LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush MODDED 2022


Come for a fun race through Heartlake City in LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush!
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LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush invites kids to join a group of best friends in their missions around Heartlake City. Race around town and play as any of the Friends – from Stephanie, Ethan, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Emma and Liam, to Daniel in a hot dog costume! See how each character’s unique personality can spark creativity and imagination. Expression is essential! Transform characters’ vehicles with a huge library of special items. Hunt for special collectibles as you drive, fly, jump, duck and dodge your way around the city.

-DRIVE through LEGO® Heartlake City as your favorite LEGO® Friends character!
-COLLECT coins, ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, confetti bombs, and special collectible items
-CUSTOMIZE your cars with decals, colored tyre, aerial toppers and more!
-COMPLETE MISSIONS to level up and earn more points!
-DODGE enemies coming right at you!
-DECORATE your cars with unlockable flair!
-BOOST AND TRANSFORM your car into a jet by picking up Zobo the robot!
-UNLOCK all playable LEGO® Friends characters and cars by earning coin rewards
-MIX & MATCH your characters, custom cars and decals for a true LEGO® building experience
-SAFETY FIRST play in a safe, closed environment, with NO third-party advertising or hidden data collection. LEGO® marketing content and information is served, for instance, LEGO® news about LEGO® sets and other LEGO® games, in hope of inspiring creative play.

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LEGO, the LEGO logo and the FRIENDS logo are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2022 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.


Race through Heartlake City with the new summer Nandi character pack!
- Drive as Nandi the veterinary assistant
- Turn your race car into a tropical island with unicorn floatie stickers, surf's up wave trail, citrus wheels and palm tree topper!
- Complete missions to unlock Nandi's pet clinic stickers for her car
With new items on the road to collect too, it's our biggest update this year!


40 comentarios en "LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush MODDED 2022"

  1. This game is pretty fun. I really liked the show, but there is a downside. For example, whenever I’ve got to get past an obstacle that needs me to jump up, it makes me duck. Sometimes when I complete missions, it doesn’t save my progress. I have been playing Heartlake Rush for a long time, and I really hope things improve and others enjoy it too. Thanks for reading my review! 🙂

  2. I love this app, it works awsome although when you level up and you need to complete challenges,it doesn’t tell you how to complete it. It only hows you an image of what it looks like. Otherwise though this game is amazing, it doesn’t have any adds which is perfect. I just love it, but i would like that to be fixed. So try it on you’re own it’s an amazing game!

  3. Ma Kw dice:

    I USED TO LOVE THIS GAME! After thinking YKNOW imma revist some good memories, I clicked install. First of,graphics downgraded BADLY. Then I could only choose between Stephanie and Lucas. It used to be all the girls. Then the rest is well until I try to get other characters. I HAVE TO PAY OVER £2.00 JUST FOR A SINGLE CHARACTER! I used to be able to buy them for the in-game coins you receive but no. DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU WANNA PKAY AGAIN!

  4. Why is it pay for everything now?? I used to play this game, and now when I just installed it, the starting characters were just stephanie and ethan when it used to be all the girls, as far as I remember. Also, why are all other characters paid when you used to be able to buy them with coins? As far as I remember, the game was not owned by Story – whatever the company name is. In my old review, I had put 5 stars,but now I’ve had to delete that one. The graphics have also owngraded by A LOT too.

  5. The game was amazing we had 3 tracks to play then they got rid of them all. Now they updated and added Nandi, as well they let you in the begining get 3 free characters but the rest have to be paid for when they used to be bought with coins. Why have you made everthing money It’s not going to be fun collecting all the characters if I have to spend £22 on the game. Waste of money.

  6. My kid loves to play this, but after an update you all the sudden have to pay instead of unlocking with in-game coins… The worst part yet is that the full unlock is an outrageous €24,99!!! Since I have 3 kids with each their own account and it’s an in app purchase I have to pay 3 times the €24,99 totalling to a whopping €79,97. That’s wat I call Yikes! That’s even more than most AAA games for PC AT LAUNCH, let alone the discounts after a year or so…

  7. sjeyara dice:

    This game is great but soon after you get a few characters you have to pay for the rest. Another thing is that the game gliches and when I’m playing it if I swipe up the game will make the car go down. All together though it is a awesome game.

