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TikTok Wall Picture is the BEST & FREE Video Wallpaper Maker for TikTokers. All types of VIDEOS ON TIKTOK, from Dance, Comedy, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, to Funny Memes and everything in between, can be easily converted to LIVE WALLPAPERS in seconds! We hope to bring you joy every time you unlock your phone😍

Convert Video to Live Wallpaper in 5 Easy Steps
✔ Install TikTok Wall Picture
✔ Open TikTok and find the video you like
✔ Set the LIVE PHOTO as your Lock Screen & Home Screen
✔ Enjoy your personalized screen!

If You Saved More Than One Live Photo on TikTok, You Can…..
✔ Open TikTok Wall Picture
✔ Go set wall pictures
✔ Choose one LIVE PHOTO from the album
✔ Set as wallpaper

Please note: If you delete TikTok Wall Picture APP, the live wallpaper will be removed as well

* Any feedback? Contact us at [email protected] or tweet us @tiktok


40 comentarios en "TickTock Video Wallpaper by TikTok 2022"

  1. I like how you can pause it and all, and see the backgrounds you had before. Sadly, I wish they have the same app but for lock screens. The app takes very little storage so no problem there! I’ll say it’s a great app since you can have the sound from the video and pause your home screen which I find very unique. Sadly, you can’t do it on EVERY video you see on tiktok, but most of them you can! I’ll totally download this! It doesn’t have anything wrong with the app, it’s every basic for everyone!

  2. DUDE!! Tiktok videos as my phone wallpapers?! I didn’t know I needed this till I found out about it, now my life is complete 😍😍 Only thing is it bugs out a tiny bit, like sometimes the videos stop working when you restart your phone or, rarely, if you have too many apps open. But it’s so easy to go in and set it up again, that it’s barely even that much of an inconvenience. WORTH IT ONE THOUSAND PERCENT

  3. Yuni C dice:

    I love that I can put tiktoks as my background and choose between my lockscreen, home screen, or both but after a while (about a day or so) the tiktok will freeze and I can only hear the audio. I have to constantly go back to the app and set the tiktok again. Besides that, I love it! Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

  4. Abby Lol dice:

    This app is amazing. 😍 100% recommend. It makes me happy to open my phone and see my fav streamer lmao it’s also super amazing that it has volume controls. I wouldn’t have it if it didn’t lol. The only issued I’ve ever had with this app is that #1 the video freezes/goes away (not the app but your background) every once in a while and #2 one video wasn’t able to have audio because of copyright but that kinda makes sense 😅 but overall. Totally worth it 😉

  5. This app is good, but it does have a few problems. For one, It should give the option to set the live video as Lock Screen, Home Screen, or BOTH. Instead of giving choice, it sets the video as whatever. This is not very common, but there are some times where the live video just completely pauses or freezes when it sets. Sometimes the sound won’t play, or it WILL, but when you want to set the video again with NO sound, it won’t work. Again, good app, but it can be alot better whenever fixed.

  6. Overall perfect app, it makes it easy to use, good video quality, but there’s 2 things that I have wrong with it. 1 is that I’d wish that you could set it as bb your home OR lockscreen and you could choose if you’d like sound or not. And second I wish you could cut the video down a bit so if the video starts with a black screen or something you could cut it down a bit. But pretty much a 10/10

  7. HopefuL K dice:

    This app is totally fine, no bugs or anything. But, please please PLEASE add a function where there could be a separation from home screen and lock screen. To put it into perspective, I really wanna use one for my homescreen and one for my lockscreen(2 different ones), but unfortunately I can’t. If this ever gets added, I’m gonna come back with a 5 star rating ready.

  8. The idea is good. Execution is lacking. The option to set as home or lock or both is only available the first time you use it. So I had to manual trim the video and set the lock screen myself but that’s OK. I mainly wanted it because I can’t so video home screen wallpapers otherwise, but the video changes to a still and you have to go in and reset it.

