Samsung Calculator MODDED 2022

This app provides the four fundamental operations and engineering calculations.
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[Key features]
Perform four fundamental operations and engineering calculations.

To start the engineering calculator, tap the engineering calculator icon.

To check the calculation history, tap the calculation history icon. To close the calculation history panel, tap the keypad icon.

You can use the previously inputted formulas. Tap the formula you need from the calculation history.

[Additional features]
To convert units, tap the unit calculator button. You can easily convert various types of units, such as area, length, and temperature.

This software uses the Apache License 2.0. The details can be found at


A few bugs have been fixed.


40 comentarios en "Samsung Calculator MODDED 2022"

  1. Update: Changed my review to 5 stars. Thank you for removing the touch sounds. I’ve been waiting for this and have now reinstalled the calculator. 😁 Have to agree with others. Touch sounds while using the calculator is annoying. I have touch sounds turned off, but the calculator suddenly started making sounds. Have installed another calculator app from play store until Samsung fixes this issue. So stupid of the developers, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

  2. Edited back to 5 stars April 30, 2022. Thank you for removing the sounds that the last update added. They truly were horrible, especially with no way to turn them off. Everything seems to be back to normal (quiet), and I appreciate it!! Dec. 2021: New update added sound that NOBODY wants. Remove the sounds or add an option to turn them off. Ridiculous that an app doesn’t have an option to turn the sounds off.

  3. I totally agree with anyone who says the Samsung Calculator update is not good. The sound is very annoying. Turn it off I do not want to hear the tapping noise anymore when I am using the Samsung Calculator. Hallelujah!!!! The annoying clicking sounds are gone. That is why I uninstalled this app, because of the annoyance. KEEP THE SOUNDS OFF!!!!

  4. Update Edit: 5 stars now since they removed the inputing click/sounds. Its the best and perfect calculator app. Thank you!! Nice, clean and easy to use calculator with ZERO ads. If I could make a recommendation, is give users the ability to turn off (or vibrate only) the input clicks when typing a number. Other than that, the app is the best Ive ever used.

  5. The app remains 1 star. To start with, Calctastic is better in every way. Despite them finally removing the click sound almost everyone hated, it took far too long to fix, and the idiocy of forcing it in the first place destroys confidence in their ability to make intelligent design choices. Why risk their incompetent when you can use Calctastic? Ditch the Samsung calculator for something that won’t be stupidly modified. Never this calculator again. Calctastic is the way to go.

  6. (Edit) 6/11/22 NEVER should’ve taken so long to remove the sounds! Can’t give five stars because of that. I paid for another without sounds (and ads of course) because there was no way I would tolerate either. This Samsung one has never had ads. Thank you for removing sound though it took way too long. Why is there sound? Annoying af. Have every control touch sound turned off on my S21 and this app is about to get booted for one without the annoying sounds.

  7. Installed the app (version on my galaxy tab s6. Very poor design. Does “engineering calculator icon” refer to the few basic algebra and trig functions on the left? No such single icon exists, nor does a “science” icon. From the other reviews : (1) app follows device theme only. (2) clicking sounds only controlled by the system sound setting, no independent control. Why all the critical reviews about the button click sound? I prefer touch sounds. As for the app, uninstalled.

  8. KimGB dice:

    I have the version that’s white & green. The version is I have a Samsung Galaxy S12. It seems limited for basic math. It only has 3 modes: Clear History, Unit Converter & Science Mode. There are no settings to customize the calculator. There’s no dark mode setting. The fact that there’s no settings is VERY FRUSTRATING. If anyone knows how I can get to settings or dark mode, I’d appreciate it. I have a calculator that’s more user friendly transferred from a previous phone that I use.

  9. I love that this calculator let’s me use the back button without messing up my calculations. The only thing missing is an ounce conversion on the volume section, it is only in the mass section, so I’m not about to convert fluid ounces. That would be great to see that in here since that is one I use quite often!

  10. L M dice:

    Since the upgrade, this calculator makes the worst clicking noise while typing. VERY annoying. And the app does not give the option to disable the sound. It overrides the phones default setting. After visiting the Samsung forum, there does not appear to be a fix. Other users suggested turning the volume all the way down, but that alternative does not work on my phone. The other suggestion from other users is just to download a different Calculator app.

  11. Samsung Calculator app has always been my calculator of choice. Had, not it been for the clicking sound that happens with every input, I would have given a higher rating. The clicking is neither customizable nor adjustable. Which means we, the user, aren’t given a choice, and that is never a good thing. When the clicking is corrected and adjusted back to its original functionality, I will return with a higher rating.

