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Fruit is waiting to be sliced, ninja. Play the hit mobile game !
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Welcome to the dojo, ninja. Your objective: become a master of slicing fruit! What better way to do that than play Fruit Ninja, the original hit fruit-slicing mobile game? 🍉

Unsheathe your blade and start the juicy carnage with the three classic game modes that billions of players have come to know and love. Experience the thrill of setting a new high score in the fan-favourite Arcade mode as you focus on dodging bombs and slicing massive combos with the help of the special Double Score, Freeze or Frenzy bananas. Need something less intense? Simply relax and slash for stress relief in Zen Mode. Finally, cut as much as you can in the endless Classic mode – just avoid the bombs and make sure you don’t drop the fruit! Make your game even more exciting by equipping special powerups that will give your score a juicy boost. 🍓

Once you’ve sharpened your skills and reflexes, put them to the test in Event mode, where you’ll enter challenging and intense clashes with characters like Truffles the pig, Mari and Rinjin for the chance to win unique swords and dojos that can be used in Classic, Zen and Arcade mode. Spice up your day and make yourself more energetic in our daily Challenge mode – can you out-slice the other ninjas for special prizes and glory? 🏆

Prove to your friends and family that you’re the top ninja around. Show them how much you can cut in a shared-screen local multiplayer match, or compare your score with your friends to rise through the ranks and reach the top of the leaderboard! Big fan of Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots? Be sure to challenge yourself with the entertaining and addictive minigames and find your favourite! 🍒

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re playing for some mindless fun and trying to relax and pass the time, or trying to improve your skills as a master ninja, this is the game for you. Enjoy the awesomeness and believe the hype of Fruit Ninja – chop chop! ⚔️

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Update 3.24.0 is out!

New Blade powers added!
Calligraphy Brush
Bamboo Shoot
Wind Blade
Turkey Blade
Old Glory
Golden Ember Blade
Pixel Love
Tiger Claw Blade

New Golden Rabbit Blade!
Update now to be able to earn this blade in the coming Lunar New Year Event!


40 comentarios en "Fruit Ninja® MODDED 2022"

  1. Hello. Want to say that this game was amazing, and I used to play it ever since i was five, and i have fond memories with the game! However, nowadays, when i came back into the game, I found that it’s now filled with ads, how many? A LOT. Everytime i finish a round, either an ad pops up, or the game makes me say “I love ads”, and it’s really annoying, i hope the game gets less ads.

  2. There are so many ads! I downloaded this for my 2 year old daughter on her phone because she loves it. However, it absolutely requires an internet connection because of the amount of ads. Every single other game she has I can run in airplane mode. But not this garbage. Every single time a round ends, there is an ad that requires exiting twice. Absolute garbage. Absolutely the worst ever. This game used to be so good when it came out. Now it’s just a steamy pile of garbage with so many ads!!!!

  3. I use to love playing this game years ago and recently downloaded it again. I can’t believe the amount of ads. It’s ridiculous. What’s also ridiculous is the glitches, especially the glitch that after an ad the game loses all sound even those the sound is turned on in the settings. I’m also disappointed that you can’t play offline. This is not the fruit ninja I remember.

  4. Moeir dice:

    Basically a money grab now. Downloaded for nostalgia, and at first it was good, no ads- until later in the evening when they kept on bombarding me with ads. Want a bonus item? Ad- that’s understandable, but after every game there’s another ad? Even if you claim the bonuses? That’s just overboard. What’s more is my past favorite blade is locked behind a paywall. Oh, how far this game has fallen. It sucks the life out of me instead of making me happy like when I used to play it. Genuinely sad.

  5. Pswiat dice:

    The game is pretty good. It’s a good time pass byer and rewards make sense and aren’t unproportional to the shop. However there are frequent ads, but it’s understandable for they need profits. But the main issue for me is a glitch where within the current event if you have the time peach power up and hit it, it make it so the timer starts at 2 and increases, rather then continuously decreasing.

