Archer Hunter – Adventure Game MODDED 2022


Battle forces of evil, raid dungeons, defeat bosses and claim valuable prize.
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Ready to crush your enemies, Archer Heroes?

Archer Hunter is an addictive, action-packed adventure game where you slay hordes of enemies with an amazing set of skills and weapons. Begin as a newbie archer, then build your skills and abilities to become the Master.

Enemies come in many forms and sizes, from skeletons, golems, to slimes, goblins, ogres or werewolves with different attack patterns. Just kill them all with your projectiles and tactics.

Crawl through thousands of dungeons, fighting for treasures, items and valuable gears to upgrade your strength and become more powerful. Enjoy countless combinations of unique abilities to keep your archer alive.

Download Archer Hunter now, and start your journey!

The world is at stake. Evil forces are dominating and you are the only hope, a legendary archer with skills so great that it becomes a myth.

Now the destiny of the world is in your hand, can you destroy them all with your bow and arrow, or succumb to permanent failure? It’s up to you.

Fight through each stage, destroy enemies, collect experience points to level up and learn new skills. Ready to face brand new monsters with different strategies and attack patterns.

The monsters become stronger, faster and more powerful, so are you. Raid the dungeon, collect weapons, armors, amulets and more gears. Equip yourself with the best items, upgrade to make them even stronger.

Master the art of moving, dodging, and shooting. Grab your bow and destroy everything that dares to stay on your way. Shooting has never been so fun.

You are not alone on this deadly journey. There’re more heroes with various fighting styles and skills are ready to join your forces. Recruit them, discover new abilities and save the world together.

▶ Addictive, action-packed gameplay
▶ Tight and responsive control with just one finger
▶ AFK Rewards: earn coins and items in your free time.
▶ Stunning graphics, beautiful worlds and characters.
▶ The endless combination of skills and gears.

With all the goodies, what are you waiting for? Join forces with other players, raid dungeons, destroy monsters, defeat bosses and claim valuable prize.
The war starts now.

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*Add New Event Offers
*Update Lunar New Year Event
* Fix game crash
* Fix bug not receive rewards


40 comentarios en "Archer Hunter – Adventure Game MODDED 2022"

  1. Been playing for weeks now, and I’m pretty sure I’m done with this. Unlocked Medusa, mostly epic gear, and can’t do a damn thing in this game. Main quest? Chp 4 is unbeatable. Doom Tower? Stage 4 is unbeatable. All the “extra events”. Can’t kill anything in any of them, so pointless. I like the game but playing levels 2 & 3 over and over and over again is really boring at this point. Oh yeah, and good luck getting coins to upgrade. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE EVERYTHING! 2/5

  2. This games sucks. Got to level 8 f2p then spent over 100 dollars and upgraded heroes and all items twice and still can’t beat level 8. Items are garbage. Colors mean nothing but a tiny stat increase. Don’t waste your money. At least in other games you can pay to progress. No progress no matter how much you pay. I think the level difficulty scales harder if you have better items. Game is rigged against you to spend more money. It’s like arcade games, wasting quarters to die at the same spot.

  3. I changed this to a 1 star and now deleted my original because I am disgusted by this business tactic. Don’t buy the pass to remove the ads because it only removes the ads for the “season” which is like 17 days long. So every season you need to pay to get rid of the ads. It’s not a 1 time thing. Very trashy tactic. Developer responded to my review with misinformation. First of all, I’m aware of which ads were removed for when the pass was purchased. Second, the seasons are not 45 days long.

  4. It’s fun up to a point. It takes way too long to actually earn any equipment or stat upgrades. The first world is pretty easy to get through, probably made that way. Then the damage and level scale is very unbalanced. The AFK is a nice aspect, but it feels like it doesn’t give enough. If I don’t play overnight, I may not have enough gold to upgrade anything. If the loot drops were better, then I may play this more, but as for right now, I’m deleting this game.

  5. B Money dice:

    Love the challenging and strategic style of game play but like all other games like this, if you want to get past level 10, get your credit card ready, maybe two. You can always get a second job. Game makers don’t care about 90% of the players. Prices are based on the 10% of losers who are willing to pay a thousand dollars plus to be the #1. To the losers who do that, thanks for ruining for everyone else.

