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Have fun serving up food and desserts fast in this restaurant cooking game!
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Create a frenzy in the kitchen and get a fever for cooking playing our free Cooking Craze restaurant game.

Prepare, cook & serve tasty cuisine like a professional chef and become a world-famous master of burgers as you tap to grill, bake and cook your way to the top. 👩‍🍳

Catch the cooking craze by exploring cultures from around the world through delicious food! Dash around the kitchen in places like New York, Rio, Paris and Rome as you bake pizza, grill tasty burgers and prepare world-class cuisine. But be careful, playing fast isn’t enough, you need to keep your customers happy in order to grow your restaurant empire. Are you up for some cooking madness in our free restaurant game?

Cook classic restaurant dishes from across the globe;
Make hundreds of delicious dishes including juicy burgers, wood-fired pizza, sushi, ramen, dumplings and more 🍔🍕🍣🍜🥟
Grill fresh fish, tasty steak, succulent shrimp and veggie kabobs 🍤
Love desserts? 🍩🍦🍰 Why not deep fry sweet donuts, serve ice cream, New York Cheesecake or frosted cakes?

Create your own empire:
Choose from over 100 ingredients cooking up tasty cuisine
Create premium dishes with delicious new ingredients 🍽️
Launch new restaurants while learning new cooking techniques
Add a new recipe from each city you visit 🌎
Cook in a variety of settings

Get in on the craze in the kitchen with quests, tournaments, powerful boosts and features!
Serve food fast while managing your time to earn kitchen upgrades ⏲️
Beat over 4000 levels across six continents
Master all 3 difficulty levels to get golden comment cards to earn free coins and spoons 🥄
Dash through service to earn BIG TIPS or work extra shifts to earn money for upgrades
Equip your chef with treats for customers, non-stick pans, and MORE! 🍬
Upgrade your kitchen & increase your speed
Use a variety of special boosts to cook your way to victory ⭐
Cook GREEN with an Eco Boost & go organic for more tips
Win achievements by completing combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips

Fun restaurant game experience:
New levels and cities around the world added regularly
Hours of free fun, whenever, wherever you want!

Download Cooking Craze and create your own kitchen empire!

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40 comentarios en "Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game FULL"

  1. I enjoy this game, but it has made me lose all progress about 3 or 4 times now. I keep trying to put in a new help ticket and it keeps closing my conversation. This is very frustrating and makes the game unbearable! The game keeps freezing and it kicks you out of the whole game after a fee levels. This game really needs to be fixed or it will lose a lot of players.

  2. I’ve been playing this game for YEARS… I understand financial times are hard but the length of these ads are ridiculous. The ads before weren’t bad but now there’s ads after EVERYTHING, and it takes so long to skip them. AND if you accidentally touch the ad instead of the “x” it completely closes out the game. Not enough to keep me from playing but keep that in mind

  3. I absolutely LOVE this game. I’ve been playing it for years but have recently beat all tiers of each level in each city. It doesn’t seem new cities have been added for some time now. I really hate the idea of having to stop playing because there are no new cities. The challenges are time sensitive and not enough to keep this game in my inventory. Please add new cities!!

  4. Great game, but… as you move up the more it costs to update. The problem is you don’t make anything close to what you need per level. I have played all 3 levels each time and it’s no where near enough. Please at least add a double coins per level or something. It’s highly annoying, the cost per level goes up, but you can’t upgrade because you make nothing. Please fix or im seriously deleting.

  5. This has pretty much been my favorite mobile game. The look/design of the game is really fun. The challenges are a great mix. My only issue, as well as many others, are the bonus rounds. They were fun when I first started playing, but after an update they became impossible (greed dot/wrong dish served) that I rarely ever play bonus rounds anymore. I’ve read MANY reviews stating the same thing, but the creators aren’t addressing is, only technical difficulties. Hope they fix it!

  6. Oh, how I want to give this game a good review! It starts out so well, which is why I’m giving it as high as two stars. However, eventually you are going to hit a wall. A wall where you cannot progress without using boosts. Boosts that cost money each time. I don’t mind games that offer a “pay to win” speed-up. I even don’t mind games that are shareware, where you have an intro part and then you pay to unlock the rest of the game. But paying each and every time you need a boost, and oh yeah, many later levels absolutely require boosts? No thank you. That sort of game model can DIAF.