  12. Von Alba dice:

    New update added sound to the calculator every time you press the keys. Previous versions did not have this and now there is no way to turn it off. It makes the sound very annoying and distracting as the sound draws attention when you use the app in public. Please add an option for us to turn off the sound if you want to put sound or remove the sound altogether, the app was perfectly fine before now the sounds make it unpleasant to use.

  13. I’ve been using this calculator for years! I came here because I thought I had hit a button inadvertently to turn on sounds when touching a button. I couldn’t find any settings to turn it off. Lo and behold, I see that the sound was added in the latest update, and there is no way to turn it off without silencing the entire phone. Hoping the sound is removed soon, but I be shopping other calculator apps in the interim.

  14. One of 12 dice:

    I don’t know what the deal is BUT with the newest update they have added CLICKING with each and every button pressed! This is SO annoying! The display is good to show each number/ function has been entered so there is no need for noise! If you are working with numbers, you don’t need any more distractions. Please remove the clicking sound! PLEASE.

  15. Karen G dice:

    Never had any problems until the most recent update. As many have stated, the clicking noise is unnecessary. To those who say, manually turn the volume down – no. The volume control affects other features that I’d like to or need to hear. Would you use a car whose horn needed to be shut off by unplugging it? SMH. Uploading a third party calculator with all the standard needs makes the most sense.

  16. I agree with everyone complaining about the sound. This change was terribly thought out. If it was an option in the calculator’s settings, sure, but the clicking sound is awful. I like everything I do to be silent. Feedback is unnecessary and somebody else’s suggestion to turn off system settings sounds, well mine has been off since I got the phone because as I said I hate having feedback sounds so that’s not an option but I am appreciative that somebody thought to try and help. 🙂

  17. This is a perfect calculator app with one exception. No ads, intuitive, great features. The exception? It clicks and you can’t disable it. I’ve used this app since starting my Samsung journey, now I need to look elsewhere. Find the executive who added the clicks without the option of silence and slap them. Don’t let them make any other product decisions.

  18. Why the sound and vibration? This was a great calculator until they added sound (and, I think, vibration?) every time you hit a button. From what I’ve seen, there’s no way to change it other than turning off your system volume, but that will turn other things off that I want on. Once the volume/vibration is gone it’s a 5-star app; it’s a calculator that calculates and keeps a history.

  19. The clicking was driving me crazy! I tried everything on the settings, but nothing helped. Rebecca Levens’s tip in her review took care of it. She’s my hero! Click your volume button, then click on the three dots at the top of the volume display. Several volume bars will appear. Click the wrench, and slide the volume completely down. Presto! Problem solved. 😊

  20. Please remove the annoying sound when key is pressed! An upgrade/update is supposed to be positive! Or at least make the sound optional. When I’m on my phone, everyone doesn’t need to know what I might be doing, and the sound can’t be removed. Not hard to figure out for Android users like myself in certain settings, especially conducting business. Thank you in advance for improving this!

  21. Jeff Ross dice:

    Sounds in the app can’t be turned off. I used this app with great satisfaction for years, but now that they have added an audible click with every tap I’m going to have to find another calculator to use. What a horrible update! And it’s completely irresponsible and amateur programming to not give the user the ability to control sound.

  22. Calculator makes sounds when phone is in do not disturb mode. The calculator does not obey system sound settings. Loud clicks that cannot be turned off. You ruined a good app with this last update. UPDATE: It’s been 4 more months and Samsung still hasn’t addressed this issue. I’ve installed the Google calculator, as it is ad free and can be used without annoying sounds.

  23. I use this app almost every other day. I go to use it now and there’s sound when I touch the keys. I’m immediately confused. I go to check my sound settings and other apps and parts of my phone to make sure nothing else is doing this. I came on here and seen a fix on a review. Thanks, because that sound is annoying. 2* because Samsung I feel as if you guys enabled that feature on purpose. Very annoying.

  24. I’ve been using this calculator for years. It started making noises about a week ago when i press the keys. There is no way to turn this off other than DND even turning my sound off doesn’t work. I turn off all my feedback sounds as they are annoying. I see that others are posting about this same issue. I will be installing a different calculator if this is not fixed within a few days.

  25. The geniuses at Samsung decided to add annoying clicking sounds to the calculator that you can’t turn off. Instead of fixing the issue, the developers are telling people to use a stupid work around where you turn off the system sound. I don’t want to do this because I want my phone to make a noise when I plug it in to charge in case my charger has come unplugged, and I don’t realize it. This has happened to me before. Every one should rate this one star and swap to the Google calculator.

