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The redesigned T-Mobile app is made for you.
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Pay your Bill in seconds, track data on the go, shop for the latest devices and so much more. You can also connect with a T-Mobile expert 24/7. Note: Now, you can chat in English, or Spanish.

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The T-Mobile app has been updated to ensure our handy features continue to be fast and easy to use, keeping it convenient for you to manage your account. Try out our new payment features that provide you more payment options.


40 comentarios en "T-Mobile MODDED 2022"

  1. My time with this app has giving me nothing but frustration. And the pop ups from it stop me from doing a whole lot on my phone. I tried to get them to fix this when I switched but they took my phone stopped it for like 10 min and I have had problems ever since with the tmobile has stopped working pop up. I’ve dealt with it for more than a year trying to see if it will be fixed or updated and nothing’s changed. If anything it pops up more now. Just wanted to let yall know be4 you used some trash

  2. Ever since they updated the app, it doesn’t work! I can’t sign into my account. Keeps saying service unavailable, looks like we have our wires crossed. Well uncross them! Going through the web browser doesn’t give you the same options as the app. I need to speak with someone and I’m not calling in to get someone who barely speaks English.

  3. J Kay dice:

    This app is confusing and unnecessarily difficult to use. The service is awful. I am missing both calls and texts. And the call notifications are delayed by hours. I have to call to get my voicemail. Family members also on T-Mobile are not receiving texts until days later, or at all. I had thought T-Mobile would be better than Sprint, I was badly mistaken!

  4. THE WORST EVER!!! I never had issues with Sprint. I’ve been a customer for 12 years. Still had a phone connected to the Sprint service. They kept telling me to upgrade with a new sim card for better service. Now that they merged I have nothing but problems. Texts don’t go through, calls are missed, internet connection is even horrible. Thinking about seriously cancelling and going to a Trac phone. Would not recommend!!!

  5. This app is barely functional. Most of the time the features aren’t functioning. For example, I tap on Usage Details, and all it does is bring up a button that says Manage Data. From there, it does nothing. It only rarely works. Another feature in one of the settings menus says it has Locate Family Phones. There isn’t a feature anywhere in the next screen.

  6. App doesn’t work most of the time. I try downloading my bill pdf and nothing happens. Everytime I press download, weather it’s the summary or detailed file, it won’t do anything. The button is there but the function is not existent. No matter how many times I re install this app. Still the same. T-Mobile needs to fix this app. It’s been several years like this with different phones I’ve owned every year and it’s the same issues over and over. I’m tired of it. Finally got to me! 😑

  7. When it works, it works well; however, the main issue here, is that this app often times doesn’t work. I have had plenty of instances where the app stays on the logo screen and doesn’t open, or the “bill” section won’t load, or the “shop” section freezes, leaving only a tiny square at the top-center of the UI. It also takes days for paid bills and equipment to show up, leaving me unable to set-up certain tasks, such as setting up auto-pay, or buying a new device.

  8. I have been a loyal TMobile customer for over a decade. As I attempt to write this review, as the emails I sent, the app is constantly blocking everything I do with the “T-Mobile app has stopped working” popup very 15 second or so. Never used to have this problem. It even interrupts my mapping system as I drive. In the mountains of CO, as well as the interstates here and in WY it has become danerous. Can’t see the next turn, have to clear the T-Mobile popup the whole way. Please fix this!

  9. Mike A. dice:

    This app works great for paying your bill. Other than that, it’s utterly useless. One search and you’ll find that making purchases or upgrades through the app never works. It’s slow, klunky, and it takes you in infuriating circles. Download it and pay your bills, but don’t expect anything more useful than that.

  10. Horribly optimized. Load times are long, app crashes regularly, even when everything else on my phone runs perfectly. You also need to itemize what “additional charges” are, in the Billing tab – this is confusing at best, and underhanded at worst. Happy to review again, if these things get fixed.

  11. Bob R dice:

    I just had a terrible experience trying to chat with customer service through this app. I’ve tried multiple times to chat with someone to ask about the current trade-in promos. Usually it says ‘try again later’ but when it FINALLY worked I was on there an hr and a half and still didn’t get the answers I was looking for. Finally just gave up and left. Also, don’t bother trying to change your plan on the app. It just takes you back to the page to compare the plans making no changes.

  12. This app doesn’t even open up and it is still not very user friendly. It takes too many steps to get the information. There should be a more intuitive UI and a startup page that gives both the UID and PWD to enter instead of one first and then the other. Also, once logged in the initial page should give more information without having to go to several different tabs…a summary of the account, the bill and other important information. Then if the user wants more details, have links to navigate.

