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1942 Airplane games: World war games, Classic shooting games
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Inspired by world war 1942, the 1942 Arcade shooting game is one of the classic shooting games. With its simple gameplay and endless fun, 1942 Squadron is a masterpiece remake of the classic arcade experience.
The controls are easy to learn and use. 1942 Squadron’s keeping the old feeling of playing in an arcade.

You will find more than ten types of famous World war II combat airplanes for military fans and more. 1942 Squadron has supported all devices, from phones with low specifications to tablets.

Offline games and more features:

● Airplane games
There are many new airplane models in the game. 1942 classic arcade game Played Shmup (STG) games before? This shooting game will make you say «wow» and revive the impressions of your scroll childhood. Whether you are a fan of Strikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor, or Airborn, or you participated in battle actions in Sky Force. You will become a fan of our series, 1942 Squadron!
● Simple arcade game
Autofire, shooting the POW from red enemies, will cycle between the various weapons available, which can be picked to equip it to the aircraft.
● Perfect Shoot ’em-up
There are many fighter jets, battle companions, ammunition and guns, and devices to choose from: your armory is hi-tech! And you can play the game offline.
● Exciting campaign
We will impress you with more than 50 levels full of enemies and breathtaking action!
● Multiplayer Shooting Games
PVP, Bombarding, Bosses, and Protect, each of them radically changing the gameplay!
● Huge bosses
battle and defeat enemies that are so big they don’t even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms of their minions!
● Great visuals: Tired of space shooters and lasers? Try out flying! Vertical shooting games have never been better. Epic sky wars are full of excitement. Choose your airplanes and free the country from invaders. The symphony of air war and the heroes’ charisma are unforgettable!

Make your choice – take your airplanes to victory. Feel the bullet force.


- Other improvements and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "1942 – Classic shooting games MODDED 2022"

  1. Graphics are too busy!! There’s too much going on in the gameplay’s graphics. It makes it hard up really see what’s what at times. Sometimes you inadvertently run into items that you think are friendly because you can’t instantly tell the difference between enemy fire and friendly collectables. Needless to say, I uninstalled it almost immediately!

  2. If I could, I’d give no stars. I love the top-down shooter genre, and the resurrection of the old console game was exciting… until you start playing. I literally find myself spending more time waiting out ads, many of them not optional, than I do playing. I can only imagine what the revenue is like for the amount of ads based on this game. I’ve never seen another game based around ads anywhere near as much as this. Shame, as it’s a decent retro game, otherwise.

  3. Forced to watch 30 second commercials way too often! I couldn’t play anymore, you get nothing for all the ad watching, no free coins or gems or anything, so disappointing. The graphics and gameplay are great, what you would expect. But, this game is just like every other scrolling vertical shooter, I mean the menus, the bonus game stuff, the freebies, the other stuff, all virtually the same. Kinda boring there, but it’s the same game with a different theme. it’s fun, just way too many ads.

  4. The game itself is OK but would require you to pay to advance very far. The PVP is a complete joke, at several points I have completely lost the ability to kill the enemy planes, have also noticed that the bomber also becomes ineffective when this occurs. On one occasion I was able to stay alive long enough to have it return to normal. I have Lost matches several times because of this “glitch”, been in the lead by several thousand points only to stop collecting any because the AI just won’t die

  5. Level of difficulty increases a little too fast, gaining the stars (necessary to make upgrades) is slow and tedius. The game goes from challenging to very difficult in just the first few levels. Some constructive feedback to the game designers…don’t be so stingy with the stars, and most importantly don’t make level 3 feel like it’s really level 88’s evil twin! Maybe an easier beginner mode?

  6. Super fun. I just dont like how you have to use your finger to navigate because I can hardly see the ship which makes it a little difficult. And the amount of bullets and degree of ballistics is a bit much but it in turn adds to the chaotic setting making it quite suspenseful. Good time killer. I enjoy the retro theme.

  7. I enjoyed this game as a kid, still do. A couple of things are needed though. On each level, when planes are destroyed, gems are not gained and are slow in coming as the game progresses. Also, when switching phones, you lose the progress you’ve made and need to start over. Then whatever you purchased, you have to repurchase. Also, the graphics keep changing. Lastly, you can’t buy the better planes once you reach the max in upgrades.

  8. Thanks for screwing us over. This game was much better then it sequal. You could actually buy new planes with the gold you earned in the game. Sure, the best planes still required real money, but at least you could get something better. But then they updated it and removed that feature. Now you can’t even get the second plane without diamonds. Sure, you could spend like a decade watching adds and playing daily levels, but who wants to do that.

