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World's hardest game. Do you dare to challenge it?
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* Insanely addictive game-play! Don’t say we didn’t warn you *

Tap to jump or change direction
Don’t fall off the path
Unlock new characters
Only 1000 levels to beat. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Be sure to get your friends to play to see who can get the furthest.

Good luck


* 500 new levels added to World C (2000 in total!)
* 500 new levels added to World D (2000 in total!)
* 500 new levels added to World E (1500 in total!)


40 comentarios en "Tap Tap Dash FULL"

  1. Really good game! I really enjoy playing this, but sometimes when it goes to open an ad it will go to a black screen, say buffering, and then go to the restart screen but like completely freezes up and doesn’t respond to my touch! Please do fix this, because I love this game but it sucks to have to close and open the game every time this happens!

  2. I loved this game so much. Made it all the way to level 79, then it just got to hard lol. Love getting the gems each level and I like the overall pace. It’s a good time consumer. Just a lot of ads which made it stressful, thus bye bye lol Good game tho 🙂 Also don’t like how when u delete the game all your progress is lost. Def should be fixed. There should be an option to save your progress or not, so those who’d like to start over can, and those who don’t can save.

  3. It’s a super fun game thay I’ve always loved. Would have given 5 stars. But there are WAY too many ads! There’s an advertisement every 2-3 turns. What’s worse is they are very long and you cannot skip them. I am going to delete it because the ads are just too much! Edit: Even if there were less ads I am now at level 95 World A and it feels humanly impossible. Other reviews have highlighted this but I felt the need to repeat it.

  4. This app is very fun and will keep you busy for hours on end with how many levels it has, although a little repetitive. But, just a heads up, when your game-a game that relies on expert timing and quickness-starts to lag from the amount of ads that pop up causing many unnecessary in-game deaths, you might want to tone it down a little bit.

  5. I played the game when I was younger, it must have under different management back then. The game still plays the same at its core though. There was Facebook connection management, and the backup file worked perfectly fine upon reinstalltion. Based on my time on playing the game before, the speed for the levels are already pre-determined, and the level should perfectly flow onto the next one, if you do the level correctly; and do not manage to fail the stage through various methods.

  6. I haven’t actually played this in a while but I do recall that it’s an excellent game & certainly pushes you to develop your reflexes. It takes a bit of practice so don’t give up. Once you get a rhythm down you’ll have lots of fun! I don’t recall any functional issues such as crashes etc. as far as I recall the game worked smoothly. Give it a try!

  7. Eruptxve dice:

    Game is fun and addicting, would be a 5 stars but there are just way too many ads. (EDIT) Decided to update my review because the ads on this game just keep getting worse, every 2-3 times you die there is a 10 second ad which I find absurd, sometimes I open the game, I end up dieing and immediately there’s an ad not even 10 seconds after I open the app.

  8. Good game but it gets way to hard when you hit higher levels. At a certain point it gets so hard that you have to use the snail to make it past that level. I find it entertaining and fun to play, the adds are not videos but more of a pop up advertisement. (*That may only be for me but i believe its for everyone*) Over All I like this game but it just got way to hard and more of “ugh can’t make this level let me watch a video so I can use the snail” type of thing😂

  9. There are few necessary changes this game must have. One of them is to make the ‘Snail’ option permanently stay in that particular level in which it has been chosen until that level is not successfully completed. Making the game hard is one thing but making the game literally impossible to play would mean uninstalling it after few tries. After level 105 it seems so.

  10. I love this game especially how it makes me focus so much that if I lose I flinch😂, and it’s addictive, really. but there’s always a downfall for every game..and yours is that the amount of ads in this game is ridiculously alot. I usually don’t have problems with many ads but yours is just too much. Overall it’s a good game, keep up!

  11. I have been using this game for 5 months . Up until a couple months ago I would have rated this game a 5/5! But, unfortunately this game has now become a three for me . When I double click (in the correct spaces and in line with the next part of the path way ) it decides it will only move once leading me off the path . This game also uses too many ads . You fail around 2-3 times it will come up with an ad .

