant almost never works. Every time I need to do something that is an option for voice activation, instead of it working I have to spend hours trying to make it work. I usually never figure out why it doesn’t work. I end up just typing in the lists or instructions by hand. This is using Google on a Google device, pixel 6a. Very disappointing. Google is not the company it used to be. Yes, I retrain my voice model. Yes, I make sure I’ve got a good fast internet connection.

  3. There is strange behavior when, like me, you have a phone with cellular service AND a tablet without service, both with Google Assistant. For some reason, the phone ALWAYS relays the voice command to the tablet and you cannot change this behavior. So the only way I can have Google send texts, make calls, or do anything else while the tablet is dormant is to power down the tablet. This totally emasculates the functions I can perform hands-free without glasses. Please lose this “feature”.

  4. Google is THE WORST when it comes to subscriptions and free trials in the play store. Subscriptions are supposed to show up under ‘manage subscriptions’ but they don’t and when you go to help and support to find and cancel them, it takes you right back to the tab and doesn’t show anything. Horrendous and complicated. Would NEVER recommend any Google products.

  5. strange behavior when, like me, you have a phone with cellular service AND a tablet without service, both with Google Assistant. For some reason, the phone ALWAYS relays the voice command to the tablet and you cannot change this behavior. So the only way I can have Google send texts, make calls, or do anything else while the tablet is dormant is to power down the tablet. This totally emasculates the functions I can perform hands-free without glasses. Please

  6. Not only has assistant gotten slower unless accurate, but when you open links they open in the amp browser instead of Chrome. This would be great, except for the fact that The ability to review recently accessed pages has been removed. I have used Android since the HTC Hero, and I’ve never wanted to switch to an iPhone more than I do now, simply because I know I can count on them for maintaining a consistent user experience.

  7. The app seems super easy and usable, except invariably if I have a queue that spans more than a couple of hours or days before I come back to it it will never be able to play those episodes ever again. My app is currently up to date, but the queue I made yesterday I states “unable to play”. I’ve had this issue for years now. There are never any fixes. Even restarting the app does nothing. I have to clear my queue and hope it decides to work this time. It did this when I had a pixel phone, too.

  8. Gavin S dice:

    It used to be good, but it’s gotten a whole lot worse. About 2 weeks ago I could go onto the Shopping tab and click on a product. After I could easily press an X button that would close that product. But recently when I click on a product the top part of the product doesn’t show and the X is gone. This also affects Images as the top part won’t show anymore (even on tablets!) Of this problem is fixed I will change this rating.

  9. Google is a great app . Whether you’re getting directions to a new destination, learned bg the lyrics or guitar tablature to your favorite song(s), making a grocery list, or just relaxing while listening to your favorite music, Google has something for everyone, and nearly every activity. Not to mention it’s capabilities to answer nearly any question that you could possibly ask, Google is definitely an essential tool for modern day living.

  10. The latest update changed the browser window type to a non-fullscreen window instead of the previous fullscreen browser window. The window has a swipe bar so you can swipe it down to close it, but can not be swiped all the way up. With the exit button still in the top left of the window and the back button on nearly everyone’s phone, I can’t see why they thought this was a necessary change. It does not improve anything, rather the opposite.

  11. Purchased a new Nest Audio, and added it correctly to th Home app. But now my phone, a pixel 6 Pro, is responding to all my “hey Google” commands in addition to my best audio. It still works perfectly with my spouse’s pixel 7. Not sure what changed in the last week or so, but this is highly frustrating. I have since turned off the “Hey Google” feature on my phone, which again is frustrating. According to the app, it wants me to add the device to it. But it’s already added to my Home app.

  12. The Google Assistant stops listening for the “OK Google” phrase after 2 days of use. I have to reset everything multiple times a week to keep using it. I’ve tried every suggestion online but there’s no way to stop it from eventually ignoring you. Even if battery saver is off, and the app has every unrestricted permission. It’s also recently lost the ability to change your Notification volume when asked: It changes the Ringer volume instead. Please fix these both and it’d be 5 stars, not 1!

  13. The last update killed useability, at least as the widget goes. I don’t want or need it to search my whole phone, that’s what the setting app is for. And I don’t need the whole screen filled with my search history. Things that used to be easy – like doing an audio search to find out what song is playing – are now incredibly cumbersome. I’m guessing Google engineers aren’t actually using Android anymore, or they wouldn’t make these insane UX changes. I’m not reviewing Translate..