  6. I gave it three stars, if I could I would rate it 3.5 out of 5. It’s a cool game to play when you have nothing to do. But I miss the old fruit ninja, when you had to use starfruit to buy blades. And another thing, yall need to do something about the ads and arcade mode. The ads are mad annoying, you have to watch one after every game. And arcade mode. (Continuing on a new comment because they won’t lemme type the whole thing here)

  7. I like this game. The reason I deducted one star is because there are so many bugs where your progress goes away (you just need to exit the game and come back and sign in again) or maybe you cannot press the exit buttons, or maybe every time you slice a fruit it lags out. Of course these are occasional glitches and bugs. I just really liked the old versions like back in 2013 or so when it was simple and without bugs. Overall, I like this game! Have a great day!

  8. D dice:

    Downloaded for the nostalgia, but all the other reviews are right. Its definitely a money grab now instead of the fun game I remember. The UI is not user friendly anymore, the game is very cluttered and laggy, and it didn’t even save my progress. I played it right after I downloaded it and got to level 7, but when I opened the app today it says I’m only level 2 and it drained all my coins too. Also discovered there’s no ads at first, but they show up after you’ve been playing a while. Shady.

  9. This game is quite good, and close to as fun and addictive as the original one, BUT, the ads are completely out of control; there is one after every game (game usually lasting a minute or so). You also can’t really get cosmetics without paying for them, which is fine I guess, but is not good for the f2p players. The game is also TERRIBLY optimized, its laggy, and it sometimes deletes progress; you really need a Google play account connected to it or you will likely lose progress.

  10. Ben L dice:

    An amazing, addicting, and satisfying game that,has challenges and missions, as well as different game modes. The only reason I am taking off a star is because they recently took away a section with mini games, which was my favorite section. But it is still very fun, and if they added back the mini game section, I would like it even more.

  11. Xavrist dice:

    The game itself is pretty good. There’s just something therapeutic about slicing the fruits. My biggest issues were w/ the ads. I appreciate the way they’re implemented(bonus xp), but there’s alot of them. In addition, there were a few times when my bonus ads wouldn’t work but the automatic ads worked 100% fine. Aside from that, there’s so many “coming soon” tags. After a while there’s just not alot of incentive to keep playing. Criticals seem to be disabled too. 0 in over a week.

  12. The game used to be a classic, but now it’s become a money grabber with all the ads and needing to purchase 90% of the blades and backgrounds through boxes rather than challenges. The game has been made intentionally harder to push you to purchase powerups and such instead of allowing 3 mistakes like it used to. Sad to see such a great game fall to what it is now.

  13. This is still that game we played a long time ago. The content has stopped really rolling out, but it’s a fun game to return to now and again. That said, the ad button for powerups is fine, but there are also mandatory ads after rounds. You won’t see them at first, but they rev up the ad volume as you play. Gross. You can buy Fruit Ninja Classic and go ad-free, but then you’re looking at a game without updates. Gotta choose between ads and old content.

  14. Tiernan S dice:

    Honestly the satisfaction factor has been unmatched since release when I was a young kid. There’s even a learning curve, this is no cookie clicker. The progression system doesn’t feel predatory and you can earn pretty much everything through free gameplay with ads occasionally, with optional MTX. Easily my favorite game to play when I have a few minutes to mess around on my phone. I just miss the old stuff before these strange characters and “events” came into the picture honestly.

  15. Been playing this game for years and it’s always a fun way to escape the world for a bit. Enough to keep my attention with 3 different game modes to choose from. Classic is more “fast paced”. If you prefer a game that is more relaxed and won’t make you anxious, there is “Zen” mode. Earn different swords and dojos as you play. It’s just a simple, fun game.

  16. This would be great if it worked without wifi. So it can force you to view apps, it will not load at all if you don’t have wifi or data. Which really defeats the purpose of having a game on your phone. Sometimes you don’t have a signal and are bored. Sometimes you need to turn on airplane mode and dissociate for a little while. But this app cares more about money and exploitation than functionality or logic.

