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Fast secure VPN for private Internet access. Protect privacy with Wi-Fi hotspot
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Looking for a fast VPN app to secure Internet access on your mobile phone?
Bitdefender VPN is a fast and secure VPN app powered by a global cybersecurity leader. Protect your online privacy, browse anonymously, and access your favorite websites anywhere in the world. Unlimited VPN access to secure your Internet connection on up to 10 devices cross-platform (Android, Windows, Mac, iOS).

Ultra-fast VPN app, expert online security
Bitdefender VPN uses powerful algorithms to encrypt all your online traffic and routes it through a private tunnel which grants you full anonymity. Your online activity is protected, making it impossible for hackers, ISPs and advertisers to access and analyze your private data.

Unlimited VPN – Access your favorite websites anywhere in the world
Explore the Internet without geo restrictions. Unlock mobile apps, content, and websites by changing your IP address with a simple click. Bitdefender VPN enables you to surf the web privately and securely.

Secure VPN – Safely browse public Wi-Fi hotspots
Connect your virtual private network to any of our servers to secure your online traffic with advanced encryption, blocking everyone to access it. With Bitdefender VPN any data you send or receive stays protected.

Private VPN – Safe Internet access
Hide your IP address when browsing. Connect securely and become anonymous and untraceable.
With Ad blocker, you can instantly block annoying ads and popups that disrupt your reading and browsing routine. This helps you stay focused, save bandwidth, and reclaim your entire screen for relevant content only.
The Anti-tracker feature helps you stay invisible to the trackers that gather your data (device type, location, web queries, shopping preferences) and slowing down your device. You can also whitelist specific trusted domains that might not load properly without tracker code.
With Ad blocker and Anti-tracker, you are in control of your browsing.

Free VPN up to 200 Mb/day. Premium plan available
Use Bitdefender VPN free of charge for up to 200 Mb/day or try our premium plan for 7 days, no credit card required.
In-app purchases are available for monthly or yearly premium plans.
With the premium VPN you get unlimited traffic and a plethora of servers all over the world to choose from. You are one click away from securing all your traffic with one of the fastest VPN services in the market.

Bitdefender VPN: Fast, Secure and Anonymous Browsing
Stream videos, watch your favorite shows and listen to songs on any music player anywhere in the world
Unlimited encrypted traffic for up to 10 mobile devices
Complete online security and anonymity
Internet kill-switch; Split-Tunneling; Ad blocker & Anti-tracker
No traffic logs
4000+ servers in 49 countries around the world

Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

For any issues, questions or feedback please see


By popular demand, we've added 2 new features designed to help you tailor your online experience as desired:
VPN protocols - You can now switch between VPN protocols depending on your current needs - best performance, maximum security or increased compatibility.
Cities - We're actively expanding our network and are now offering the possibility to connect to specific cities in countries with a larger server distribution.


40 comentarios en "Bitdefender VPN: Fast & Secure FULL"

  1. Great VPN and easy to use. Some websites and phone apps do not work with a VPN. This is not a problem. In Settings, there is a “Split Tunneling” option that let’s you insert the Website-URLs and Apps that you trust and that you need the VPN to allow. This product is very easy and runs in the background without any problems.

  2. Colin Arp dice:

    As far as the app itself goes 5 stars. It works well and easy to use. Does have some snafus here and there but not enough to detract from the overall product. My 4 stars comes from the overall ecosystem. It is darn confusing between netgear aromor and bitdefender central/vpn. Ended up double singing up at first in the confusion. After all that, it works well on PC, tablet and phone with plenty of devices able to be protected. I would recommend.

  3. Supra dice:

    Fails to connect while I’m on school wifi and none of the support answers worked. It says connecting for about 20 seconds then it says it connects for about half a second before going back to “connecting to x” and then fails. If it does say it connects, it doesn’t actually to anything and I’m still blocked from certain websites. Bitdefender VPN works just fine on my laptop for school wifi but for some reason doesn’t work on mobile. Hotspot shield works just fine for this same task as well.