  13. Ally Foxx dice:

    Since I can’t edit the review I just did… I made a change on the app. Instead of confirming it (get this) It sends me a text… To sign in to the phones BROWSER… Which in turn needs to verify who I am… By sending ANOTHER text… To once again sign into the phones browser! So then whats the point of having a phone app? Despite this being a locked/dedicated T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy, this app has lost the ability from previous versions to recognize the account its connected with.

  14. This app is horrible! Your service is even worse than that. I have been a customer for 10 yrs but ever since the merger, the service has been just god awful. Dropped calls, texts won’t go through, ppl can’t leave me a VM and yet I’m told the only way to fix the problem is to switch to a new carrier but continue paying off the phones on my account. We all know if I were to do that and something should happen to one of the phones I’m still paying on, nobody would be able to help me! Great!

  15. Rob World dice:

    I’m not sure how it’s possible but this single purpose Voicemail app is pathetic. It constantly syncs and never shows recent messages that are waiting. I’m a 30 year IT/communications professional and know how to troubleshoot and get around problems of all types. Clearing the cache and/or app data some times works. Removing and reinstalling the app is the most reliable method, which royally sucks to have to do. I’m using a fully patched Samsung S21. Please get this fixed ASAP!

  16. Mike dice:

    Keep getting “Oops, looks like we got at work crossed” message. Can’t do anything with the app. On top of that, their customer support is useless. I been trying to get a Samsung device unlocked and they are too incompetent to unlock the device. Gladly leaving this provider. They need to rebrand T-Mobile as it is just like Sprint now.

  17. Experience was better then expected , friendly, fun, knowledgeable, even personally experienced staff. The manager there needs a raise ,along with his excellent staff. Thank you for all the help and calling personally to let us know the phones were in. Then did all the setup , since I am electronically challenged. But really keep up the good work.

  18. Not real happy with the new service. Was told it would save me money and it raised. The phone that was “free” doesn’t get very good reception and I don’t like the way it functions at all, the volume when someone calls is low even turned up. Thinking of going back to where I was. Only had this service for about three days and completely feel wronged.

  19. The app that chemical has is accessible. Not only for sighted individuals come up but for those who are blind as well. It works well with the talkback/screen reader that is used on the phone. And I think that T-Mobile should continue to develop their app and make it more accessible. The accessibility for the app has been great.

  20. I hate this app it never works when you need it to. Cant login more than half the time. Blank screen when you choose an option and it rarely works to pay your bill with. Frustrations everytime I use it. I cant even try to get a new phone with this worthless app. Nope Still Hate this app! I have been with Tmobile for YEARS and it is so hard to pay your bill! This app STILL NEVER WORKS!! REDICULOUS!!

  21. New to T-mobile, but so far, good. NOT good any longer, this “T-Mobile keeps stopping” is VERY annoying, and it’s been going on for my phone for 2 months now, everything IT says to do, doesn’t work, or works for a day or so. Clearing “cache” works a little longer but we shouldn’t have to clear cached every other day. Seems this problem came up around the time T-Mobile was hacked, no? Please get this fixed “T,” it’s a real PITA!!!

  22. After its slow, hanging launch, account information pops up fairly quickly. But there’s nothing in this app which a user can’t access through the web – even via an Android phone – much more readily. Moreover, setting permissions/privileges are only available via the web. Sorry, TMUS; right now this is quite a handicapped app. Your phone reps are nice people, though!

  23. N A dice:

    Been with TMobile for well over 10+ years. No matter what they do, no matter how many updates they do to their app, it always freezes or stops working/crashes no matter what phone I have. I’ve had a couple of iPhones, a couple of LGs, and a Pixel throughout my tenure with TMobile. It also doesn’t help when I’m looking around for something specific in the app and can longer find it because they change the layouts so often. Wonder why it’s so difficult for them to have a fully functional app.

  24. What is happening with T-Mobile. The customer service was the best. Now I can’t get an reasonable answer to an issue. This app was great for a long time. Now everytime my phone restarts I get a message the the app stopped working. I have to force stop the app to get it to stop sending me that message. T-Mobile customer service has not been able to fix it. Can’t delete the app. Frustrating. Guess they have gotten too big and have lost their connection with their customers.

  25. Abomination. This app is an absolute abomination. App only loads half the time. When changing settings you have to change the setting 8-10 times before it actually changes. Some links just don’t load anything. App crashes constantly. I’ve been with Verizon, AT&T, Google Fi, and Sprint in the past and this is by far the worst app.

  26. I have been with t-mobile for many years. I have always been very happy with them. In the last 6 months, I have been really UNHAPPY. I have only been able to log into the app 3 times in those 6 months. I could say 7 times, but 4 of those times after I typed in my info and hit the log in button it went back to the home screen. I had a simple question about a month ago and after 20 minutes on chat, I never got the answer to my question. Seriously considering changing providers.