  9. Hailey dice:

    Great and all but pretty much what all the other reviews are saying. 1.) Add a feature allowing you to choose home screen/lock screen instead of just being both 2.) Allow audio button with the wallpapers where audio could be turned on or off 3.) and fix the bug that happens after a few days of using the app/wallpaper where it freezes, it doesn’t this multiple times for me so I have to change the wallpaper constantly but I don’t mind it that badly

  10. This is great but, if you could have a choice to set it as lock screen, I don’t like pressing my home button and have my music pause until I enter a new app or turn my phone off, just the video as a lock screen only would be great, cause I don’t want to turn the sound off for the wallpaper…. Again, great app, love it!

  11. Originally it was great, but I have to re-set my wallpaper 3-4 times a day! Also it would be nice if you could set the lock screen and wallpaper to two different images. When it works it works, but it’s extremely annoying to have to set my wallpaper several times a day. Will update my review if it ever gets fixed.

  12. I like using this to have a moving wallpaper, but it sometimes randomly stops on one of the pictures or whatever I have as my tiktok wall picture, and just stays like that, then I have to just “apply” the tiktok wall picture again, and it starts working again. This happens on repeat, but overall, it’s pretty good. Impossible to use without tiktok obviously

  13. Quantum. dice:

    Ya know it really actually sucks that you can’t put it only as your lockscreen. Also unless you play around in your settings, then you can’t change back your option of weather you want your live thing to be a wallpaper or a wallpaper and lockscreen, so if you don’t know how to find it in settings, you’ll have to delete the app and re download it. Other than that, the app is perfect. And if those things get fixed, it’s a definite 5 stats for me

  14. It works just as I thought it would. All functions work after a while it does start to glitch (which may not be their fault) but you can easily reset it without having to find the video all over because the video you used is saved almost like a history. Fix the glitching of the wallpaper and it would definitely be a 5 star

  15. Giving it 4 stars because there are some genuinely great wallpapers on tiktok, however I have two small issues. 1. The quality of the video drops quite a bit after its set as a wall paper. 2. Once you’ve chosen wether to set it as a wall paper or lock screen that choice is locked in and you don’t get the option anymore, I’d like to be able to pick what I want it set as each time without having to reinstall the app.

  16. App isn’t functioning correctly. I set a wallpaper and it disappears a few minutes later. If you change your bg a lot okay this might be for you , but I really would like to be able to see my background for longer than 20 seconds before it changes to the default background of my phone. I had this issue with multiple phones already so it’s not only the one I’m currently using.

  17. ZepdaC dice:

    I’m having some issues with this app. First of all when I click the option Home screen or Home screen and Lock screen (needs Lock screen only) afterwards I can’t switch between them if I try to find it somewhere. Second of all if I pick a wallpaper it stays until all of a sudden it disappears so I need to go to the app and choose it again which could be annoying. Anyways a cool app I can choose any video from tiktok to be as my wallpaper and I would recommend it, but it needs some issue fixes.

  18. Would’ve definitely given a 4 and a half star. I absolutely love it. The only issue is, if you use apps and don’t go to homescreen much, the video freezes and you have to reset the live homescreen video. Besides that, I love it!!

  19. When I first looked at the qpp I was like wow cool I love this however after setting both my lockscreen and my wallpaper as a tiktok I wanted to make both two different things. After I set one to both however, I could only change both. I no longer had the option to change one or the other which is very frustrating.

  20. ✅ Confirmed TickTock ⏰ Video Wallpaper App. “TickTock” is obviously spelled differently from “TikTok” 😏 and with this app you can turn any qualifying TikTock into a TickTock Video Wallpaper. Great app. Very simple and effective. Hit the share button on the TikTok you want to use and select “Set as wallpaper”. You can choose to mute, pause, or change volume on the TickTock app. I will award 5 stars when TickTock is upgraded with a proper dark theme that switches according to device settings. ⏰

  21. It is very cool to have a moving homescreen and it integrates well, for the first hour. After that it stays frozen and you have to completely restart your phone for it to animate again.

  22. I love having a live wallpaper, but it freezes all the time. When it freezes, I have to go into the app and chose the wallpaper again. Which is definitely a hassle. Other than that, it doesn’t distort the quality of the original video or anything. So it’s a good app.