  4. I have an Android device and I haven’t been able to test out this product but since I currently have products from bitdefender installed I installed it so more to follow. One thing, it keeps turning off and provides a notification. But I’m not clear on what I need to do in settings to fix this. In my mind the app should make the fix automatic.

  5. Still evaluating the VPN. It was bundled with the security suite and after the first start on my Samsung GS7 I was prompted to download the dedicated VPN app, which I did. Mechanically the app is simple. It has stopped once and required a reset. I’ve noticed that normal apps that access the web seem slower,sometimes more noticeably than others. And of course we must take as a matter of faith that the VPN is anonymizing IP and data transmitted and rcvd. So the jury is still out.

  6. D dice:

    I have the paid unlimited version of Bitdefender VPN. Good, easy to use VPN for cell phones or iPad … when it is working. The problem is it constantly slows down the Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection it is connected to. It keeps trying but failing to connect, or it does connect but then make your internet slow. The problems stop as soon as you turn off Bitdefender VPN. It works much better on hard-wired PC computers because no Wi-Fi or cellular connection is required.

  7. I have to disable and re-enable VPN too often to establish internet connection on many apps, and some apps don’t connect at all. And it drains 70% of my battery before 11:00am. These issues deprive me of the full use and enjoyment of the product I was promised and paid for. Contact customer support several times to no avail. Since my subscription was about to run out, I purchased SurfSark instead. Less money, more features, and more reliable. Plus, SurfShark works with Fire TV. Problem solved.

  8. Update: Access to local devices is an amazing feature. The VPN works great. Awesome development team fixed fixed below issue within days: only complaint is when casting, I have access to the devices but I can’t set the location to US. Some services don’t work outside the US like Disney+. So when I try to go back to those apps, they won’t work. I’m trying to set the server location to United States but it isn’t showing up on the menu. Only automatic is selectable.

  9. Best VPN ever. This VPN provides absolute protection by completely blocking all data to/from my phone. It works on both wifi and the cellular network. It is so good that I actually needed to disconnect from the VPN just so that I could post this review. Seriously, though. What is the point of having a VPN if it doesn’t allow any data through?

  10. Dave dice:

    Android version works decent, the speed is good and the connection is stable. However, for windows the app works fine until it hits 2 hours after that, the connection automatically cuts off and I have to restart my laptop for it to work again. It’s not usable if you work from home, I can only recommend it for Android. Update: In response to developers reply, the issue is not VPN server IP dependent, it happens exactly at 2 hours, kill switch has to be disabled then restart for it to work.

  11. 9/29/20, after using the standalone VPN application for a number of days I do find that it is not as stable as the VPN that is built into bitdefender Mobile Security. And it most certainly does go down more than once while you are connected to the internet, which is not good. Because that is how your data is actually being leaked. So until such time as the standalone program performs better, I will be staying with the VPN in the application. Or I’ll use a different VPN.

  12. I don’t get this app. Downloaded it because I assumed a dedicated VPN app would bring some kind of advantage. Firstly, I couldn’t figure out how to enable the “Secure your connection” option in the notification bar. I don’t know if it’s me or that feature just doesn’t exist, but it’s turned on by default with the standard app which is way more user-friendly. Secondly, the speed seems to be way slower with this app for me. I don’t know what would be causing that, but I got way more buffering.

  13. Great service! I feel super safe surfing the web while the VPN is active. The only issue I have is some networks (I assume it is their security protocols) prevent the VPN from connecting so I switch to cellular. Then everything works perfectly. There is a lag with some applications, but that is too be expected.In spite of these, I would highly recommend Bitdefender VPN for your safety.

  14. Not impressed with Bitdefender VPN Service. I’ve been a dedicated Bitdefender user for over a decade. There VPN service Disconnects often then reconnects. I’ve been using Nord VPN with great success which serms to be faster. Bitdefender VPN is better than it was but it’s not there yet at least to me anyway. I’ve purchased the year plan so will give it a fair shake. Nothing in the notification area even shows that the service is even running. I have to open the VPN app to see if it’s running.

