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A Ball Bouncer With Depth
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Dig deep underground by shooting balls and breaking blocks, traversing your way to the planet cores. With limited shots per round and some blocks fixed firmly to the wall, thoughtfully strategize and aim for maximum impact. Knock down as many blocks as possible while collecting crystals for upgrades and getting deeper beneath the surface.
Choose your ideal upgrades such as more starting balls, more shots per round, or storing more crystals, based on your play style and overall strategy. Work your way into the procedurally generated planets with a delightful spectacle of bouncing as you get closer to the planet’s core.

Balance your plan between ball bouncing patterns and unpredictable, surprising bounces in this mesmerizing and curious game oozing with charm. Immerse yourself in a world of extravagant minimalistic art while jamming out to an original space acid soundtrack as you feel the satisfaction of digging further underground.

• Six planets to dig through
• Original soundtrack of seven diverse and space-acid themed tunes
• A tight experience with 5+ hours of gameplay’
• Intuitive, one-handed play
• Endless play mode
• 5 achievements
• 11 leaderboards
• Split view support
• Toggle for screen shake


40 comentarios en "holedown MODDED 2022"

  1. Generally very satisfying, but in the end-game the random generation can sometimes assault you with impossible situations. Would have liked the option to add a little more visual predicability to the shots, because one pixel can make the difference between a good bank and a wasted shot. But overall much more polished than the other breakers out there.

  2. Very fun game to absentmindedly play but it gets wonderfully difficult as time goes on. While the planetary missions didn’t keep me occupied for terribly long before I’d beaten them all, the infinite mode held me for hours and hours. Past a certain point, one little mistake can end a run. Sometimes it’s bad luck. Sometimes it’s a bad decision. Either way, i realized my limits and set myself a goal. Reach 1000 meters. Today i did it, and subsequently uninstalled the game. Just wonderful.

  3. I love this title. It is perfection. I always prefer mobile games to be simple and fun and this does it well. Music, sound effects, graphics, and gameplay is all perfect. Not that put of a fan of the upgrade system. Its just not that satisfying but that may change down the line (only played a little so far). As a QOL, a quit game button would be great, instead of swiping up to leave since full screen in games is annoying. Good work to the devs and I cant wait to see what this team releases next.

  4. Should be $0.99 not $3.99. Fun for a little while, though I got all of the upgrades and got to the last level in only about 3 hours, max. The max ball count is 99 but it takes so long to get an extra ball that I don’t know how often people will reach 99. The upgrades themselves are kind of boring, different shot types or something to spice things up would have been nice. Overall decent fun, though ultimately too short and simple for the price point.

  5. Narbra dice:

    Very well done in most aspects, just rather short particularly for the price. I wish there was not only more planets but at least perhaps some sort of prestige system where you can reset but start with a certain amount of crystals or upgrade points or something. Overall I love how it plays, it just begs more!

  6. Game is really good, I appreciate that it saves the game wile playing levels. I have to agree with everyone else though that one you’ve played through the first level it’s all just more of the same. Once you get to the end level there isn’t much motivation to keep playing. I think introducing fixed levels and leaderboards might help as well as new block types, maybe ones that can’t be broken, spit balls, etc …

  7. I wish there was more content. I still come back to endless mode once in awhile, but I’d really like more levels, maybe with different shapes. The core gameplay is fun and the game is not an endless money sink or ad-ridden nightmare. Thanks for making it! Edit: I still wish there was more content, but this is my go-to enjoyable experience, so I’m bumping from 4 to 5 stars. It’s simple and satisfying, incredibly easy to pick up and put down any time.

  8. It’s pretty good game. It would be great, but the difficulty scales strangely. You’ll be stuck grinding a level, then you’ll be overpowered for the next. Success also depends on rng. You might be doing great, then get a less than ideal level layout and have to start over. Annoying on the last level especially when you’ve already upgraded everything. I liked it, but wish there was a bigger variety of upgrades, so there was some strategy to that aspect.

  9. This is just as much fun as the desktop version, and just as addicting. The screenshots show it all: it’s a cutesy brick breaker game with the added element of rounded corners on all the blocks. This can lead to planned and unplanned trick shots not possible in lots of other games of this genre. I also enjoy the inclusion of the level-up system, which gives you complete freedom in how you go through the meta-game of upgrading your dig team. It’s a great time waster to come back to now and again.

  10. Fun but gets repetitive fast. I think it’s good enough as a finished product for a kid to enjoy but some things were mildly frustrating like not being able to speed up the balls and having to wait for tens of balls to do their thing and come back!!! Not that big a deal, really the worst thing is just that there’s not much more to do. Each levels the same challenge, just bigger in scale, and even the upgrades are also just the same “powers” you already have, they just get bigger in scale.

  11. Simple & addictive, but not $3.99 worth of content. Once you beat Planet, Sun is trivial. Final level is infinite Black hole which is fun for a bit. But by then you’ve unlocked every upgrade (except 100 ball count), so there’s little incentive. Biggest annoyance is that you are penalized for clearing the screen. Also there’s no way to exit a game in progress. If you accidentally click “Play again” after you’ve just beaten a level, tough luck, you’ll just have to beat that level again. Just why?

