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Classic Arcade shooting game, Galaxy Attack - Alien Shooter - Space Shooter
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Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Shooter 80s – Free Games is an arcade space shooting game that makes you feel like you are playing a classic game. If you are a big fan of arcade shooting games like Galaxia, galaxian, and Galactica with new modern fighting way and want to give freedom to galactic games, then Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Shooter 80s – Free Games is the perfect game for you.

A classic game of the free space genre, an old game with a new setting: Galactic attack sets you on fire with infinity space shooter. You will face a lot of evil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galactic wars. Are you sure you will find survival in the war of alien shooters? As the game progresses, you’ll earn the right to upgrade your airship to its full lethal potential. Earth’s last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms.
It will help you remember your own intense childhood.

– Multiplayer mode: 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 3
– PVP – online shooting games, co-op with friends, gather your space team, mark your name on leader board global.
– High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
– Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds old school games
– Super-easy control that tutorial is not needed
– Strong and varying enemies
– Tough and fierce Boss battle
– Various ways for the power upgrade
– True space battle experience
– High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
– Arcade games free – Arcade shooter games Galaxian – space shooter – galaxy attack offline games for free.
– Various upgradeable spaceships. Choose your fighter ship, starship to build your own space team! Remember to survive!
– Multiple extreme boss battles.
– Upgrade your guns and lasers.

How to play :
– Touch the screen to move and destroy all enemies.
– Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.
– Slide the screen to control your spaceship to dodge enemy bullets.
– Use coins and gems to upgrade or develop crafts in your space to fend off giant enemies and alien invaders.
– Use the right spaceship and strategy for each level and boss.
– Remember to use power-up items, power-up items. They will make it easier for you to finish.

Enjoy the classic space war-powered up. Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Shooter 80s – standout free arcade shooting game!


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40 comentarios en "Galaxiga Arcade Shooting Game MOD 2022"

  1. It starts out fun, but you have to pay BIG $$$ in order to have powerful ships. There’s zero replay value on levels, you only get mats for ship upgrades when you pass new levels, which, at a certain point, you won’t unless you pay. I’m not afraid to spend money on a game I like, but eventually you get a TON of upgrade material but can’t get the coins to use any of it. I was hoping for an old-school shooter game–and this kinda looks like that, but it def isn’t!

  2. I really love the game but it’s constant crashing and technical issues make it unplayable. Having to watch ads 3-4 times, instead of once is super annoying. When the ad loads a black screen you know it will just lock up the game, forcing you to shut down and restart. This is a daily occurrence, minimum. I don’t use Facebook so I can’t send them a message on their FB page.

  3. R dice:

    Do. Not. Play. Terrible game. It forces you to buy competitive ships with cash or to watch 80 ads for a ship that can compete. I’m at 75 of 80 ads watched for the “freemium” ship so I can complete the first third of the campaign and repeatedly told the app “can’t load video.” Hah! The first 150 minutes of ads went just fine, but now that I’m so close to the reward, there seems to be an issue. Again– Do. Not. Play.

  4. It’s fun at the beginning, but progress is slow to get more powerful ships. Lots of ads to watch to gain upgrades, gems, etc. I still like playing as I still want to get 1-2 tier 3 ships. Also to update the game you sometimes have to uninstall and reinstall again. Update: in response to your response, no I will not give you more stars. Fewer stars should motivate you to do better. Earn it, not beg for it.

  5. dana cruz dice:

    This would be a good game except for the fact that as you advance the only way to even kill the enemy is to get an upgrade that requires paying. You can shoot the enemy over and over point blank without phasing them. Also, the coins and cards are virtually useless as you get to higher levels because in order to use them you need gems ( which you earn very few of without paying). I’m about ready to uninstall.

  6. Less of a “Space Shooter”, more of and “Ad Watcher”. The game is fine, nice graphics, smooth game play, but you’re going to spend WAY more time watching ads than actually playing. In some ways, this is okay, as the ads vary a little more than the actual gameplay which can get a little repetitive. Lots of micro-transactions, too (and some not-so-micro). I would not recommend this game.