  14. Always my go-to app for search and weather. Can’t imagine life without it. However… The voice activation is inconsistent. It doesn’t always recognize my voice when I’m using my earphones. Sometimes, it goes on randomly, like when I just say the word “okay” for something unrelated. I still give it 5 stars. Thanks! -Rachel 😊

  15. Joe Hdez dice:

    This app keeps crashing while playing the news. I looked up how to fix it, deleted cashe, app, storage and this thing just crashes. I am listening to the news and it just quits. When I look at the open apps after it quits is not even running in the background. This happened after the latest update. I liked the update since the dark theme is now a working feature however they fix something and they bust up a few others. Why not just separate the Google app from the news app?

  16. VERY UNHAPPY with the new formats , Google, YouTube and YouTubeTV. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” 20/20 and young? No problem, but I am elderly with bad is no longer user friendly for me. The font is so small that I can’t read any of it. Yes, I know that I can enlarge it with a stroke of the hand, but my computer is getting older and I am having problems swiping to enlarge or minimalize. So..basically, I am up a creek. I want the older screen back! Are there any options for that?

  17. The new update has pinned suggested or trending searches to the bottom of my results. These have nothing to do with what I searched for. This is extremely confusing as the ‘Load more results’ is no longer at the bottom. The new ‘feature’ is ridiculous & should be an opt in function. I do not want this feature. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Google. Just suggest new added features and let me decide if I want them. Don’t force me into this useless feature.

  18. The app now has sponsored ads. That you can not get rid of. I mark each sponsored ad as blocked, and the topic/company as not interested. And I still get ads about the same topics. I use to use the app because of the discovery feature. But after the last update where they changed it to show sponsored ads. I hate the app now. If I could give a negative rating I would.

  19. Adam dice:

    Not liking your new update. My voice to text has been going nuts. It constantly flashes back and forth, not allowing me to use it or not allowing me to type messages. I was able to deactivate your app so that I could reply to business emails. I have uninstalled and reinstalled your app and am still having issues with the voice to text. Y’all get paid the big bucks, let’s see if you can figure this issue

  20. They keep changing the play store. Got me a few times with their “free subscriptions”, then they moved it, and hid it in another section of the app about a year ago. I’ve been charged for so many “trials” going past their time, I can’t believe it. The play store is designed to hook you on free trials that promise you they’ll notify you, by you never receive a notification, and then you get charged for the whole product, and have to cancel, but still get charged for months. I’m never doing a “fr

  21. Usually a lifesaver, however since the last system update it is no longer responsive to the long press of the home button on my Galaxy s21 ultra. If Spotify is playing, it seems to no longer respond to voice commands either- even when I pause the music as to avoid sonic interference. It engages the microphone, but nothing else will happen. Please fix this, I’ve tried every solution I can find to no avail!

  22. Since updating on Dec 8, 2022, all voice recognition stopped working, including Google Assistant, and speech-to-text for text messages. Spent one hour with Samsung Support trying various things but still no luck. And yes: I’ve already confirmed Google Assistant is turned on and have attempted to retrain it, but it can’t hear me. Oddly, I can make calls on my Samsung device and callers can hear me.

  23. David dice:

    Google search built into chrome crashes chrome frequently. It’s been doing it for about 2 years. I suspect it’s in combination with the web framework app that’s forced on Android devices these days. But when I uninstall current versions, everything works crash free again. Only reason I have to keep them updated is because the security requirements of newer websites. Please get this garbage fixed. I hate having to reopen chrome every 3 searches or so.

  24. This app is so frustrating!! It automatically closes or constantly crashes after so long. And once that happens there is no way to get back to any articles you may have opened!! Sure I can see what “cards” it topics I clicked on and view from the activity section, but it does not give you the article to open again!

  25. Used to be a great app, and Google now was awesome. Functionally the assistant seems to get worse over time, understanding and able to do less. Discover is an absolute joke, shows nothing but click bait articles from strange sites. We used to have package tracking, flight tracking, and many other useful features, all done away for ads

  26. Poor excuse for a browser. More of an online shopping platform than anything. You cannot search anything without being met with a face full of products. I can’t even find anything related to my search. And even when looking for products it shows unrelated listings with descriptions full of buzzwords. The relevance of a google search has fallen off so drastically that it’s more of a hindrance than a tool.

  27. Very good, it seems the menus and UI can be a little more intuitive and easy to follow. But very good. FYI, ongoing issue over last couple years where Assistant voice will sometimes be the female ‘Red’ voice instead of the one I’ve selected. Strange phenomenon that would be nice if it was fixed to let the OS feel very solid and buttoned up and more competitive to iOS.

