WiFi Analyzer 2022

Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer, Get the best out of your WiFi.
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Introducing a new way to analyze and optimize your WiFi, Turn you android device into WiFi Analyzer!
WiFi Analyzer Recommends the best channel and place for your network.
WiFi Analyzer gives you the most useful optimization information to help decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability.

– WiFi Optimizer for Interference Issues
– Channel Analyzer for Nearby APs
– Real-time data and distance calculations.
– History of signal strength
– Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz
– View Hidden WiFis
– Copy MAC address
– Channel Optimizer + Much More!


WiFi Analyzer now works even better!
Translated to 7 languages, more are coming soon!

New Features:
- Displays channel width by default
- Supports Android Pie (9.0)
- Best channels for connected AP
- Remembers your preferences
- Export Graphs
- View information about your connection
- Connect to open WiFi networks within the app


40 comentarios en "WiFi Analyzer 2022"

  1. Aha! Now I know why my WiFi sucks! I switched to a new Internet provider and they have a free eero Pro 6 with activation. I figured I’d give it a try. After a few weeks random devices in my house wouldn’t connect at all. Heard about the “WiFi analyzer” app and tried it out. The damn new router wasn’t broadcasting any 2.4Ghz band. Even when I switched the router to only 2.4Ghz. I was able to avoid long tech support calls with the Internet company thrashed to this app. Loaded with good info.

  2. The app does what it says and more. Very simple and clear. Very helpful to see what my own WiFi bands are doing (signal strength in different parts of my home) as well as which channels are congested and which are clear. Very nice app. Sure there’s an ad at the bottom, but it’s unobtrusive. Good work Devs!

  3. Martha S dice:

    Fun and interesting. Ads in free version are at the bottom and don’t interfere. Pretty easy for me to use from the get go even without knowing much when I installed it. User guide is simple and I learned a lot from it. I’m using this to measure a new internet service in my home and it’s very useful for comparing the new network strength, etc. with the legacy one.

  4. The app is perfectly fine for seeing a graphic representation of your network. Some of the features would be nice if i could adjust but overall it is good. The ads are minimal and the speed is hard to accept if it is accurate then I have fast internet! I am very satisfied.

  5. I tested six of the top Wi-Fi analyzers. I wanted to find the best app to help me determine an optimal channel in the 5 GHz band. This was my favorite, and I look forward to buying the Premium version. Of the apps that I tried, this is the only app that correctly displays channel numbers in the 5 GHz band! See the table on “List of WLAN channels” at Wikipedia to better understand the bandwidths and overlap that make the issue so complex. Also, I appreciate how pretty the colors are on the graph. I am within range of 30 access points (APs), and this is the only app with a spectrum-analyzer function that didn’t make my eyes sore. Ultimately, I like the simplicity and accuracy of this app. The distance estimates are handy as well. While the app warns you if location services are turned off (all Wi-Fi apps need that permission in order to scan), it fails to warn you if Wi-Fi is off. Instead, it displays a blank graph and lists no APs.

  6. I’m a novice but this app helped me select the correct channel for my router so as to avoid interference with the neighbors. Definitely improved the speed of connection to my wifi security cameras. Edit Feb 2022: I’m uninstalling as the app still works but I just noticed it doesn’t appear to detect WPA3. I’ve found another app that is open source and does detect WPA3.

  7. I NEVER download random apps like this, but when I find one that works and doesn’t screw with my security settings I like to throw a 👍👍👍 to the devs. This program does EXACTLY what it claims. No pop-up ads for “Coochie Smash 2022”. And it even showed me what WiFi channels my neighbors are on (which were all the same as mine). Even my cable company’s own router program doesn’t do that. 10 mins later I’m on a new channel and almost doubled my speed. Download this NOW! Kudos to the devs!

  8. My home is not wi-fi friendly (concrete filled cement block) so I’ve got a couple of wi-fi extenders to “get around the corners”. I used the analyzer app to position them for the broadest coverage. It took about 15min to position them and confirm the strongest signals. It probably would’ve taken all day checking signal strength to the TVs, ipads & laptops and repositioning the extenders. I also use it when traveling; hotels often have multiple extenders, so I can always connect to the strongest

  9. UNINSTALLED! The app wants to use location even when the app is not in use? That is absurd. I realize it’s a permission based on the fact that your location can be determined by Wi-Fi, but there is absolutely no reason to ask me to enable when the app is not in use. An even bigger gripe is the fact that it sends notifications to your homescreen. Inappropriate. A perfect example of an app that started out really awesome years ago and has continued to digress into absolute complete failure.

  10. Would be nice to have a summary screen to such info as how many APs are being detected, average signal strengths, etc. Broken down by frequency (how many 2.4GHz vs 5GHz etc.) This app shows much the same info as the Wifi Analyzer app (by farProc) I’ve been using since 2011. Nothing new. Edit: I do appreciate the nice UI of this app though. Well thought out and avoids clutter and confusion, bringing the information into clear view.

