Breaker Fun 2: Zombie Games MODDED 2022


Master your brick breaker skill to win the zombie ball blast games!
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Use your brick breaker skill to defend against zombie attacks! Join the brand-new ball blast adventure. Aim, shoot, and blast away all the zombies and obstacles.

Enter the exciting yet challenging zombie zones with the latest game in the Breaker Fun series. Master your ball blast skills to solve brick breaker puzzles and fortify your homeland with all the rewards you win!

Breaker Fun 2 – Zombie Games offers thousands of fun and addictive brick breaker puzzles! No time to lose. The homeland needs your help to stand against the zombie attack. Rebuild areas with the gems you earn from the levels and unlock new areas to renovate!

We have lots of exciting puzzles for you to enjoy! Jump into the remade Breaker Fun game and blast your way through the zombie world and amazing puzzles:

– Challenge yourself with the fun levels and classic brick breaker gameplay whether you’re a master player or just new to the game!
– Collect loads of gems and special rewards for every level you beat!
– Unlock powerful boosters to have a blast!
– Explore the new areas as you advance: FRONT YARD, DINER, TERRACE, and many more exciting ones for you to explore!

Tap and shoot for the endless breaker fun! Start it right now!
Need help? Visit our support page in Breaker Fun 2.


- New levels and new camp!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces


40 comentarios en "Breaker Fun 2: Zombie Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Matt Chu dice:

    Really fun but way too many ads for it to be fun. Every one or two levels there is an ad. Unbearable. Updated the review now the advertisements are everywhere and all the time. Banner ads while you’re playing that will literally ruin your level if you accidentally click on them. Hard pass.

  2. Was a great game. Until I go to watch an ad to revive the level, and then the ad “conveniently” freezes EVERY time, causing me to lose a life. No worries, though, because I’ll just uninstall it if it continues. Don’t fall for playing the bee mini game, either. You only get to do it like 3 times, then you never see it again. Should the issue of freezing be resolved, the rating will be changed accordingly.

  3. A lot of fun; however, there are some bugs. First, the ads towards the top of the screen at the beginning of a level will automatically open without being near it. Many times it happens when I’m aiming the ball. Then when I go back to the game, the balls are released and screws with my play. Second, the game occasionally will freeze at the beginning of a level, forcing me to restart the app or it will randomly close out of the app, causing me to lose my wining streak.

  4. I thought it was a good game at first, but then the massive amount and long ads showed up. Also due to the very small ad-stop icons they could be very difficult to get rid of without going to the ad source. This could happen several times before you can get rid of the ad! Here’s something interesting, it took me several attempts to post this comment… who knows? I’m now removing the app.

  5. It’s decent. A few too many ads but not bad so far. Point the ball where you want it to go and watch it bounce around breaking blocks. Seems to be some sort of story involved, but I’m not sure if it’s anything more than do stuff to do stuff. Has ‘ad breaks’ where they play an ad between levels and lots of skippable ads for extra currency, only slightly annoying. You can pay to remove the ‘ad breaks’ I think but shrug. Devs gotta eat, I can watch a few ads.

  6. There are a lot of ads. And they’re all fairly long. It’s faster to quit the game and reopen it rather than watch the ads where you have to wait 15 seconds, click an arrow, wait 10 seconds, click a barely visible X, then wait 10 more seconds and click another X. And it seems to be random, but sometimes they show up between every level

  7. I really like the game but the ads SUX. I understand that there has to be ads. The problem I have is that ads should only be 30 sec. When you watch the ad you should be able to close out. Noo it takes you in a loop 3-4 times. So an average 30 sec ad turns out to be 2-3 minutes. Fix this issue and I will give more stars cause I really like this game

  8. The game is fun enough but I can’t stand it when games advertise being something they’re not. The so called Drawing Bees part of the game was the ad I clicked on to download the game. I’m now 70 levels in and haven’t seen one minigame or anything having to do with drawing to keep away the bees. I don’t know why developers do this. I’ve deleted many games that were advertised as being something else.