  7. In the past week…the game has been dragging and it crashes! If I have bonus time, it expires because of the time it takes to get back in! Don’t know what’s happened because it was great before all these crashes and time elapses. And it’s not the tablet because I am able to play other games without these frustrating issues! And I play cooking craze to relax…but that’s not happening! And the combos “suck!” You guys have ruined the game by making the combos difficult! Have to use the doubles to get pass them! And in Shanghai…you placed more combos…making it almost impossible to get by the levels! Just now in Shanghai, level 73….I used 2. Doubles…and still didn’t get by the level! You’ve ruined it for me! Why does cheating have to be in a game that’s meant to be fun?! I’ll try again tomorrow but if it continues…I will stop playing. I hope you fix up!

  8. Until Mexico City, the game is great. Good level of challenge. From Mexico onwards, for some reason all the upgrades become so expensive that you get stuck and can’t advance any more. You can’t earn coins without completing levels and you can’t complete levels without spending coins. I will probably stop playing, which is disappointing because this used to be one of my favorite games. Very disappointed.

  9. I started off loving the game, but there are a couple things that REALLY put me off. 1) I wish you could use the infinite lives that you win when you actually want to, not right when you win them. Kind of inconsiderate. 2) I started noticing that some of the levels are pretty much impossible if you don’t buy more spoons or boosts. Sure, you can go to other levels to earn them.. until THOSE particular levels are the only options left to play. It’s a smarmy move that sends a bad message.

  10. It’s fun and challenging, but also incredibly frustrating. The controls are difficult, in the sense that half the time the game doesn’t register what I tapped and does something completely different. There are also levels that no matter how efficient I am I always need more customers or more time to beat the level, which is annoying since that’s just a way to force you to use/buy add ons to progress. Was having fun for a bit, but the ridiculous controls seriously have me consider uninstalling.

  11. Had to delete this game. Constantly crashed on my device (especially after the Halloween upgrade). But the most frustrating thing is the impossibility of levels. For instance, it is impossible to win Bangkok level 38 without purchasing multiple power ups. I used 2 extra times and still did not have enough time to get all the likes needed. So I’m done.

  12. This game is fun and keeps me busy. There are a couple criticisms that I have though. The game freezes sometimes and I have to exit the game to unfreeze the screen then log in again to continue playing. Also, some of the food on some levels I have to tap fairly hard and in just the right spot to make/serve. This takes extra time and is aggravating. Please fix these things!

  13. Allie S dice:

    This game is so much fun, and so addicting. Although It is a great game, it has its flaws. There are multiple levels throughout the game that are impossible. Sometimes they dont give you nearly enough time, or enough customers in a specific round, and you have to use or buy power ups. The only thing that evens it out is that it is really common for you to unlock unlimited lives, and if you only use spoons (powerup currency) when you need them, you can collect a bunch for the impossible levels.

  14. I hate this game. The levels are inconsistent. Each time you play a level over its different. Many levels are impossible to beat without boosters. The upgrades are too expensive and once you complete a level 3 times you can no longer play it unless there is an open shift. This makes it impossible to get coins for upgrades. Money grubbing game. I’d rather play cooking fever.

  15. I would have given this game a 5 star rating if it kept consistent. I made it to the Tokyo level without spending money and it increased in difficulty tremendously so I spent money on boosts but the boosts only helped with a few levels. I bought more, and the same thing happened. It is almost like when i hit this point, I needed to spend money to progress either way and I’m stuck until I do so again. It is disappointing because I have invested a lot of time to end up stuck unless I pay.

  16. it can be a very addictive game to play. But it freezes a lot , while you are playing. which happens to be the same amount of time that you needed to beat it. But no , ur out of time! Or it just screws you all up when it finally un freezes. Oh, don’t forget to pay for extra stuff, get boost/ bundles. it sucks that you don’t have the money u won from one city to the other. But you don’t need that money anymore in that city u totally competed. THERE IS NOTHING else u can upgrade 4!

  17. I thought this game was great and super fun. however once you get to a certain point, it is impossible to move forward without spending money. there are levels that even if you upgrade every single dish you can not win without a power up. i refuse to spend money on a free app. also the bonus challenges are impossible to win without powerups as well. and once you lose a level you go back to the beginning. over all i think the game is fun but it shouldn’t be this difficult to play without money.

  18. I really enjoy this game. I was an avid Township player, but once I downloaded this game, Township didn’t seem so interesting. I would say that some levels are extremely hard, so I’d save up my spoons and buy boosters with spoons to help win difficult levels. I love the fact that there aren’t a lot of ads, unless you want to double the coins or get another life. Overall, great game.

