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The Papa Johns Pizza App makes ordering your favorite pizza online even easier! You can earn free food, find Papa Johns restaurant locations near you, get special online pizza offers, and track your pizza delivery order right to your door.

Place your order at any Papa Johns Pizza with no contact pizza delivery and safe store pickup options! For the convenience of our customers, all delivery orders will now use our safe and simple No Contact Delivery by default.

Earn Free Food & Pizza
Earn Papa Rewards points and redeem your Papa Dough towards free food or pizza items!

Special Food Delivery Offers
Get great offers & deals on delivery from your neighborhood Papa Johns Restaurant. Craving a tasty slice of pizza? Turn on push notifications to make sure you never miss an online offer for your next mobile food order and pizza delivery.

Favorites and Past Pizza Orders
Save time on your next food delivery with your Pizza faves and past orders. Quickly reorder from your favorites, or from any pizza order in the past 90 days, with an account.

Find Your Local Papa Johns Pizza Restaurant
Easily search by zip code or city to find your local Papa John’s Pizza restaurant for effortless online orders, speedy delivery or takeout. Take advantage of special local deals and discounts on your favorite pizzas!

Pay For Your Pizza Your Way
Our app makes it easy to pay for your pizza delivery or carryout order how you want by choosing from cash, credit card or Google Pay.

Order Pizza & Food Ahead
Use our convenient Future Ordering for your next Papa Johns Pizza restaurant order! The Papa Johns app makes it easy to order tomorrow’s lunch or this weekend’s party spread in advance. Choose when you’d like your food to be delivered or ready for pick-up.

Papa Track Your Pizza
Easily track your food or pizza delivery order from dough to door so you know when your food will arrive! Activate push notifications so you know when your order is on its way and get ready for pizza!

The Papa Johns Pizza app is for Papa Johns Restaurants in the United States.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


This update Includes:
- Support for our next promotion
- Enhancements to some of our deals
- Small tweaks to the new Papa Rewards section
- A few bug fixes & image enhancements to make your experience better
Make sure to get this update soon to get the most out of our upcoming offers & items!


40 comentarios en "Papa Johns Pizza & Delivery FULL"

  1. Would be a better UX if the Place Order button was at the bottom of the order screen instead of just being a button that’s always on the bottom of the order review screen. I pre-emptively hit that dang thing without updating payment info almost every time. At the very least, give a pop up that makes the user confirm that they are READY TO PLACE ORDER

  2. tflo95 dice:

    Ordering food is fine, but if you wanna know when you’re going to get the food I have some bad news. Attempting to use the tracker on the app absolutely bugs out my phone, freezes the app, and almost makes my phone unusable. Truly awful bug that has been on-going for months now. Papa John’s also apparently doesn’t email receipts anymore, either, so I can’t even try and track it on there. Not sure what’s going on with you guys, but pretty awful experience.

  3. This app is useless!!! After installing and entering my info it wouldn’t even show a menu. After choosing delivery it would go to a blank page with a search field that was non responsive. It said that the delivery address would appear there after the first one is placed. However, that was the only page that would appear. I wasn’t even able to get to an account page to enter my address. Only the carry out option would show a menu, but I was unable to choose a location from the list.

  4. It’s ok. You can browse, make your selections and specifications, pay in app, most of the basics. The UI is not great, if you want to edit an item after adding to the cart, several taps on “kebab” menus. Tracking is not a thing. Generally boring looking, but functional. The bare minimum.

  5. This app takes time to learn; as it’s not particularly user-friendly. The app is unforgiving if you make an order error; often resulting in having to start over. I bump the rating 🆙from 3 stars to 4 stars because of the aesthetics. Colors are bright, easy on the eyes. The fonts are large. The tracking your driver part of the App works in an accurate manner; often better than Uber.

  6. This has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the faults are too much to enjoy the app. You can order and receive your food of course, but some issues add unnecessary frustration. Changing primary address is not available or does not properly function Tracking your order needs a lot of work. It would give me updates, however when I went into the app to see the updates, it would error and go to the basic order page. At one point, I couldn’t back out of the screen. Previous orders no go

  7. The app is very friendly. I used it enough times to feel confident my orders would be delivered on time and as expected. The app has the items very well organized, loads fast, and in my personal experience, it never crashed. Though, recently the track your order page loads with an error, I still get a notification on my phone when pizza it is ready for pick up Or on its way if its a delivery.

  8. I like that the app just let’s me do what I want to do, order pizza. No ads, no intrusive suggested selling, smooth, pleasant experience. I would like to see the app accept more than one coupon code per session. I’d rather order both pizzas at the same time rather than completing one order and then having to do the second. I don’t order unless it’s either on special/ that I have a code for. If not for this, I’d go to another national company that has large 3-topping carryout for $7.99, IYKWIM.

