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Expressly for employees who already utilize Paycom’s HR and payroll technology at work, the Paycom app puts the power of our Employee Self-Service technology on your mobile device. Please note that some Employee Self-Service features must be enabled by your organization’s Paycom administrator. If you have questions about these features, please connect with your HR/payroll department.

Whenever and wherever you need it, your personal employee data is accessible here, including past and present pay stubs, benefits, tax forms, performance reviews, goals, contact information and more. With our secure fingerprint-ID login or PIN login options, your data is literally at your fingertips!

An industry-first, Beti™ gives you the keys to access, review, manage and approve your own paychecks before payday. It allows you full visibility into your paycheck before it’s processed, clarity on how pay changes, a visual of deductions, expenses and other allocations, a guided process for paycheck approval and confidence knowing the amount is correct.

Whether you punch our web-based time clock or input your hours on our web-based timesheet, you may do so through the app. You also can submit your time for approval, check your accruals and request time off for vacation, medical appointments and other events requiring supervisor approval.

No more keeping track of paper receipts for your expense account! Simply snap a photo of the receipt and upload it through the app for reimbursement. You can check the status of pending expense reimbursements as well.

Any employer-assigned training courses or learning paths can be taken here. In addition, any courses applicable to your system privileges through our client training and certification program, Paycom University, are accessible.

Conveniently track your business mileage with Paycom’s Mileage Tracker. Easily store copies of receipts for quick reimbursement, sync your existing trip information to Employee Self-Service and even set up automatic tracking to streamline your expense submission process. Missing a certain feature? Reach out to your HR department!

Because work doesn’t stop when managers are away from their desks, Manager on-the-Go helps them make the most of their workday. This mobile tool allows managers and supervisors to complete essential management tasks involving their employees from anywhere, including approving hours worked, time-off requests and expenses; viewing team members’ schedules; and more.

As with our core product, we welcome, appreciate and listen to all feedback. Simply email [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Paycom MODDED 2022"

  1. Extremely SLOW! It just took me three minutes to clock in to work woth this app. Everything it does has to wait for a little spinning circle or loading bar and takes forever. The refresh never works, it will say you’re not on the right network even if you are, no matter how many times you refresh it. Very cheap and low quality. It kind of works though.

  2. I just completed my application to start working with this company, but I’m having a hard time completing the quizes on here because the print is just too small. I’m visuallly impaired and normally I don’t have a problem seeing small print, but this is too much for me. Whomever designed this software and app, should have made it where the user can adjust the fonts on it. I could probably pass that quiz with flying colors, if I could see the small print.

  3. App is extremely slow. Often takes 15 seconds or more to just to show any indication that a button or option was selected, and actual loading of the selection is slow as well. Interface isn’t easy to navigate. While going through annual open enrollment, I accidentally added an option I did not want (due to the slow response time of the app), and it took about a half hour to figure out how to get back to that option to decline it. App should make these tasks easy, but turns them into a chore.

  4. I’ve never had an issue with the app itself, it works well. I would’ve just preferred a more user friendly experience than didn’t require me to have to really “learn” a lot of the features. Such as how to see my coworkers shifts, and how to request a punch change. Things that didn’t seem too obvious and HAD to be shown to be by someone else. Other than that, it’s a good app.

  5. Mike C dice:

    Better than ADP, which isn’t a high bar. For what problems it may have solved over that, it has its own to replace them. I use the app as little as possible and for only the most basic tasks. The web site isn’t much better, but helps in navigating the hodgepodge of components. Was a clunky transition when we switched and still seems messy. Have felt more micro-managed since we switched too, and I’m a manager.

  6. Could be more stars. A couple things i would mention is not being able to select a “user name” without it being an actual email. As well as maybe some type of confirmation when changing tax filing staus instead of just returning to the same edit screen you were just at, not being sure if it actually did anything or not. One more point i would like to stress. When i open the app, sign in, and then am greeted by a splash screen to remind me to download the app seems kind of redundant.

  7. S SS dice:

    Very user un-friendly. Too many fields with too many drop-down items. The fields to enter text get covered with all the menu items so u have to back out and start over, and you can’t see content. On 4 different occasions, the app has punched me In and Out on days that I don’t even work. To request a change, delete, etc, you have to go into too many different areas of the app and everything needs approval from employer, even the simplest edits. Spins around ,loading for a long time upon log-on.

  8. App is unstable. 1) Best case scenario it only loses data on a weekly basis. Things can look fine for up to a week before it loses data. 2) Clock in/out times are based on when server receives them rather than when you actually made them. If you work in areas with bad connection like me, you will just have to get used to making multiple time corrections per week. 3) For the second time an update has locked me out of the app. Just like last time Paycom App does not recognize my credentials.