  28. Brian dice:

    Lost all my notifications. Used to get sports scores, and all types of notifications from Google… Traffic, weather, etc.. this would all show up in my pull down menu. Now they are gone despite me going through every possible setting. Tried reinstalling… Went through every notification setting, turned off, on, deleted accounts.. added accounts. Ive tried EVERYTHING.

  29. Whatever the feed is called now, Google is never satisfied with the first name, has become click bait heavy. and full of garbage sites showing garbage content. Also overreactive when I do click one story, the feed changes immediately to highlight more stories on whatever the topic was. A little absurd. I would uninstall, but I do find useful the voice search and functions associated with it and they’re unfortunately folded into this app.

  30. I’ve had two Pixels now. So far Android 13 is great…except for the few weeks I have owned my Pro 7, I’ve maybe had three days total of having weather shown in the “At-A-Glance” section of the home and lock screen. I am not sure how to get it back, it’s one of those minor things that’s essential yet very annoying when it’s not working. Other Pixel 7s are not having this problem and I have tried all suggestions on the forums. PLEASE find the bug that’s causing this.

  31. What happened to collections? It has a huge navigation problem. After choosing a saved photo or video, and then exiting that item, it either kicks you out of that collection entirely or brings you back to the top of that collection. If you want to view items in sequence, you can’t without re-entering that collection and/or scrolling down to the item you last selected. Please fix this to work like it used to. It took 3 years, but they finally fixed it. Thumbnail previews still missing.

  32. Dave S dice:

    Google’s voice to text used to work well. when it couldn’t tell exactly what words you used, you could select from a drop down of options. it was simply more accurate as well. they destroyed it last year and it is now terrible and a miserable experience. For a while you could uninstall the Google app and revert to an old version but then they stopped allowing that as well. they have not fixed the problems with this app. I had to manually fix half of the words in this review from voice to text.

  33. Of course Google the top search engine. I’ve had some issues with intruders changing name, phone number, and passwords without even noticing. Been constantly having to go back and forth to change passwords. And maybe reducing the pages could be helpful. And problems with too many sessions opened that cannot be found when it says one session. Great App!

  34. Matthew dice:

    Terrible experience, I have offline settings set up, yet I can’t say “call this person”, it just says something like “there was a problem with the connection”. I can’t have the assistant make calls, skip songs, send a text, or basically any useful feature offline. Use to love using Google tools, but slowly I find myself getting more and more frustrated with them.

  35. Great layout designed for this app and it’s easy to navigate with enough information to learn how and/or where to go next. It explains each category and subsections well enough for everyone to learn and be involved. Fast, simple, self-explanatory, and very craftfully concepted into real-time ideas that improve the everyday life of the average person. Great App! Perfect for anyone and has a fantastically laid-out web design intro page. Great job!

  36. RMS dice:

    The only app that automatically gives itself permissions that you explicitly turn off even when you “turn off” allowing it to change system settings.. Edit: regarding the developer response- I do think it would be nice to work on some Google projects in my life, but I find it very disingenuous that anyone can pretend that you don’t know how your software works. This couldn’t be unintentional behavior, it’s by design for this app to try to screen everything you do

  37. Ever since the update my “Hey Google” on my phone won’t stay on. I turn it on, then when I leave the page (where you turn it on/off) it will turn off again and I’ll have to retrain my voice every time and it continues to do that. I’ve tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache, and restarting the app and nothing works. I can’t uninstall or disable the app since I have an android and this app is needed to run it (according to my phone). UPDATE: 10/5/22, still not fixed… PLEASE FIX IT!

  38. Typically, Google Maps are great! I get from point a to b and get live traffic in Houston and surrounding areas. However, lots of Google apps don’t work , so work. If you answer yes, I am driving in while using the vehicle’s Bluetooth; your voice will not be till hit, not driving! It’s frustrating maddening. Where is the ease of use? Productivity? Increasing your focus behind the wheel dealing with apps that argue with you vs. making life easier and safer

  39. Edit: The issue was fixed when I disabled an accessibility setting. Thanks! – FYI: I’ve been having some trouble with “Reminders”. Whenever I go to edit the details of one, the app freezes. I can’t change the day, time, or even delete it. All I can do is check off the reminders as completed.

  40. Mick .Y dice:

    Update: I did, awful just to please a certain generation of Tiktoks you made Google Search pretty pictures rather than keywords. Old: For the new visual search first: I want the ability to search using text instead of images only. For most of the TikTok Generation you can let them turn it on. For those that have the capacity to read normally have it off. Also: not everyone has unlimited data to load images. Thanks.

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