  23. THE APP IS AMAZING!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! But, when the new update came on my chromebook and it completely changed everything. It mostly works like a computer now. I can’t see my favourite vids anymore. I liked how it worked like a tablet or phone and you could do anything. Biut yeah the app is entertaining.

  24. Please TikTok. I want to enjoy the app. But my issue and problem is that. When I do all the steps it says ” Couldn’t set wallpaper. This feature may not be supported on your device. Last year it was working well. And I’ve got android 10. Its supposed to support it. This is the worst I need the best help to fix this problem.

  25. At first i was enjoying it but all of a sudden if i want to download any wallpapers from TikTok, it’s always saying that this feature may not be supported on your device and I’ve updated this app on several occasions but no results and also i can’t set it as lock screen only just the home screen that’s all

  26. Great app it works well but sometimes when I open apps half way though the video it sometimes glitches and stops the video but the sound still keeps going. Then I wish sometimes you can just have it a lock screen so you don’t get annoyed. But it is a amazing app.

  27. Very pleasant happy experience with cooktop basically can interact with people become friends or block people a lot easier than Facebook and it taught me how to set live wallpaper on any phone basically it’s very educational and fun I think it is very good for social media the camera is very easy to use I’m still learning it’s really really cool app it has the best live wallpaper images of super clear and the best thing of all it’s all free and you could talk you are the greatest five 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  28. Amie Birr dice:

    Over all, it’s an amazing app! I love how it moves unlike a wallpaper that will just sit there. The only issue is, is when it updates, I have to put the wallpaper back up again, and when I click on the “home and lock screen it sometimes only goes on the home screen.

  29. I love this app! No wallpapers were accommodating for me and really stuck out, I just wanted something different. This really satisfies my needs, I love to be able to look at my home screen and actually not feel bored or not original! Thank you for the amazing idea, I’m sure alot of other people enjoy this idea! It sure as hell satisfied what I want it for.

  30. Its great for having the wallpaper, but it zoom’s it in so much. I made something to be my background and it was so zoomed in i could barely see the edits i made. I’d like to see a feature where you can rezize it back to normal because it’s overly annoying.

  31. It freezes quite a bit and it makes you not want to use TikTok wallpaper and just go back to basic. Other then that it’s great but that’s a huge flaw.

  32. This app is amazing I love this app. I wouldn’t hesitate to get this app. You actually have live wallpapers and you just find them on tik too by searching up “live wallpapers” then you find the one you like and then go to where you copy link and scroll across the options around the bottom ndd find “set as wallpaper” then press that it will take you to the app and you can set it as your wallpaper

  33. belle dice:

    it’s great but it zooms in a little too much and it makes stuff look off-centered. if i could control the zoom and also if there were a length cropping feature, it’d be 5 stars for sure!

  34. It is good but l faced a problem that is it automatically turns off the wallpaper and it disappears then l have to make another wallpaper again.well i think TikTok will fix this problem as soon as possible.

  35. Marilyn m dice:

    It is soo cool we can put on videos and I’ll look like your screen is locked or something and it’s so awesome and they have videos too I mean well yeah of course but I mean like like this video I can actually put them on my own screen or screen and it’s awesome

  36. Bandest dice:

    Cool concept but doesn’t work good. Deletes the wallpaper everytime phone is reset. Randomly resets wallpaper. And now can’t set one because the app will loop you through the same setting screens without actually setting it.

  37. Jaydy dice:

    Easy to set the wallpaper and looks great BUT once you select home or home and lockscreen once, it never asks again so I can’t set a wallpaper without it being both my home and lockscreen now. Also the videos sometimes freeze randomly.

  38. I cannot believe that!!. I opend the my phone camera, then the camera application showed a message to me which is says the camera is used by another app, then I opend active services from developer options and i found this app active then i turned it off from settings, and I tried to recored a video again at this time the message disappeared THIS APP USES PHONE CAMERA There is no reason for this app to use the camera

  39. Such a great feature two problems tho. All wallpapers will lower in resolution after you set it. You can’t set it to be lock screen only.

  40. Becky Yu dice:

    When I pick one and set it, it goes really fast and stops and repeats again it’s still fast?? Please fix this problem because I tried uninstalling it and same problem. 🙂

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