  7. The game is great, classic arcade space shooter with lots of upgrade options. Problem is, about half-way through the game, game gets so hard that player will need to either pay real money for upgrades, or watch endless ads. Some of those ads don’t have an X and force the player to restart the game, losing credit for watching the add. Thats time theft. Please vet your ad partners better.

  8. Good Game, Lame Upgrade/Currency: Weapons power ups make game play fun. Level difficulty is good. Upgrading to a new ship is basically impossible though. No one wants to manage cards, puzzle pieces, gems, and coins–and you still can’t upgrade your ship after 25 levels of game play. Whatever currency it is that you need, even if you try to buy it, it never goes up. It’s either broken or too convoluted for anyone to understand. How do you “evolve” to a new ship?

  9. Kerri J. dice:

    I will say overall I do love this game. I play it nearly everyday. Just a couple of things that can be improved upon. I wish that when you complete a level you can start the next level with all of the power-ups that you earned throughout the previous level. Also, if you get the cool down reset while your turret is still firing, it will not reset the cool down, which makes it a waste. If you’re going to me a cool down reset, why should it matter if I am currently using the weapon?

  10. Well, this game has been a 5 star experience until I got stuck on an ad loop. I only needed to watch 5 ads to get an additional unlock. Selected to watch the first one with every intention of doin all 5. But after that ended, different ads looped over and over. Never went back to the original screen. I had to kill the entire game after the 7th or 8th ad and never got the reward. Don’t waste ur time as I did.

  11. I’ll get straight to the point. Difficulty scaling makes you purchase gems or watch ads for for a living to progress. Becomes mundane quickly and the only way to save your progress if you switch devices, they force you to link to Facebook, and that barely works. And if it messes up, you’re screwed and have to start over. Which really isn’t worth it.

  12. Game is getting worse and worse by the updates. Used to be so fun and addicting. I can’t even watch a video, or collect gems or battery without either getting constantly kicked out, or game rebooting. Then once it does reboot or you go back into it after being kicked out, the videos are “unavailable” to me. Lastly, half the times the videos freeze up and I have to edit the app and re-enter. If this keeps up I’m finding another game to enjoy.

  13. The game is fun and interesting and I really like the classic arcade style, but one problem I face is ads. Sometimes I watch an ad for rewards, and it completely freezes and then kicks me from the game. I realize now the game is about to update again, so hopefully it fixes some of the bugs. Other besides that I really love the game 🎮.

  14. review status has changed due to customer support issues. Not willing to help me resolve. beginning levels easy. gets extremely difficult as the levels progress. Need to put money into the game in order to advance.DONT. For a free-to-play game it will take forever. The levels get too difficult it makes the game extremely hard to pass like a kidney stone. After you get to a certain point of the game the game is getting boring there is no new anything more features need to be added in the game.

  15. Same experience others have reported, i.e. gems and cards that you spent a lot of time earning randomly disappearing, levels freezing, levels that have no enemies, levels where last enemy will never die, resulting in wasted real-life time and game resources. I really like the game, but can’t give it a higher rating with all of these issues. Update. Came back to game after leaving it for a year due to frustration. Quality seems better. Increasing rating. If quality stays good, will increase more

  16. Game itself is fun, but the developers are practically shameless in making it impossible to progress through the levels without purchases. Wouldn’t mind the endless ad watching so much, but require hundreds of gems to make any upgrades, and game only gives a few at a time. Number of cards required to evolve ship just doubled in last upgrade. Could have hooked me, but went too far. So I’ll enjoy the game as much as I can and then move on because it’s not worth trying to keep up w moving targets.

  17. Good gameplay until you get to the end of the second planet/zone and then it basically becomes pay to play because you cannot physically win. There will be enemies that block the entire screen which will kill you if you don’t kill them and you can’t put out enough damage to beat them so you lose your lives. Until then it’s lots of fun.