  12. Isabella dice:

    It’s in general a really good game and good to pass time but they are literally WAY too many ads. An add pops up after every 2 or so turns and it’s always long. There’s also no way to skip them and it just takes too long.

  13. Hannah dice:

    Whlylvi give it a 3 star is because there is to many adds it’s annoying because you have slow levels and then fast levers the slow levels are ok but the fast levels stress me out and I sie liturely die make the levels Fu#ing EASYER thank you for reading 😐😊😐

  14. I would’ve given the game an overall 5 stars if it wasn’t for the annoying ads!!! I’ve been playing this game for probably 4 years. And I was furious to see that all my characters were locked and I had to watch ads to get them back. Every time after a game, I’d see annoying ads and I’ll accidentally click on them. It was such a nice game before all the horrible ,unnecessary ads took over. Not sure if I’ll continue playing it because of that. Very disappointed with the development!!

  15. The game was really fun! You can choose different animals with different sounds on each animal which was cute! But sometimes their might be bugs where you start playing the game and the sound will just won’t work, and after 2 times of playing the game. The sound will go back which is kinda bothering me and yah! You should add more animals or more level with different backgrounds then it will be also cool if you fix some bugs that’s all👍

  16. I LOVE IT! This game has countless levels that sometimes really trick you out but by the end it all comes. Before I go to sleep I have to complete a level and even in the morning, it’s so addictive. I wish they could make us keep the snail until we make a mistake though. It also is a great way to compete against your friends. Maybe you could add a 2 player mode.

  17. This is a very good game for people wanting to play something to ease their mind when they want something easy to do. :). But after a while it gets boring because everything is the same. It isn’t as boring as some of the other games i have played before. I would recommend. 😀

  18. The concept is mediocre at best, but because there are so many ads, the game is made unplayable. I still like it, but it’s irritating to have to switch to airplane mode every time I want to play the game properly. Please make the ad on the retry screen go away too please, when you’re tapping and you die you get forced to click on the ad. Very sad. Please lessen the amount of ads, thanks in advance.

  19. I love this game especially it was removed from store few years back then( coz cheatech mobile now its called diffrent was i think braking user data laws or something) i remember playing it and absolutely killin’ it ahh these good old times

  20. I love this game, i used to play it as a child. I am so happy i downloaded this again, if you turn off your wifi or data then you can play the game without any ads which is AWSOME, but i feel like we could use more snails, you have to watch an ad or pay real money to actually try and win the game which could be improved, other than that then I’d say its absolutley PERFECT!!!

  21. Absolutely #amazing!! it really is. There’s so much fun playing it, each level contains new and different features from the previous and there are no exaggerated ads at all. It looks pretty simple, but carefully analysing it is challenging and I recommend everyone to accept this great challenge😃. One doesn’t enjoy only cz with playing this, you get the privilege of developing your concentration and precision capabilities. So thank you a lot for such an amusing and wonderful game.

  22. THE ULTIMATE TIME KILLER! I’m at level 552 and counting, so far no complaints but I would love more adorable characters. I’m a little disappointed that the animals lost all the creative Christmas outfits, but I guess that’s what I get for uninstalling then reinstalling past the holiday season. PS: I see how people complained about constant adds, to solve the problem just play offline. works wonders.

  23. Great game it’s really fun and enjoyable the only problem I’d name is the ads thought it might not be after every round which is good it’s after every 4-5 rounds and it sort of interrupts the flow

  24. Game is okay. There is just way too many adds, every time I press a button it leads to an ad.

  25. That One dice:

    very fun and time consuming. would reccomend it. the thing is, it gets kind of boring after a while. yes, you get faster, yes, you unlock new characters, but it’s basically the same thing over and over again. this game is a real challenge, though! I’ve never finished it. it has simple controls, simple objective, and if your really bored, this is the game for you.

