Zoopolis: Animal Evolution MOD


Merge animals in idle zoo clicker, manage evolution branch, travel every island!
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Click away to bring new animals to life and travel across fun islands in Zoopolis: Animal Adventures! Merge together 2 animals to create a new, bigger creature and populate your islands with everything from tiny hedgehogs to furry foxes!

Travel across different islands, each with 6 new animals to unlock before you sail to the next:

– Ocean
– Seaside
– Lowland island
– Forest island
– Snow island
– Savanna
– Jungle
– Mountain island
– River
– Desert island
– Farm island
– City

Research every animal to unlock them all!

Zoopolis is a fun, entertaining game for animal lovers that the whole family can play! Beautiful graphics and simple gameplay will help time fly for you and your friends no matter where you are!

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Relax with the cute animals!


40 comentarios en "Zoopolis: Animal Evolution MOD"

  1. I’m at the city level and after getting so far my new animals I get in the city just disappear. For example, when I merge 2 chinchillas to get 1 cat the cat just disappears. It’s super frustrating. If you try to watch a video for more animals it says I have too many animals in the city and I only have 4 at the moment.

  2. ad gouger. Paid to increase bubble time then had to either wait 20 minutes to get the reward or watch about three ads to reduce wait time. If I pay for a reward I should not have to wait to get it or watch multiple adds. Plus, I have tapped to watch ads to get coin 2x/4x coin multipliers only to not get them after ad. Had to tap multiplier twice (watching more ads) to get the multiplier reward. I have watched more ads than playing the game.

  3. This is one of my favorites 😀… popping bubbles, merging animals, and bopping them on the head for more coins, it’s just fun LOL 😃.. and the ads only help you get things in the game.. Thanks so much for such a great game. I love it ❤️….I HAVE JUST FINISHED THE CITY, WITH THE DOG AS MY LAST ANIMAL… PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WILL BE UPDATING THE GAME IN THE FUTURE WITH NEW PLACES AND ANIMALS.. ❤️

  4. It’s asks for creatures to be advanced till a certain level to take the time to create a bubble below 5 seconds and when it reaches that level, it increases the time by 5 seconds again. Please rectify this. It is a big irritant in the rest of the leisure game.

  5. I have been playing this game for about a month nowI really like this game but you cant even enjoy it. Every 2 to 5 mins of playing the game there is an ad. You cant go between levels without an ad popping up. Sorry but i have to delete it now im tired of all the ads.

  6. Pretty good game. The wolf texture, however, has a few loose white pixels in the bottom right corner that are driving me nuts. Please fix! Also doubling coins often will not double but instead will give you 0 coins.

  7. Ad after ad after ad cant enjoy a game that is ad infested. I understand needing ads and I dont mind watching them for rewards ect but one literally every minute is a joke.

  8. This is a very nice game it is better than other merge games becuse you can do the better bubule to other areas but you have to unluck new areas.

  9. I’m playing at my other phone. I really enjoyed it infact i’m already at mountain island when suddenly it replied Profile Problem…cant load ur progress. Pls connect to the internet to load your progress from server. I press load from server but it didnt work. Other option is New Game…no way…i’ve gone too far already…is there any remedy? Thanks…

  10. Best time killer game. Very fun the gameplay. But always playing ad. Every per minutes, playing ad. It’s very boring.

  11. Beautiful artstyle, creatures and backgrounds. Salute to the illustrator. Really enjoy playing it. Hope you guys create merge game like this in the future with fantasy creature themed like pegasus, mermaids, centaur etc

  12. It is very nice and now my money is up to trillions! Very nice game I actchuly like it.i opened Savannah island! And I want to tell you something,first thing is,it is a beautiful game,and the second thing is,please add more islands and more charecters. And love you game

  13. Lag times with adds starting up whenever and no way to block them unless you sucumb and buy their expensive subscription. The controls are glitch popping you all over the place. The animals are cute though.