  17. I used to love this game. But when it got updated on the nov 5, it was a disaster. I used to have all the blades but it reset all my blades and progress and it also made the game way more boring because you had to open boxes and also more stuff. And the last thing is that I used to be able to go to the challenges and events because we didn’t have to wait sooner to do them.

  18. It’s a lot of fun to play. There’s one problem though: lag. Would be an immediate 5 if the lag stopped. Half of the time, I miss fruit because extreme frame drops make it disappear, or appear just on the edge of the screen – too late to be saved. The other half of the time, my blade just ghosts through fruit. I used to score high on Pomegranates, but scoring over 15 is uncommon since I downloaded on this device. (I had another device before this one. Other apps run fine on this device though.)

  19. Great game until this new #$!@ greedy update. All the abilities of the dojos and blades are missing (coming later – devs couldn’t be bothered to port over the old system?) so that you can buy them in loot boxes instead. The daily challenge and event features are currently locked out too. Sometimes you get an ad after playing. You can’t even play offline anymore (because then you can’t buy the loot boxes or get the ads). I expected new features for yr 10, not the removal of the old ones. I quit.

  20. AA QBED dice:

    It’s a great app, except… I remember playing this game a few years ago and I absolutely loved everything about it! However, due to the updates, I’m starting to enjoy the app a little less. Instead of using starfruit to pay for blades and dojos, you need to find them in boxes, which cost gems, and gems cost money. Most of the blades and dojos have no power, so as of now, there’s no point in getting new stuff.

  21. It’s riddled with annoying ads you can’t close for a minute. The blades and backgrounds take forever to get and the micro transactions are cringe. It let’s you dump over 100 dollars at once?! And the way the new characters look feels cheap. The only good thing is the gameplay but it’s not worth putting up for all the negatives. Nostalgia is overrated, the game will never be what it used to be, a good game. Kinda sad!

  22. This was one of my favorite games to play… like pretty much daily when I had some down time or if I’m riding in the car… but just recently (like SUPER recent), as soon as the app/game fully opens to play, it just shuts right back off! I’ve tried to figure out what’s wrong with it, but I am NOT “tech savy” in any way 😵‍💫🥺😭 I’m hoping it works itself out and can become one of my favorites again… 😮‍💨😟

  23. I enjoyed Fruit Ninja when I was younger, so I decided to download it again. I love playing Fruit Ninja just as much as I used to, but with the newer graphics, I don’t get the same old, nostalgic charm of the old versions of the game. A “Time warp” option in the settings would be (I assume) easy enough (just patch old versions), and could return the old nostalgic feel to the game.

  24. What happened to Fruit Ninja? I reinstalled the game after a year or two of non-playing and noticed it is now pretty much unplayable. I don’t really mind the in-app purchases but the ads .. I’d be happy to pay a few bucks to disable them. At this moment with no option to play without seeing ads every other game I cannot recommend Fruit Ninja anymore. I’ll uninstall and reinstall and revisit in another year or two.

  25. This game is addicting. And when I say addicting, I say ADDICTING. It’s a great time killer, has many options, its a great app. There’s just one problem. Whenever I play the game, periodically the game just goes black while I play it for a short time, then it automatically pauses the game. It’s VERY annoying. It happens, like, every 20 seconds. That’s my only problem. Otherwise the game is great.

  26. I loved this game so much when I was younger and when it was so much easier and wasnt pretty much pay to win. I hate it now because they massively overcomplicated it with “updates” that made it so much less appealing, you could level up to get updates and even though the occasional ad was annoying but now theres ads and the game makes you pay for simple things that make the game more exciting, I used to be able to get my favorite blade by leveling up but now I have to pay for it? Terrible game.

  27. I installed this classic for the old times’s sake and and were left bitterly disappointed. You need internet to launch the game, which is a totally inexplicable and useless feature. Every round is interrupted by ads and you need to pay in order to actually enjoy the game, so don’t bother downloading unless you are ready to spend a couple of bucks. Finally, the gameplay has changed considerably since the older versions, making it a somewhat more predictable and less interesting game.

