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Compete against the World in special tournaments every week!
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Compete against the World in 26 NEW Angry Birds levels every week!
Or take your chances in the Star Cup as you go head-to-head against individual opponents!
Compete with your friends, come out on top, and climb the leaderboards to become the BEST Angry Birds player in the World!

Tournament Features:
– NEW Competitive Tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!
– Play 26 NEW levels every week!
– Challenge opponents and win to advance to higher leagues!
– Take hold of the top position for amazing rewards!
– Special Themed Tournaments every other week!

Star Cup features:
– Challenge other Angry Birds players one-on-one!
– Free Power Ups, Level Effects and Special Slingshots on every level.
– Collect Feathers to level up your Birds and gain more scoring power!
– Win streaks! Win multiple matches in a row to increase your Rewards.


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Angry Birds Friends is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

We may update the game periodically, for example to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected.
When playing this game, Rovio will offset the carbon footprint caused by the device’s energy consumption.
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MORE Angry Birds Friends:
- New original tournaments, new challenging levels, and a new chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard!
- Performance improvements
- Balance tweaking and fine-tuning


40 comentarios en "Angry Birds Friends FULL"

  1. I find the new challenges disappointing — almost impossible to beat and then you go back to the beginning. I don’t even want to play them anymore. I also don’t understand when I go to the ( can’t think of what it is called but it’s where I play 6 levels, highest score wins coins etc) how the top two people are always the same name and always have the same number of points but I have to start over every day and never earn more than 10 points. Lastly, the app freezes or gliches often.

  2. Overly complicated! There are just way too many elements in the tournament levels and it’s not satisfying. There doesn’t seem to be much strategy involved either. Like in the other angry birds games I’ve played, you can see where to aim to make all the dinoes fall into place, so to speak. But this one is just messy and all over the place. And there is so much in the scene, it’s really hard to see on your phone unless you zoom in. Sometimes I can’t even tell which bird I’m using. Disappointing.

  3. I really like this game, the physics are good and it is really impressive that they come up with new levels every week although I do have a couple complains that put this down a single star 1. You can’t save any levels so if there is a level that you really like then it is gone forever 2. I wish there was an option to go in a tournament where power-ups are disabled.

  4. This is my all time favorite. However, I will no longer play. It gets wonky occassionally. However, the real frustrations involve ads. They are frequent, last at least 30 seconds, are now required to use power ups if you don’t want to purchase coins and are much more frequent, and have bugs I n the ads where you either don’t get the x to leave the ad or you never get the x.

  5. Same issue as Kayla, when I replay a level and I have a higher score or watch the ads to get a wingman to get a higher score than the next person, the game freezes and doesn’t save my score. This only happens during those situations. It happened several times last week and even if the developer replies it will be a generic message of if you’re having issues make sure you update it, try uninstalling then reinstalling, or we are sorry you’re having these issues.

  6. Jon Ramer dice:

    I’ve played ABF for more than 6 years. I just deleted it from my tablet. I am sick of constant crashing and hangups. Last week in 10 levels the game crashed 16 times. To make it worse, if I used a power up and it crashed, I lost the power up. And it crashes nearly every time I play an ad. I got to level 2 this week and after the 5th crash I’d had enough. Congrats Rovio, I’ve played every version of AB released but you are more interested in “clever” levels and money. I’m done with you.

  7. Jay Lo dice:

    For the past few days, it won’t open! And I already had to reinstall it from getting a new phone… I had to start all over again and lost all my coins. I reinstall it and realize that now there’s a ad to go to the next level?? Now it won’t open stating, “Internal Server Error?” I thought this was because I had tried it with no internet but when I got home, same thing. Closed app, same thing. Restarted phone, same thing. I played this game like every day but I think I’ll just cut my losses now.

  8. dvb 2112 dice:

    Playing the levels and in the tournaments are great! The reason why it only gets 3 stars is due to the Star Cup Brawl where you compete head to head with other players (metaphorically, not literally) to see where you match up among other fans. The problem is that too many times they will change how you play the levels because the main purpose of the game is to get you to use all of your power-ups so you will buy more. Nice try, but a complete failure!

