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An easy-to-use file viewer and file manager
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File Viewer for Android is an easy-to-use file viewer and file manager that can open over 150 file types, including PDFs, Office documents (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx), and multimedia files. View the full list of supported file formats below.


– Open over 150 different file formats with a single app (**see the list of supported formats below**)
– Browse, search, and manage files with the built-in file manager and file explorer
– View file metadata, MD5 checksums, and EXIF data
– Extract archives, including Zip, 7-Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, Tar, and TGZ
– DOCX reader, DOC file opener, DOC and DOCX to PDF converter, PPTX viewer, PPTX to PDF converter, PPT viewer, PPT to PDF converter
– XPS file viewer, OXPS reader, XPS to PDF converter
– PDF viewer, JPG file viewer, TIFF file viewer, SVG viewer, Raw photo file viewer, and more

Supported File Types:


– PDF Document (.pdf)
– Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx, .docm, .dot, .dotm, .dotx)
– Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .potm, .potx, .pps, .ppsx, .ppsm)
– Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlt, .xltm, .xltx) *print preview only
– XML Paper Specification (.xps)
– OpenXPS (.oxps)


– Email Message (.eml, .emlx)
– Outlook Message (.msg, .oft)
– Outlook Email Attachment (winmail.dat)


– 3GA (.3ga)
– AAC (.aac)
– AMR (.amr)
– FLAC (.flac)
– MPEG-4 (.m4a)
– Matroska (.mka)
– MP3 (.mp3)
– Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)
– Opus (.opus)
– Wave (.wav)
– Other: .imy, .mid, .midi, .ota

* Some video codecs may not be supported

– 3GP Video (.3gp)
– Matroska Video (.mkv)
– MPEG-4 Video (.mp4)
– Transport Stream Video (.ts)
– WebM Video (.webm)


– 7-zip (.7z)
– Bzip2 (.bz2)
– Comic Book Zip (.cbz)
– Bzip2 TAR (.tbz2, .tar.bz2)
– Gzip (.gz)
– JAR (.jar)
– TAR (.tar)
– TGZ (.tgz, .tar.gz)
– Z Compressed (.z)
– Zip (.zip)

Camera Raws
* Some camera models may not be supported

– Hasselblad Raw (.3fr)
– ARRIRAW (.ari)
– Sony Raw (.arw, .sr2, .srw)
– Casio Raw (.bay)
– Canon Raw (.cr2, .crw)
– Kodak Raw (.dcr, .kdc)
– Digital Negative Image (.dng)
– Epson Raw (.erf)
– Leaf Raw (.mos)
– Mamiya Raw (.mrw)
– Nikon Raw (.nef, .nrw)
– Olympus Raw (.orf)
– Pentax Raw (.pef)
– Fuji Raw (.raf)
– Camera Raw (.raw)
– Panasonic Raw (.rw2)
– Leica Raw (.rwl)
– Samsung Raw (.srw)
– SIGMA Raw (.x3f)


– AVIF Image (.avif) – Android 12+ only
– Bitmap Image (.bmp)
– DirectDraw Surface (.dds)
– GIF Image (.gif)
– High Efficiency File Format (.heic, .heif) – Android 9+ only
– Icon File (.ico)
– JPEG Network Graphic (.jng)
– JPEG 2000 Image (.jp2)
– JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg)
– OpenEXR (.exr)
– Kodak Photo CD (.pcd)
– PNG Image (.png)
– Photoshop Document (.psd)
– Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
– Targa Image (.tga, .targa)
– TIFF Image (.tif, .tiff)
– WebP Image (.webp) – Note: animated WebP images not supported
– Other: .iff, .mng, .pbm, .pcx, .pfm, .pgm, .ppm, .ras, .sgi, .wbmp, .xbm, .xpm


– Configuration File (.cfg, .conf)
– Text File (.txt)


– HTML (.htm, .html, .xhtml)

Source Code
* View with syntax highlighting

Supported languages: Ada (.ada), AutoHotkey (.ahk), ActionScript (.as), BASIC (.bas), C/C++ (.c, .cpp, .h), Coffee (.coffee), C# (.cs), CSS (.css), Dart (.dart), Gradle (.gradle), Groovy (.groovy), Haml (.haml), HTACCESS (.htaccess), Windows INI (.ini), Java (.java), JavaScript (.js), JSON (.json), Kotlin (.kt), Less (.less), Lisp (.lisp) Lua (.lua), Objective-C (.m), Makefile (.mk), Markdown (.md), Nim (.nim), NSIS (.nsi), Pascal (.pas), PHP (.php), Perl (.pl), Java Properties (.properties), PowerShell (.ps1), Python (.py), R Script (.r), Ruby (.rb), Sass (.sass, .scss), Bash (.sh), SQL (.sql), Swift (.swift), Tcl (.tcl), Visual Basic (.vb), XML (.xml), XQuery (.xq, .xquery), YAML (.yaml, .yml)

Android File Viewer is brought to you by, an online database containing information about thousands of file types.