  14. Very addicting. I’m really enjoying this game. I’m on the forrest animals as of right now I just don’t understand one of the upgrades. It says I need to level one of the bubble animals to level 13 in order to be able to upgrade further. How do I do that? And how do I know what level the animal is? I don’t see where it show what level the animal is. Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance

  15. I really like this game!! the graphics is awesome!! … But after some islands it becomes so boring… And isn’t it too much funny that joining two mammoths become a hedgehog 😂😂😂.. I think some logic should be in it.. otherwise the game is too good 👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Its good song is ok I guess the one thing I hate is that there is always a add when you go to check on the other animols theres a add I hate it get rid of the adds please l:( Anyway stay safe and be nice

  17. You spin the will to win money for the game and you don’t even recieve have of the money you win and even if you you double your money you still will not be receiving half of what you’re doubling up. You also receive four times 6 * and 2 * an item and you don’t receive it but want this game is fun but if things don’t change in aren’t fixed I will be deleting it.

  18. It’s fun and I love it, it is soooo relaxing and I really think you should install it but you do wait alot and it could be boring for some people but not for me thankyou all for this nice game.

  19. it’s so simple i don’t understand why i still playing, but i am still playing. maybe it will get harder. love the animals by the way.

  20. Not a game, but a random ad generator. Literally every minute of the game it goes to advertising. This game is an insult to gamers. Stay away from this greedy atrocity!

  21. Game is ruined by constant forced popup ads. Cant play for more than a minute without a forced ad. Don’t bother with this one.

  22. I like the silly faces on the animals! It’s cool to merge them all, but I hate that you can’t just start a new world and get animals there..

  23. I love how you go island to island. And that might be because I have a dog and a cat but I don’t know why the animals look so goofy it reminds me of thos worm things from larva…I think it’s called. I don’t really know

  24. What is this all about? Just popping bubbles? I can’t see any sense in this and no instructions.. can someone explain it to me please, maybe I missed something… 🙁 this is such Rubbish I am deleting ….

  25. It is so amazing and you get new animals everyday and lands and i finished the whole game with 7 dogs but hopefully you could make new games realeted to zoopolis.

  26. There’s lots of fun things to do in this game explore the Magical World of Zoopolis lots of animals to discover you can learn about animals you never knew before the very fun game

  27. Ok so I usually don’t play these merging games but,This game is the best app ever.Trust me I’ve been playing non stop!!It’s so fun,I’ve never been so happy to download and play an app as this one.And the best part there are like no ads!!😯I definitely recommend you to get this game🐷🐻🐶🐹🐮🐊🐢🐉🐲🐇🐈🐒🐘🐥🐤🐬🐙🦀

  28. Could not play I was stopped by the TOS not opening. If there is a TOS and you want people to agree before using your product then we should be able to access it. I am not going to agree to anything I can not read

  29. I’m at the end and for over a year already all it does is not allow me to make anymore dogs in the city at the end. I’m just full up and can’t finish or I don’t know what.????? EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING 😔!!!

  30. There is no end to the game after you get a dog just continues and continues and so annoying I’m sorry I have to really have to delete the game

  31. Boring. I was hoping there was more to it than just making animals…like maybe building their habitats.

  32. I had finished this game under 2-3 weeks I mostly prefer a game that I can keep playing constantly in my free time

  33. The money balancing I am at river and to upgrade the creature in egg its 2ad I’m at 2ac money needs to be better Ads aren’t as bad as other games

  34. I love it . Like pls make zoopoils 2 its really fun i love naming my animals like willy the whale that turned into a crab ty so much for making this game . I hope u enjoy my point of this game ty .byeeee👌👋✌

  35. John dice:

    Fun little game, great way to kill some time ( in a great way ) .

  36. Its pefectly for kids. Amazing game for all ages. Must add more eras and animals.

  37. Very cute animals, fun to play. Too many adds, though.

  38. Love the game!!! My 4yrs old son loves it. He just love poppin the bubbles.

  39. Very nice and interesting game. I like to play and win more rewards always.

  40. Really fun but I unlocked every animal but you cant add the dogs together at the end so please make a second one

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