  28. Ryan dice:

    Graphics have some issues on this version compared to classic. The new system of unlocking blades and dojos is very frustrating (and very expensive). Most of the blades and dojos don’t actually have special abilities yet as they “coming soon”. Needs some work. I will be sticking with classic.

  29. Nice work Halfbrick. You completely butchered the game. Even after watching an ad to get some stuff, the game makes you watch another. I know they need to make money but why’d they kill the game like this. Also where are all the other gamemodes, i remember there being more than just 4. Horrible game now, i play one round and log off because I know I’ll just ist have to watch an ad.

  30. I’ve played Fruit Ninja since I was a toddler, and, even though it was a long time ago, I can remember how much I absolutely adored the game. I downloaded it recently for a sense of nostalgia and something to do when I realized most changed. I miss the minigames most, and it really annoys me how blades aren’t purchased with starfruit. I understand ads, and it isn’t a problem for me, but I really miss the original gameplay, it was much better in my opinion.

  31. It was great, watching ads to get bonuses and extra playtime, but now you started the pop up ads and they’re constant, between every round and even when I press back to the main home screen I get hit with another pop up, this time asking if I want ads or to pay for the ads to go away, and there’s no X too get out of that screen, it’s either pay or watch. It’s getting to the point where I close the app now

  32. ;; m&m 's dice:

    Maybe it’s just my experience, but I didn’t get any pop up ads, just optional ones, and they were offering good things. It’s still as nice as it was years ago. Edit: No it does get worse overtime. I wish at least they wouldn’t make you go through 2 ads in a row. Either way it doesn’t kill the vibe for me but do watch out, just buy the game.

  33. This game isn’t worth it. It’s a quick money grab with a lazy design. There is no way to progress without spending money, and this many ads is unnecessary. Not to mention the ads and game itself are incredibly buggy. They are trying to survive off what the original game was. Avoid this one.

  34. The game is fun and good.I used to play it while I was in middle school But now I just install it and it’s full of ads . Just after a single round the msg saying I loveads pops up and you can’t even cancel it means ( if you play it for 10 min 5-6 min is only going to be ads ) which just ruins your experience and mood that’s why i just uninstalled it .

  35. The ads are out of control. Requires data connection, even when playing offline; so it can load all the ads I paid not to have. Yes, I paid in-app to have the ads removed! Dispite that there are still so many my five year old can’t make it more then a couple games without accidentally pushing one. Sometimes even tricked into clicking an ad by making it look like the primary/default button. Sketchy company

  36. Back in The Old days, this game was too fun, I played it all day, today however this game held at least dozens of ads. Please reduce the amount of ads, and you need to spend a few bucks to make the game playable, the overall game was filled with ads. Please fix this, and also on older gadgets, this game keeps crashing because of ads.

  37. Great app! It’s a good two player game! One big interruption, THE ADS. Me and my friend, subrina, tryed this app, and we had fun with it. This is totally recommend for people that want and offline two player game 🎯. But one more thing that drives us nuts is, the bombs. Whenever I accidentally hit the bomb, it messes the hole game up. I like how you have three hearts if you hit a bomb you get one away. That’s all I have to say. PLEASE DOWNLOAD! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

  38. I’ve played this game about 8 years ago and it isn’t so different now in fact a lot of features have been downgraded. Introducing different kinds of fruits, sounds, more powerful blades, exciting rewards, upgraded frenzy bananas, easier access to get duplicate blades would be so much more exciting for player

  39. I’m not a huge fan of the new update. I had Challenge mode before but deleted the app, and I tho8ght that was very fun. Also I think it takes longer to get blades with the new blade concept. It’s still fun, but I liked the classic mode more

  40. This used to be my favorite game some almost 10 years ago. It hasn’t changed but except you are getting an unbearable amount of Ads. I was paying for Ad Free but the game still forces ads on you almost every game. Want 10 more seconds? Watch an ad. Want double points for a round? Watch an ad. The thing you PAY for no ads but what you really getting is no pop up ads but that’s not clearly communicated. This game should be fun and not watching only ads. I want my money back. This game used2b fun.

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