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Join the Falcon Squad, enjoy classic arcade space shooting games.
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Captain, where are you? Alien are attacking our galaxy and putting our Earth in danger. Ready your spaceship to shoot all the Aliens out of our Galaxy.

– Classic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics remind you of old-school retro games and fit vertical shooters. This top-down shooter game makes sure you can’t take your eyes off the battles and relive the old feeling while playing the classic scrolling game!
– Build your squadron with the massive hangar full of spaceships, supporting drones and gorgeous wings, and add-on gadgets with numerous customization.
– Hundreds of challenging and breathtaking levels.
– Real-time battles: Challenge your friends or random players through real-time battle modes such as PvP, 2vs2, and Tournament. Fight and raise your rank to the top of the global leaderboard.
– Clan: Like-minded players progress and fight together, building their community to take down tougher opponents.
– Reward system: Play every day to earn free prizes and tons of free stuff! Complete daily missions and upgrade your squad!
– Additional modes: Experience further in different modes like Endless, Trial, Boss Assault,… and take part in live events for even more rewards.
– Online and offline game modes.

– Slide to control your spaceship and dodge the enemy’s bullets.
– Use gold and gem to upgrade or evolve your spaceship to fight evil enemies.
– Use the active skill of spaceship and wing and collect power-up items to enhance your whole power.

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- Lunar New Year event
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Falcon Squad MODDED"

  1. I’ve put some time into this game, fun at first but quickly gets old, and you can’t get to all the levels without paying a large amount of money. it’s not even about skill, you need to upgrade to meet built in damage thresholds. Upgrades come in slow! Even their Endless mode is poorly designed from a reward perspective. Completing the first 30 waves feels pretty good, but the next 10 waves takes about three times as long as the first 30 while granting only about one seventh of the rewards.

  2. This game has some entertainment value. For about the first 20 levels. There doesn’t seem to be any way to maintain ship upgrades without buying stuff. So after playing it a ton you dont feel like you’re building up a cool ship or anything. Then the enemies become harder to kill. Now you either spend money for better equipment, or you lose. Meh. Thanks but I’m good.

  3. I really like this game. It’s an awesome blend of classic sci-fi scrolling shooters, especially Galaga. However, the ads are so frequent it has killed my desire to play this game. Looks like there’s an option to buy with no ads, but those players are complaining about there still being ads. I’m at level 10 (not that far into the game) and I’m being hit up to buy something every time I come out of a game… sometimes hit up twice. Devs… you’ve got a great game but you’re killing it with ads. Give players a break. Fewer ads.

  4. Great game overall. Super fun, with well enough progress without paying. PVP aspect seems a bit off. seems there is no real way to strategize for a win. just shoot what you can and hope the other guy misses one I guess. sometimes seems like they are getting extra points, even though i feel i didn’t miss any enemies. Maybe increase the score gained for being higher on the screen. allowing you to actually fight for a lead. more risk, more reward kinda thing.

  5. Having played the game for a while, I’m definitely liking it. There are many aspects of game play that are, I think, rather well thought out and designed. I like that if one fails a given map, there are numerous opportunities to watch videos to earn gold and other types of game “currency” and in doing so, be able to upgrade at least slightly before trying the map again. I also like the “Gate Keepers”, targets that until killed create a barrier which you can’t go through so it’s almost like being in a maze, while not being in a maze! Nice! There are other aspects of the game that I also enjoy but for now, this will hopefully give you enough to consider playing it. I definitely recommend it!

  6. So I love this game. It’s honestly the best mobile Shoot-em-up I’ve played, and trust me, I’ve played quite a few. The graphics are really nostalgic, the background music is perfect, and the pacing of the level progression is very nice. However, I have to give this only 2 stars because after logging back in after getting a new phone, I don’t have access to my previous purchases or unlocked ships.

  7. the rewards you get after each level aren’t enough to progress in the game. in response to the developer: I stand by my review. The in game rewards don’t allow the player to keep progressing with the difficulty if the game. It forces the player to keep repeating levels to win enough “money” to afford upgrades in order to progress. This aspect renders the game monotonous

  8. I really enjoyed the game for awhile. Maneuvering is good. The fire /speed varies, so that makes it interesting. However, there is “The Boss”. It is beyond annoying to kill that thing. It becomes very monotonous. Some prizes aren’t clear about what is included until they are bought. For example, I spent a week saving up to 90,000 coins to get a large prize box. I received nothing similar to how it was portrayed. I don’t even know what to do with the things I got. I decided to uninstall.