  12. Super fun and satisfying game. The little pill dude is super cute. My only complaint is that there’s not a lot of new stuff to work towards, once you beat the different planet sizes you unlock the endless mode and that’s the end of it. Either way, fully worth asking price for a fun expeience and endless gameplay loop with no ads or in-app purchases.

  13. I’ve played games like this before, but I really love this one. I burned through all the levels in a day or two, and went back to them til I was less than 10% in each level’s leaderboard. Now every day I play the endless (last) level to see how far I can get. It’s relaxing & addicting. I wish there were more levels before the last. I wish there was a “vs” mode where two players competed, over days if necessary, and whoever got deeper won something, a trophy? I wish we could submit sayings too!

  14. Chrow dice:

    Considering i got this with the play pass rather than paying directly, it’s a decent. You can blast through it and it’s unique for the brick breaking genre. It does get to some points where it’s a grind and either you feel too overpowered or too weak. I do also wish there was an end of the game marker. Like something to pop up and say hey that’s all! You dug through the galaxy! The UI is clean with the exception of purchasing; Ie. there should be a way to choose between map and replaying.

  15. I experienced loss of my progress once the second time I opened the app but I haven’t had any problems since. The end game could use more fleshing out, I reached the last level which lets you progress as far as you like but I feel the way the game scales you could keep raising the numbers and feel like you’re still making progress clicker style.

  16. Fun to start but limited levels, limited upgrades, and the endless mode becomes nearly impossible to continue after only a short while in. Additionally the randomly generated levels sometimes generate impossible to win scenarios which is incredibly frustrating. Not worth 3.99. Maybe worth 1.00 for the sake of no adds. I feel bad about the money I spent on it.

  17. Holedown feels great and looks great, but unfortunately loses its flavors by the second or third level. The only thing to unlock with the gems that you collect is the ability to fire more balls. No powers, no interesting obstacles between planets. The name of this game is: make the numbers go higher, but without any meaningful progression. Once you learn how to make the various skill shots, the only thing left is How long can I make the numbers go down in one shot. I don’t regret buying it, I regret the price. Hopefully Holedown 2 is a bit more Peggle 1. Then there would be something to recommend the game. At his point, I would not suggest buying it for anything more that $2.

  18. Eric True dice:

    Nice variation on brick breaker games. Polished animation and sound effects keep things interesting, and the aiming controls never failed me. It only took about 6 hours to max out all the upgrades and get to endless mode, but it’s a solid game if you like this kind of thing. Might be more challenging for kids.

  19. toferj dice:

    I’m glad I didn’t pay any money for this game. It was fun for an afternoon, but once I realized that the last “level” is just an infinite unwinnable thing, the game instantly list its appeal. There’s nothing left to strive for. There’s no further enhancements to “upgrade” and no feeling of achievement beyond beating your personal best at level of depth. It feels lazy, like very little thought was put into the game design. 👎🏼👎🏼

  20. It’s really polished and fun… for the first hour. Pretty soon you reach the infinite black hole stage and have all the upgrades, and the only reasons you have to keep playing are to get a high score and/or to kill time. No replay value at all. I’d give it 5 stars if it cost $1, maybe even $2. Definitely not worth $4 though.

  21. Fun, but super easy, then super difficult. I’m at the end of the game and I have every upgrade maxed but it barely makes a difference in the stage. Trust me, I don’t mind a grind but the blocks are stacked in ways are are impossible to break them. I understand it’s supposed to take a really long time to break through that stage, but it shouldn’t be impossible or something you can only achieve if you get lucky. As for everything else I wish there were other upgradable elements and more stages.

  22. A polished take on the popular ball barrage game genre, extremely simplistic in nature but still quite fun. Holedown pairs this basic activity with an upgrade system that ensures you won’t get too far too fast. On the one hand, this increases the game’s longevity, on the other, it punishes skilled gameplay by preventing you from picking up all the upgrade crystals you see by harshly limiting your maximum yield per round, leading to stale gameplay where you can neither progress nor upgrade.

  23. Great potential, but wow it’s a short game. The black hole level is pointless, as you never have more than 32 balls to start with, and some of the blocks require 200+ hits while being almost halfway to the top already. If you have to pay for this game; don’t. It could be a great game, but the devs really need to elongate the game and help it be something you can play over and over.

  24. Yeah it’s fine but then it just ends after 5 identical levels which is uh an odd choice. I kept expecting it to open up in any way, maybe like a second upgrade store with anything actually interesting in it would appear but no it just ends in the most unsatisfying way. The last level is just bottomless and all the upgrades just max out like an hour in. It really just feels unfinished. In fact it feels barely started. Its like the very basic beginning of a game that never happens.

  25. Grant M. dice:

    This game managed to fix a lot of the problems that people had with games like Ballz, but it ultimately suffers from the same major issue of dragging on endlessly until you sigh and ask yourself, “What is even the point?” The gameplay doesn’t change as you progress, and all progression does is make all the blocks have more health, so the game gets even more tedious. You basically just play for an hour until you have an existential crisis and feel dead inside, and that’s it.

