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Run fast! Run Fancy!
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Run through dense forests, underwater caverns, and pirate ships in search of your kidnapped sister in this epic platformer game. Stomp, kick, and slash your enemies with 40 melee weapons and an arsenal of moves. Battle Pirates, Ninjas, a Giant Penguin and more!


– Plenty of platform levels filled with secret rooms
– Parkour style gameplay
– Many challenges and races.
– Unlockables: hats, weapons and PANTS!
– World 1 and World 2 can also be unlocked.
– Gamepad support!
– Leaderboards and achievements
– Stickman / hand drawn art style

Join Fancy Pants Man in this platform game as you help rescue his little sister, Cutie Pants, from the worst pirates ever.

Leap, slide, sprint and smash your way through some of the most unique levels to be found in gaming.

Fancy Pants Man will wield new weapons, take on new enemies and use a ton of new tricks and abilities on his way to rescuing his beloved sister.

Unique hand-drawn artwork and gorgeous, colorful visual style.

Collect the squiggles and stars spread throughout each stage and use them to unlock new awards, costumes and accessories.

Developed by Brad Borne and Over the Top Games.


Updated developer libraries.


40 comentarios en "Fancy Pants Adventures 2022"

  1. While this game has some of the best animations and the smoothest movement, WOW is it unforgiving! If there’s a Dark Souls of adventure platformers, this is it. The platforming sections are extremely intolerant of mistakes; to clear them, you have to press exactly the right buttons at exactly the right time. The enemies also take away about a fourth of your health when you get hit so you burn your lives and score super fast. If the goal was to create a soulslike, congrats. You’ve done it.

  2. Jesse K. dice:

    This game is fantastic! Very well made. Graphics: 8/10 The graphics are pretty good. Cartoony style. There is only one place where you can see an unfinished wall, but you’d have to be looking for that kind of thing. Controls: 10/10 Fantastic, solid feeling controls. There are a couple of secret possibly unintended techs that make the game that much better. Storyline: Giant rabbit/10 Fun, goofy storyline. All there is to say. Great game overall. Plus it’s free!

  3. The game is in my opinion 10/10 and the one of the best free mobile games out there. The movement is fast-paced with charmming hand drawn elements. Each level is packed to the brim with fun design and collectibles. Character customization is minimal yet still vety good with over 100 (total) ways to make your character unique. The game generally does a good job at making you want to come back for more as this game is practically the only one on the market thats free.

  4. It’s a great game and it relives the moments in Fancy Pants when it was in Mac and PC. I just wish there was a zoom-in option because everything is small. The frame perspective is larger compared to the computer versions and this is extremely more difficult to see when on phones. It just think it ruins the purpose of exploration and adventure if you can see secrets by just walking a few pixels away. I can barely see the characters and I’m near sighted. It’s not good on the eyes.

  5. I absolutely love the game as a long time fan but there is only one problem… The game doesn’t save your progress when you turn it off. I tried many ways on trying to get it to save but it wouldn’t. It only saves your progress for that session which is sad because my phone clears apps automatically. If that feature can be added I’d love that! Also I’d like more levels because I wanna never stop playing this game!

  6. I just got done beating this game! I got 100% completion on every level, did all the challenges, found all the bottles, finished all the micro-trials, got all the trophies, and completed and all the golf courses. The movement in this game is fluid, and the controls are easygoing. Also, the graphics are masterfully blended between beautifully cartoonish and hand-drawn, to liquid-smooth animations. Not to mention, the storyline was over the top, and the ending was incredibly emotional!

  7. As a gamer myself theres a few kinks that need to be worked out. I am a big fan of the series too. This one and the Xbox 360 are my 2 favorite. Just wish the controls on this game were like the controls on the Xbox 360. Might be a little more easier to control the Fancy Pants character better. I have noticed a few glitches in the game and some creatures need a little explaining on how to defeat them besides jumping on their heads. Example: The parrots, the crabs and the Pirates.

  8. Top marks, A+, best performer ever. This game is super fun, challenging but not overly so, and best of all, is NOT abusively monetized. Does need an option to enlarge the buttons. One thing I’d like to see is a speedrun mode with a timer and instantly advance to next level. I only wish there was more, but eleven hand-drawn levels is no easy feat. And devs, when you make world 4 throw in a few more boss fights plz.