  19. I liked this game at first, but it keeps glitching. I get to be on a roll then the AP freezes and I not only loose whatever chain I was working on but the time it takes to try to accomplish the same task , especially timed ones. If the game freezes and you only have 90 seconds then there is no way to win and when I tried to look for solutions the section with them glitches too.

  20. It’s too hard; you either run out of time or you didn’t get enough customers. And they want you to keep going back to the same level a number of times in order for you to progress! sometimes you need to upgrade your condiments, food and sources of cooking in order to pass level but you need coins; and the way to get coins is to pass the level! it causes me to get angry sometimes. I probably keep coming back to play so I can redeem myself by beating the levels.

  21. I honestly loved this game at first. It was addicting, fun, and the right amount of challenging. But once you get to the harder levels they become impossible to beat without using boosts. Boosts which you have to pay for with actual cash as you don’t seem to earn enough in the game. Doesn’t seem to matter your skill level either, it’s just become super stressful now. I would rather do all the laundry AND put it away than have to deal with the impossible levels. It really is upsetting.

  22. I love this game, but can’t rate it high due to a major glitch. I was about to finish the first restaurant (level 40) on the fourth level (Rio) when the whole game reset and took me back to the very beginning. My entire progress was lost and I have to start the entire game over. I’m not thrilled at the idea of having to pass hundreds of levels again just to get back where I was at.

  23. This game takes the trying to get you buy things to an extreme. Eventually you get to a spot where you literally can’t advance without their upgrades. So don’t bother downloading it. I’ve hit everything exactly perfect on several levels and they just can’t be beat unless I use the upgrade for more customers, time or the one that causes the dishes to cost them extra. All of which cost real world currency….

  24. It’s a really fun game, but after a certain point it’s impossible to move forward without paying real money. I made it to Paris, and am stuck. Can’t beat the extra shift I currently have, can’t move forward past level 21, and have no boosts. The bonus level helps with coins, but once every 4 hours? That’s ridiculous. Have to wait for events (the food truck events are impossible to complete without boosts, as well) and hope to make it into the top 4 to get a boost. 🙁 Looking for a new game…

  25. I actually really liked the game when I first started playing a while back. Then you all started adding unnecessary stuff (the no one ordered that dish thing) being one of them. The combos thing being another. I absolutely hate that and I think it should be removed. You all always seem to find a way to “fix” what isn’t “broken”. Some of the timed levels are impossible to beat without buying boosts. You all don’t give enough spoons after completing a level for you all to be asking for so many spoons to buy boosts. I mean come on, it’s okay to make the game challenging but alot of it is ridiculous. I’m in Munich now and one level gives me like 70 seconds to serve 81 dishes with customers wanting multiple dishes. That’s ridiculous. The other thing I hate is that the timed levels start BEFORE the first customer comes in and that isn’t fair. Good game but you all are going to lose lots of players if you don’t fix certain things.

  26. This game is great!! So much fun and very addicting. My issue is that there are some levels that (even when everything is fully upgraded) are impossible to pass without boosts. (Specifically the price doubler). I understand having boosts as an option to make gameplay easier for tricky levels but they shouldn’t be necessary. Then people who cant afford to pay for spoons to buy boosts cant continue the game.

  27. It’s one of the better cooking games as it isn’t riddled with ads and the actual gameplay is well-designed and easy to learn with every restaurant. However, the amount of pop-ups after every level is insane. Developers, you gotta dial it back on all the crazy and flashy event reminders and pop-ups it’s just too much. People want to enter the game, progress further, rack up some gold, and not worry much about it beyond that. Having to tap through like 8 windows to continue makes me want to quit.

  28. game is okay, and I still play it from time to time. But (1) it’s a little glitchy, with a tendency to freeze, and (2) there are levels that you cannot pass without boost, which are not sufficiently available without paying. You’ll accumulate a whole lot of coins replaying lower levels before getting enough spoons to buy the boost you need to pass that next level. Frustrating.

  29. This game was my favorite. The single tap to serve items made it much more fast paced than other cooking games. My favorite part was the bonus rounds. They were challenging but I could regularly beat them all. But with the most recent update, you automatically lose the bonus round if you single tap something that wasnt ordered. I couldnt get past 50 or 60 orders when I could usually beat them all (300 orders). Probably wont be playing much anymore.