  18. Nostalgic and fun. This does get to a point of hitting a (very expensive) pay wall after a month or so of playing. Also trying to “unlock” certain items is not clear. If you are going to put certain things behind a pay wall that’s so expensive, the amount of general rewards should be increased some. Being stuck using the same 4 ships can only get a player so far. I would give more stars if events/ rewards were more clearly defined.

  19. It’s entertaining. Good pass time for a bit. Not sure what level I reached before I decided to buy a few gems but at certain point it kind of becomes your only option unless you want to spend weeks watching ads. The cards needed to upgrade ships just aren’t enough from each level. I’ve made it to level 80 but now I’ve encountered the “no internet connection” issue and thus has taken away my ability to gain coin or been from ads and unable to collect daily bonuses. Bummer. I guess I’m stuck.

  20. Don’t waste your time on this game! It is fun to play and I invested alot of time to develop a strong set of ships, only to find the ability to upgrade ships become exceedingly difficult. I spent money on upgrades only to find there is an endless set of increasing difficulties. The developers rubbed salt in my wounds by changing the rules mid gaming by reducing upgrades and currency payout further. What a underhanded move to sell something to your clients, only to take some away down the road.

  21. Jeff dice:

    Started out as an enjoyable game… then they updated it, making the difficulty almost impossible. The easy levels have become very hard…. you have to shoot the enemy over and over and over. Only way to advance is to upgrade ships, which you’ll have to pay for. It’s a catch 22…. you can earn a bunch of gems to upgrade your ship, but to earn them you’ll have complete missions, which is nearly impossible because your ship isn’t upgraded enough.

  22. This game was fun in the beginning, but there are too many currencies and upgrades to deal with. I just want to fly around, dodge bullets, and blow stuff up. I don’t want to manage a zillion coin, gem, energy, puzzle piece, and whatever else currencies that hold me back from playing. Too much currency farming and mindless upgrading and not enough game play. Fun for the short time I played, but uninstalled.

  23. This app just got deleted. Too many glitches. For one, the game keeps demoting me and taking away my earned coins. There is no provision for either of these to happen. Then at a certain level it won’t let me shoot anymore, although continual shooting is part of the game. I get so frustrated at having earned ranks and coins just to have them taken away for no reason. Also, ads are part of apps, but this game makes you watch an ad to earn anything. Fun game; not worth the frustration. I’m OUT!

  24. This game is fun at first but it becomes obvious that it’s a pay to play or win game like most. I have given a few dollars here and there but once you get to 2nd and 3rd planet it becomes impossible to play unless you spend more money to level up your ship, drones and stone. It has 3 levels easy normal hard for each planet. But you will see that easy is seems more like hard on each planet you go too. I was going to keep the game but I’m more than likely going to delete.

  25. Ken Rybka dice:

    Good overall game, especially in early levels, graphics upgraded, much better from when I first started playing. You need to buy to really progress. Alot of sticking points where you cant get past unless you make purchases or watch a 1000 ads making later progress frustrating especially after spending a decent amount of $ previously.

  26. Great free game and I understand the need to make money through ads, but I dislike the fact that many of them are 18+, like Loverz. I think this degrades both the game and the player. If it happens to be resolved, I will go on playing and edit my review. The other issue is translation. The English version has a few mistakes, an example being in the multiplayer mode when waiting for an opponent (correct version: “waiting FOR opponent” or “awaiting opponent”). Hope my comments will be useful.

  27. Mostly you are watching ads. Some of the ads you cannot escape or exit. Those types of ads lock up and restart the game and you receive no credit. Specifically the carmax and PCH ads. You play a little but in order to advance you will watch a LOT of ads. Between 40 and 50 ads a day minimum. Otherwise your ships will be weak and you will be hard pressed to go very far. Also you get to watch a whole ad and then have it lock up the game so you can restart it and not get credit. That is frustrating.