  11. This is a simple to use app that shows me exactly what I need to see, which is the signal strength & channels being used by other networks in my area. This let’s me know what the best channels are for my home network to run on for optimal performance. The ads are minimal and I’ve yet to have a problem with it so what more do you want out of a free app? I have also used it many times when installing other home & small business networks with equally positive results so I highly recommend it.

  12. I was able to check signal strength all over the house and find my weak spots. It gave me real time results, and also showed me which channel I was on. This was very helpful as I was changing things up. It’s a good tool, very useful. Plus, the ads were non-invasive, appearing on the bottom of the screen, which I really appreciated.

  13. Art G dice:

    Works as described. I used it to find the optimum channel on my router to avoid congestion from my neighbors. The app does all the work for you with a chart showing the best channel at a glance. Graph is a nice touch for signal strength. I haven’t experienced any glitches with this app. I’m not super tech-savvy, but I figured it out in about 30 minutes. That should tell you how user-friendly this actually is. Loaded with features and best of all, NO ANNOYING POP-UP ADS. Any ads are un obtrusive

  14. Very nice app. I install wifi mesh systems and do a lot of testing for signal strength. I have decided to use this now instead of Xerius WiFi Inspector. My only gripe is that you have to wait a minute to get a good reading after changing locations. Xerius has the same issue. I know there’s a lot of calculations, but maybe checkmark specific networks for priority processing. Going to buy the pro version to support you.

  15. Paolo S. dice:

    Really handy when setting up prepaid wifi routers during my travels. Great that it shows the best channel for the network my device is currently using. I don’t have to analyze the channels manually. This app does the work for me. Now if it could only make my network switch to the best channel automatically, in real-time, that would be perfect. But that’s asking for too much. Or is it? Haha! Thanks!

  16. I just installed it and played for ~15 minutes only, but I already like it. Great graphics. I will test it for couple of days but I already consider pro version because it offers nice options in settings. Good job. The only bug I found is a distance from router. It shows 1m, but router is 5m frm me. Another router is ~15m, but application shows 3m. My neighbors routers are shown from 125m to 221m away, but they are no more than 25m away. Not a big deal for me, but it is a bug.

  17. Have only just downloaded it. And am figuring it out . The help screen is short but does help quite a bit. All the info is a little overwhelming at first. But once you start to understand it. It is very useful. Update. Have had it for awhile now. Very useful tool. Gives you lots of information that once you decipher is very helpful in fine tuning your WiFi and optimizing it. Keep up the good work.

  18. So I got a drone at a yard sale and was having trouble connecting it. I downloaded this app to see what had signal and what didn’t. It showed me that I have a weak signal comming from the drone. It also showed me how much power the WiFi extender was producing as apposed to our internet router. Showed all on a nice scale. Worked with out having to do anything more than turning it on. Works very well.

  19. Nolo Kobo dice:

    It helped me find the issue with my wifi. It turned out to be the server I was on. Automatic connection just wasn’t working for some reason. Now, even though I have almost a 30mbps reduction in speed, it’s actually loading pages that wouldn’t load before and loading apps that wouldn’t load or would take forever to load due to the connection. I feel like I just left 1995 dialup again. Thank you so much for supporting and updating this application.

  20. I found WiFi Analyzer to be a useful well-thought-out application. The highpoint of WiFi Analyzer is the Best Channels recommendation. It makes choosing the channel with the strongest signal a no-brainer. Yes WiFi Analyzer has ads, but I found the ads not to be annoying. I highly recommend the free version of WiFi Analyzer. It is definitely worth paying $2.99 for the Premium version.

  21. This is the perfect tool to find issues with your WiFi system. I didn’t realize how much better the wifi signal would be by just raising the router to the top of a book shelf. I also didn’t realize that other wifi signals in my neighborhood were running on the same channel as mine. This app did the trick. Just switched the channels and now all my devices connect from any point in the house and yard.

  22. I like this app a lot, due to its simplicity. However, I will give it 5 Stars if they add ability to redirect to stronger AP (WiFi) signal based on tunable parameters. Need to be able to automatically switch my device to the strongest wireless Access Point, assuming it is 10 dB stronger than the one I’m connected to or if the one I’m on drops below – 85 dB, etc…

  23. After getting frustrated with the free Netgear analyzer app, I switched over to this one. It is far more responsive and gives you a number of different views to see both the Wi-Fi strength by each Network and also any other networks running in the area. I changed channels because there were too many other networks using the same one as me.

  24. Splendid program! Interface is clean, and simple. Within seconds you can easily see the network information you need in order to modify your wifi network settings for optimal speed and performance. Since I’ve been using this program I am able to see which channel each of my neighbors are currently using for their network. This allows me to adjust my wifi channel to a different one than they are using, accordingly. No more dropped wifi signals or resetting of routers! Thanks!

  25. Very helpful for understanding how my wireless network strength changes at different points in the house. The screen with the ⭐ ratings for channels is a little confusing because I’m pretty sure all the “interference” it shows is from my router itself, even when I set it to “current AP”. Otherwise, it’s great.