  26. This game is soo good👌 & I love😍 this game.It have unlimited levels😵 and this game is not boring😕 its a fun!😃 And my advice to u that download this game bcz it is too much fun😊Now its your turn🤠🙂

  27. Great game. But i cant handle all of these ads. It makes me want to delete it which i will very soon.

  28. I really like the game but there is one issue for me personally. I get very stressed out when I fall off the edge because the arrows are very close together. Could you maybe make it that when you fall off you have the choice to keep going with an ad or just restart. Other than that great game!

  29. yoko S dice:

    SOO it’s actually a really good game it’s fun, addicting, and cute but recently there’s been a glitch? And now everything is significantly faster. The first levels that are really slow are suddenly normal speed, the regular ones are fast, and the faster ones are suddenly way faster and basically impossible to play. It was never like this before please fix it I really do enjoy the game

  30. Wowa Lol dice:

    Cool, easy, makes me play whenever I have nothin to do.. but I want less adds..pls. too much advertisements.

  31. This game makes all the sense, and I am now a great man just by playing this game….. This game teaches me never to give up when I fail I keep trying, trying, trying and trying…. I should have committed suicide for a long time ago but this game help me think right …. However it’s fun to try it out although you will be frustrated when you start failing 😂😂😂😂

  32. It is a good game but there is so ads and it is impposible to me and i have been used this game till nine month and i am in level63 in world a so i will delete it.

  33. Rawdz dice:

    Just download it today, i play for an hours, only got to level 37 😹 This game is very fun, addicting, challenging, and make us never give up to level up. To you guys who is annoying with an ads, just play offline ’cause that wasn’t a big deal tbh :] also, when i want to watch an ad to get snail, it say that there’s no ads yet even i have my wifi on. So i hope you fix that though, some level was difficult and that issue doesn’t let me gain snail from ads just disappointed me. Overall, 5 star!

  34. Once you get about level 100 or so, it’s impossible. Not in the sense that it’s challenging, but that it’s literally a non-humanly beatable game. You basically become a tiny spec flying across the screen tapping at other tiny specs. It’s like trying to catch a monquito with chopsticks on a highway. Unless you’re a sociopathic ninja, it just ain’t happening.

  35. This is a really fun and addictive game that I’ve been playing for years! The only reason why I’m giving it 2 stars is because the amount of ads. Every other time that I die, I have to watch a 10 second-30 second ad. This is very fustrating because I really want to enjoy the game without all the ads. If you guys can fix it, that wpuld be great. Слава України

  36. Eden New dice:

    I like the actual gameplay and sound effects, super fun but there’s too many ads. After I play twice there’s an ad, even if I die super quick. I don’t get why there’s little red things to collect, what are they for? Also you have to watch an ad to get a new character which is weird

  37. Tap Tap Dash has a simple concept but is a fantastic game. It’s really easy to get the hang of and is a quick game to play a few rounds of. Each level is different from the last so it is continually exciting to see what the path is. I would definitely recommend.

  38. I really love this game its really challenging and exciting it makes you think and move fast but the reason I gave only 4 stars because of the ads. Everytime I play this game and when I fail the level it has to be laggy and kind of stuck after an ad moreover it won’t let me press anything and that’s why I have to leave the game and go back but most importantly I have to turn of the wifi and everytime

  39. Batamp 19 dice:

    I love this game, so addicting. But, when an ad comes up, its a black screen, then goes to buffering, back on restart screen. It then dosent respond to touch, i have to restart the app to continue playing. I adore this game, just please fix the bug

  40. it’s too hard when you get to the upper levels in it I know it’s supposed to be challenging like that but if you’re a nine-year-old and you’re trying to do it it’s pretty hard so maybe your eyes could make some technical things whatever and turn it into more games more flexible that you can actually be able to move around without having little spaces and no levels so we can go past on the path

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