  9. Very well organized and easy to figure out. My favorite pizza place and the app makes it even better with being able to visually see the specials that are being promoted at the time and the specials being very good prices for what you get in comparison to other pizza places. The one thing I suggest is to just add a little more color to the background/backdrops of the app and also a bit of animation in some places when going to a different section in the app(i.e. favorites)for a bigger awe effect

  10. The app is very easy to use and good for menu navigation and ease of customization. But when I go to put in Driver Notes there’s a character limit that prevents me from telling the driver detailed instructions about how to get into my complex. There’s two gates, only one of which they can actually enter through, and it’s down the road from the other one. When they arrive by GPS they always get confused because it directs them the fastest way, which is through the wrong gate. Please remove limit

  11. Te Revz dice:

    Pretty reliable app. Makes ordering easy and convenient when you dont feel like cooking or talking to someone on the phone to place an order. I love how the app keeps you updated on each process (making, baking, preparing, on it’s way etc) and you can easily track the order once it has been sent out. Once I was unable to use the app, but that was once out of the hundreds of times I’ve ordered pizza lol. Easily 5 stars.

  12. Way too difficult to find/change store location and way to difficult to leave a tip. Unless I’m hunting through the app for them I’ll place my order by mistake and have to call to make corrections –if I catch it. I once had my order cancelled by the delivery driver because the store location was too far out. I didn’t even get an option to choose the location! It must have been buried deep in the app somewhere.

  13. I placed an order through the app, that all went fine. However, it cannot find my order when I try to track it, when I select contact store it takes me to a page with an error message. Almost everything I try to check in this app doesn’t work. I can’t even edit my primary address. I haven’t received an email confirmation of my order nor an email confirming that I changed my email address. However the app had no problem submitting my payment, so good to know that still works.

  14. The only thing I would change about this app is the track my pizza part. If I accidentally close the app, or switch to a different screen, the option disappears. I’d like to see it on my dashboard, where I can get to the tracker any time. Other than that, this app is a lifesaver, visually appealing, and so easy to use.

  15. The layout and functionality of the app is easy and not hard to manage. My favorite part is the customization where you can decide if you want a specific item on the left or right side or the entire pie. This comes in handy for our family where we agree on a certain pizza, but 1 or 2 people dont want a specific ingredient on it. Just add it to one side! Adding a payment method and then paying is easy as well. From beginning to end, it’s a well built, functional app.

  16. Love the app other than the placement for adding tip. For me, it shows the pay now button on the bottom of the screen in a fixed location. This makes it look like there isn’t more to the cart page. But if you scroll down you can see a place for tip. This has resulted in me missing the tipping on more than 1 occasion. It would be nice if the tipping feature was more prominent or if you try to place an order with 0 tip, it would ask you to confirm your order with 0 tip so you can correct it.

  17. Tried to place first order, but wouldn’t allow me to search for stores. I placed through their website instead. After order placed, I was able to “track” through app. Their tracking sucks on the app. Map is not interactive, nor does it show where driver is (unlike Domino’s). No updates or notifications to let you know your order’s progress or when it left the store. If the pizza sucks, I’m going to delete the app. It is not a good representation of what they expect to put out for pizza.

  18. It’s pretty simple with many options you might not be aware of having. It’s intuitive enough to figure it out pretty quick. On the topping page I am confused about what is to the right of the amount(light, normal, extra) what is the graphic used for? I have touched it to see what it changes and saw no change. I can’t figure what it indicates or is used for. 🧐

  19. The app works very well and is detailed, but if i may give a suggestion: please add a section for “notes”. Each time a place an order I have to call the store to ask if they can place the pepperoni on bottom (underneath the cheese). It’s not a difficult task, but sometimes it gets confusing due to miscommunication with the preper. Adding this specific field for notes will save time and not allow me to complete my requests all within the app, but I’m sure others would benefit from it. Thank you!

  20. The app is easier to use than the old layout. They’ve included a tracker but apparently that doesn’t work in my area but it does still always insist on trying to load it 🙄 All around though I find this version much easier to use, use to be hard to find different pizzas because there are so many different main sub menus. And maybe one day in the near future the tracker will work.

  21. It’s easy to order what I want on the app, but being able to use the pizza tracker is a another story. It doesn’t work at all. Every time I try, all it does is completely freeze my phone, to the point I have to fully restart it to get it to work again. Would be nice if that glitch could be fixed please, so I have a better idea of when my order will arrive.

  22. I have only tried using this app twice. The first time went really well once I figured out how to navigate the menu. On the second time, it wouldn’t let me check out because it “could not find my payment info”. I tried using my PayPal balance and my visa through PayPal, both through Google pay, but the app wasn’t having it, so no order! In other notes, I think the minimum cost for delivery should be more apparent because I keep forgetting what it is and not everyone knows there is one.

  23. This app is probably one of the easiest I’ve ever used to order food, especially for delivery. I do wish that it was possible to leave longer messages for the delivery drivers since it’s difficult to get into my specific neighborhood and everyone gets lost without detailed instructions but their drivers are smart and everything else on the app is incredibly user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. They’re my new #1 pizza place!