  9. This game is totally pay-to-win. Ridiculous amount of ads. Otherwise, an enjoyable shooter with lots of color. Sound effects are terrible; music is good. There are NO REWARDS for completing stages in the higher “Hard” or “Hell” levels of difficulty, making it pointless to do them. Don’t waste your money on this game: total rip-off, but fun as an occasional time-waster.

  10. once you figure out upgrades and such, its pretty great. when you spend coins etc, i wish there was an “are you sure” prompt. other than that i like it. old school graphics and simplicity. still good if you dont purchase anything. I have come to realize that once you get to higher levels, ot becomes difficult to do things without spending money… Upgrades get harder to obtain… And the videos you can watch to aquire things needed to upgrade, good luck getting anything of value.

  11. PVP doesn’t work properly. I can hit every enemy with none escaping off screen and dont get hit and still somehow lose. You can actually predict losses right from the start by seeing who loads first. If the person your playing loads even 1 second before you, unless they make a mistake, it’s an automatic loss.This needs to be fixed. Otherwise a good game.

  12. I do like the game. No problem with watching ads for gold, I get it, ads are revenue. I just don’t like that after the first initial levels you have to either pay to level up or spend a thousand years grinding to get enough coins. The packages are a bit expensive as well. I’d buy a complete version without the “buy these packages of coins to level up” options.

  13. The boss on Level 7 doesn’t load if you have a perfect run on Hell mode. I can’t get my third star! I’ve tested this numerous times. It just keeps flying endlessly until I quit… This is a great game so far! Keep it coming! It’s everything you want from a space shooter! Edit: This error must occur at certain ship levels, because after I upgraded my ship, the boss appeared immediately after destroying the last enemy. That’s going to be a tough error to find.

  14. Kevin K dice:

    Developers are smart, ill give them that! You get hooked and then you reach a level where the game truly does become dependent on a player’s willingness to pay-to-play. Interface has issues frequently that result in competition modules being down for maintenance. Engine upgrades never work – just don’t do it, lol. And, oh the ads, so many ads…this has actually gotten significantly worse in the last six months…and I started playing this game two years ago.

  15. This game is fantastic! I gave it 5 stars all across the board. I’ve played this on my friends phone for a whole day! It was super fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then decided to get it on this device, and I still loved it. It has a classic Space Invaders look while keeping up with the modern controls of alien shooters. Controls are phenomenal and you can even control your sensitivity. Overall, the graphics are hugely expected and phenomenal, the controls are great, and the gameplay is great!

  16. II have had this game as a time waster waiting on other things for 6 months now and like the game. I have progressed mostly by playing but have successfully bought gems and cards a few times. I have two issues with this game that should be fixed to make it more enjoyable and less frustrating: 1. As noted on PvP by others, the network connection plays a key role in winning versus losing. I almost always lose the PvP when playing on the cell network, but when connected to wi-fi I easily have a better than even chance at winning. The way PvP is scored needs to be better to avoid this issue. 2. Endless mode is almost useless past stage 30. At that point the bonus gold reverts back 15 gold per level passed even though the enemy and the stages get much harder. Furthermore, there is little to no gold or gems to be received after defeating the level 39 boss. Therefore there is no incentive to try to go past that level and no incentive to want to upgrade the starship any faster by buying gold or gems for upgrades…therefore the publisher is losing out on revenue. There is no reason to do this as the game limits the number of endless modes to five per day.

  17. Nice retro 8-bit style shooter with cool graphics, lots of power-ups, ships, bosses, weapons, and upgrade options. Controls are really smooth and there a lot of extra options like PvP, Endless, Teams. Game is a lot of fun at first, but then an extreme difficulty spike makes it necessary to upgrade your ship in order to advance further. Requirements for upgrades get so steep that you either spend months grinding for Gold, Gems, & Cards on lower levels and watching tons of ads or pay real $$$!!!

  18. I love the game because it’s challenging, fun, addictive, and I can play it for hours and not have to wait for my lives to regenerate… I don’t like all the adds, less would be better. Furthermore, “Ads are not available…” happens way too often especially if you are getting 2x the reward. Costs quite a bit to upgrade, evolve, buy ships and getting aircraft cards as you progress is highly expensive and very time consuming considering how many cards you need to evolve.

