Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooting MODDED 2022


Arcade space shooting game. Take spaceships. Shoot'em up. Save the Galaxy.
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Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter – Space Shooter
One day, a mysterious alien army from a different dimension appears and attacks the border planets. The fight for mankind survival begins. As a veteran spaceship striker pilot, you have been called to defend the galaxy against invader enemies, and become one of the guardians of the galaxy.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter – Space Shooter is a combination of classic shoot ‘em up game feels and modernized mechanics, with gameplay reminiscent of old school arcade shooting games like Galaga, Air Strike Force, Chicken Shooter,… Some key features:

A BROAD RANGE OF ENEMIES From the lowly common soldier aliens to the powerful Elites, and the humongous Bosses. You have to use skills to steer your spaceship and shoot the enemies with varying strengths and attacks.
MULTIPLE MODES experience the mounting difficulty with unique challenges from the aliens’ sky force. Now there are CAMPAIGN, HARD MODE, ENDLESS & PVP MODE. In the PvP mode, you can match and compete your shooting skill with other pilots.
UPGRADE & EVOLVE your spaceship to a new form and gain new power & skills. Use your more powerful ship will help you to beat the enemies strikes.
WIDE ARRAY OF SPACESHIPS AND DRONES to collect, each with unique skill and playstyle. Unlock LEGENDARY space shooter ships to get a superpower in your aircraft collection.
SEASONAL EVENTS ON A MONTHLY BASIS with special unique rewards. Build your galaxy guardian squad to be strong and marvellous.

Choose your infinite shooting spaceship, strike through the planets, destroy the alien invaders and protect the galaxy. Let’s show them what you’re capable of!

As an extended version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, this version has a new modern fantasy graphic design. We also changed something in core game mechanics like weapon skills, item skill, pilot skills, ship part & evolution types. With various types of spaceship, you could build a strong air force and join the galaxy shooting wars. The old style of shoot ‘em up arcade game is now modernized with a fantasy theme. We keep using retro shooting game mechanics like level with waves, bullet hell bosses but added more interesting content. You can see the same feeling as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and the other retro free shooting games. But, this game is a brand new one. Let’s try and enjoy it – Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter – Space Shooting Game!

Facebook community with thousands of pilots all around the world discussing and helping each other:
Fanpage with attractive minigames and tons of gifts:

Welcome to Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter – Free Shooting Game. Build your strong guardian air force galaxy squad, and enjoy the game!

ABI Game Studio


- Fixed some bugs.


40 comentarios en "Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooting MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a good game,the thing that makes it 1⭐ instead of 5⭐,is the event Bright Skies is showing it’s open. I’ve tried 3x to start doing the levels,but each time it just keeps loading and i have to cloae the app. Now i cant play over a few levels of anything,before the game doesn’t realize i’ve killed all enemies on a level. That really sucks.

  2. I loved galaxy attack – alien shooter. The graphics on this second version are terrible. Feels like I’m playing a child’s game. It also makes it hard to see the difference between your bullets, enemy bullets, and exploding parts. They all blend together. Perks that appear after killing an enemy sometimes stay too close to the rest to get and therfore dissappear before you can get to them. And why is this set to 15 second time completion rather than difficulty level for 3 stars. Uninstalled!

  3. This game has fair monetization, at least in the early game. It gives an option to view an ad if you die (to continue, like an extra life) additionally you can choose to watch an add for extra currency. I’ve enjoyed the game play. It’s a nice casual game when you are waiting around. All that said, it crashes a lot. Not so much while “playing” but when navigating screens. Literally had 3 crashes within 5 minutes. This seems to be a common complaint.

  4. The pay to play is strong with this one. This is a pretty fun game overall. That said, the developers make it just about impossible to progress past a certain point unless you either pay actual money or farm crystals and coins and watch 30 second ads forever. The upgrade curve is so steep, you can never fully upgrade one ship or drone, let alone multiple of them. Also, why the hell is 1/4 of the screen on top and bottom completely unusable??

