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From the makers of Speedtest.net. Take accurate speed tests anywhere!
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Use Speedtest® for a quick, easy, one-tap connection internet speed test—accurate anywhere thanks to our global server network.

Explore mobile network coverage with Speedtest Maps based on real-world data gathered by the Speedtest app. See performance by provider to find out where you’re likely to experience strong connectivity. Easily switch between providers and regions to compare coverage in the locations you frequent.

Video testing empowers you with a real-time assessment of your network’s current streaming quality. Take a video test to get actionable insights that help you optimize your online video experience.

Keep your online connection private and secure with Speedtest VPN™. Use up to 2GB of data over VPN per month for free, or go Premium with unlimited usage for just $4.99 monthly. Speedtest VPN Premium users will also receive no advertisements while their subscription is active.

Millions of users have made Speedtest the #1 app for testing internet speed, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry:
– Discover your download, upload, and jitter
– Measure ping at 3 stages: idle, download, and upload
– View mobile carrier coverage with Speedtest Maps
– Take a video test to measure your max resolution, load time, and buffering
– Stay private and secure with our free Speedtest VPN
– Real-time graphs show connection consistency
– Test with a single connection to simulate downloading a file or multiple connections to understand max speed
– Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
– Track past tests with detailed reporting
– Easily share your results

Go ad free! If you’d like to enjoy Speedtest without ads, we provide the option of removing ads from Speedtest for $0.99.

Privacy Policy: https://www.speedtest.net/about/privacy

Terms of Use: https://www.speedtest.net/about/terms

Do not sell my info: https://www.speedtest.net/about/ccpa


We've added a few updates to make the Speedtest app even better. Have anything else you'd like to suggest? We'd love to hear from you.

If you rely on Speedtest to diagnose connectivity issues and keep your internet service provider and carriers honest, we'd be thrilled if you would leave us some feedback on Google Play. Thanks and happy testing!


40 comentarios en "Speedtest by Ookla MODDED 2022"

  1. Møøse dice:

    😎😎 This app does everything we can expect. It’s better and more user friendly than many pay apps !! **** I read a lot of the complaints and many people were having problems with the app even on multiple devices. That tells me that you may have turned on or off a function/option and that’s why its acting the same way on all devices. If the app is synced across your devices.

  2. Khen dice:

    I’ve tried multiple speed test services, and so far the Ookla® Speedtest service has been top-notch. Speeds are very accurate, especially with multiple servers available across countries. It’s a very useful tool to have. Though the interface could use some revamp. ✌️

  3. Something wrong with this app in the past 48 hours. Suddenly the app is unable to recognize or find servers when device is connected by Wi-Fi. When a mobile phone is connected to pay data the speed test works fine but when the same device is switched over to Wi-Fi the app cannot find a server. Just the Little Wheel spinning endlessly. This sudden loss of function in the app is the same across several different Android devices so it is definitely not a hardware issue here.

  4. I like to this app so much that I became a premium subscriber! But within the last few hours I cannot connect to the VPN! It keeps saying to try again later. I’ve tried all the recommended steps and nothing helps! I’ve gotten in touch with the developer, but if I don’t hear something soon and the issue as a resolved I’ll be canceling my subscription, for what was the best speed test and VPN app on the market!

  5. The app is great as i’m close to one of the testing sites, so i get accurate readings. But when i go to use the VPN it automatically crashes the app. I don’t know if this is just an issue with my phone(stylo 4) or if this is something that can be fixed with an update, but the vpn was one of my main reasons of downloading this app. If it can be fixed or if it does start working ill up the rating

  6. When the screen changed along with the other associated changes with the update you destroyed this app. It was perfect a year-and-a-half ago or so. What a shame it was the only good one. wish I could go back or I could uninstall an update or two but you don’t give me that option. very disappointed. Uninstalled. thank you for the years it did work right. RAY

  7. It has ads but they have to get money somehow and either way, they dont really bother or get in the way of the speed test. I have been using this app for years now measuring my speeds and it has the availability of different servers in different locations. It’s really not bad, I trust this app more than open signal and any other 3rd party speed test. The UI is pretty sleek too.