  19. playing it on Android. great audio video. easy addiction, except: no instructions. when I reached a higher level I couldn’t make use of special skill because didnt know how. i’ve stuck on the same level for over an hour and am sick of the frustration. too bad, id have played it much more if i only knew how to use the features. another example of a great product that failed me because of inadequate documentation also, my finger heats from phone’s radiation i wont play it again without docs

  20. why the hell does it pause when you go to bottom of screen?!!! That’s idiotic!!! I try and dodge a freakin enemy or missile, then it pauses itself…. when I unpause, usually get hit coming back in. Or if your battling someone, makes you lose. There’s already a pause button on top of screen, you sure you don’t want to install more? Maybe when I wanna go to the sides also hmm… funny thing is, when I want it to pause while I’m down there, it won’t.

  21. It’s actually a fun game. The only issue is that the higher levels are basically unbeatable without an upgraded ship. The route to ship upgrades, well, it’s impossible to wait for the ship to be upgraded because it’s going to take forever. The game is designed for you to spend money to win. When you spin the wheel you will never win $100,000 of coins. I did spend money in the past but I stopped. It’s a waste. The levels get way too difficult! It’s a money trap!

  22. Super Fun Game! Tons of options to upgrade ships, turrets, and drones! Do not have to pay to play competitively. Ads are optional and give great rewards! Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because of the clunky user interface. Much of it is left unexplained and it takes a lot of effort to understand what is what. I’m still finding things I didn’t know about after 2 weeks of playing. Overall, great game, super fun. Thumbs up for sure! Well done!

  23. I like the game and I played it a lot. It is fun to play. but you cannot Advance real far in the game or get to the very high levels without spending money on the game. I’ve also noticed that a lot of my power ups and active skills that I’ve been accumulating just disappear. not sure why that is. also just noticed that in tournament mode sometimes even though I have higher score than my opponent I lose and they win and there are times where I won and had a lower score than my opponent.

  24. It was fun for awhile, until you get to a point of either paying for upgrades or spending many hours watching ads and playing previous levels to earn upgrades that will help you beat the higher levels. I believe i got to level 24 and could go no further, so I played the previous levels for awhile – and watched their ads – before it just got too tedious. So, watch their ads, OR pay for upgrades. Great game. Just don’t expect to beat the whole thing by the merits of your skill alone (i.e. money)

  25. Started off good. I enjoyed the levels and enemies. But now they make you watch 4 ads to get the coins after the level. I spend 80% of my time watching ads. Not a good experience uninstalling you product. And yes, I spent money to upgrade and it really wasn’t worth the added cost.

  26. Modern day fighter game. I liked the gameplay but the progression in the game sucks. The difficulty increases quickly and either you have to watch ads, pay, or constantly replay the sme levels. After 5 ads in 10 minutes I turned on airplane mode. Replaying the same levels over and over, I quit playing in 30 minutes without ads. Uninstalling app, Too many other fun shooter games with less ads.

  27. This is a great game. Very fun and I enjoy the challenge as you progress to higher levels. It’s cool that you can also play others 1v1. My only complaint is that I can’t complete daily tasks without spending money. For example, man time the daily task includes playing spin wheel 3 times. You only have 1 free spin and 1 spin for watching an ad per day. If that was fixed, 5 star game!

  28. The game is fun in the beginning but goes from super easy to impossible in one level. In one level it takes 2 hits to kill an enemy and immediatley in the next it takes 8. Theres no in-between. Even after upgrading mutliple times, it seems like the enemies are impossible to beat. Also why do you need cards AND gems to upgrade a craft? Why do you pay gems to upgrade each level in your craft but then also need to pay gems to just be able to add more levels to the craft? Seems like double dipping.

  29. Don’t waste your money here, fair warning. I played this game 30-60 minutes daily for over a year. Unlocked all the ships and upgraded them all to level SS and higher. I spent almost $200 on purchases. After having seen issues on my phone I decided to reset it. Prior to resetting I backed everything up to Google and Samsung. After the reset completed I found that the game was not restored to the previous state. I lost everything, including 15k in gems, and 2m in gold. I have sent 3 emails to support asking for assistance and all have gone unanswered. This game is decent for a monotonous predictable game. But it is also full of bugs such as the backspace not working to send the exit command. Or how the game resets at midnight and if you are playing it will not give you any rewards. The Ads are ridiculous. 30 seconds for a single ad in order to get the reward. If you spend money for in game purchases you should automatically remove the ads and increase the person’s rewards percentage.