  9. For the last 2 tournaments, I’ve been unable to load. It pops up the loading screen and after a few seconds, a box pops up saying “error: there’s an internal server error ” and that’s it. Closing it out, reloading, un-installing/reinstalling, deleting all updates, nothing seems to work. I’m highly upset Rovio has allowed this to continue for sooooo long. Not cool at all!! I’m loosing my ranking. We all worked hard to get our rankings. Not cool to allow this to continue this long!!

  10. I have loved playing this game for a couple of years now, but lately, the bugs and the issues with it, is becoming kind of a drag. I know most of the things have been fixed, but I’ve reinstalled and uninstalled the app so many times I’ve lost count because for some reason my coins will not transfer from the guest sign in to my normal account sign in. I still can’t see where I’m at in the Friends League either. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. “Graphics and performance improvements. Bugs Squished!”. These are jokes correct? Since the update I’ve lost countless power-ups due to lagging, lost high scores due to crashing when watching videos for power-ups, and to restart a level takes what seems to be forever. What ever happened to “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”? I loved this game. I looked forward to each new tourney and the levels that have been created. No more! Replace what I lost and I may return with a better rating.

  12. Edit: The only good thing is that the update hasn’t made it to my computer yet. If it hasn’t been fixed by the time it does, that will be it for me. LAME! The new update is horrible! Everything is so SLOW and glitchy. It also seems like the graphics on the playing screen are smaller. A lot harder to connect my thumb to the slingshot. It also seems like the opponents scores in the tournament magically increase. Really nothing good about the new update AT ALL. Who let this version pass? HORRIBLE

  13. Playing battles with online friends, their real score is often hidden until after I complete the round. It may show a couple plays, but their overall score is a mystery until I, with the information provided, choose not to use boosters. I clearly won. Until their score jumps by hundreds of thousands. And, even with every booster possible, I have found it impossible to come close to winning in head to head after the first round. The older version was faster and more honest.

  14. It’s more slower than the original version. And the ticket games takes to long to load and when the game has ended it seems the opponents have more points than what was actually made. It takes more power ups than used. Fix all the bugs and I’ll gladly give 5 stars but till then you only getting 1. This game really sucks bring back the original version. I’m uninstalling it cause it’s so bad. Thanks for messing up a really fun game that I been having for over 6 years.

  15. Terrible new update!! Since the new update; some birds just disappear when I press their power, it shows that I win, then somehow on the score page I’ve actually lost by a huge amount of points, it takes a few swipes to get the birds to fling, and the birds aren’t as powerful or go as far. It’s slow as hell. I’ve been playing for YEARS, and this is by far the worst update they’ve done. It was fine the way is was beside needing some new levels. Whomever designed this update should be flogged.

  16. It has become torturous to play AB Friends. This was my go-to game of choice since it came out. I had a perfect score in the Friends League and often ranked in the top 10 of Tournaments. In the last 5 months or so, it has become progressively awful. One level can take more than 8 minutes to play ONCE. Multiply that by 8 levels and again by how many times you play each level trying to better your score. Scopes, potions, etc take FOREVER to get applied, if at all. It’s just horrible to play now.

  17. T Tant dice:

    Newbies don’t get too attached. I’m good at this and can’t even get 30th place now. I’ve lost my high ranking 3 times, can’t play with friends as the title suggests because I’m not on FB so cant sign in. Now, knocked to lower level, not only difficult, but if you have a lot of coins, it’s impossible they will blatantly cheat you. Adding insult to injury, I have to watch 2 or 3 times the ads worse with every grueling 2 hour update. Time to find a new favorite game. I don’t play with cheaters!!

  18. This recent update sucks! The vs challenges are ridiculous! I have won 1 star out of 75 games. Been playing this game for 7 years and have never had a hard time playing. Ya win some ya lose some but this losing streak for 3 weeks now is bull. Not just losing, but having my ass handed to me in every single round. I dont mind losing, it happens but since this update, it is every single round. I dont want to play anymore. I love a good challenge but I dont stand a chance anymore. Me 100 them 50000.