40 comentarios en "File Viewer for Android 2022"

  1. File viewer for Android is great. File system. Easy to understand interface. Has an sidebar menu that breaks down how your actions went. What I mean by this, is, the folders are obviously smaller in size but just as big inside, but my meaning is a recents tab, in case you want to back step, instead of searching. I think and always have thought it was a great feature to have in any filing system you have. Also in the sidebar menu, breaks it down almost as if it was in a format way. 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. I found this to be the most professionally designed file handler. Now if they will expand access to SD memory cards plugged into the, in my case USB C port, this would be the ultimate utility on my device. What good are files if they have no organization to them AND the user has no control. This app is untouchable and way out in front of the others. It accesses an SD card in the internal tray; but falls flat when the memory card is placed into an adapter and plugged into the USB slot.

  3. So far I’ve been impressed by the easy layout of the gui. Instinctively built and easy to understand. However, I do wish you could at least “see” the filing system of the root directory. Instead, it just shows the directory as being empty. Of coarse, im speaking for Un-Rooted devices, but still other apps seem to be able to do this, but not here… Something to think about.

  4. Wow, a developer that actually acts upon feedback and provides updates and communicates! With the addition of support for XPS files (and ability to save them down as PDFs) changes the whole story for me… I reinstalled this and it worked well handling the files I needed read. THANK YOU! (Previous Review) 100s of file types sounds impressive, but does it read the file I need? no. doesn’t read XPS files, yet shows up in search for “xps reader”. uninstalling.

  5. This has made my life so much easier! I have a LOT of patterns! Before each file was just a number, I’d have to open almost each & every one to find the one I wanted! Now, there’s a thumbnail picture & everything! Edit…I’m not liking the changes. I’d prefer to have the old version available. I’m really not liking the new layout/format whatever it’s called. Its confusing for me. I’m technically challenged so the simpler the better! I’d like my old version back, please. Thank you.

  6. i have a lot of psds on my tablet and this made it much easier to view/manage them all. the only issue i’ve run into is even though there are options to move/delete/rename files in-app, i keep getting errors about not having permission to do so (i end up using this app as reference and manage everything in my tablet’s native files folder). not sure if there’s a problem with my tablet or if it’s a bug.

  7. Worth purchasing! Even the advert version isn’t obnoxious. This one looks and drives very smoothly. 92MB file loads in a few seconds, no ad taking up the whole bottom of the screen, and easy to navigate. I don’t buy many apps but this one I did. Edit 11.22.2021. Annual price just tripled! Probably gonna uninstall. I can use the native viewer on my Android.

  8. This looks like a great app and I’m absolutely sure I’m going to find it useful. I must mention that I specifically D/L’d it because it was listed online as a top app for viewing the obsolete .JTIF image extension, which it will not. I got hold of a batch of these images which I will have to convert to .JPEG but I was looking to run them through an auto-viewer first. Back to work. For those of you simply wanting a file management tool I think you’ll be very pleased indeed.

  9. Great app that easily opens any file format. Whenever I need to open a file that my phone doesn’t handle properly I can always rely on File Viewer. If, for example, I have to open an SVG file I can just open it with File Viewer. What’s more, it’s as easy as tapping “Export” from the menu in File Viewer and the will convert it to a JPEG or PNG.

  10. This app is great. It worked so much better than any other similar app. It has a very easy to use layout and has a great price for to get rid of ads. The only suggestion I have for the app are to add an infinite scroll setting like if i were reading a book and could instead scroll down instead of swiping left and right. The app is great and i will probably use it for a long time. Thank you.

  11. Works well, only complaint too many ads. Seems I get one after each time I view a file or they pop up when I click a folder. Otherwise seems to work fine. Graphics are nothing special which is fine by me, nice light blue with white. Text size and instructions file are a a good size. Not to big and not to small. Makes reading easy.

  12. Useless for opening system and cached files available to users that don’t require any special privileges or root access. I went thru the entire Android>Data folder and sub-folders with zero success. The app advertises the amount of files it can open, but they don’t tell you that it only works with the files already available using the built in file explorer. As far as I can tell, the only way to access system and cached files is to root your phone. At that point, any file explorer will suffice.

  13. I think that there’s a big problem and it’s not so much as with guys, but with the folks at Google (You’ve been shaded!!! A message popped up: Saying that you could delete all files in the Google Cloud!! You see as a person who likes to leave my files in multiple places, I just don’t want any of them removed without my permission and, that’s what the message said you needed permission to do!! This happened as I was downloading additional files to the clouds, as well to the SD card)! Maybe it?!?

  14. Bear dice:

    Cannot recommend this app enough. Had problems with my art program and spent hours picking through tiff files I couldn’t tell apart. Downloaded this app and it works perfectly, it tells you the file name, shows you the file and you can click to see it and swipe through files. Plus it keeps track of new files and has an sd card section. And I only get an ad every 20 files or so, fantastic app. Saved two years worth of art

  15. Enjoyed being able to utilize one mechanism to open multiple file types. Only issue, I had to select it to open each separate file type, would like to see a function where it reckonizes those files types and opens them or a setup feature to select all file types you want it to open for review during setup. (Personal opinion) I believe this would improve the app and save time on the backend when sorting through several file types.