  30. I agree with many. Time spent to increase levels without spending money is ridiculous. I have been playing over a year. At 2 lucky wheel spins/day that is 730 times spun. Never received the100k reward. Only 12 slots on the wheel… You do the math. The video error message “ads IS unavailable” drives me nuts! It was bad enough that they limit ad Rewards after a certain amount/day before glitch but now we get even less. Looking for other options. No response to emails. don’t do much fb.

  31. Fun game BUT like most be prepared to shell out money to upgrade… Upgrades are hardly noticeable one level to the next… One aircraft has 150 upgrade levels! Each costing progressively more. Watch ads to gain coin or spend real dollars. I dropped $20 and ain’t scratched the surface on upgrading. Again this is a fun game and ads aren’t obtrusive unless you elect to watch for game coin. It just takes tooooo long to make any headway without spending real money which they CONTINUALLY entice you

  32. This is a fast, fun, and fair game that challenges and entertains. Excellent format, well thought-out rules, and interesting graphics take this game toward an A+, but jewels come too slowly causing a player to repeat the elementary levels time after time to get jewels to build ever more superior fighters. This failing makes the game a B+ instead. I’ve been playing 8 or 9 months and really do enjoy Falcon Squad. Thanks!

  33. PVP has become a ship-changing fest instead a game of skill. They point valued changing ships highly to encourage players to upgrade multiple ships… aka spend money. I understand the necessity but you can’t do it at the expense of gameplay. Like many other gaming apps, if they didn’t charge so much real money for virtual money, they’d probably make more overall. I’m willing to spend 1$ here and there but $20? You can get a good console or PC game for that.

  34. I am really loving this game. Best bullet hell/shoot em up I have played in my opinion. But I have a grudge against the pvp multiplayer.. it seems as if sometimes my game or even the opponent would freeze and I can see our scores as we destroy the same amount of enemies, for whatever reason one of us would get to the score quicker. It’s like a weird delay that one player always has and they cant ever catch up even when they’re doing the same damage. I love this game but please fix!

  35. Since the last update, none of the ads work! It’s very intentional to stop players from getting the free items we should be getting. This game is no longer fun and is just frustrating. You now need to spend even more money to get your ships upgraded and clear levels. Also, PVP is glitchy-my screen freezes and I can’t move or kill the enemies while my opponent can…so I lose no matter what. And it’s not my internet connection as this is the ONLY game that does this. Developers need to listen.

  36. This game is easy and hard at the same time, but you have to give the designers credit for an amazing game, that we can play in various modes, with increasing levels and enemy abilities. I’ve just played my 1st tournament, but was unhappy that even when you win a game in the tournament, you still only get 5 games. Shouldn’t there be a reward for victories? Or is that a tactic to balance play for all players?

  37. I think the game is great but dont spend real money on it! It’s an app guys! Upgrades are pricey but it’s worth it (in game money) I like the way the rating works for the levels. You get I think more stars if you domt get hit or kill everyone. I cant remember at the moment. Its addictive and I can play for hours to waste time or for short times. Bosses are reasonable and not annoying. Some ads are a bit long but the game works if you turn off wifi so if your really having problems turn it off!

  38. sometimes while playing, the game will suddenly just jump to a very fast pace. you can start a level with enemies moving and shots traveling at one speed when suddenly they are all moving at a significantly higher rate. this makes the game not as enjoyable as it could be.

  39. Seems like it should be a solid shooter for mobile but when you require massive amounts of grinding and replaying of levels and I mean MASSIVE, It’s ridiculous. Plus I’m not spending 9.99 to buy or upgrade ONE ship in the game. Plus the fact that they monetize every aspect of upgrading. If you want to play to upgrade past a certain point ( which isn’t even high level) you are going to spend weeks replaying levels. It’s s joke.

  40. I really enjoyed this game (5 stars) up to point. But eventually, it gets so difficult that you are essentially forced to purchase better ships and equipment in order to progress. This removes the feeling of accomplishment you get from getting 3 stars on each level because you KNOW it’s a thousand hour grind to earn enough coins to level up. I strongly believe that the game starts out as a free and fun game but it becomes pay to play way too soon.

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