  27. LHT dice:

    Horrific app, nothing like what it once was. It was once great, now, not so much. It used to show transcribed messages in the app, without having to resort to texts or email. I don’t want a text, or email, I want it in the app, as it used to be. What a lazy way to program, send a text. Put it back in the app, or change the name to Basic Voicemail Manager, because the app is no longer visual voicemail.

  28. The app is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used which is really unfortunate since T-Mobile is one of the best services I’ve ever used. It hardly works, isn’t user friendly, and isn’t remotely easy to use. It’s ridiculously slow (doesn’t matter if you’re on 3G or Fiber Optics WiFi), doesn’t work properly or what you’re wanting to do/view, and just wasn’t made for the consumer in mind. The entire app needs a massive rework.

  29. I used to this app quite frequently before the last two updates but now it is absolutely unusable!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I try to open it the message immediately pops up saying that the app has been shut down!!!!!!! I just don’t understand how T-Mobile can let this app fail continuously without fixing it. I have the same problem with their website as well, I can log in but as soon as I click an option for what I want to do, the website freezes and it takes at least 45 seconds for it to restart.

  30. Meika F dice:

    Not sure what’s going on with this app. After I installed I was able to access my account with no issues. However, once I’m done using it the app keeps disappearing from my app list and disables itself automatically for some reason. So anytime I need to use the app again I have to come back into the play store to click enable. That is annoying. Please fix.

  31. I’ve been a customer for several years. I have been extremely satisfied with T-Mobile. Edited review on 1-6-22. Since t-Mobiles merger, there service is SORRY!!!!! Now, when I logged in I was advised I had to change my password. I changed the password and attempted to look at info in my account and have been unable to log in!!!!! Looks like it’s time to change providers!!!!!

  32. Like many other recent reviews, I thought maybe I used the wrong password. Upon logging in, it prompts a screen to tell you to log in again, to view/pay your bill. This is the 2nd month I have experienced this issue. With the amount of money we pay for phone and internet services, I find the consistent glitches, baffling. I hope this is addressed and corrected ASAP.

  33. The app works well – until it stops working. But it doesn’t lock up. No, what it does is go crump and disappear by becoming un-enabled. I have to go back to Google Play to enable the app again. I’m finally noticing a pattern: it does it EVERY change of month, and at least once more in between. You REALLY need to fix this kludge.

  34. One star is the lowest I can give this app, phone, or T Mobile as a service. The phone is quirky, deletes phone numbers in my contacts, locks up and doesn’t allow any keypad movent unless I restart the phone. This is the second phone of this style, and the same problems. Going to a T Mobile center is of no help. Maybe it’s the 5G service, but it’s not much help if you need a phone in a crisis situation. I’m not sure if it’s the app, or the phone, but it’s frustrating either way.

  35. Non-stop crashes since it was installed by the SIM card. Doesn’t matter that I’ve never actually launched the app myself. Just runs in the background, spamming “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has crashed” until I manage to be quick enough to force stop the app. Only solution offered by T-Mobile is: buy a new phone. Sorry, but I’d rather have Sprint back. They may have gone downhill in customer service in recent years, but they didn’t try to shove upgrades down my throat and never screwed up the phone.

  36. WORST APP EVER!! This app is totally unnecessary, as far as I can see, yet it constantly pops up notifications about interruptions. I went to a T-Mobile store to see if they could help me delete the app or disable these pop-ups, but, apparently, there is nothing they can do about it. It is totally disruptive to my work and makes me want to throw my phone through a window about 40 times a day (the number of times I have to force stop the app). I cannot say enough terrible things about this app.

  37. This app has malfunctioned on my phone. It now pops up every few minutes, seemingly especially while I am doing something important. I have tried to change the setting but it does not respond. This app is deliberately disrupting usage of phone and apparently is a very common issue to force customers into upgrading their phones as T-mobile has no solution and has not for the past year and thousands of complaints they have recieved. Shame on you T-mobile

  38. It’s been now over a month the app is broken. Will not allow to login and view anything, will only bring you back to the option of logging in again after yiu have but it won’t do anything. Can’t manage accounts, see billing, look at upgrading promotions or anything. Say they’re fixing it but whatever they’re doing isn’t working at all. Extremely frustrating and annoying.

  39. Josh J dice:

    The app is useless… Multiple times I’ve updated, deleted and reinstalled it, and it keeps freezing after trying to log in. It goes to log in, brings me right back to the main screen fir the app, and clicking on anything dies absolutely nothing. Even after power cycling the device, it still acts up. I’ve made complaints about the app before, and it seems to be getting worse and worse! Sooooo annoyed!

  40. Malcolm B dice:

    (same day edit) I changed it to one star because the check tracking system is archaic. I shouldn’t get an email it should be a notification in the app with a tracker from when it’s submitted, approved, processing and deposited. This app needs to show a running balance. We’re adding and subtracting to get the balance after transactions. This is not good for someone who uses this for purchases on a daily basis.

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