  15. Scott dice:

    The VPN has been fantastic even with a few problems, such as not able to connect to a few websites…my security cameras…and a few other net items but I disconnect with the problem and reconnect and it works great!..The VPN helps when ordering form other countries using that tunnel in that country. It has kept me from many spam and rouge net problems, location services and with the Bitdefender Total Security and Box, I am secure!

  16. Julia dice:

    I have had VPN now 2years. It has worked wonderfully. This year new update, I have had nothing but trouble. It constantly disconnects from device manager I have to disable the network adapter, then enable every single time it disconnects I have contacted customer service after going thru every step for windows fixes three times. Their response the page fir windows fixes I mentioned I did this. I wrote back and mentioned that was included in my numerous messages to customer service. No response

  17. On my smart phone, laptop and tablet, I use Bitdefender’s Security app. I LOVE its unobtrusive “check-ins” that keep me updated as to a device’s current protection status (these appear as small, transparent icons at the bottom of a screen). I also SWEAR by Bitdefender’s VPN. It not only affords me an anonymous internet presence while safeguarding my personal information, it also runs without slowing down speeds when browsing, streaming, or uploading/downloading. Cannot recommend enough!

  18. FAKE!! PREMIUM is a joke. Easy to understand yes that’s all they have going for them. If your looking for a VPN do your self a favor and keep looking. 1st the connection is choppy and cuts in and out. 2nd the speeds are truly slow. 3rd at times i couldn’t connect to certain apps without having to turn it off. 4th customer service sucks they constantly refer you to forums instead of helping you. Last, read their privacy policy it says it all. 3rd parties can see everything you do. “te iubesc” .

  19. I think the app does an admirable job, however I find it does show down my speed noticeably in many situations. Further when disconnecting I sometimes have to force quit the app to completely clear the tunnel. It’s getting better but not quite up to the same standards as their virus protection stuff.

  20. The idea of this app is great, I love that I can leave it running and that it will connect to the internet automatically. The downside is that this app KILLS my internet connection, I am constantly having issues with connectivity. Just stick to the normal Bitdefender app and turn on the VPN manually.

  21. Automatic VPN doesn’t turn on when it’s advertised to on public wifi 75% of the time. When it does, it doesn’t turn off once the connection to public wifi is terminated. Also, it’s of crazy that this functionality requires a separate app from the paid BD Mobile Security. Overall it’s a let down compared to Norton.

  22. Speed test was rather slow. Trial doesn’t come with enough data to do a proper speed test. Halfway through a speed test, there is a message of out of data. Hard to try out the platform with only 200mb of data. Edit: You don’t provide enough trial data to adequately test the product. Contacting support will be a waste of time as all of the data is used up in the first speed test.

  23. __ dice:

    Excellent service, but I frequently have trouble receiving messages through an established connection. No feedback from the VPN as to the source of the problem, whether it’s the VPN or the service provider or the application. Restarting the connection seems to reliability fix the issue, so I can only assume the VPN is to blame. I’ll be happy to upgrade to 5* after these issues disappear.

  24. Completely useless over 4G – worse than free VPNs! Just constantly disconnects with a SILENT notification (you don’t see it until you check it) saying “Bitdefender disconnected due to timeout”. Yeah 4G will have sub-second dropouts sometimes, VPNs should reconnect themselves. My old paid one did just fine, and my new FREE one even works fine. Just not this. Disconnects and allows you to carry on without a VPN, making it worse than nothing. Unacceptable.

  25. drloui dice:

    It does what it declares and works flawlessly most of the time. The adblock feature works perfectly as well. However, although a minor drop at internet speed may be acceptable, some other bugs like app updates delay and You Tube crashes are not. One star minus for these till the bugs are fixed.

  26. l m dice:

    Sounds like a good deal when you pay for premium service but irrespective it automatically switches off without notice when the “free” service threshold is reached leaving you exposed without notice. DNS lookup can also be slow and undependable when using the service. Better more reliable options must be out there.