  26. I cannot overstate how handy this app is. It has helped me to know which channel is best for my router to broadcast on and even helps me to monitor download speed and the DB levels. Thanks to WiFi Analyzer, I have successfully minimized interference and bumped up my speed significantly. It is by far worth the occasional advertisement. All in all, I would most definitely recommend this app.

  27. USC dice:

    This app always does the trick . It’s almost entertaining since I live in a location with a very contested broadcast range and I get to hear the unhappy sounds my neighbors make when I change channels to one someone else was getting a signal all to themselves on. Actually, joking aside, it’s necessary to make manual adjustments in this environment and sometimes change frequencies as well. This app provides the info I need to stay connected. Well, that and a long ethernet cable sometimes.

  28. I had trouble getting the internet in places like my garage & porch. I researched & decided to get a wifi extender. In article after article they mentioned WiFi Analyzer. I downloaded it and it worked great, just what I needed. It showed a bell curve with signal strength, in negative decibels. The curve is important because after installing the extender two curves show overlapped with the original darker inside the extender. Great reference.

  29. The different screens provide key information that helps you see how your wifi is performing and what other wifi is around to allow you to make changes to avoid interference and provide a stronger, more reliable connection. The ads are in a small bar at the bottom of the screen and don’t get in the way.

  30. Great features, well organized and clutter-free interface, easy to use and understand for almost any skill level. (May require reading the manual for beginners) Worth the cost of a cup of coffee for the premium version to remove the ads and unlock extra features. Support this developer by buying pro version if you like the app!

  31. This app is very important, valuable and helpful with all its many features, and it’s free to use ! For instance, my wifi modem sometimes goes to a bad channel or into automode, but with this app I can see which channel it’s on then easily determine the very best one to use. After that I access my modems function settings to select the perfect channel, and verify it with this app. There is a lot more to this app, but i learned from it and I see it’s very beneficial. Highly recommended ! Thanks!

  32. I was expecting more of a Scan/Optimize app based on the app description…this isn’t that. 🙂 You will absolutely need to review their User Guide, & especially the FAQs imo. Then connect to your router specifically to make channel changes, which isn’t something you can do from within the app. I tried using all 3 of the sample router IP addresses, and none of them worked for our Xfinity/Comcast router.

  33. Works great. This app allows you to see the channel availability and signal strength all around you. It’s particularly helpful for me because I live in a townhouse surrounded by neighbors separated only be interior walls. I’ve made several beneficial adjustments to my router configuration based on the output from this tool. Great job!

  34. Using on Xiaomi Mi 11, Android 11, it works but sometimes there’s a delay in updating the graphs. Not sure if that’s because the routers, mobile device or the app. Very useful for visually evaluating your wireless network and optimizing the signal broadcast by avoiding nearby WiFi network transmissions from overlapping your WiFi network’s transmissions. Also very helpful in understanding what devices are using your network.

  35. L Lawson dice:

    I’ve had this free app on a couple devices and it’s fast, accurate (I compared w/FAST) and gives really useful info if trying to find a different channel or whose on network. It’s very intuitive, to navigate and I give big KUDOS. LL Oh..my response to a couple reviews…I’d consider this to be a troubleshooting, monitoring tool while you find best location etc..Disable the app settings to only run on demand.

  36. PiroChu dice:

    Excellent user-friendly interface, with plenty of good info (both 2.4GHz & 5GHz) on your own network in the neighborhood. Thanks to this app, I found out that I was on crowded channels with my neighbors. Re-configured my WiFi router settings & switched to an emptity channel, and things are looking much better for me. Excellent app that does what it promises to do, effectively.

  37. Works, but lags. Running on Samsung Galaxy S10 with plenty of free memory and minimal apps running, this app still captures data far slower than real time. For me, it works more like a “point analyzer” that requires me to stop in a location, wait a few seconds to a minute for a new reading, then repeat the process for the next point.

  38. One cannot reach out and touch WiFi. It consists of only radio waves! Analyzer shows where those misterious waves are, their strength, their names, their length and reports all these physical data, minute by minute! In the Information Age, this is like reporting where the oxygen is. On the go, we cannot survive without WiFi, and this Ap shows us where to get it, using clear graphical displays that all can see. It makes the invisible… visable! Essential as radar to a pilot.

  39. This app helped me greatly with my network setup. It’s easy to use, has clear and concise controls, and works with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. If you live in a densely populated area with copious amounts of wireless networks, this app will help you set up your Wi-Fi to avoid channel interference. Keep in mind that you have to change network settings via your router, and not through this app, as it’s only a tool to see how your network is set up, and not meant to change its settings.

  40. I was having intermittent connection issues on my Chromecast. I installed this app and it showed me that everyone around me in my neighborhood was using either Channel 1, 3, or 5, so I switched my channel over to 11 and now my Chromecast works like a charm! Thank you for this app. It’s one of the most useful apps I’ve ever used. Peace!

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