  26. Delightful, well polished twist on the brick-breaker genre. Visuals and animations are crisp. Sound design is excellent. A very satisfying experience. Nice that there are goals and upgrades of sorts to keep the player hooked. My only minor gripe, I wish in the endgame / endless mode we could continue upgrading our starting ball count beyond 32. It’s been pretty difficult starting against 70+ hp blocks that are already creeping up halfway on the map.

  27. Fun but short little game… Get to the end pretty quickly. Biggest annoyance is a failsafe that returns balls that hit only the sides several times so they don’t get “stuck” — it kicks in WAY to soon, often the balls are making clear progress towards the balls below (20-30° angle!) and suddenly they’re out! It’s not uncommon to only have bricks at top and bottom given the fall mechanic; give it a chance!

  28. Game works well but seems very limited. There aren’t enough upgrades to advance quickly. You have to play the same levels over and over and once you level up, that’s it. No more advancement. I’m sure others have beaten the black hole level, but I’ve given up. Should have saved my $4 for something else.

  29. Nyle M. dice:

    By far the most charming ball bouncing game I’ve played. I love the simple but pleasing art style and upgrading for level progression. I will say for $4 though, I would wish there were more levels to explore with a bit more variety to each planet, but still a fun and addicting way to pass the time

  30. Logan B dice:

    Really fun and addicting game. However, I think they removed the leaderboards which is a shame. The first couple planets are short, then the only think left to do is to get a highscore on the black hole, but the only fun in that is too try to get to the top of the daily leaderboard. I was in the top 5 everyday, but now the leaderboard is completely gone, so the game is no longer worth playing. What a shame.

  31. Love this game, but loses a star for how quickly you can max out everything and hit a ceiling. Really wish there was more! Dropping it two stars. The infinite level is completely useless. I thought I’d at least have high score to try and beat, but the total randomness makes it awful. Having no upgrade ceiling means I would at least get some improvement and benefit to the grind.

  32. Too short and no updates. Seems like something thrown together for a quick money grab. You only have 5 planets to beat, then the developers threw a “black hole” in as the final level. It has no bottom so it never ends. It’s like they did that so they didn’t have to keep adding new planets and develop the game further. For a game that actually costs money, I would have expected more. It’s a fun game, don’t get me wrong. But it certainly feels incomplete and lazily developed.

  33. Pork Chop dice:

    Requires internet to play. Toddler ran off with my phone and managed to freeze the balls. The game still worked but the balls wouldn’t shoot. There isnt a restart level button either. I tried restarting my phone, clearing the cache of the app, force stopping; nothing worked. Forced me to restart my game completely. Aside from that the game is wonderful and polished. I just wish there were more upgrades and maybe some temporary buffs you could get. Maybe a couple more levels too.

  34. Nice concept and execution. I feel like it doesn’t change enough as the game progresses, but the core loop is very fun, and it’s great to come back to again and again. I’m glad that the game charges me upfront and then there’s no micro-transactions, wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise, to be honest. Looking forward to more games from this developer.

  35. Fun game, but I beat it in about an hour and a half. Seems like the developers put in the black hole level to basically ensure they didn’t need to make the game any longer. So long story short: this game is actually expensive for the amount of “game” you actually get, so they put in an endless mode with almost no endgame at the back end to keep people from being upset after beating it in 45 minutes. Keeping it 4 stars cause it was fun, but yeah waaaay too short.

  36. The gameplay is simple, but very satisfying. I wish there was a bit more content… if you’re sufficiently addicted, you can unlock all the upgrades in a couple days. Good thing there’s an endless mode to provide many more hours of playing even once there’s nothing left to unlock.

  37. Cem Aslan dice:

    The fact that it is using the exact position of touched finger to control where the ball will go is really making it hard to play with one hand. Can you add a control mode option where it would use a touch’s start and end position to decide direction, similar to how a joystick would work? IMO that way would feel more intuitive and would make it a lot easier to play with one hand. Great game otherwise!

  38. I’m gonna say this game is overrated. It’s by no means terrible; it looks and feels great. however I am surprised by the lack of content and replayability, especially for its price. there’s only a few levels and upgrades you can get. It starts off so addictive and fun. The first levels are easy, then get a bit harder and then it suddenly ends, leaving you only with the unlimited level with no reason to dig except for score. Also, this game has no restart button. Like seriously how?

  39. Amazing game, I love it. Only bringing the rating down to a 4 because it frequently crashes. Not while I’m playing, but very often when I return to my game it loads up where I left off and it’s stuck on that screen. Sometimes on the menu, sometimes in a level, but maybe 5 times this has happened today alone. Force closing the app doesn’t fix it, I have to restart my whole device.

  40. The game itself is very good and a fresh take on the whole breakout genre. Graphics are satisfying and minimalist and gameplay mechanics are very fun and addictive. But that all dies out very quickly once you have broken all the cores in each level. Took me about 2 hours to complete the game and get to the infinite level at the end and then the game loses all appeal and i just uninstalled. Hope I see some updates to keep this game fresh but absolutely would not recommend spending so much money.

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