  19. This game is now laughable. It once was great, but since the update, the only chance you have is to use power ups every chance you get and even then, your opponent’s score magically increases to beat you virtually every time. It’s clear this game has been redesigned to harvest cash in order to (seemingly) be competitive, but even then, you’re met with scores that are inconceivable. The fun is gone. Way to ruin what wasn’t broken in an effort to make even more money.

  20. Sorry guys but i have to take a couple 🌟 away because of the update. The game was doing so so until i updated it on 11/19/19! Now it freezes and takes forever to show your score, when you finish a level and try to move on it takes you back to where you were, Stuff like that and it’s getting annoying! Hey, just telling it like it is…… also you shouldn’t have an “automated” email response!

  21. This used to be my all time favorite. The last update is garbage. A great deal of lag. When playing the tournament rounds the opponent will beat you 90% of the time with a magical score that suddenly beats you….after it has already ended. I should add that I initially thought it had something to do with playing on an older Samsung Tab, but it plays the exact same on a Galaxy Note9.

  22. The October 2019 update is terrible. They overhauled the design which looks fine, but now the game lags pretty badly. Scoring is slow, music is too continuous and worst of all, the Star Cup is basically impossible to beat. I mean, I’m not the best player, but 2 stars in 8 games is whack. Please fix the game or risk losing many long time players, based on other reviews with the same issues.

  23. This game was great until the recent update.The new version has snappy graphics and color, but has dramatically slowed in many of the screen changes. The algorithm seems to have shifted, making some puzzles much more difficult. A few more issues… Have been playing this game daily for awhile. Deleted the game today – it’s not worth playing… OK, really tried to embrace the updated version… this sucks. Top-heavy code slows everything down and disingenuous scoring leaves the player at a loss.

  24. Ever since the update 11/13/19 I can install the program,but not open it. It gets about half way , including playing the music, then “something went wrong, piggy with a broken connection graphic. When I hit the MORE key, I get blue screen graphic with STORAGE SYSTEM ERROR. all this failure has occurred since the update. Have played for years, never experienced this.

  25. I’ve been playing this game since 2010 and it was good but updates creating star rankings made it more expensive to keep up. The last update seems to be even harder and if you don’t spend money for boosts (wingman, etc.), then your point levels are going to drop like a rock. It was fun the first few years but like anything else greed takes over and the game is ruined.

  26. The new updates are causing a lot of issues for me. It crashes on the start up screen a lot. Taking more stars away now and might just uninstall completely. Star cup is rigged. Since the changes it is nearly impossible to win and the opponent has impossible scores almost 200k more than me when all I have left are a few small pieces of wood. The restart level lags like crazy. It’s just not even fun to play anymore. I feel like theyre just trying to make people feel like they need to buy powerups.

  27. Leta Hawk dice:

    After getting another notification about updates to the game, I’m once again having more problems. The newest issue I’m experiencing is the game randomly shutting down, usually after I’ve used multiple power ups to achieve a high score, then Boom! Game shuts down and I lose my progress. Otherwise, still very glitchy and a lot of lag. Many times it takes several attempts to grab the birds to launch them. Power ups are a joke; sometimes they do absolutely nothing.

  28. I like the variety of levels. The golden sling is way too expensive for the incremental increase in damage. Wing Man tends to bounce over things. The recent “update” was change for sake of change, in my opinion. The previous iteration was much smoother and more responsive. The game graphics are as good as ever but all the other screens are a step backward.

  29. can’t see scoring on individual scenes and have to go to the tournament totals page to see how I’ve done. I’m noticing more and more glitches in this game, and it’s not any single device. Both my iPhone and Samsung tablet are experiencing the same issues. I’ve had to start from the beginning so many times that I’m about to give up. Been playing ABF since the beginning and have purchased coins at certain times when needed , so it’s not like I’m begging for more free play, just being able to play!

