Royal Breaker – Ball Blast 3D MODDED 2022


Explore King Royal’s castle in the breaker fun 3D puzzle game!
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Welcome to the Ball Blast 3D puzzle adventure! Explode obstacles and use amazing boosters to beat joyful and challenging levels! Royal Breaker is filled with thousands of challenging brick breaker fun puzzles! Shoot balls and crush all the bricks to beat levels and unlock new chapters!

Blast bricks and get powerful boosters to pass brick crusher levels. Solve puzzles and explore the castle!

Game Features:
● Complete tons of challenging levels to unlock the King’s Castle!
● Play with unique targets in each level and conquer entertaining obstacles!
● Collect coins and special rewards in bonus levels!
● Use magic boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect coins by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Sync your game progress seamlessly between your phone and tablets!
● Easy to play but challenging to master!

How To Play:
-Tap on the screen, then slide your finger to find the right angle.
-Shoot the balls to crush all the bricks and obstacles on the screen.
-Achieve level targets by solving unique puzzles of each level.
-Unlock new chapters as you advance along the way.

Join the exciting adventure and have a breaker fun blast now!


1. Get ready for amazing 100 new levels! The PEACHES levels are available in-game!
2. Explore the new area MAGIC ROOM!
3. Fix minor bugs for a better game experience!

New levels are coming in every two weeks! Make sure to update your game to get the latest content!


40 comentarios en "Royal Breaker – Ball Blast 3D MODDED 2022"

  1. You can tell when developers REALLY care about the quality of a game. Easy for sight impaired, beautiful graphics and bright colors, good base story line, lots of different kinds of challenges instead of the mundane same-ole-same-ole of the majority of online games. Easily one of the best breaker games I’ve played. A keeper!

  2. The game is really fun but one major glitch is REALLY trying my patience. I like the palace-building aspect, but right now I completed the bedroom and the next new area (theature) won’t load. Still unable to load new area. On the main page, the button “load new area” is all sparkley with an explanation mark. I hit the button and a window opens with a grayed out “unlock” button and a green message that says “downloading” but nothing ever happens. I have over 120 unspent stars! Help

  3. UPDATE: Glitch fixed and I can play again without any issue! Thanks for the quick fix 💜 Loved it, until it kept freezing on me. I reached level 339 and it froze when I was almost done with the board. Continued to happen on this level for 3 days. Today it finally stayed unfriendly and I passed! Only to get frozen in the very next level after less than 15 seconds playing 😐 will give it a few days and if it doesn’t get fixed will have to uninstall…

  4. Great game, however it has way way to many ads. I really enjoy the game. But seriously an ad between every board, amd sometimes in the middle of the game. And it gives the option to add 50 more balls, well I have done this time amd time again, and always have to watch ad which I’m ok with watching an ad for some extra balls. However after watching ad I receive NO extra balls at all. So there for a total waste of time. I think they only do it to get ad’s watched, but yet again I receive NO BALLS

  5. Emma Lead dice:

    I was enjoying it. It had a lot of ads, but they were always between levels so it was tolerable. But within the last few days ads now come up in the middle of a level while you are playing and it is incredibly frustrating. If that isn’t fixed soon I’ll be deleting it.

  6. I’m deleting. It’s fun, but I’m tired of it always popping up “Trial period is over. Do want to upgrade?” The answer is a resounding no and will remain no. Make it to where that pop-up can be turned off, so non-paying players can have fun without being hounded to death to buy the freaking game.

  7. Until now, level 1062..the game was a decent game. But now all of a sudden, if you don’t clear the level it tells you to spend 200 coins to keep playing, if you don’t have 200 start over. So now it’s FORCING a player to pay real money?… Game isn’t worth that, AND.. quite the scam…it’s definitely earns a major negative star rating

  8. This is a great game. Until you are in the middle of a competition, and get an ad that takes you to the store,or gives you a reward that you should be able to collect when you want. Foul word this game. UNINSTALLED NEVER TO BE ADDED AGAIN!!! I don’t mind ads even. It helps pay the bills.

  9. Its set up so you can’t collect enough coins to win, not to mention the enormous amount ads you have to watch. Its enjoyable but you get to a point that you have to actually purchase coins or delete it, I’m deleting it, im done.

  10. Had a good time playing til recently. Now, I can’t even get a level loaded up because the game just freezes the second I get past the loading screen. I tried a reinstall and clearing data/cache, and still no change

  11. Really fun, would give 5 stars if we were able to pick our own furniture. Lots of events always going on, levels are absolutely fun and not to hard. Just please make it where we can pick and choose our own furniture, and then i will change my stars to 5.

  12. A lot of the ads cause the game to freeze on a black screen, so you have to close the game and start your level again. Tons of ads.

  13. Play a round, ad ad, want extra balls? Yes ad ad, want extra balls? No, ad ad.. play a round, want extra coins? Yes ad ad, no? Ad ad.. esentially.. you spend more time on adds than play time.. you are FORCED to have ads, 2 in a row before and after every single game.. good by junk app, uninstalling..