  9. I had high hopes for this game, but with increasing frustration, I decided to uninstall the game after “several attempts”. @ higher levels, the game itself seems to “freeze up” & you can’t move your plane in the direction you want it to go in so as to avoid incoming fire & you wind up being at the mercy of some enemy or other & your craft winds up biting the big one.

  10. Game broke. Unlocked the second aircraft, upgraded it, went to use it, level starts but my aircraft never loads in. The level just keeps progressing and the enemies spawn but my aircraft never loads. I quit out and tried again. Same thing. It keeps charging me the energy so even just trying to fix this myself by changing settings or closing out and reopening is costing me that. Even if I ever do get it to work, I will be out of energy and unable to play anyways. Also, load times are way too long

  11. Fun game with lots of replay value but it quickly becomes evident that you will need to spend money to progress. The harder levels need the costly plane upgrades. I can stomach paying 99 cents to maybe 4 dollars, but many upgrades are well over that amount. So, if upgrades were cheaper, I would be playing more, but due to the cost (even on holiday sale), I’ll have to put this game on ice for a while.

  12. Congrats on your big UI update. Now everything I preferred about 1942 vs 1945 is gone. Less upgrade categories (where’s my gem and gold refund??!), no free prize wheel spins. I used to be able to make progress w/o spending cash, so I guess that was an issue. Where ever will I find another shooter with ‘retro’ graphics? *Update* Now it’s buggy too! I thought maybe I’d try some harder levels after reading other reviews after the June 29 update, and it freezes. Sweet.

  13. J. C. dice:

    It’s an OK game. I was able to beat it completely only having 1/2 of the planes and I only use 2 of them. You have to upgrade each one to make it useful and that requires copious amounts of gems. I stopped playing for months and only logged in to get the daily freebies. With that, after 3 months, I was able to buy 2 whole upgrades for one plane. That’s it. Paying is faster, but you could literally get the daily freebies for a year and barely upgrade ONE plane. Not balanced, I’m afraid.

  14. Was fun till about lvl 25 or so, when I was pretty much forced to spend my hard earned gems on upgrades instead of a new plane to progress. My plane wasn’t powerful enough to get much further than level 30, and I’m not gonna grind away for weeks to save up enough gems to uprade/ buy new plane. I wouldn’t mind paying around 5-10 dollars for a mobile app, but those packages they sell in game are obscenely expensive. I didn’t find the ads annoying at all, there wasn’t an unusual amount.

  15. I’m half way through it and half the game stopped working. Of course I can still watch ads but I can’t fly missions. I keep thinking they are working on it and I’ll log in to it fixed, but it’s been a month! So aggravated. To One Soft, fix the game and I’ll fix this review and rating. Thank you. We’ll I just tried to Uninstaller and reinstall to fix the problem and reload my profile. I lost everything. Three planes and over 1000+ gems

  16. bkny612 dice:

    I enjoy the game but uninstalling due to the shady ads. I don’t want to see a 30 second ad and then have it take me to the play store page for that app and when I close it I then have to wait 5 seconds before I can close the ad. If you say 30 seconds, don’t add 5 more seconds after taking me to the download page that I didn’t wish to go to in the first place. Secondly, I’m tired of these apps implying that someone can win over $1,000 in a few hours. If that was true nobody would have jobs. Bye!

  17. The game is very fun,I rarely get any problems,beside’s ads that is the only downfall to the game. But however its not that big of a deal, you could turn on airplane mode so you dont get ads. Also the ads are only 30 seconds long, and it doesnt kill you just to wait the for the add to end.

  18. It’s not bad,but everything is very expensive. If you acquire say “35000” stars (avg. 150 stars per level-300 with a boost which is a micro pay if you run out) and go to purchase the plane, it then tells you it requires more stars. Doesn’t state that on the price tag, and of course you can always spend 10, 20, 100$USD to get said plane. The controls are not to bad,but a little sticky. No option to turn graphics down or up. Don’t get a lot of points towards your Google play account either. The prices need to be nerfed, or the stars increased.

  19. I deleted the game. I spent money on upgraded planes and now I can play at all. I have emailed multiple times with absolutely zero response. I cannot find anywhere in game to request help. It is not showing any gains, progress or letting me start new stage. I am stuck on level 4. Don’t sirens any money here. I spent money on an upgrade plane and its now gone. If I try to start a stage, I have to close out the app completely to start over. Would like help getting the issue fixed!!!!