  16. I would like to rate this app four or even five stars. The ability to read hyperlinked html files in an enclosed folder is an excellent feature for me personally. My principal gripe is that “dark mode” is not really dark at all. A black background and coloured text would be great for those with visual impairment. Please include this in a future update. Update: I would award 6 stars as the developer at least responded. Many thanks in advance.

  17. This is a very nice app and a lot more than just viewing file info! I use it a lot for viewing info about video files. Unfortunately for the developer, that’s also where the 1 Star deduction comes in. It doesn’t read “WMV” (Windows Media) files and I run into those quite often with older video files. Please add this ability? Then I’d definitely bump it up to 5 Stars! 🙂

  18. I don’t know what changed but this was my absolute favourite app because it made my stock Android function so smoothly and it opened every file type instantly but as of 2 weeks ago it won’t open anything and no troubleshooting helped so I had to uninstall.

  19. This being the default app on my phone to view files and downloads it seems absurd to have to have ads. The app itself works just like I need it to, but having to pay a yearly fee to remove ads is unacceptable.

  20. 5 star for now, I try other file readers that didn’t quite match up to the task, but this file reader I’m not disappointed it did what I needed it to at moment, if it survive for 6 months without any indecent the story will be definitely different but for now day 1 awesome

  21. After trying other apps, this one opened my .bin files with ease! Didn’t give it 5* because you have to watch ads to use, or pay nominal fee to use without ads. No big.

  22. Arham dice:

    Very cool interface with great functionality. The ads also aren’t that interrupting.

  23. Frank Out dice:

    Best file app ever! will open up any file format without question. Easy to use absolutely love it.

  24. Ad appeared with sound ON, when I was in a meeting. Uninstalled it. Everytime I open a file from WhatsApp through this App, it throws an Ad with loud sound. Embarassing.

  25. Boogie dice:

    There are soooo many files that don’t open with this app, and I seem to find them all. I’m going to curate a list here in my review as I run across them: (.ai) (.eps) (.wmv) (.mpg) (.flv) (.webp)

  26. Ads are way too invasive but the app itself is great. Make the ads less annoying and auto 5 star

  27. Great app. Does it’s job and easy to navigate. Only complaint is how slow it is to load files, especially when searching.

  28. I have used it for a day and it is an excellent product I have very busy schedule it helps go to all popular Apps I am using, I recommend it to all. Five stars for the Developers please make it more powerful and intelligent many thanks…

  29. Provides information to many trivial questions i just couldn’t pin point fir the longest time. Gkad I spent a couple if hours exploring the endless opportunity to utilize without installation. Of pretty much any app ever developed no matter os/ui operates.

  30. Love it! Can open stuff easily in the downloads on my Pixel 6. Do not know why the pixel 6 doesn’t natively open pages. You download from the internet but unless it’s a PDF they won’t open.

  31. Tia Cramp dice:

    Good for all files that I’ve needed it for so far BUT since downloading the app I have random pop up adds that can’t be skipped or closed and requires me to close the app completely

  32. Absolutely phenomenal. Intuitive UI. Really simple to use and navigate. A wonderful multipurpose file viewer. A few minor features like a highlighter for the document reader could help. Keep it up!

  33. Ad appeared over a file I opened and would NOT close! I had to close app. My file never opened. Most ads have an X to close it, that appears after you’ve had time to view the ad. This didn’t. It was an ad for a Google security app.

  34. Stopped blocking ads! I have paid for a subscription for years now, and suddenly I’m seeing ads again. I checked my account, Uninstaller and reinstalled, phone updated, etc. And still, the annoying and loud ads! Please fix this.

  35. Suman Pal dice:

    I will give 10 stars i had the ability… Awesome app… 💕 But don’t stop future development for this app… You know bug fixes, more format support etc.

  36. I subscribed for a year and not even 24 hours and your ads came back and I can not go back to Google from this app.

  37. Best viewer I could find! I can read *.tif and many files with ease and user friendly!

  38. Absolutely most useful app for Andriod/ Windows platforms, simply amazing, useful and brilliantly designed!!!!!!

  39. John Scot dice:

    Hi Could not find the 6gb and yes it’s 6gb of music that somehow 7DIGITAL has made it hidden as it use to be visible in their own folder but now I’m using a Samsung A13 and re downloaded only 6gb of my paid music I cannot find them nor can your app nor any other app I’ve tried and am fed up with spos saying they can fi d them when they clearly cannot. Not gonna recommend this app ! Contact me at coindeals gmx com if anyone has any idea’s on how to find my music as I’d like to back it up.

  40. Please add more features like copy of text images to the clipboard, extract images, and other viewing options like mobile viewe, print layout, web view option and also add many other options like file manager e.g dual files, large files, usb otg detection and makes it special file manager which have the all in one features of a file manager.

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