  8. Only one complaint, for some odd reason it doesn’t give my correct location. It picks a server in Las Vegas and says I’m only 135 miles away when I’m actually 1,000 miles away. It use to pick it up right but one day i got on and was going to test my connection and every since then it hasn’t done right. I’ve uninstalled and everything but still no luck, even factory reset my phone still same issue. Other than that it’s an awesome app, very accurate speed wise, not location wise.

  9. I have had this app installed on various phones of mine for several years and I’ve always been happy with it until recently. Lately, I get an error message before the test completes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted the phone and, e-mailed the developer several times with no response. I used to think this was the best Speedtest that you could get online. Unless we start getting support from the developer and they rectify the problem, I will have no choice but to uninstall this app, permanently. Lowering its rating from 5 to 2 stars, as well. The developer invites enquiries to date has not responded to several of my concerns reference this matter. Update: I reinstalled this app today, 10/18/2018 and was pleasantly surprised: it actually works, again. This is good but it would have been nice to have received a response from the developer to my numerous inquiries regarding the issues I had been experiencing. So, I am increasing the rating from 2 to 4 stars. If this excellent performance holds up for the next couple of weeks I will give it a full 5 stars, again.

  10. if you want a good tool to use to test wifi strength or mobile data signals, then this is the go to app to have on your devices. They add new features and keep updated frequently, pretty accurate, has a log book of your previous tests, and looks good. Thankfully the mobile version doesn’t have ad’s all over the screen like the desktop version (you still get an ad after running the test that pops up though)

  11. One of the most accurate applications thatcbench press your connections’s bandwith/throuput for both up $ & down stream speeds. Also you have a choice of the server and service provides for running the speed test. On top of that there is an area that keeps you a record for the most recent tests run. I have a hard time with saying anything not good about this app.

  12. Decent app, does what it’s supposed to, but I expect the ads screw with the actual download rate, so don’t be surprised if you get lower than expected. One gripe I do have with the app is it don’t update its shortcut on your menus after updates, so you have to manually pull a new shortcut to where you keep it after updates (unless you load everything from the system Apps menu).

  13. Excellent app. I have a request though. The wifi where I live is throttled down to under 5Mbps, even though it’s a relatively new mesh system with hardware from Mesh Inc. (the crazy thing is that once in a great while, and for only a few minutes, I’ve seen over 100Mbps) I have no control over this since it’s a cheap motel. So, it would be useful to have a scale with a 10Mbps full scale. The minimum scale currently is 100Mbps, which makes small changes difficult to identify visually.

  14. I am constantly using this app to simply check for a network connection. It checks the speed of cellular as well as Wi-Fi. It now has multiple nodes testing at once (which, needless to say, increases the speed) it has adapted to the changes and improvements over the years. This app has not let me down, yet… I’m hoping that that ‘yet’ never goes away! Lol

  15. Would like the ability to share a screenshot of the results instead of a link. Most ppl are more hesitant to open a link. I use my phone to screenshot and share that way vs the share button on the app. Maybe add the option within the “share” button > send ss or link. Bet most would choose the ss option. Great accuracy in the speed testing. Keep it up. 👍😊

  16. I don’t think the VPN is worth a dam. It blocks some of my apps no matter what I try. The spead test is a beautiful thing. Very accurate. Someone else mentioned it doesn’t record the really bad results, and that is true. I wish it did. It’s still more than worth the time downloading and install. Work on that VPN and I’ll try it again when my new subscription to 👻 ghost runs out.