  30. I thought this game was fairly fun, but now it seems almost impossible to even get past certain levels. I would spend money on the game but I just got a new job and have 0 cash to spend. it gets way too difficult. I’m all the way up to level 85 or so, I forget which level, and I have all but 1 of my upgrades all the way upgraded for the restaurant and it wont give me enough customers to get to the goal I need to move on. I really dont think you should make it so hard people have to pay.

  31. I love this game but unfortunately I’ve been stuck in Mexico on level 48 because the level doesn’t actually give you points for the combos you need to pass the level. There is also no way to get the points with only 5 customers. I’ve done all the upgrades to the restaurant that it will allow at this level as well and still can’t pass it or get any points. Its very frustrating.

  32. This app is so much more fun than I expected! There is just 1 thing thats REALLY irritating. When your trying to multitask on the app while cooking multiple dishes for many customers, somtimes your finger “double taps” a dish and the app thinks you are trying to “trash it”. Most levels don’t allow you to throw items away and once you do you lose that life. I WISH they’d change it to were we have to drag the item to “trash it” because most of the time I’m not trashing it, I’m just moving so fast!

  33. This is actually one of my favorite games but some levels you can not win without spending real money even if you have all if the upgrades. It doesn’t restore your purchase if you log into Facebook. You have to contact customer service and it takes them forever to solve an issue. And you can’t play if the so needs to be updated smh. Overall the game is fun and challenging but starts off very simple and gets harder overtime. If they fix the few problems i mentioned this would be a 5 star app.

  34. Hard to progress without paying cash for upgrades. Every single upgrade cost both coins and diamonds. Coins are earned after each level but diamonds are much harder to come by unless you pay cash. Waaay too many ads. They enundate you with ads before you can do anything! There’s a video ad before and after each level and another short vid ad to replay a level. I really wanted to like this game but I just couldn’t proceed. I played up to level 23 which means that I gave it a fair shake.

  35. Love the game! But this recent update doesn’t allow me to go to settings or change cities. Instead it takes me back to the opening screen with the ‘play’ button. And asks which saved version I want to use… one on the server or the one on my phone. I’ve deleted and re-installed, rebooted my phone, turned off wifi… nothing works.

  36. Lauren dice:

    I really like this game because it is fast paced, strategic, and fun, however, it can be very frustrating when they want you to win by serving a certain amount of customers, but the game only sends a certain amount (which is less than required to win), so therefore, you can only win by spending money and purchasing more customers to come. A lot of the side games for prizes/boosts are nearly impossible to win as well. Kind of sheisty in my opinion.

  37. This game is challenging and very addicting. The only complaint that I would have at all is the lag I experience somet I me but not sure if that is really the game. The biggest reason for my 5 star rating though is due to their support team. I experienced an issue with completing a special event and not receiving the correct reward. I reached out to them, received a prompt and helpful reply and they fixed the issue. It was some of the best customer service I’ve had in a while.

  38. I love this game. However when I got to the breakfast level and almost to the steak dinner I couldn’t continue the game without making in app purchases. It’s almost impossible without the “fresh” boost. Another thing, there is this one level I can’t move on from because whenever I click the food out of the oven it won’t move. All the other appliances work except this one. So I can’t give the food out. Then it burns! I can’t go on to any other levels. I’m so frustrated. I wish it would be fixed.

  39. I really like this game, however, now that I’m several cities in the levels are impossible to beat without using extras & those extras are earned less & less. I refuse to spend money buying spoons & boosts. I like a challenging level, but not a level where the time given or the number of customers that walk in make it impossible to ever complete the goal. That’s annoying & now I’m stuck because every level I have access to needs an extra 30 seconds if not two. I’m about to delete it.

  40. It’s a fun game until you get into different restaurants and then the price for new equipment and better food more than doubles but you don’t make enough to cover the costs. I made it to Paris before I quit because it keeps giving you “recommendations” for upgrades, but it’s nearly four times the amount you have and when an oven is 4500 to updated and your averaging 300, or less, a level, it just doesn’t work. Also you need boosts to get through level’s, there’s no way to get through them otherwise, but it’s nearly impossible to get them unless you pay money, I’m not willing to do that, sorry. Also, making it available to move money from one city to the next would help. When you have over 10,000 in New York and then start with nothing in Paris, what’s the point of sitting in that money? Especially when EVERYTHING is so damn expensive to start with. I uninstalled it I was getting so frustrated. You need to adjust how much you can make on each level or the time limits, there is no way to get 18 likes in 30 seconds when each person wants more than one thing and the equipment is too expensive to upgrade, so you can’t make food fast enough and they’re patience time is ridiculous.

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