  26. SOLUTION: Delete Samsung’s calculator. PROBLEM: I hate that I can’t turn off the sound when pressing calculator buttons (haptic feedback). It’s really annoying that the only way I can turn it off is by turning off all system volume on my phone. I have set touch to off in my settings, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the calculator. It makes me wish I could roll back the calculator app to a previous version. 😞

  27. I’ve always thought the Samsung calculator was a bit too clunky, but kept it since it came pre-installed and did work. Finally deleted it with my new phone (S21) because there’s no way to turn off the “ticky” touch sounds. Can’t stand those touch sounds and definitely can’t stand apps that lock you out of making any changes.

  28. I see I’m not the only one who hates the new clicking noise. Yes you can turn your phone volume all the way down or have your phone on silent but when you’re swapping to the calculator while using another app for music/videos it gets annoying pausing the video, turning volume down, then back up, and then resuming playback. Otherwise the clicking is so loud it can be heard over whatever I am playing

  29. As to the new annoying clicking sound: there is no way in the Calculator app or the main Sound settings to turn it off. A solution to this problem if you have an Android is to click one of the volume buttons on the side of the phone. Then click the 3 dots at the top of the narrow vertical bar that is displayed. This opens up a Volume menu. You want to turn off the Utility slider at the far left (with the wrench) Move the slider all the way down until it is grayed out. This stops the clicking.

  30. There was nothing wrong with the calculator! It was standard with Samsung products. Now the thing clicks! There is no way to turn off the clicking. Even if I turn the volume all the way down, and completely turn off sound, this app clicks when I press the buttons to click. ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. Will be looking for a calculator app that doesn’t make any noise.

  31. Great app! Haptic clicking isn’t a problem at all to me, as I keep my phone on vibrate. Some people have complained about the green colors being bad, but if you have OneUI 4, you can change your wallpaper and the colors will change the calculator colors. 2 things I wish were a currency converter inside the app, and a way to see extra functions (pi, square root, cos, tan, etc.) without switching to landscape.

  32. I have no idea why the average rating of this calculator is 3.7! It is after all a calculator with absolutely NO ads! It also has the very helpful history button; that I must say is wonderful to be able to use without having to wait for an ad to stop playing. So I guess there are some people out there that will NEVER be pleased. Not sure what else they are expecting for a free app calculator that has no ads. Oh and BTW there is NO clicking noise as you may see from other feedback.

  33. Black Cup dice:

    One of the MOST ANNOYING experiences about using this calculator despite Samsung’s intellect, is the simple fact that when trying to use radicals, the calculator app switches to landscape mode and gives me a headache every single time. I would recommend that you at least able to utilize all the functions of the calculator while still retaining portrait mode.

  34. nupac 138 dice:

    It was a fine calculator until they added an annoying clicking noise to the keys that you can’t turn off… it is so irritating. I don’t understand why they would add it in the first place and to not be able to turn it off.. I like most people/probably everybody, first thing I do when I get a new phone is turn off the key pad sounds, so why samsung would update their calculator like this is beyond me.

  35. Robert M dice:

    It took me a while to figure out how to turn off that annoying clicking sound that came with the latest update. You have to press either +/- of the volume buttons, then tap the 3 option dots to turn of the systems control. I hope this gives some relief for this idiotic, frustrating, and annoying inconvenience while using the calculator.

  36. Reason for low rating is the sound the number and symbol keys are now making since the latest update. Please add an option to turn off the sound. It is driving many of us crazy! Even tried to turn off the noise through other keyboard entities. Nothing is working. Feel like I wasted valuable time. Loved this calculator for years and would give it a 5 star rating if this new updated feature will just go away. Please fix it, SOON.

  37. Sha Malam dice:

    Great app, love the conversions….but I agree about the sound…why?? The first thing I do with every phone is silence the keys and all taps, even the shutter sound on the camera…..but here I have no silencing option. I do find this moderately problematic. Like nails on a chalkboard kinda stuff…..I know, seems extreme. We all have our quirks, right??

  38. I agree with the previous negative reviews….STOP the clicking sound !! Previously the calculator worked just great, thankfully, because it’s embedded in the phone. But now each touch on the calculator makes a useless and very annoying click. I’m going to have to get another calculator app so I can avoid this horrible change and bury this one somewhere on my phone where I’ll never see it again….sad because I used to use a lot.

  39. Was always 5 stars but with new updates come annoying features with almost every app. This one being sound feedback when typing and no way to turn it off without turning phone sounds completely off. Absolutely unacceptable especially when everyone else says this update turned theirs off. I seriously can’t be the only one that this update has done the complete opposite. When i can turn sounds off the rating will go back to 5.

  40. Jay Dew dice:

    Unable to deactivate the clicking sound. The function of the calculator does what it needs to due. However, not having the ability to turn off the clicking sound when I’m punching in numbers is very frustrating. I don’t want to hear the clicking and I’m sure that those around me would like to not hear it as well. Please fix in the next update.

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