  17. Wes K dice:

    It’s a data speed test app and it does it well. Been using this for many years, very simple to understand with easy to use interface. There are some things I would like to improve: – More detailed information on cellular connection type. For example, if I’m connected to 4G LTE or LTE+ and for 5G, if I’m on sub-6 or mmWave aka UWB (ultra wideband) – Would like a way to sort location choices. Sometimes the list has distances in random order. Otherwise, good app

  18. Inexcusable bug whereby the data transferred is not scaled based on the connection being Wi-Fi or cellular. It’s fine to transfer 1GB over Wi-Fi. When I tested cellular, getting great speeds, but my data alarm went off immidiately. I burned through half my monthly data allowance in 15 seconds. Closing the app kept the data connection in the background. Had to swipe terminate the app to get it to stop. Unacceptable. Uninstalled.

  19. I love this app, it’s the best for testing your speed. My issue is this update. A while back I paid to have the ads removed, after this update it has ads again and asking me to pay. Hell no I’m not paying again. Fix my issue and I’ll bump up to 5 stars. Update 1: found out that if you uninstall it then install it it fixes this issues, still only 4 stars cause I shouldn’t have to uninstall for each update. Update 2: issue is fixed now, going back to 5 stars.

  20. Used to be the best, but no longer what it used to be. If you use multiple test apps, it’s easy to see this is the outlier in consistent accuracy. Think it might be the server chosen. Doesn’t have to be perfect every time, but it can’t give me an upload speed 50 Mbps off the what FIOS promises and the other test apps show and verify as being delivered.

  21. Good app, but in a recent update there are text elements that were made much smaller. This means I now have to find my reading glasses everytime I run the app. This seems to be a bad tend that today’s UX Designers have picked up from somewhere, but it’s a terrible trend. Please go back to the larger text, and start taking accessibility and inclusivity into consideration for your subsequent UX design iterations.

  22. Has been my go-to connectivity speeding testing tool for years now. Could use a tutorial feature for giving user-friendly information on understanding the data and features. This app has helped me save an accumulation of hundreds of dollars on cellular and wifi by calling BS when I’m not receiving speeds I’m paying for. I suggest an input and tracking feature to allow you to set your expected speeds and get notified of extended periods in deficit. Fantastic app though. Very handy.

  23. Great App. Love it. I have been using desktop website for years and love that as well. On this phone app I love the “Tools” on the menu bar. The way it shows the coverage is great and huge help. It showed me why I wasn’t getting proper service from one ISP and why I get such good service from my current. It also shows the coverage of several other providers which helps you to know which provider is best for you and that way you can switch to get better data coverage. Keep up the great work.

  24. We occasionally get feelings that our connection is slow, but there’s nothing like having hard numbered facts to show exactly what you really do have. I have used this app for years on my home computer, and it came in handy when I challenged Verizon on my DSL speeds. This app also keeps a history of what your rate is and not a temp glitch like they ty to claim.

  25. I am blind. This app used to work well and be accessible for TalkBack users, but this is no longer the case. After running a speedtest, TalkBack cannot access results without going into the results tab. Having the tabs at the bottom was so much better. The menus to find results, settings, etc. don’t have button labels which adequately describe their purpose. Changing settings is difficult because many option labels are not representative of the option. Please fix a11y.

  26. I have used, made router adjustments based on results and tracked my local ISP with Speed Test, since before it was an app, and you had to use it from their web page. This app is accurate, gives you options to test from, and best of all is not run or bought by your cable provider, so results are real, not paid for!

  27. This test is incredibly inaccurate. It’s obviously geared towards making the internet providers look better than they are. We were having issues with our internet so I used speedtest as always to see how fast it was running. The results were 172MB Down and 6.8MB Up. Then I decided to use different methods to test. I used a PS4 and multiple other speed testing sites. They all yielded similar results. 6.8MB Down and 684KB Up. That’s a massive difference. This app is lies.

  28. I’m always annoyed when a website wants me to install a phone app instead of just use their website like I would on the PC. But this app does work simply and quickly, with a better phone UI than the website. It’s been simple and worth it, even for random ‘how fast is the Wifi in our hotel?’ – but especially for cases when I’ve had to test mesh network node locations with dozens-to-hundreds of speed tests. This app does its job and is worth it.