  9. I totally dig this game. Yes, it’s not 100% hide from the bees game like in the ad, but it’s a really cool break blocks, kill zombies, mini games… all kinds of cool stuff. Yes there are ADs. The developers can’t just make free games. Pay the $2 and get the AD free version. Much more fun. I’m having a blast with this game. Definitely will keep playing.

  10. Needs more levels or ability to reset. I played thru all available levels. They retain your profile, so no way to kill your progress and restart. I tried deleting data, uninstall and reinstall. No joy. Quick reply from tech support, who told me I couldn’t restart the game. Fun to play. Clever, but not being able to start new and play thru is BS. Only reason it’s a lower rating.

  11. Cat Lock dice:

    I have always likes the brick break games. This one has a twist lol. Yes, it’s goofy, and corny, but it just makes the world disappear for a bit. The zombies are great also. As the levels progress, so does the difficulty. Whats so awesome, about this game, is how you can CONSTANTLY earn diamonds! Also, as you progress in “steps”(levels), you earn more. They have little contest always happening, which gives you MORE opportunities to get power ups and more!

  12. It’s a lot easier than BF1, with the ability to clear stages a lot faster with fewer stars. The daily supply is a HUGE help. I have yet to see any descent adventure levels(then again, I am only on level 90). UPDATE: I’m on level 400 now, and I still have yet to see any of the adventure levels shown in the ads, outside of that it’s still a pretty challenging game(especially with the vampires and those blasted zombie nurses).

  13. It’s ok. I haven’t had crashing issues or problems with the ads, I just think the original Breaker Fun is better. One of the things that bugs me about this version is the lack of a button to speed up the balls during play, making so you have to sit there as they slowly bounce around. The original game has this feature, if it was added here that would definitely be an improvement. Otherwise fine.

  14. The game is a lot of fun but there’s a place where you can either buy a gold pass or just get the free items you’ve won. The problem is that you don’t get the free items unless you buy the gold pass! Your “FREE” items goes into a chest where they stay until you buy the gold pass then you get both rows of items. That’s such a rip off!!! That’s why I’m taking my rating down to 2 🌟! Free should mean FREE!!!

  15. Awful just awful. The levels become too hard which is fine I don’t mind a challenge but the game crashes too often. Been stuck at the same level wasting boosters because this horrible game crashes every single time. Its not skill or luck it’s just the awful game crashing and you need to start over and this is happening every single time making it impossible to progress.

  16. A great game, but unfortunately it’s as stable as a crackhead 3 days off their meds ! The game is set up so it encourages you to watch adverts, but the ads crash the game. When the game crashes you lose accumulated bonuses as it assumes you lost a level. Some bonuses are only available from watching ads. The only way to get them is to watch 5x the required amount of ads, and restart the game every time it crashes. As I said, it’s a good game but the constant crashes make it infuriating.

  17. I love the game but the ads breaks NOT!!! I don’t mind ads when I want perks or extras but not just because. Also, the option not to mute the ads, makes me want to quit altogether because I play games while listening to podcast and being interrupt with loud ads is a deal breaker. Either add a mute button to the ads or let us control when the ads play.

  18. Love the game but way too many ads and no way to get rid of them. Also, When the screen is cleared it takes a few seconds to recall balls which can cost you a challenge. Lower your prices! It cost you NOTHING to offer the packs etc. Anything over $5 is pure greed! Gamers are very quick to buy .99-$4.99 packs than your $9.99 and up packs. It’s simple psychology. SMH

  19. There are so many pop ups trying to get you to make app purchases. It takes forever to just pkay the game because you will spend several minutes just trying to get to it. Also fun BUT the logic screens above showing the scenes are NOT in the games. And I still havent figured out the purpose in collecting stars(scratching my head). Not at all what i thought i was downloading. Uninstalling!!!

  20. Jason Ely dice:

    Fun until around level 1000. After that it is useless. Skill doesn’t matter. It is just dumb luck repeating the game until the algorithm used let’s the interactive blocks mutate the way you need them to. Wouldn’t be too bad if you didn’t have to watch an ad every time you restart.