  6. D R dice:

    Eh. Fun but not getting the loot after questing. Not sure if that’s how it’s suppose to be but hard to level when I’m not getting any coin. Edit: thank you for the response. I did not realize there was an update since I had just downloaded the game several hours prior. All is working as intended. Thank you!

  7. Pretty good. Four stars because: • the game could use some tooltip on the special abilities, so that we have a better understanding of the game • the special reward ad gets bugged sometimes saying “ad not ready yet” – and you lose the reward – which sucks

  8. This game is unique, there’s nothing else like it, it’s definitely not one of a million copies of an original game. It also sneaks into my room at night and injects hatred into my dreams.

  9. If it be possible to get ,even quicker into the game with even less quicker tutorial there is room for 1 more reward feature.

  10. Nice game with some challenge. Ads are short if you chose and easy to upgrade your character. So far so good.

  11. There was an issue with a purchase I made in app that was eventually refunded though it took a while. Just a PSA: If you have a similar problem the only way you’ll get a response from the developer is through Facebook messenger. Last I knew the in-game support links were broken, and my email to support went unanswered other than the autoreply acknowledging it was received. Once I finally got someone to answer it was handled relatively quickly. I wasted my time so you don’t have to. 😁

  12. Fur Fury dice:

    Fun gameplay, Fair ads, and decent graphics. For me this game is awesome!

  13. Level 4 – the guys that shoot arrows are impossible to avoid. There is no strategy involved on how to avoid them, as you can with most other enemies, so you just hope you don’t get hit too many times. Thanks for ruining the game 🖕, which was pretty fun otherwise.

  14. It a good time passing game. But need to fix issues never hit enemies near buy but far ones..and you have to move around to lock on to close one ..

  15. Woots dice:

    a hundred percent imposter of Archero, only graphic different. very not creative

  16. When I first installed the game I breezed through to level 50 and thought “well that was too easy”. And then chapter 2 unlocks and now I’m seeing a challenge. And then you hit 3 and things really start kicking off. What I really like is that you can progress reasonably fast without spend or ads. But watching ads makes things that much easier. What I love is that you only at ads if you choose to watch them. They’re not forced on you.

  17. Rascal W. dice:

    Still far too tough and far too expensive. It’s already failing. Soon be just an ad machine because you didn’t start it off right in the first place. So much potential. Ah well. Get ya sponsors in now for your ads while you still can 🤣🤣. Shooting yourselves in the foot. Good luck, I’ve had this installed since it’s release hoping. But slow to progress, slow weak toons. Designed to make us spend but failing.

  18. To much lag in game. Hard to control the virtual controller. Delay of moves when controling the character.

  19. n wilson dice:

    Great time killer. And you can get lost and play for hours leveling up your stuff

  20. Played for a few hours. PROS: Good alternative for arcade shooter, different characters & equipments to choose, has cloud save, & fully functioning OFFLINE experience. CONS: Despite me liking this game, the greatest down of this app was the lack of unique graphics. Comparing to the OG game that started this genre, everything looks like a rehash & the only redeeming quality was the good 3D UI. Overall I still recommend it to others, just don’t expect unique visuals.

  21. Gameplay is fun and addictive. However, there is a problem when restoring data in another device. Items, coins are restored successfully, which is fine. However, I completed till stage 3 but when I tried to login on another phone, it bounced back to stage 1 asking me to complete stage 2 again. It is not convenient. Update: seems like restarting the app will restore stage progress correctly. Please implement more game modes!

  22. Not a bad game but the movement pad is huge and also you need to zoom out a bit on the map so you can plan your moves better. Make the game harder if you want to slow down progression don’t make it harder to play the game by obstructing the player’s view, the gameplay is restricted to half the screen,it’s a bad way to go about it.

  23. Way fun! Ads are you pick witch is perfect!!

  24. So hard to be a pro took me 1hour to become a pro but i hate ads

  25. Jack Park dice:

    Clone of Archero. Differences: Less visually clear, especially with avoiding lobbed projectiles. Less challenging (beat level 40 boss on second try and just turned off out of boredom). Smoother controls which is good. It’s frustrating to avoid some of the walking enemies and bouncing projectiles. Maybe understanding how to avoid them is part of the challenge.