  24. I installed the app to check out the menu/prices about a month ago. Today I’ve been receiving dozens of notifications that my order is on its way, my order is ready for pickup, etc. Thing is, I haven’t placed an order, no transactions of it from my bank/PayPal, but every 30mins I receive one of these notifications. When I tap the notifications, it just brings me to the dashboard on the app, nothing in the cart, just the app. Not sure if this was a bug, but putting this out there

  25. Superior to all other online ordering apps. Functionality, user interface, rewards, menu access, toppings, deals, payment options. They continually make improvements, and add options for order customization that most places would require talking to someone on the phone. All of the aforementioned aspects of the app make it easy to use Papa John’s, which is probably the best franchise out there anyway. For franchises, anyway.

  26. Great UI.. when it works. I just re-entered my card info 5 times in a row in the middle of placing an order to get it to work. My card was supposed to be saved every time. What a waste of time, and now the tips will not add correctly to the total in-app. The app has bugs like crazy, and is only getting worse each time I open it.

  27. Always has great deals, easy to use, doesn’t spam you with notifications all the time. I’ve gotten maybe two push notifications since I installed it several months ago, not including the ones that let me know my order is on it’s way. I do like that notification but I’m sure you can turn it off if you wanted to.

  28. Most of it is good. The primary issue I have is the checkout screen on a mobile phone. The spacing of everything on the cart menu takes up a lot of room and requires scrolling to view if everything is correct. Once you select a payment method it requires your CVV. But only after you select payment method does the tip show up. But if you click a custom tip amount it defaults back to the CVV input. Then you can’t update your total with the new tip amount so could be prong to errors.

  29. L M dice:

    Update: 5-20-20: The “redesigned app” is better, but still has problems! Need to: Move the crust type into the menu selection with the other options and the app still does not connect, to place the order. Just call in the order in! This app is poorly designed. It does NOT have a way for you to control the number of marketing offer notifications every week. I finally was annoyed enough to do the only thing possible … turn OFF all notifications, …

  30. Great app… except it will NOT let me order delivery. Used it for years, no problem. I haven’t eaten delivery from the app in 6 months now since it all of a sudden decided to end that service. called customer service, tried everything. Nobody knows why. Frustrating. I think it has something to do with the Google maps location. 🤷‍♂️

  31. Lex Rini dice:

    Very easy to use and even shows you your earned rewards at check out so you can select whether or not to use them (in increments of $5). Never had any issues with ordering but the automatic no-contact option often doesn’t actually have the delivery person leave it by the door, they still stand outside and wait for you.

  32. Very difficult to choose the right store for carryout. Some of the addresses aren’t even listed until after the order goes through, and when there’s multiple locations in a relatively close area, that can be problematic. Service and ordering process is relatively painless, but for carry-out options, it’s definitely -2 maybe more stars.

  33. Easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and the orders go through quicker than calling! Only issue is driver instructions are too small, and can’t fit more than 30 or so characters. Other than that, no issues at all! Works perfectly fine. A true role model for how other mobile offering apps should do it.

  34. Jaydus T dice:

    The tracker takes awhile to load and actually work for me. Edit: Multiple times, things have been forgotten from my order. I know it gets busy but PLEASE take time to actually make sure that everything in someone’s order is there. The first few times, whatever. Mistakes happen, it gets busy. But after awhile it’s just annoying. That’s just wasted money.

  35. Just one big problem. It keeps defaulting to contactless delivery. Even after changing it to have it handed to me, it changed it’s back to contactless while I was entering payment info. I don’t want my family’s food place on the dirty ground. I don’t want to knock it over when it’s set directly in front of the door that opens outward. If some people prefer that that’s fine. But why can’t I set my own preference for my default? Or at least not have it change itself back mid ordering?!

  36. Overall pleased with how the app works. My only complaint is when you try to sign up for the rewards, I’ve run into an error where it says I didnt fill out a location or address field. Problem is those fields arent there to fill out in the first place. Please fix that. Second, if youre trying sign in but forgot your password and try to reset the password the email link is NEVER sent!! Fix this too!! It is ridiculous.

  37. Sometimes it’s buggy but most times it does the Job. I had a free promo pizza and it wasn’t letting me log out. Like it didn’t want me to have the free pizza! Lol I do like how you can keep track of the driver. Even though it can be a bit laggy. But most of all it’s a great experience leaping into the future with tech. This is how it’s done now. Wow!

  38. Used to use this app all the time, I have over 500 dollars in orders easily so far. Once it updated, it will no longer let me use the delivery option, stating I’m too far away even though I’m only 4 miles away. When I call the store they deliver with no problems but what’s the point of the app then?? Super disappointed with the disconnect on this one.

  39. Much improved over the last version of this app. Specials are easy to see and apply, and customizing the pizza is simple. Papa rewards are fully integrated instead of a built in but separate browser like page. If they had the tracker integrated in the app that would perfect it…but its still come leaps and bounds. No trouble from this app… although I cant say the same for papa himself 😉

  40. I have poor eyesight. Therefore finding things like edit buttons is very difficult. I often have to go back through several times just to get my own order right. My first online order took almost an hour. I suppose if I ordered more pizza using this app I would get better at it. But novices, it’s a little difficult.

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