  27. On mobile every now and then at random times you can’t access any page while connected to this VPN .. turning it off solves the issue ..not about a specific page it’s about any page in different browsers. Also if the connection is idle for longer times the same happens .. VPN shows as connected but nothing loads after resuming, same issues on Android TV where besides the connectivity issues it also often forgets I have a subscription .. disappointed paying for this ..

  28. Idara dice:

    I use this on my phone and laptop. It’s great when it works. Sometimes, it randomly disconnects and doesn’t reconnect. Other times, the phone app randomly restricts all traffic and the only resolution is turning it off (and then it randomly reconnects).

  29. Terrible. I paid premium for a year based on pc mag recommendation. It slowed everything down, causing massive connection issues. I’m a computer science graduate, so don’t think it was ‘user errors. I rang and asked for a refund today. I was told to keep an eye on my emails for confirmation. I will be emailing my request as well. Keep your validation code, you need it for refunds.

  30. Seems to work well. Hangs on occasion but seems to be related to switching underlying WiFi networks. It doesn’t seem to slow down internet traffic significantly on most occasions but several services recognise you are connected to a VPN and won’t allow access.

  31. Consistent Connection Problems! I have tried ALL the suggestioned fixes listed in support OVER AND OVER none of them fix the problem! I have paid $49.99 for Bitfender Central that should be sufficient to allow me to use the VPN feature without paying for Premium VPN which probably wouldn’t correct the problem anyway. Disgusted with Bitfender and may not renew next year

  32. Have been using Bitdefender for years on multiple devices, PC and mobile. This is an intuitive and effective product. (And they have several offerings). Despite being a non-US company, the customer service when needed has been very responsive and helpful also.

  33. This app works great! The speeds are pretty good most times! I bought it with the antivirus subscription and now I am saving at least $1 a month with the bundle. One drawdown is that I cannot change advanced settings such as the protocol. Also, I cannot select a specific server in a country, only the country itself. I was using Surfshark before, which is more customizable and offer an app to Amazon Fire Stick, but I was not very impressed with their speeds. 5 stars!

  34. App frequently causes websites to block access to them, saying things like: “You appear to be under age”, (I’m 66)!, and “Your region does not allow you to access this site”. PLUS!!!…When I want to do my online banking, my bank won’t allow it while the VPN is in use. Won’t bother renewing my subscription next year. NOT recommended.

  35. This app prevents a lot of other apps from working properly because it does not allow any commercials to take place with the other app. I can’t find a way to make the app work because VPN does not allow it to happen.

  36. Ham Edu dice:

    I bought a yearly subscription on 19th 2022. I installed the app recently and signed in with the same email but it keeps saying I’m using a trial version and that it will expire in 7days. When I try buying another one year subscription, it tells me that I have purchased subscription already.

  37. Main issue is speed. As a gamer i have to face major lagging when i play game like as pubg, free fire. From my experience, f secure vpn pro faster then Bitdefender vpn pro. No home firewall to control app data transfer, no onion over servers, no gps spoofing etc. When i use vpn my device become heating up & performance become slow down Unusually. Suddenly connection become drop & doesn’t reconnect again properly & need a long time to reconnect. Fix all the bugs & use x cha cha encryption.

  38. I have been using bitdefender security services for very long time. But their VPN is a work in progress. Whenever I am their VPN I have network issues, special when my phone or computer has been idle for a while or switch WIFI.

  39. MZ dice:

    On Android you can change cities in the US, on the PC app you can’t. The PC app you can have certain apps launch and connect to VPN (very useful) prior to opening the app, on Android you can’t. On Android you can change VPN type from open to hydra, etc, on PC you can’t. It’s a bit ridiculous and funky for a VPN app to differ from one application to another. Not to mention, the VPN app on Apple isn’t like either android or PC. Make your app user friendly.

  40. Bottlenecks – Either the individual VPN app or the one in the security app always bottlenecks speeds. It’s pointless using as many sites have blocked BitDefenders servers. I won’t be re-subscribing once my current subscription finishes, there’s not enough benefit. In fact, less benefit.

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