  8. It was laggy, but still fun. It’s cheerful and friendly characters make it really fun to play! Love that you can also decorate your cars, get missions, and more! You can even change into different types of cars, and the car can transform into a plane, soaring into the sky! It’s engaging and exciting, and it’s really nice. It’s kinda missing something and needs a couple of more updates time by time, it’s just misssing stuff, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t like how you need to pay, though…

  9. This game, used to be very fun when I was like 7! (I’m on my moms account) now I see you have to pay?? I don’t know if you had to pay before but,if you make ppl pay for the characters, some are just gonna continue playing or, just uninstall the game!!!

  10. i’m downloading this game again at the moment but when I was younger I used to play it and it was a blast !! I hope it still is that way but by reading most reviews makes me think it’s not so good anymore but I’ll give it a try again !! I know updates happen so it’s ok if it’s not as good as before but I love trying out new things so this is a new thing for me !! I give it five/5 stars because of this !! bye people and have a great day/night !!

  11. Dane Nell dice:

    There is a lot of glitch in the game it’s also have a slow action so you can’t really move fast , it’s also sad that I can’t unlock other characters with the coins that can be earned instead it have to be purchased to use it

  12. I love the game don’t get me wrong but you have to pay I mean come on! Please make the othercar cost those coins you get 🙏 also I’d like to thank the app for not being one of those stupid games with like a trillion adverts every 5 seconds

  13. Annoying, I keep having to Uninstall and ReDownload the Game for it to Work. It works for like 2 days then I have to do it all over again! 🙄

  14. this game is good but why do we NEED to purchased the characters using real money??? I remembered playing this that purchasing the characters using coins in the game and now??!? what is this it’s the worst

  15. Yara Mast dice:

    I rate it a 1 because when sometimes i swipe and it doesn’t count for some reason and i lost multiple times also, sometimes when there’s a rail sometimes i need to jump sometimes i dont also sometimes i dont hit an object and i lose and i hit an object and, i did not lose i used to play this game so much now, it has became worser plz fix this problem.

  16. I remember playing this game when I was younger . The skins + car use to be purchased with coins , now with real money ?? NO . I want the old one back ! It’s better then the new one . Now they only give us like a free skins + car .

  17. This game is awesome 👌 👏 👍 😍 me and my sisters are all playing it and we can play it all day long and it has incouragement too but I don’t like the in app purchases I don’t like because you can only get one or two characters

  18. I so love this app its awesome to kill time and have fun exploring HLC It shouldn’t stop you from playing after a while like it does, a bit of a disappointment, but other than that it’s a great game to dive into

  19. noo :(( i wanted the old version where u can purchase cars and characters using coins backk :(( please fix this 🙁 i wanted the old version backkk :(( PLEASEEEE :(( it’s so sad that i have to pay with real money for them 🙁

  20. My daughter loves this game. We had some issues when we downloaded the app on a new device and the support team were very quick to resolve our problem👍

  21. Installed for my daughter who loves it but I enjoy it too. Fun, cheerful graphics. Level 22 impossible to complete though, as you need to collect 6 fruit. In days of playing 22 we have yet to come across more than 3 fruit in a run, so now we’re losing interest in game. I also dont understand the new Lego Whirlwind thing, which just seems to ‘up’ the difficulty to stupid-hard in a new car for the 60 seconds or so that you can survive and then its back to normal. Edit: no fruit in flight either!

  22. It is nice but there are three things I did not want in the game, first I thought that when you want to play it starts runing alone and you can double tap the screen to run with a car, but you can only ride with a car . Secondly when you complete the missions and you aren’t getting one you have to do it you cannot skip it with a vidio like the normal games . At last when you buy or upgrade a character the other ones get more expensive.

  23. Natee dice:

    A M A Z I N G ! The only reason it’s a four is that the tasks are a bit to easy and the difficulty in levels turns into easy to super hard very quickly. The variation on charecters and cars I LOVE and everything is amazing. I also apploud the creators for not adding a million adds as it seems like a game that would do that. But I really recommend you to get it.

  24. Man, this game is really fun It’s very entertaining too No adds no random popups it’s great. The thing is… it’s kinda glitchy sometimes. And, once you get to when you have to unlock only 3 characters left, the price is way to much. Even if you have double coins. And also I downloaded this game year ago and deleted it. I remembered another world. I don’t know why you wouldve deleted it, because honestly it was more fun then the original track. Please send a reply telling where it is? No zobo?

