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The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes and the latest offers, easily switch to Verizon, and much more.

With My Verizon, you can:

• Switch to Verizon in minutes (and bring your phone), thanks to auto-detection of your device and the ability to scan your ID for quick setup.
• Check to see which offers you’re eligible for.
• View your account in one seamless feed.
• Get on-demand support tools, such as Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions as needed.
• Monitor data usage via a control center that lets you see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more when you need it.
• Change or manage your account safely anywhere, anytime.
• Switch to a different plan easily or go Unlimited right from your device.
• Make secure payments quickly. Manage and pay your bills easily, or simply enroll in Auto Pay.
• Score rewards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive perks from your favorite brands when you register for Verizon Up.
• Shop phones, wearables, smart devices and accessories, and get delivery as quickly as the same day.

Download My Verizon now and control your entire Verizon experience in just one app.


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40 comentarios en "My Verizon MOD"

  1. Whitewing dice:

    Ridiculously bad. For a company of this size, I wouldn’t expect such a slow, laggy, and extremely dated app, in UI and quality. It’s constantly having connection issues, as well as the website, so it’s hard to get anything done. It’s constantly crashing and/or reloading, too. And opening itself from links to the Verizon website and then just sitting on the home page, so you’re forced to use a computer to do what you need.

  2. The app is pretty good for sure.. easy bill pay, rewards,.. hopefully rewards stay, as they are a very small token to your customers. What I don’t like is the recent changes to the 2 year phone purchase program. It’s now 3 years and you are forced into 5G. I have 3 phones through Verizon, either free or 5-10 per month and that’s what has kept me with you. I have started to look around at other providers. Sad day. edited to 1 star after figuring out the old rewards are gone, like 1 GB bonus data

  3. Joan Doss dice:

    The app is completely broken. It won’t open, and on the rare occasion it does, it almost immediately crashes. The data meter widget is constantly incorrect which is entirely unhelpful if you need to limit data usage so you don’t go over the limit. The app requires you to login every single time you open the app, and there is no way to save your login.

  4. This app is horrible. Not very user friendly. It won’t allow me to pay my bill it look at my bill. It feels giving me errors about temporary files and I clear them and it comes right back. It gives me errors that I can’t connect with the network. I have tried with and without wifi, same results. I have deleted it and reinstalled, same results. I have turned my phone on and off 3 times, still same results. The app really needs fixed please!

  5. Horrible app, haven’t been able to pay my bill through it for over a month, tells you it can’t and to try again later, if you click on the feedback button it’s the same thing. But if you call in(after a long wait and 30min of them trying to strongarm you into signing up for autopay) they’ll push a notification to your phone that takes you straight into the app and let’s you pay. But if you try to use the app after that suddenly app payment is magically broken again. It’s on purpose.

  6. This app constantly errors. The only way to clear it is to dump the cache, delete app data, and re-login. Every. Time. It’s infuriating. The app used to be fine, but started being bad when the wireless and fios profiles were combined. Lately, it doesn’t work at all. Ever. Please fix it.

  7. Pretty terrible app. Can’t get the play more benefits I’m paying for. After already being signed into the app, it asks me for a username, password, fingerprint, approval from the app (while in the app), and after all that I just get sent back to the home screen. Clicking on Enroll for the play pass thing or clicking the app menu starts the loop over.

  8. Travis dice:

    Probably one of the worst designed apps I have ever seen. Takes a long time to load, after that loads it then asks you to sign in then loads the welcome screen again. Deals advertised don’t forward correctly, trying to read or zoom into the fine print makes the screen jump around. The upgrade option rings you straight to the store rather then letting you choose what line you want to update.

  9. Absolute garbage app, I wouldn’t use it at all if that was an option but Verizon has made it nearly impossible to pay another way. I have to verify who I am 20 different times every single time I want to pay my bill. it literally just took 30 minutes to give them my money, I paid all of my other bills in less than 5 minutes combined. It wasn’t always this broken but it’s just getting worse and worse. Verizon, your app is embarrassing and may be the thing that finally gets me to drop you.

  10. Julia dice:

    Please stop making this update every time we just want to look at Verizon up. Having to re log in or re authenticate identity when switching tasks or even LOOKING at an upcoming bill is ridiculous. App is slow. Prompts that pop up at the top of the screen are ridiculous and you can’t close them. We know when there’s a promise to pay, we know when we just paid, we know there are Verizon up rewards, just stop showing the green/blue/orange prompts with an X you can’t even click away.

  11. Just a slower version of the website, requires you to enter your security question in addition to your password at every login which is really annoying, wants access to you contacts and location even though anyone you’re chatting with asks for the information again anyway. Like most of these apps just adds needless complexity without providing any real benefit. Just use the website, it’s faster.