  21. This game is actually so simple it’s fun. I get making us pay to get rid of ads. I get making us pay 4 boosters. I don’t get that you can only complete one task at a time. I love this game it consumes so much time but the single task kills it. I had over 100 stars and it took me way to much effort and game time. I spend money on games as I did here but I won’t do that again.

  22. This game is, yes fun. But this game is absolutely not what it is advertise to be. I was expecting to have to fight bees every single time, instead it’s basically like playing toon blasters or any of the other match color games. I won’t spend money on it, but it is fun to play. They lose a star because they falsely advertise but they get four stars because it’s still very fun to play. Brain dead entertainment. That’s all I want.

  23. I do like this game because it’s different from alot of other games where you have to build/renovate areas by adding balls and bricks instead of 3 match levels. The only problem I have is that like there is an add every 2-3 levels and there are constant pop ups trying to get you to buy stuff.

  24. This game is great! It plays well, the graphics are crisp, and angle setting is very smooth. Ball action is awesome as it hits the different element on screen to help complete the level . Breaker Fun 2. I recommend it. You’ll have hours of fun

  25. Used to be fun, but now it opens ads and apps on its own. I understand advertising on a free game, I’ll happily watch them IN GAME but the moment the game starts opening other apps and my browser I take issue. That’s eating up more of my data and invasive as well as influencing my search results. No game is worth this.

  26. This app is full of glitches keep getting kicked out by ads, bummer because this game was super fun. ave to drop another star, the ads are f===^^=^ redonk they give you a free hour of play half of it is ads. ARRRGH have to drop a star your ads keep kicking This game is super fun, relatively easy and you get to “kill” Zombies. Download through Mistplay and make some money and destroy the Zombies. What more can you ask for. Awesome! Very few ads.

  27. An ad after every level is ridiculous. I usually just close the app and reopen it to skip the add, but after every level is just dumb. I got up to level 1450. That’s 1450 ads. Game isn’t worth it.

  28. Great way to waste time and have fun. Very easy to play. Good way to fill a good 15-30 minute commute or some break time. I’m not a full time gamer so there is no way I’m ever going to get to the top 4000+ level like some but it’s no brainer

  29. Great additive game. You don’t have to spend money, however $10/month gets you all kinds of perks and it shares to your team. Ads aren’t bad. 30 seconds or less and not a lot of them. If you don’t spend money it’s going to take you a few more tries to pass some levels but it can be done.

  30. Kara-Mia dice:

    Breaker Fun original taught me a lot about aim, but my dude was always in the same physical “pose” and the story drags. This is 100% improved in all areas! Fast, fun, rewarding! THANK YOU!!!!

  31. kojitsune dice:

    Art style is creepy. It feels like 3 or 4 different games crammed together, and like most mobile games is just an ad server and microtransaction platform.

  32. I really like ball breaker games! This one is exceptional! Not only is it a fun game but it gives you some great animation and a cute little plot plus it’s zombies!

  33. Game is a fun time killer but it’s very repetitive. The ads cause the game to glitch out and unless you pay to stop the ads might as well delete the game.

  34. I really love this game. Different challenging and fun activities. I especially like when the zombies scream when you kill them. Lots of fun..I’m addicted!

  35. I can’t even explain why it’s “fun”. It isn’t super rad, it’s just something to pass the time on the train. I guess that’s my review: “Something to play while on the train.” I haven’t uninstalled, so, 5 stars.

  36. Downloaded this app just to tell you your ads are annoying. Never opened the app, now deleting. Cut out the annoying ads.

  37. Great game to start with, however it is completely unrewarding and designed to make you spend money on purchases, adverts are annoying. Zero stars, creators are a total joke, also scammers

  38. Forced ads after every level, forced ads after leaving menus, bonus income ads if you want a bonus. But, if you don’t want to watch it, you have to anyway!

  39. Phienix dice:

    NGL another pretty good game, the ads are there but they’re alright. Not being made like 50 ads is a win for me. And I LOVE ball games including the like from low to high tower games as well, and overall i just love zombies Lol. I recommend this game a ton and hope you enjoy it ✨

  40. Simple, yet interactive!! Interesting & constant gameplay for us. I would like to spend crystals on new designs it some’n, but !!!!!

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