  9. My work got this new system and it constantly crashes. It takes forever to connect to IP address for punch ins. Also somehow all W2s got messed up due to Paycom. They forgot to include state taxes and such. It was a disaster. But it got fixed. I just feel that there is not enough time put into this app before being released. It has great potential. But maybe for small business only.

  10. Horrible! Login process seems outdated. I know my username and password, but rejects every time. I know how to login to apps, very basic. Seems like app is extremely slow at updating my info. I have a new phone, so I know it’s not me. Also the app jumps around from one page to the next, like it’s intentionally skipping steps that need to be completed. Very frustrating!!! This app is garbage!!

  11. Horrible application. Have to waste my time logging hours over and over because it doesnt save 90% of the time. Cannot save pay stubs. Most of the “features” do not even work. I recommend using the mobile web client over this. If you ever get a version of the app that works, never update it because the new update will break any functionality you may have had.

  12. Ted Stout dice:

    Easy to use; great interface! Update: app has slowed to a crawl on my S20. Forget about fingerprint sign-in. I deleted cache, tried again. Slow as before. I deleted data and re-entered everything. Slow as before. Out of curiosity, I tried it on my iPad for comparison. Logged in quickly. It is clear that the issue is with the Android version. Also, it does not play well with WiFi. Works better with WiFi off. Please fix this. Update: updates have restored app functionality. Changed to 5 stars.

  13. Great overall. I would appreciate some saved clicks. In two spots. The first is when I clock in. And leave the app. But don’t close out of it. When I come 4 hours later to clock out that I get a warning that my session has timed out. I don’t need that. I just need the login screen there. I have to click past the warning to get to the login screen. Second, it would be nice if the fingerprint reader was active at the login screen rather than having to click on the fingerprint icon first.

  14. Every time I log-in to Paycom, I have to input a PIN, which isn’t in itself a chore, but on desktop, I need to enter a username, password, and SSN, which seems arbitrary and redundant, especially on a private computer. In the app, there is a permanent messages notification from a supervisor, and there is no way to make the notification go away. I press the message icon, the message appears on screen, and I navigate away, the message notification returns every time. It’s a visual nuisance.

  15. This app is terrible. It used to be extremely fast and usable a year ago until recently. Now the app will be stuck in the logging in screen for a super long time. The only fix I have found so far is to constantly close and open the app to log in and just hope it logs you in under a few seconds otherwise you are stuck in a loop.

  16. This app has 2 major flaws: 1) It keeps sending me a reminder to clock back in 30 minutes after lunch. I can’t set this to a different time length, so it’s completely useless to me and distracts me. 2) It forcibly logs me off after some short period of time. When it does this, the app looks like it’s crashing. It tries to load a page, fails, and then makes me press a button before it boots me to the login page. That process wastes 10 seconds. Instead of taking 10 seconds to fail, why not just boot me to the login page after x amount of time directly. Stop wasting my time.

  17. Oddity X dice:

    Its functional, but the user interface could be improved. My suggestion is to give the option to set default settings for when you want to clock in. This way, users do not need to choose the same 3 options every single day upon clocking in. I think that would go a long way to making this feel easy to use instead of a thorn in the side to clock in.

  18. Yazmin dice:

    Paycom app has a great set up. I like being able to clock in from my phone because sometimes the computer will take a while to load the page. But there has been several times where I clock in late because the app always gives me the error message “cannot clock in from this location” and I’m sitting at my desk. I’ve asked the employer why this happens and they informed me it’s something the app has to fix. So hopefully this review will help get the location services fixed/stable on this app.

  19. Overall the app is very neatly organized works pretty much without issue except for one. I have a Google Pixel 3A XL with biometric fingerprint turned on for the app and when the app is trying to resume after sleeping oftentimes it will not prompt for the system’s fingerprint reader. Even if I punch the little fingerprint on the screen. I have to force close the app and reopen it.

  20. I have to say, Paycom is one of my more favorable Payroll companies. The interface is very user-friendly and allows me to navigate quite easily. One of the features I would say I enjoy and use the most- is the mobile app. I love being able to clock in from my phone. Especially when I’m in a hurry or running a bit late. I can punch in from the parking lot as I am coming in instead of having to boot up the comp and punch in that way. Overall, I give 4 out of 5 stars. But I don’t easily give 5’s!

  21. Great app for shift work! Easy to change punches for emergencies or mistakes. One of the annoying things is approving your weekly schedule, but that may be a workplace issue kind of thing. Biweekly reminders would be nice. Another thing is the app loads slowly and sometimes I have to sit there waiting for the app to open to clock in. This could be an android or connectivity problem though.

  22. __ dice:

    Our company just moved to Paycom recently and we’ve been having constant issues with the mobile version (and sometimes the browser one as well). Half the time the app just won’t let you clock in. It’ll sit there saying it’s confirming your location but never actually gets through it, so you’ll have to get on the browser version, which takes forever, and finally log in that way. Huge hassle. This was supposed to be easier than TimeForce but I rarely had lag issues with that.