  25. The game was great, before they added microtransactions. Buying characters used to be purely based around the in-game stud currency, but now buying new characters is with in-app purchases, devaluing the studs and making them only for buying car parts.

  26. Maritime dice:

    Surprisingly addictive! Ive played games like this, but this one is by far the cutest. One criticism would be; i was confused about certain missions, i think itd be great if there was a little optional clip showing what a mission means. Thanks for this game, its great!

  27. Susan Ali dice:

    So I used to love this game, but the problem is that now we can only use 2 characters and before like long ago we could buy these characters with the money we earn in the game, but I am sure that you guys will improve the game. Other than this I have no complain thanks for the amazing game

  28. Great game! Though it can get pretty hard for me, I know no one but Practice and Paitience can help me improve. I love the new vehicles, and when reading the “what’s new” section, I see a different side of each of the girls. I thought Emma liked to bake! I didn’t know what Mia’s new theme was, so I stayed with the old theme, animals. But that’s Emma. Great job, guys!

  29. It’s SUPER FUN. Just wish it was a teenie tiny bit easier and that i could have all the charecters or at least more of them

  30. Overall experience was good but the reason why I gave 4 stars is because it’s a little boring … we just rush around with cars … For my suggestion, I would like it to connect to our lego ID – just like the game Lego Tower . In addition, you can add some houses for the characters to live in and we can decorate the house by rushing around and collect coins (something like that ) to buy some furniture, decorations, wallpapers , and many many items we can think of . Cheers 🙂

  31. I’ve downgraded my review as an update has meant there are now vibrations which are really annoying! It means you can no longer just play the game quietly as it’s constantly vibrating. Unless I can get rid of this feature I will be deleting. The only setting options in the app are for sound effects and music. But turning both off still leaves the vibrations. Phone on silent – still vibrations. Nothing in my phone settings or the app permissions that I can find. Such a shame as it was a fun game.

  32. Euphoria dice:

    I like this game! It’s very fun and addicting and is kinda like piano tiles in a way where it also enhances your focus and hand reflexes. It’s kinda like a Subway Surfers but I like this better because it’s cute and detailed. The graphics are adorable and it’s very challenging. My only issue is I wish there was a way to turn of vibrates bc I don’t rlly like it . But yeah if you like Piano Tiles or Subway Surfers or just Lego Friends id definitely reccomend!

  33. I think this game is very addictive, but as most people say, quite boring as well. A four star game is what I think this is most like. It’s the same thing over and over again but sometimes I just can’t stop playing it. What most annoys me is that I cannot jump on top of buses very easily. Also, new characters are very expensive and it takes a long time to unlock anything as I only get average 100 coins per run if I don’t buy double studs.

  34. 🤩Wow so nice game Love it’s graphics, features and characters. Choose any of the characters in the Beginning, then after, you have to play with it, you can’t change. Then if you want your character to be changed then you have to buy it.. World’s best game, for kids and adults both.

  35. I wish the game was able to create user profiles so that whenever you use a different device it stores what level you are on etc Should have option to go left and right. Would also be good to see what levels other people have got in my local area. Love the game! Make the phone vibrate when it crashes maybe?

  36. Glitchy. My daughters play on two different devices. My 7 year old can’t get past level 19 on a newer tablet, but my 5 year old is on 22. I used her tablet and noticed the control was very glitchy. There’s hardly any visibility so she crashes easily. To swipe right or left actually makes the screen “stutter” or skip.

  37. Very safe for kids! It isnt all for girls either, there are many boy characters to unlock. It also doesnt have lag, which most games have an issue with. I just have a few complaints. Alot of the stuff costs alot of coins. I know you are supposed to earn it, but it is still over 2,000 coins to get a single decal! Though there are boy characters, there is still alot of pink and purple. How about some green or red? That is my review on this app! Hope it was helpful!

  38. When you jump from one car to another the jumps are too short and you keep losing. Some of the lego friends faces when they crash into something can be disturbing. I like the little quirks in it though.😊

  39. I decided to play again. This game is really good! But the reason why I gave it a 4 star’s. Its because sometimes when I jump it jumps but slides after that when I don’t even slide it! Making it hard. Also no ads Yes! But fix my problem please.

  40. Actually like the app, but how do I transfer progress to my new phone. I’m NOT starting over. Edit: I emailed support and their response was VERY disappointing. No solution was provided, just an excuse that transferring progress is impossible. Even if you re-install the app, all progress is lost. How does an app in this day and age not support online progress saving?

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