  20. cons: advertisements that are the full 30 second, non skippable ones after every attempt. at the end of each level/attempt you have the option of watchibg an additional 30 second advertisement fot 2x the amount of stars (currency) you collected. watching these ads does nothing to your stars or points. after you defeat certain enemies, a bonus star is teleported straight to your plan during gameplay, however, in the heat of battle you can not distinguish those from enemy fire. chaos ensues

  21. great game but since the last update you cannot just watch the video to continue. the video plays, then back to the game just to tell you game over. it would be nice if it would work like it used to. 5/13/19 update,,, now you have to watch an add just to go to the home screen win or loose, with no way to stop it. also I have to go one plane back and play in order to actually play the game with the plane I wanted to use to get the weapons that i upgraded to. free wheel spin and mystery boxes dont

  22. Edit: I’m really starting to not love this game anymore due to the following issues. Only lets me use and click on the first 3 planes even though I had all of them except the one that cost 2500 diamonds I even collected enough chest supplies to get all of the ones that can’t be bought with diamonds. Also, I am no longer able to collect the free supply boxes I get and the game keeps completely shutting down in the middle of playing Assault Wave 8. Please fix it! Thanks.

  23. Vance M dice:

    Common to lock up and crash randomly. Happens everytime I play. Watching the adds don’t always give you the rewards. But it is a decent copy of the original. If it wasn’t for the bugs I would give it 5 stars.

  24. Fun and dynamic. Must upgrade aircraft to progress. Only issue is that game crashes regularly after about 7 levels played.

  25. as much fun as the original arcade game and just as hard. 1942 took a lot of rolls of quarters off me. this one will give me carpal tunnel. awesome.

  26. I cant even play really… seems like every other time I play it freezes and force closes or I have to force close it. I’m using a Samsung s22 ultra so it’s not the phone resources

  27. Game crashes to much not enjoyable spend the time get 2 boss then crash DO NOT PLAY asks u to buy upgrade no problem just problem if u expect to play or use the upgrades u bought waste of time and money

  28. It is very fun to play once you get a plane strong enough to make to level24 and is difficult to obtain 🔹s to upgrade you fighter,but if you are bored you can watch multiple ads to obtain the

  29. Game crashed out on me, in trying to reset it I lost everything. Tried the “Developer Contact” email to see about restoring my purchases, and got a Address not Found error in reply.

  30. Great game, reminds me of my childhood. Although its a little glitchy but overall its pretty awesome. Thank again.

  31. Sydney Oz dice:

    Keeps crashing & losing any progress. Waste of time. Stick your game where the sun don’t shine

  32. Are you kidding? It’s great! Lots of options, few ads, great for senior citizens.

  33. Absolutely awful port of an arcade classic. Control is lousy, the translation is ridiculous, the power ups don’t actually make a difference, you’ll still have to watch an ad to continue and finish each level. Then there’s one you’ve got no choice about after each level. And the one you can watch to double the earned stars? Doesn’t actually do anything.

  34. Great game, adding to the original experience, with no pop up ads.

  35. John DC dice:

    Lags out and closes app too often, sad could be a great game.☹️

  36. d rock dice:

    This app freezes and closes in the middle of playing about 60% of the time.

  37. We filipinos dont mind the ads in getting the blue crystals…but the problem in this game – IT CRASHES EVERY 30 MINUTES…AND THERE’S NO SOUND AFTER U WATCH THE ADS…

  38. Good game but too many ads(ad fest, sometimes 2 ads before and after any move you make). You can only go so far before running out of coins to play. The developers seem to think people will spend £39.99 buying an airplane, no thanks(you have to be tripping some serious balls to pay that). Maybe a one off charge of a few quid for the whole game, it is only a mobile app after all. No one wants to spend a fortune on a mobile app.

  39. I thought it was a good game until it wouldn’t let me play anymore. When I select a level to play, the only plane that comes up is a KZ-521 costing 25000 coins and 5200 gems. This is the second time it has happened, i removed and reinstalled after the first and lost my game progress. I had sent a message to the game developers with no response. The game seems to have frozen as medals/coins/gems all at 100. no achievement screen. January 10th still nothing

  40. I have been enjoying the game for many months. There are however many, many frustrating bugs. I would not spend money on this game as unlocked vehicles have become locked again without warning. Also am unable to access pvp, special events, or the final two aircraft for many months (even though the final two aircraft and their wingmen have been unlocked for months). Tried to send an email to the publisher detailing bugs with attached photos, but the email bounces back. Enjoy the game with ads.

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