  14. Really fun game, but the new update sucks. Instead of adding the ability to watch a video to move up one line they renoved it. After having 498 consecutive wins I lost them all. Game went down hill fast 😡

  15. The game froze on level 6… It won’t do anything.. I’ve uninstalled it 2 time’s and still won’t do anything but The home screen… I’m trying to get money FROM misplay and it’s screwing it up

  16. fun game to play with your own background noise. easy levels and I like that their are different balls to choose from. However they’re not many levels and once you finish a room you’re done still need to update this game and I didn’t find any small mini games inside of it so the advertisement is way off don’t get this it lasted me maybe a week and a half very disappointed.😐

  17. Really like it, but it keeps crashing…over and over

  18. really great brick breaker game. cool graphics nice sounds too. Works offline.

  19. I played a little of the game then deleted it, it’s fun and some may enjoy it but I prefer design games where you get to choose the designs for this game you can’t do that and at times ads that pop up on the screen take me off the app and to what the ad is about without me even touching anything, despite those things tho i’m sure its still a fun game for others, just not my kind of design game.

  20. I enjoyed the game better before the last update. I could watch as many ads as I wanted to keep moving the game up a line. Now I don’t get that chance. I don’t play near as much as when I started. I was almost on level 900.

  21. I don’t like giving bad star ratings when I feel my issues can be fixed. So it’s at 4 for now. My game has frozen up at level 5. It won’t load or let me do anything at all.

  22. I really like this game, however I got to a high level and am forced to buy coins. I did have the option to watch an ad but now I must buy something to continue.

  23. Way to many commercials. I label this game as greedware because the higher you get in level the more ads you have to watch until that is all you do is watch ads with very little game play. Waste of time!

  24. it is a fun game. it is stimulating but not stressing u so much that u loose interest. I also enjoy the bonuses and gifts. u feel as if u accomplishing something. which keeps u trying more and harder.

  25. Why can’t we watch videos now to move it up one line since the new update? All you can do is move it up 1 times. That really blows so now I’m only giving this game a 2 stars. It was a great time killer and fun to play till now

  26. Don’t waste your time! I’m shocked that Play store even allows this garbage app! You can’t even finish a level without getting knocked off the game. I give no stars!

  27. I purchased the Revival Pack to remove ads.. I still get ads.. and it still offers me the pack with no Ads… got ripped off.

  28. Later levels get too hard and require multiple attempts and use of extra items to complete, without realistic chances of completing otherwise. Multiple adverts that force you to watch the entire ad are annoying and frustrating.

  29. This Game is so much fun and mind bending. You have to change the “ball” position in order to break down the barriers.

  30. Good game for what it is. Good graphics and smooth play. However, the advertised gameplay was misrepresented with a little more diversity. Not really what I was looking for. Duped yet again…

  31. Doug Poff dice:

    Started out very entertaining, however the screen started to freeze up as more activity was going on. Each time I was kicked out, a game life was lost. Very frustrating. No Updates available. I’ll give it a couple more tries but will uninstall if no improvement.

  32. Hope this upgrade fixes the glitches.

  33. So many ads. Bring back games and apps that focus on gameplay and not how to take money.

  34. Pretty fun up to lvl150. Tolerable number of ads. But sweet geebus, it’s impossible after lvl150! Uninstall

  35. Fun game, nice graphics, easy game to play that gets harder as levels increase, very lame story/plot/purpose you don’t get to select what your castle/kingdom looks like and there is no reason for having it, it just wastes time and space. But the main game of block hitting is fun and engaging just nothing else.

  36. The way this game is described is inaccurate. There is no “save the king” or decorate. This game is enjoyable to play, but the description is MISLEADING which was what made me want to play in the 1st place. It’s just a brick breaker game…no frills like solve puzzle and no decorations, which was disappointing for me.

  37. Unfulfilling. The game’s not set up to where we can pick the designs or colours of anything – which takes away the fun because it doesn’t let us be creative. I don’t care for games that don’t let me be creative. Uninstalled.

  38. I am deleting game. I have played for several months now and am level 987 I think. Since last update I never get above level 20 in the rewards. I am also now having to watch nasty ads such as comic Bob and love ??? Games. I will no longer play games I get no chance of winning and must watch dirty ads!

  39. The game is fun to play but so far all the rescuing the king episodes that I downloaded the game for have not materialized. We shall see if that was just made up to get you to download the game. It’s pretty disappointing but I’m seeing this with other games too🤥🤥🤥

  40. Promotes human trafficking/sex work in ads. Ads for Royal Breaker show a woman in distress, crying on the ground with a man with his pants around his ankles pushing a fist of money at the women.. I do not play this game, these horrible ads are being forced on me through other games, where they can’t be avoided. DISGUSTING.

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