  5. This is an excellent game so long as you intend to spend money. It was a ton of fun for the first two days. You have plentiful options for earning the “paid currency” and thus keep unlocking and upgrading ships until you hit aboit level 30 in the campaign. Wisely, the game asks you to go post a good review before this point. Once you reach that level, you have to pay to progress, as otherwise progress slows to a trickle. Avoid.

  6. Most expensive game I’ve ever played. It is possible to play without money, you will have to watch so many ads, you won’t be playing much. I had no problem with crashing. The game is interesting, good graphics, Stages but too repetitive. When you do get shot you go back to beginning of that level again and again. Staff not responsive. I just found the real game, Galaga online, no reason to suffer.

  7. Every time I watch a video(ad) to spin the wheel or to get a bonus etc etc, the screen goes blank or freezes after watching the ad so I don’t get to spin the wheel or get the bonus or anything. It figures though, right after emailing the developers it started working so I gave it four stars. It is a fun game and has it’s challenges

  8. Classic. Instant classic. Update: deleted the game after a month or so the first time, couldn’t remember why. 2022 rediscovered the game and remembered it as a classic. Deleting it again and remembering why: ads. At first, respectable. Then you’ll realize you can’t pass level 30 without mid game ads, can’t hardly upgrade anything without paying or watching a host of ads. I tolerated it for a while then just hit the wall again today. Game itself us very enjoyable. But the grind and addddssss.

  9. Great at first. Then the ads take over. I like the idea of watching ads to get a revive or double the gold at the end of a level and it works until you get invested. Then they stop working. The ads play but no bonus. Sometimes they play on their own, sometimes they play back to back to back to back with no reward. If you try to interrupt it will freeze and you have to restart the game. Try a different game. There are tons that are similar. This one will hook you and then become an ad machine.

  10. Great game, however, level 81 and up is not loading in campaign mode. There is just background, not running timer and a pause icon. I was able to access those levels before. My higher achievement is level 87. Now the highest accessible level is 80. I have tried to reinstall it but this problem is still present. Any clues how it can be resolved?

  11. love game but as soon as I start upgrading my ships it takes all the levels away and sends the upgrade back to level one as well as the wave. in other words it takes me back to the very beginning. then I have to start all over. if not fixed will delete. I would have given five stars except for this issue and boosters run out way too quick. issues have been fixed. gave 5 stars. do wish where it makes you wait five seconds to watch video or revive a yes or no was there. then you could continue on

  12. T S dice:

    Used to be fun, but new bosses are not even able to be defeated, boss 2 in Expedition for example, your ship can’t even fit between the shots it covers the screen with. Plus pay to get anywhere is taking over too much. Also, pvp often pits you against players on so much a higher level you can barely even destroy enemies while playing against them. Disappointing, used to be one of my favorites.

  13. I had fun while I could. I was perfectly happy watching a few ads in exchange for a slight boost in progression. Than this option came to a halt and so did progression. No option to double the already pitiful amount of coins you get, no option to get a boost if uou failed to much and no more option for a second chance if you die. Seriously why take away the ad revenue I want to give you? there are plenty of games exactly like this one where my progression dosen’t just suddenly stagnate.

  14. Latest update killed the ad system. Now ads freeze the game or cause a restart. Ongoing issues, as you advance your craft, your starting level in endless increases, effectively negating the advancement. Card bonuses sometimes work, sometimes don’t. Given the fact that it’s nearly impossible to advance without using real money, even with ad supported revives and bonuses which don’t work anymore, this app is going in the trash bin.

  15. Intentionally spent $400 in a month to upgrade 2 ships to level 75 and I’m a $9.99 subscriber, no ads. The way you upgrade is continuously playing the same levels on endless mode over and over with little progression. The idea you buy into if I spend more money, I will get further in the game. At the end of the day over time, ask your self how much money will you spend $2000 or $10000 on a game? Your better off buying a game console, cheaper, more selection, perhaps more rewarding, less costly.

  16. This game is purely designed for in app purchases in a blatant manner. I am fine with ads for rewards but this game makes you watch ads and then does not give the rewards! Big middle finger is all you get. A lot of the time the games will ‘lock up’ when viewing ad to revive player. Sound also stops at random levels. Don’t waste your time on this one.