  9. Great gameplay and the controlls feel really responsive and they didn’t scew up touch screen controlls like some other things do. I do think they should have found a way to put World 1 and 2 in the main story. The game can become quite difficult near the end, but it’s still fair. I think the final boss fight needs to be made harder it’s really anticlimatic. The background and ground look really nice. Most enemies are kind of easy. The exceptions are parrots, pirates, and ninjas. BTW s is jump.

  10. Truly a great port of the game with World 1 and 2 included and tons of costums and levels. The controller support is fantastic, no issues at all (at least for me) This game is Leagues better then its sequel Super fancy pants adventures and is far worth the value. Anyone who wants a decent platformer or even a nostalgic feeling of the game from the internet before Flash was removed, it’s a must buy.

  11. Unsure if it’s a glitch or not, but the game is super fast like it’s been sped up. I have both IOS and Samsung versions. The Samsung version is way too fast to keep up with what’s going on while the ios version is the normal speed. Not sure if this is an issue but uninstalling.

  12. Gojō dice:

    An absolute childhood classic. This is a very well optimized port and is essentially an amalgamation of all the fancy pants games, containing the best elements of each of them including classic 2d parkour platforming as well as an actual story unlike the older flash versions. This is a masterpiece of platforming.

  13. Alec T. dice:

    This game is fancy, one of my favorite 2D platforms, I like the controls and the combat, the platforming is very smooth, one of the coolest 2D platformers… but the same ad keeps popping up every time I finish a level.

  14. Hi i would like to say something please i mean the game itself cool and wonderful but i have finished the game many times can you add like a new level or smth or a online mode smth new but which is a playable feature oh yes and pne more thing is there a way and if there isn’t can u make it possible i am talking about when i uninstall the game the whole progress is gone can u make it that i can log with an account or something like that it would really help alot

  15. ??????? dice:

    not gonna discuss the gameplay, because its amazing, same as the visuals. the backdrops and animations are fantastic. I have to say, the soundtrack is so great and disappointing at the same time. it has some of the best melodies and instruments ive ever seen, however the songs are too short and when they start to get really good it loops. it just has so much potential that wasnt fully used. still a 10/10 though, worth more than free

  16. Can’t pass the home screen. It seems it doesn’t rt support gamepads, so no to “Tap to start” for me. And it’s not my gamepad or my device. All the other games and apps I’ve installed respond to my gamepad. Some might have issues, but at the least, all recognize the Dpad and two buttons.

  17. What a brilliant game!! The animations are simple though flawless. And the controls are super easy. I am literally out of words and can’t describe how good it is. The story, background music everything is so soothing and perfect. Great work by the devs… Would like to see more of such games or probably next versions of this game itself.

  18. Ev D dice:

    Whattttttt? Yooo this game is perfect. Amazing simplicity yet the dude is like Sonic that can do flips and he has a cool pencil sword and he has like,~~ swag 😎😎.

  19. Exellent game, the story has an amazing plotline, and it includes the first and second worlds for more content apart from the story. The cobtrolls are very good, 5 star for sure.

  20. I could draw anything that I want to do and it’s very fun I love you the Creator that made it 🌲💖 and you can give your I’m not sure but you can draw anything from anime or from cartoons and they will just boom it’s done and I love it so much that can you make a game that is called get your iPhone 14 and this app is beautiful to use and have a happy Jolly Christmas🎅🌲

  21. I love this game, it has one of the most smoothest animation this game is worth downloading. Nice job👍, but pls reduce the ads.

  22. JJ dice:

    I love this game! Storyline, art style, fun game, only problem is the ads. Initially it never had any ad system but too many ads now. World 1 and 2 were difficult to unlock (which was a good thing) but sadly you can unlock them by watching ads which destroys the sense of accomplishment. Please remove ads from there

  23. The game is good, but I lost my progress even though it clearly said saved. And I spent like an hour getting from the forest to the ship. Please fix this.

  24. This Game Was Very Annoying At Times. Where A Enemy Would Not Want To Die. And Some Places Where I Couldnt Beat A Level. Levels 8 9 And Mostly 10 Were Just Bad. From Where Bad Guys Where At To A Poor Level Design. Without These Problems I Would Of Gave It 4 Stars But Its Just Annoying For A Mobile Game

  25. Great game, very nice mechanics and all, but when I reach the temple on the Forgotten island I fail, then I have to redo the whole level. From the very beginning, and it’s frustrating that the game saves only when you complete a level. Overall, the game is very good, but please do something about the save.