  23. It’s really bad. It has simplistic functions and is sort of ok at punching in, but useless in every other conceivable way. The buttons to change times doesn’t work, you have to constantly reenter a password despite it remembering you and Overall functionality for new comers is dreadful. I use it because it’s required, but otherwise I wouldn’t. If -5 ☆ were an option, I’d have used it.

  24. The GPS has always been slow to obtain when you open the app, but on the new clock-in splash page, it doesn’t read it at all. If you skip to the main clock page, it works every time. PLEASE FIX

  25. I never have liked this app and i loathe being forced to use it. It is user unfriendly, clunky nature. Take a look at the user enviroment for ADP, especially the punch change request, which is the most intuitive design I have seen. Not this app, though… Why would you not have everything come up on the same screen while editing, so you can see what you are doing? And why do i have to uninstall and reinstall this app constantly, just to get it to load up or to recognize punches?

  26. I recently got this app for work and I am trying to finish the registration process. And the app won’t let me update my contact info. Specifically the emergency contacts. I go to that section and the app won’t even let me press the button to enter an emergency contact. If I can’t get this sorted out I’m afraid I won’t be able to clock in for work.

  27. I use this app because my work uses it for their employees however, I do not see the options you list as far as “Time management” or being able to approve my time card, I can’t even see my punches in or out and I have to write down each time i clock in and out it’s annoying. And the only thing useful is seeing my check and my vacation hours I wish y’all had these apps updated!!

  28. Paycom is user friendly, and very easy to maneuver. The sample checks show you exactly what your check will look like, so you’re able to effectively budget, and stick to it.

  29. If I could give this app 0 stars I would love too. I jus don’t get it. How does the app never load when I try to clock in on time? But yet it conveniently loads no problem literally the minute after my punch time is past? 10:15 is the time and the app will sit there and say slow network EVERY SINGLE MORNING while ignoring my punch. I’ve even tried logging in before that time and same thing. But as soon as it’s 10:16 app loads no problem. Gtfoh, this is too consistent to be a coincidence

  30. I use this app for work. It’s very easy to navigate! My favorite feature is being able to see and change any of my personal information as well as pto and vacation time available!

  31. Support for the app is horrible. They simply give you excuses of why they cannot do something. No where remotely close to ADP or R&R in quality. Edit: Someone almost immediately reached out. Instead of offering support they wanted me to fill out another form. 🤔 Definitely a “Great Value” version of an HR company imo.

  32. The app is fairly reliable. I have only had 1 crash in a little over a year. Navigating it’s features is easy as well.

  33. The app is great, the only problem is that it asks me to turn on Bluetooth if I try to clock in and out and won’t let me do so until it’s on. It used to not do that and this started last week and my coworkers all find it strange as I think u am the only one this is happening to. I tried to go to the app settings to fix it but no avail

  34. My employer just switched to your platform. It’s fine. But I have to make at least 6 clicks to upload a receipt–which is something I do multiple times a day. Currently it’s biometric sign-in->hamburger menu->expenses->add and manage expenses->”+” button->scan receipt. PLEASE make a shortcut! I can’t live like this. (I tried to fill out the feedback form but it wouldn’t submit…)

  35. Lyn w dice:

    The app was working great until I was prompted to reset my password. After doing so I attempted to sign into the app which requested unique pin numbers. I entered the unique pin numbers and was told both were wrong. I have attempted multiple times. I contacted my HR supervisor and was given a password reset but the website and app are still asking for you unique pin that I am told are wrong. Been locked out for too many attempts.

  36. It’s great if the company you work for has a good wifi connection, it used to help me, and save me time when it came to clocking off, but now I been having problems with the wifi, one moment your on, then when you least expect it’s off. Other than that I think it’s a good app.

  37. This app has not worked properly for me since my company went to it. Everytime I go to punch in get error messages about device taking to long to retrieve location. Why would my company switch from a payroll app that worked just fine to one that is frustrating, had not worked for the employee, and just plan broke. You get what you pay for.

  38. The company I work for uses the app and love how easy it is to keep track of payroll and benefits. The home menu is easy to operate and everything I need is easy to access with the biometric fingerprint scanner. Overall great quality app for what my needs are for the app, would recommend

  39. Sometime the app worked and sometime it didn’t. Found it difficult to move from document to document. Had to keep signing in, sometime it took 3 or 4 sign ins before I was able to access the topic I needed. Was warned several times that this app was not safe.

  40. Ron Teppe dice:

    I had a problem about downloading a file from the app, I was contacted and it was immediately fixed, was even contacted by my HR department to check in with me about the situation, what great customer service, they went above and beyond

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