  26. You guys have made the game fabulous I absolutely love it, I played it about a year or two ago and you guys have made numerous skins and feature that are cool thanks to the team!

  27. The game in itself is alright. It’s a pure clone of archero, slightly better graphics but the mechanics are identical. To progress you need to keep gathering resources like gems and level slowly. Don’t expect to be able to beat all levels straight away but give it time to get better items and heroes. My main grief with the game and the reason of 1 star rating: no more Dev since May. It seems like a dead game so don’t invest your time in it.

  28. No matter how far away I am from enemy attacks they still do damage. So I’m basically just playing to lose. Great job on this game guys. And way to rip off all the enemy attacks from other games. Uninstalled and I wish I could get my “ad removing” money back. Spoiler alert, it’ll still give you ads.

  29. It automatically crashes after finishing tower stage which is annoying. * While playing offline,my achievements,golds,loots and others have gone when I opened it online,bad experience and annoying game, wasting my time. Fix this game! *The progress should remain when playing either offline or online. You are wasting our time gathering offline then when connected online you remove all achievements!

  30. Used to be a great game, now the grind/paywall hits after less than 30 minutes of playing (Stage 2). I got all the way to Stage 6 with no problem in the past version. Not worth playing anymore.

  31. First, the game looks gorgeous and runs smoothly, very well done. As for the gameplay, it is heavely inspired by Archero, if you like that game it isn’t a bad thing. But for me the game doesn’t quite do enough to standbout on his own, and that’s a shame because there is clearly potential for more. Still, great game and deserves you giving it a chance. PS Only wish there was a feature that let me prioritize or focus on the farthest targets rather than the nearest, or switch targets at least.

  32. In-your-face purchase options, neglegent developers who only care about ratings, buggy app that doesn’t allow account switches or restarts, terrible graphics where you can’t differentiate attack from enemies from friendlies, too little energy, quickly lost interest. Worst version of this type of game style I have to come across.

  33. Game was fun but when I tried to play make a purchase it failed to provide the item I paid for. I have now gotten my refund after jumping through several hurdles. If you want to play this as a free to play then you are good to go but don’t look at spending any money on this game till it has an update to correct the issue.

  34. I am enjoying the game but there is a few thing’s I would like to see in the game. One would be to see more contact with the heros weapons they miss quite a few shots what don’t hit the enemy. Another would be when you talk to certain AI that give you the option to buy items are skills with the money you collect through each different room you go in instead consents ads if that is possible. Also if its possible to bring the price down on heros and in the shop.

  35. Lappe dice:

    Ad infested clone of original and better games

  36. rsng frce dice:

    A COMPLETE clone of Archero, with slightly different graphics and possibly better control. Sidestepping is FAR easier in this game, but I got up to round 42 of the first level the first time I played and was bored. If a dev wants to use the Archero mechanic of shooting when you stop moving, they could do so without copying EVERYTHING else from Archero, from the weapons to the fonts even!

  37. This is probably the only review I’m going to do but Everytime I try to play the game it keeps freezing in the main menu it’s fine when I’m actually playing it but Everytime I try to do more than one thing in the main menu it freezes and it’s kinda aggravating it’s a cool game otherwise if y’all could give me some help on this issue that would be cool Edit( I have a aristo2 )

  38. If you use ads that go to the playstore even if you hit X, and then proceed to open a webpage, Big Buck Hunter, that is completely unacceptable. Auto one star for shady ad practices. Edit: “need” has nothing to do with it. Clicking the X takes you to the playstore page automatically. Obviously the ad is designed this way.

  39. Starter hero has 2 crossbows and only uses one. Isnt accurate misses when i turn sometimes misses 99% of the shots on the splitting boss and enemy projectiles have a bad hitbox can hit even though they shouldnt. Also showing the skill of the hero then taking it away in the very next room is just not ok. Did you make the infinte tower in both code and design to be impossible? Enemies dont have any warning or sound when they attack and the lions breath fire with no warning of attack or its range😑

  40. Firwif dice:

    This game feels like it was written by a high school student for a school project. Game is a direct reskin of Archero (and a bad one at that) with less content than the game it copied, runs horribly and projectiles are so slow that dodging them is a cakewalk and it is nearly impossible to hit targets that move. Extra star because it can be played offline, otherwise stay away

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