  17. Jay Mahan dice:

    While I enjoy spaceship shooters like this, and the graphics in this game are great, I understand perfectly some of the low ratings. There does come a point where you hit a wall, so to speak, if your ships aren’t upgraded past a certain level. And the rate at which you earn money in the game is not fast enough to upgrade the ships quickly. So this game–much more than some of the other games in the Alien Shooter family–seems clearly designed to get me to spend real money. No thanks.

  18. Decent game but not well balanced. Difficulty ramps up sharply and if you haven’t grabbed a couple of attack power-ups by then (which are random drops) you’ll stand little chance of surviving. Bullets and dive-bombing enemies are extremely fast while your ship is slow (speed not adjustable). Endless mode forces you to start on a higher stage depending on the level of your ship, so you don’t have a chance to power-up on lower-level stages before reaching the more challenging ones.

  19. I’ve been playing this game for some months now, and while I love it and am hooked, the detractors are spot on in their assessments. The ads are far too frequent, making the game seem monotonous as you wait for the ads to pass. And while I grudgingly don’t mind paying something to do away with the ads, subscribing to the tune of $100/year is ridiculous. I’m personally against all subscription models, as it’s simply a modern form of hostage taking. But back to the game: It takes too long and gets very expensive to build up your ships in order to advance to the highest levels of the game, and you can’t buy coins but once every few days, further detracting from the game’s enjoyment. There’s a lot to like about the game, but unfortunately the negatives (barely) outweigh the positives. They need to seriously think about reworking the subscription pricing and frequency of rewards. Until they do, I suggest not bothering.

  20. Starts off fun but then it turns into a “pay to win” game. I’m not wasting money on a simple phone game. used to have ads to watch, which kinda sucked, but it was like a free revive or get free gems. now they’re gone and it’s near impossible to get past levels. I have a level 45 Fizard and cant even come close to beating level 80. UNINSTALLING!! Wont be hard to find a similar game out there.

  21. Kamil W dice:

    Beginnings are fun, but later it’s unplayable for free users. Too many ads, repetitive, unjust, unfair. At some point, progressing is limited to paying customers, upgrading your ships above certain levels is available only after buying crystals or cards. You don’t receive enough of them during normal game. Ads can break the sound in the game, and pause your music. Free users are limited to 20 games at a time. Then you need to wait for energy to replenish.

  22. Eric M. dice:

    I played the game for over a year and really enjoyed it for the most part but the game has been ruined by the developer’s greed. The constantly make changes to game that effects your investment in the game. Your investment being a lot of time or money. You spend hours and hours trying to upgrade your ships so that you try and get further and then behind the scenes they’ll do in a update where all power levels and damage is constantly readjusted. Hence, spend more time and money. Repeat.

  23. Has a retro feel, good number of levels. Extremely grindy- expect to get nowhere fast. About level 30 you can’t proceed without upgrading a ship, which is luck o the draw in boxes after you’ve gotten all the stars. Takes less pieces to get new ship than other games, but considering the grind, no benefit. Annoying that pickups disappear after a few seconds. Like, you want me to smash head first into enemy just to pick up the rocket before it disappears? Little bit cheap.

  24. Long Term Edit: The home screen is a little cluttered but nothing unmanageable and gets in depth. The advertisements aren’t bad either compared to most games these days. The gameplay for my phone sometimes gets glitchy and after ads sometimes freezes. There are a couple parts where I feel the difficulty gets cranked in campaign (maybe you’ll spend real money). The daily “Endless” rewards never get easier, they just get harder as you level up.

  25. Clay Jar dice:

    First 20 levels aren’t horrible. After that there’s a huge spike in difficulty. Which wouldn’t be a huge issue, except the only way to progress (get better ships, upgrade your current ship, or get drones) is by having their crystal currency. Which means you need to spend real money. You can make the argument that you could grind out the endless mode, but when you get stuck, your only making around 30-200 gold, when you need several thousand to level up your ship. Tldr: pay to win. Bad game

  26. very addicting, the only way to progress is to continuosly upgrade the first ship you get (in my opinion). I’m pretty sure I passed a level/upgraded and the next time I opened the App I was back where I previously started. Not cool. Everything else is pretty cool except for the levels with falling meteors. In my opinion they are boring, waste your booster and I can’t wait to be done with it. They feel like ads.