  12. D Van dice:

    This app is the worst. It’s difficult to navigate. Any issues your basically forced to start a chat session. Might be 1 min or 110 min. If you navigate off, then they close the ticket and you have to start over. I’d give this app 0 stars if possible. Verizon customer service has really taken a nose dive.

  13. A year and a half after my original review and Verizon’s app still gets one star. It will fail to open 99% of the time and unless you have another device handy to pay your bill, I guess you’ll just have to call them and sit on hold forever! This has been a nonstop issue since I started service with them in November 2020. Verizon’s apps and customer service are a joke and I would switch in a heartbeat if they did not have a monopoly on the cell towers in some of my favorite travel areas.

  14. I like the fact that I can keep track of my data usage on a widget and thats about it. The app (and website) are difficult to navigate and crash often. I have to re-sign in almost too frequently to bother with completing a single task. Its a very frustrating experience.

  15. S W dice:

    I never had a problem with the app untill a few weeks ago on my old phone, I’m guessing after an app update? Folks, you missed the mark. I now have a new S22 Ultra and the app wont even launch. It tries..then it crashes..then closes. Stop trying to make it do everything. We just want to see our accounts, pay our bills and be done. And now it doesnt do anything. Roll back to a version that at least worked, because now I have to drive to a store to pay my bill.

  16. V dice:

    This is the worst app I’ve ever used… I can’t pay or view my bills. And Verizon charges money to pay them over the phone and now have to trust that the balance is right even if they’ve messed that up often in the past. They also removed all the good rewards like gift cards and you have trash rewards now so it’s not even worth getting anything there. Just go to ATT or Tmobile cuz that’s where I’m about to switch to as soon as they have a good deal for trade in.

  17. Very poorly designed and run app. For a cell phone company, you’d think their cell phone app would run better. Very slow to respond to actions and load, unable to use certain menu features, no way to report app bugs or issues. I can’t even look at my own account information, but the adds to sells accessories and upgrades to phones sure work fine. If you have Verizon, don’t waste your time with this app. You’re better off going on their website.

  18. I have been trying to pay bill online. Each time it says “We cannot complete your request right now”. Can’t go to store due to work. Won’t call in to have customer service do it over the phone ($7.99 fee). Cannot check nothing within the app. I have to log in several times. LTE is gone. All I have is “1x” as if I am roaming. I have followed all the necessary steps (uninstall, reinstall, turn on airplane mode, turn off airplane mode, etc.) and still nothing. NOW APP NOT WORKING AT ALL!!! FIX!!

  19. Incredibly stupid navigation dead ends, login demands, and “offers” that have no value. The account interface is fragmented, and for a telecom company, recognizing customer needs would be job-one. Except it’s not. Separate the sales tools from the other stuff. Don’t listen to the marketing (pick a word). I recognize what V did to build out their network, but the hype is overblown.

  20. Well the app is ok, not a great researching tool. You obviously have taken great pains to push the hot products. You have the best coverage but I never really liked your site. It’s unwieldy and even though it was designed to cater to the uninitiated, it is a pain to negotiate. For all of me. I’d fancy the oldest NYNEX site from 91. Way more efficient. But then again time matches on not necessarily with improvement. Also your signal is still rather weak in this area.

  21. I switched from Verizon years ago because of the poor service in large cities and the app was so finicky and buggy that it drove me mad, but when a gentleman came by my house trying to see the 5g WiFi, I decided to give it another go and was instantly reminded why I left. I ended up not being able to even activate the 5g wifi service to try it out because the app just stuck me in a loop of signing in, agreeing to terms and conditions, then signing in again.

  22. Brandy dice:

    Hate the new myverizon app. Never works properly. Cannot see the amount of data I actually have left like previously when it showed up on the main page. Also does not have on the main page how many days I have left until my data runs out. I am about to switch to another provider. Have had nothing but problems with Verizon. Why is it every time the app is updated it doesn’t work properly. Ready to switch to AT&T

  23. Constantly updating, verify a hundred different times, constantly spinning freezing, constantly implies something I’m not trying to do- for example it tries to split my bill although I never ever click on that but that’s what pops up as the page refreshes. All I want to do is pay my bill once a month but it’s so impossible. they want you to auto enroll for autopay so they just make their user interfaces as terrible as possible so you literally can’t pay unless you do autoenroll

  24. Doesn’t work. Has some stupid tutorial sequence that freezes on the last step. Tried on two different phones. The Verizon store employees were unable to help either. Also can’t log in from the website, as the verification link gives an error. You really don’t want people to pay their bill, huh?

  25. Horrible app. Especially military deployers. Cannot use the app overseas. I’ve had numerous issues and have spent hours on the phone with customer service while deployed. Now that I am back home, I cannot pay my bill…. 3 attempts with different cards and accounts and I’ll I get is ” there was an error try again later.” Yet I see attempts for 0.00$ on my transactions. It’s simply stunning how such a large company has such a terrible user interface.