  26. I love the pencil movesets Tip : if you jump while doing a heavy attack you can fly like a helicopter First animation is the wheel spin cut And second animation is the helicopter cut LOL

  27. Doby dice:

    This game is my damn childhood. The creators of this game have no clue what “fancy pants” as a whole means to me. I remember being like 6 or maybe 7 years old and playing fancy pants with my sister. She of course was way better then me but it was so much fun. Memories I’m never gonna lose. Fancy pants is absolutely a fantastic game, that has fantastic story, fantastic graphics and fantastic controls but most importantly. You’ll make fantastic memories playing it.

  28. Great platformer, just as fun as the Flash version I remember from ages ago. Controls are a bit janky at times but are servicable. You are unable to angle certain wall jumps like you are able to do on console/PC, but it doesn’t prevent you from reaching any areas or collectibles.

  29. Love it love it love it! I played this one th computer years ago, and the phone game is sooo fun! The world’s are just like the computer game, and the story line was a fun challenge. I’m still working on getting everything more completed. (Each level is complete, but some as low as 40%! That one was quite a challenge)

  30. This game is great! It is very creative and the adventures are somewhat endless, but it does satisfies one’s soul. The bosses are amazing to fight with, and the monsters are always new. If only they could build more games like these, Google Play Store games sure does suck these days.

  31. Fancy Pants is a good game with amazing features that are very easy to use as far as quality is 10/10

  32. Nostalgia boner!. This game was my favourite pc game to play and seeing it now makes be feel better. The controls are great, graphics are slick and smooth and music is fun. The additonal things like weapons and different outfits adds customization to the game. It’s a long game too and it’s totally free. Recommend this to anyone who adores platformers or used to play this back on PC. 10/10

  33. Awsome, maybe a 3d version lol, different monsters where you have to attack from behind jump or slide to defeat or run, rain clouds and rain, and love the outfits whatever is popular or has been years ago in country rap rock. A control stick that looks 3d like a flag pole with white orb on its top. Buttons for different attacks maybe you can only have 3 out of 5 like skills and traits.

  34. With out a stupid idea of the amount of villains, this game would’ve got a four or five star. Isn’t it hard when you get through only eight levels?! I doubt it was gonna be that bad 👎 👎👎👎. At first it was so good but when I reached level eight, it was as mean as it’s developes who make everything IMpossible. See the IM I put?! Stupid **** game of yours needs an update ASAP!!! IT BLEW UP MY INTIRE MIND OUT OF MY WHOLE BODY!! COULD U BELEVE THAT???? DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  35. I love this game. Great port of world 3. It has improved graphics from the flash player release and it’s free with only ads on the loading screen and not even video ones. It even has the levels from world 1 and 2 as unlockables.

  36. This game is okay-ish, the enemies will get annoying over time and you probably will rage over the enemies (birds and rats are the 2 most annoying). but overall a good game for a 2d platformer and bring back memories from the flash era. controls are a bit clunky and if you touch a wall during swimming it WILL lock you in place unless you press up or jump and it will launch yourself up. 3/5 from me

  37. This is a really good game, but HOW DO YOU GET THE BLUE KEY ON PRINCESS PIRATE SHIP????????? Anyway it’s a really easy, and good game. I like his speed and jump height. And I like his hair style too lol and the ink slides and the opportunity to slide, and roll. Really good game! But I don’t like how everytime you die, you get a ad popup. That is only one reason tho. Still a good game!

  38. I love this game and it’s really fun! But when I move on to level 2 it won’t let me.. my screen turns black and it exits, I don’t know why this happens but it needs to be fixed pls, I’ve tried Again and again over 15 times and it still does the same thing…

  39. YaBoiEtc dice:

    I love this game it was my childhood but the 2 bugs ive experienced are 1. The bummin it beach race ive gotten the gold medal on it on all arcade games actually. But everytime u leave and ReOpen the game it removes ur medal 2. I can’t get one accessory and i need that one last hat to complete the achivement but the game itself is amaizing tho I just hope the glitches get fixed.

  40. The controls and movement feel great, I like the art style and animations, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s just super fun and rewarding, and it has plenty of things for you to do, but not an overwhelming amount. It’s my preferred way to play the Fancy Pants classics, and the perfect introduction to them.

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