  29. This app was phenomenal UNTIL they asked to gather data on my location all the time. They made the menu complicated on granting permissions, I DO NOT WANT YOU HAVING LOCATION ACCESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. The fact that I can’t opt out at all shows lack of foresight, and to me, intention to gather user data. For what purposes, I do not trust. I have since uninstalled the app and recommend anyone else do the same

  30. Keeps a log of all your tests with location and AP name, very useful for comparison. The service provider map is also a nice feature. Overall, Ookla has come a long way from when I started using it. Honestly nothing beats dslreports tools but this is plenty for most users. *A graph of how ISPs/cellular providers rate would be a great feature as you collect this data anyway.

  31. Perfect for independent drivers looking for a strong signal to get notified and not passed over. Or if you want to stream something with your data reliably. Quick. Takes 20 seconds to get your mb/s download rate. If its low, move 30 yards and try again. This app has saved me time driving around dead zones that your lte bars don’t really show

  32. Would be a great App if the results were accurate for Comcast. When I test my LTE using this and every other speed test site they are all about the same results. But when you use this to test Xfinity it says I am getting 250 mb download but in reality I am getting about 50mb when compared to other test sites. This is because Xfinity is doing something to make there results look better to make us believe we are getting great speeds. Check out Google speed test to see what your really getting.

  33. It contains all of the parameters that I want in one program, upload, download, ping, jitter, and packet loss. I believe the upload and download may be a little inflated with ping/jitter a little understated, but not by much. This program is easy to use and if you are unfamiliar with some of the technical terms, there is help.

  34. Great app, has some good features but the one thing it doesn’t have like the other apps that test the speed, like 95% signal excellent or strong, poor. Fast it just gives you some numbers for up and down, don’t tell you how many seconds to upload or download a 5gb worth of data or 100mb of data. So if you don’t know exactly what the numbers should be then you don’t know if it’s fast or strong signal and you can’t rate your provider like it asks after the test because you just have numbers ??

  35. Cory dice:

    Paid for the app awhile back to remove ads and never had trouble restoring purchase on a new phone until now. I keep getting ads even though I already paid for the app. It keeps giving me an error message when trying to restore purpose. This is a pretty shady thing to do with an app that has been useful to me for years and now it’s become another adware app that only cares about monetization.

  36. After the initial purchase to remove ads, i WAS pleased with the app however shortly after, the ads returned. I’ve reached out to both Google and the developer. Google was of no help and said it is the responsibility of the developer. I reached out to the developer twice and never got a response. Do yourself s favor, DO NOT make the purchase to remove the ads. You’ll end up like me, lost money, ads filling your screen and no help from Google or the developer in removing the ads.

  37. Oo- Dav dice:

    One of the rare free to use but still very popular apps these days. Recenty there has been some very cool features like the video res. (capability) test and even more recently the more detailed tests for the network speed test itself. There is even a feature offering 2 GB of free VPN usage. There is always room for improvement, but I wouldn’t mind waiting for a few more months in exchange for the app staying free-to-use. My only complaint is being asked for reviewing the operator on every test.

  38. N&A dice:

    Wonderful app, thanks. Have been using speedtest for years. It still works (old version of course) on my 10 year old Samsung S2. And we have the current version on all our newer phones (2 to 3 years old). We live in a poor reception area, so use speedtest whenever we experience network problems. We appreciate the additional details recorded by the newer versions. Our only criticism: it uses a lot of data; we wish it used less, but still happy. As I said above, wonderful. Thanks so much.

  39. Devices (phones, smartbro, etc…) can have very different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities. Some devices may not be able to measure the full speed of your internet service. It’s also possible that your Wi-Fi router doesn’t support the full speed of your service. Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc…) have different capabilities and may provide different results, particularly on high-speed connections. Using the Speedtest apps, instead of the website, usually provides more reliab

  40. The app is chaos. It flickers, can’t show the results anymore, wants strange permissions.. paid version!! PS: I don’t want VPN, videos, nothing but the damn speed test and history results,that what the app could do just fine a few years ago.

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