  26. Something is wrong since last update. Does not load when clicking on icon. Tried over and over last few days. Finally able to open via different method. Once in, easy to post pymt except for “chat” button superimposed on “continue” button. Pain in the butt. Not happy with Verizon recently. Most likely changing back to Prepaid. So much easier, no surprise fees.

  27. It works and looks much better after the make over. I really like the way you can get in with your finger print. It is now June and a flaw have cropped up with in the app. When you go to My Verizon, it takes ages for it to open, like it is running on dialup.

  28. Always easy to get on and pay my bill. I like checking in from time to time to see how the new plans are compared to the one I’m “grandfathered” into. Anytime I’m ready for an upgrade I browse My Verizon and just order my phone. I’ve used my Verizon to edit certain things that phones on my account can/can’t do which is great. I can access phone records, billing records. Everything I need from Verizon, other than great signal strength ✅️, can be done on this app easily. Customer since 2000.

  29. This app is shady. I had what I thought was 60 dollars store credit that was expiring so I went and selected some ear buds. Most stores have a confirmation page where you put in discount codes, credit before you confirm purchase. Not this one. Clicked confirm and it was like, thanks for the purchase. Couldnt cancel it and 50 bucks to send it back. Can’t contact a human being. So I’m out 60 bucks. When my contract is up I’ll be switching providers.

  30. This is the absolute slowest app and it’s super hard to navigate around the confusing, complicated pages. It always has been. You’re always unsure if you’re in the right spot, doing the right thing or looking at the right information. I’m convinced this is by design to get people in their stores. Who knows why. I just know the app is a terrible experience and I am so shocked it hasn’t been improved over the years…. such a disappointment.

  31. Third and final update! Verizon app and our service stinks I have been a customer for 13 year’s and switches to T mobile! Amazing service and half the price!!!! Fixed the problem!!! literally update every two weeks. I just want it to work and nothing more. A year later and they still update every month. Very sick of this app… Another year later and same thing. Update every other month and still a junk app full of bloat. You would think the highest charging cell company could get it right.

  32. seriously thinking about cancelling Verizon because their app and website are terrible!! seriously as much as the company advertises about high speed, it is the slowest loading website on the Internet. the app is even slower and it doesn’t help that every 5 minutes you constantly have to sign in again and again because it keeps signing out. also have to constantly re enable finger print log in to be able to use the feature.

  33. Asks you to enter your password every single time you open the app. Huge waste of time. The remember me option for logging in is completely useless and doesn’t do anything at all. No point in it all, because if the user don’t know the password they can freely change it to whatever you want on the spot.

  34. This app has always worked great. Lately it has not fixed my updated card, after putting it in with agent. Turned my service off for past due payment, that was made, but it wouldn’t update even with agent’s assistance. Cause again this months same scenario of event. Saying past due. Made again past due and current bill, will see what happens next. Truly hope they get it right, don’t like past due showing up to reflect my credit. Knowing l made payments on time for the pass 5 years. Come on 5g

  35. I can’t pay my bill through the app. I always get the message saying “we’re sorry. It looks like we are having trouble connecting.” And then I get charged a late fee because I can’t pay my bill because the app won’t work! I think it’s time I switch to Xfinity Mobile, pay a third of what I’m paying now, and take the chance on getting better service. I’m not sure why your quality of service has dipped so low and it makes me incredibly disappointed with you Verizon.

  36. Alex Z dice:

    This app has made Verizon almost unusable. This app has so many bugs, that spending hours attempting to use it will be required every single month, and every single time it will delete all of the billing information that you attempted to use previously. Verizon has also completely eliminated its customer service team’s ability to do anything. Customer service, via phone or in person, will simply tell you that they do not have access and that auto pay must be set up through this app.

  37. A payment reminder is awesome! Not only did the app reminded that I had a payment today but it also allowed me to make the payment with a quick touch of the screen. Its almost like autopay but with more control on when you release the money and for how much 🤩🔥💎 On the downside there’s too many bug problems.

  38. Takes forever to load and keeps asking for password when fingerprint scan is enabled. This app is trash. When u select an option it asks u to log in when u r already logged in. Then gives wrong secret question with no option to switch to correct secret question. Verizon has been trash lately. Also, what good is unlimited when it only works once in a blue moon. That’s for nothing lately Verizon. Can you say Tmobile

  39. Unable to pull up bill Because of “connectivity issues” yet I could upgrade my phone and shop without issues on the same wi-fi connection. Also since I have your attention, I should have to get a pin and do an app based Authentication prompt every time I want to log into my account. Let me save clients for later.

  40. The new update has me in an endless loop of oh no your session expired. I click sign in and it takes a moment, then it pops right back up. I can’t check my bill, shop, check rewards or even pay my bill. This with the recent outages is extremely annoying. Get it together Verizon or lose a longtime loyal customer.

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