  28. I play this game everyday without fail. It’s a great pastime and yes there are a lot of ads to get what you want but the trade-off is you don’t spend any money. There are a lot of bugs from time to time things glitch or get stuck all together but is somewhat uncommon. I agree that they should allow the cooldown reset to happen while the weapon is being used and also balance out some of the multiplayer functionality. It is not difficult but it is microtransaction heavy. Don’t expect a masterpiece

  29. I play this game all the time. I just wish you could level up a bit faster-I even watch extra ads to help level up, but I feel like I get to a level that I can’t pass without leveling up and it gets kind of boring – I need faster reward😜

  30. Van Vu dice:

    best game ever! great way to kill time. lots of little side games within and loads of events with active game developers who keep the game going. its not perfect, crashes here and there but overall a really fun, no pressure to advance game you can pop on in your spare time.

  31. I like it once you get the feel for the game and learn everything it becomes a challenge and can be really fun I don’t have a credit card so I can’t purchase anything so I play and earn my treasures it’s not hard time consuming but in the end it’s worth it I’m old school galaxian and galaga so this is more optional I give 4 stars now until I play and explore the game more pretty cool.

  32. The game makes you upgrade or it won’t let you pass levels you can’t beat the boss with the upgrades I probably put over $100 into this game and still I can’t make it to the end of the easy part without paying out the nose the game constantly makes you pay for rapid fire and won’t let you update your starship unless you get cards which is ridiculous if you put all that money in there you should be updated and get to keep everything instead it wants you to do a package where it give very no fb

  33. So many software errors and the developers do so little to fix them. Client Services recently seem to be not looking after their Customers. I have just lowered it from 2 stars to 1. They need to sort their team out. Absolutely the worst i have come across. They now take up to 4 hours or longer to respond to anything. Undermanned and hopeless.

  34. I would give it a 5 except I can’t play it now. After app updated within itself everytime I log on it kicks me back to the home screen of my phone. The problem lay within the app. It happens no other time. And everytime I try to log in a message from ‘indiscreet wording 45 level 6″ that appears right before it kicks me out. So what’s going on? What’s the deal?

  35. I used to play raystorm for playstation back in the day and this game does it 10x better Main ship: does most of the damage 2 Side kick ships that can either protect/damage 1 stone that grants protection/calamity EVENTS: are the driving factor for me continually playing. Please keep them coming I love watching ads for prizes. Every game has to make money somehow. I’m on other games and every game has an ad in between matches and levels I’m sick of not getting anything for it.

  36. Theme of the game is good. But absolutely horrible when putting opponents against each other. Some people pay for all of these “upgrades”, I prefer to play for free, yet I have to play against opponents who’s ships are obviously way better, so you lose constantly and it is no fun. There is no reason players with Bronze ships should be playing players with no bronze ships.

  37. Noelle C dice:

    Lots of bugs on the game and Connection issues to the server. Also, I understand in order to make things more challenging. some games try to make things blurry and hard to see. This game completely blind you for seconds. This is annoying.

  38. Better than any game I played even the original arcade game!! Love it!❤️👌 update I’m on level 4& I’m basically stuck on level with the Boss endgame you have no choice but2spend real Big money to upgrade your ship(s) … update I beat boss endgame piece of cake it’s even easier than I ever thought it was going to be & I’m STILL hooked on this game thank you to : Onesoft Global PTE. LTD. ! y’all keep up the fine craftsmanship of this game!!

  39. Gameplay was fun. With that being said I made a purchase of 9.99 for gems. They took the payment never gave me the gems. Their customer support seems to be an automated system so I’m getting no help. It’s been over 24 hours and to be honest I’m over it and just want my money back. So honest opinion gameplay awesome, support is trash,

  40. Cool old school style game, akin to raiden. At the 3rd stage, it is clear that to progress reasonably, the game becomes an obvious play to win. Game has great potential, but not while developers seek the dollar instead of a loyal following.

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