  27. Great game. Yes they have glitches like everything else but the devs respond to the issues as soon as they can. I have played this game longer than any other game I have tried. Update: Was a great game until you made it almost impossible to get the ship parts you need, cut the number of boxes, removed the choice of boxes and now cut the ad crystals. I had to take back 2 stars. Update..your last update earned you your two stars back. Thanks.

  28. Good and bad. I liked it but the game makes no sense. You have boost that you can add before a match and boost in the match. Then you have a free wave were you just maneuver around but they take everybody away. You can upgrade your ship but the up grades only work if you get a boost in the game. I have gone through stages where you can not upgrade to the point you are at because they don’t give you enough boost in a level. So whats the point of upgrading if you can not use it.

  29. It’s a pretty fun game. Can be a little grindy to get your ship powered up enough because you get to a certain point and you can proceed without a stonger ship. Biggest complaint is that overload does stop when there are no enemies on the screen but if a boss comes the timer starts up again before you can even do damage to the boss. The timer shouldn’t start until the boss has its life bar above it and you can hurt it. By the time it arrives overload is gone!!!!!!!!

  30. It is painfully obvious that the developers never actually play the game themselves. It begins too easy, to the point where it’s boring, and then you hit a wall and cannot get past a level. So, you replay the same levels over and over in order to upgrade your ships, watch a zillion long advertisements along the way. Then you get a software update that erases your levels and reduces the shooting speed of your ships, making the difficult bosses basically impossible. This game is managed by greed.

  31. The game is fun, but it seems like it’s rigged now. You get to a point where basically despite your skill level you can’t progress without dumping a bunch of money. With that being said, the prices are absolutely insane. You could buy a console, or several games on PC, or waste it on a phone game. Seems like an easy decision.

  32. This is truly a fun game. I could play it for hours. As a matter of fact, I have. Like most say, its a joy till you get to the 30’s. When you get past 40 they “cheat” so you cant get past that point. Remember, your playing with their ball. You’ll never get anything to get ahead without paying for it. I’m sure it would be a better game if people would quit paying for anything here. Played for a month without getting ahead. I wish it was better, but I’ll never pay for it. About time for it to go.

  33. So far excellent, no invasive ads. You collect coins and its just point and shoot. Your not pressed to buy equipment, the game is simple and real stress releiver.. This is the 1st game where the prorammers understand the players needs. Nothing short of excellent. Thanks.

  34. An ad for an old arcade game brought me to this game. It was not the same as in the ad. Game play is slow and it’s pretty much like any space shoot ’em game in the play store. Boring, unimpressed, and uninstalled.

  35. MIKIS dice:

    Beautiful Graphics, fluid and self intuitive controls, fairly decent audio experience too! Very few neat picky things that could be classified as setbacks.

  36. I call this game PVABISCAM1! The reason; if you don’ spend lots of money they interferre with the out come of every match. Even the Endless and Campaign are manipulated depending on how much money you spend! Also , they are notorious for taking money and not delivering the product you bought, they owe me $40! Go to their facebook page and read for yourself. There are better games that treat their customers much better. Save your money and time.

  37. This game is getting worse all the time seems like you’re just after money you not giving away very much when you buy a pack can’t get much of an upgrade keeps on going like this I’m going to stop playing

  38. Lots of levels require pure luck, hard isn’t even a thing anymore, you need super human patience and tonnes of luck, i went with just shutting my eyes but that just got ridiculous, i’ve never seen so much going on a screen before. Also ive never won a pvp match, it seems I’m constantly miss matched as i haven’t got anywhere even close to thinking about winning a match, I’m not sure why that part of the game even exits. Apart from some very annoying aspects, the game has got awesome playability.

  39. Surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be I think the subscription fee should be a little bit less though. $3 and I’d probably do it.

  40. day night dice:

    Not really sure if I’m playing a kiddies game or not, graphics more suited to kid games. It just doesn’t have that boom factor, you don’t get the satisfaction of blowing things up.

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