  30. This game used to be fun. Until they updated it. Now the online battle cheats. Especially if you get close to getting a 6 winning streak. The math doesn’t add up correctly. 😠 The levels have maxed out and no new levels for weeks now. Don’t bother with this. The new update also slows the game down. Sometimes my birds would launch their primary attack by themselves. LAME.

  31. Great game! Just one reccomendation let me play against my friends directly. Even if its not ranked just for fun. Edit: After this last update there are many bugs. While in a level I can never see other’s high scores it simply shows zero for everyone even the computer scores. I have to finish a level to see if i got the highest score. Also in the vs battles it never loads an opponent. But if I leave the game while its “searching for opponent” it reset my progress. Please fix.

  32. I used to love this game. However I can’t play anymore. The only way to log in is via Facebook. So you can’t play if you delete your FB and you have to start my progress all over. That sucked but was fine I guess. So I start over. Now there’s a manditory tutorial that’s 30 levels long. You can’t get around it. Every time 8 go BAC to try and complete it, it has completely started me over again. It keeps resetting all progress.

  33. The game is getting slower. Not able to get power ups smoothly. On many occasions the game stops responding after or even before the advertisement is over. It happens regularly when ever there is chance to improve my score. Has reported the issue to Rovio twice during the last one month but the issue is yet to get resolved. Strangely there is no such issue when I use power ups wh ich I have already earned or get against the coins.

  34. OMG you have ruined the game! The new “upgrade” is the worst! LONG loading time between levels, BAD shooting accuracy when shooting due to loading of graphics between shots, it caused THREE different devices of mine to freeze up more than once each! After years of loving the Angry Birds games this just may make me uninstall. What a disappointment. UPDATE: I uninstalled it then reinstalled it. No help. Also, throughout gameplay this app is attempting to access my other info on my tablet!

  35. I have played the daily tournment (that is on a timer, every 5 hours) for a long time and have won my share of games. But this new update totally stinks. I can finish the first round and be ahead and when it cuts to show the next game the other guys score doubles and it does that for the next 2 games and of course they win.. I love competing but this is a total frustration. I give up before even starting.. I keep hoping that something will change but it doesnt. Very unhappy

  36. I don’t think it’s ok to make players watch an advertisement before going to a level of tournament play. That’s a waste of my time and I will close your app and reopen it just to not watch the ad before playing a level. I completely understand the ad watching to receive power ups and I’m ok with that. It’s the unnecessary ad placement before a level or before you can advance to the next level. Three words for you as a solution: CUT IT OUT

  37. Keeps freezing up! too many inconsistencies with how the birds land IF it will be to your advantage. The birds linger for a few seconds after they land, giving them time to roll or fall to collect more points. If the roll or fall will be to your great advantage, the bird will disappear AS SOON AS it lands. This is unreal frustrating and WRONG. Also, the late 1/2022 update has made it to where I can no longer open another screen to do anything without the App restarting. Angry!

  38. Loved this game since the beginning! This last update though, slowed the response time for action on flinging the birds and what is with the ads all of a sudden??? I mean come on, I can’t just play this at work now if those stupid pop up ads keep blaring loudly out of nowhere. Bad decision in my opinion to do this to us. This was not an update, it’s a downgrade!

  39. They re-updated the recent update. The lag is gone, but the birds lost more power. You still have to power up, but you’ll never win. I’m very disappointed. Program is now confirmed low quality. If you upload this app, you’ll be wasting your time. The lead programmer should be fired. There was nothing wrong with the older version, so why update with a lower quality program?

  40. Have played this game for years, and love playing against my friends, but within the last week it has stopped showing me the scores on each level. Not only does it not show my friends’ scores, it doesn’t show my score nor the bot scores. I can see a grand total but nothing when playing each level. I’ve rebooted but that hasn’t helped. And it’s occurring on both my Android phone and my Apple IPad. Since there hasn’t been an update for a bit, I’m not sure what’s happened. Not fun right now.

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