Blocky Raider MODDED 2022


Can you survive the temple? Avoid pitfalls, spikes, traps and more!
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Explore the blocky temple in one of the greatest mobile adventures of all time. Survive pitfalls, spikes, traps, blades, lava, rickety rope bridges, ancient ruins and rolling boulders… It’s block hard!

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40 comentarios en "Blocky Raider MODDED 2022"

  1. Be a lot better if this wasn’t on a time clock. Sucks avoiding all obstacles only to have the background kill you.

  2. Its pretty boring as soon as u walk few steps everything starts repeating again just downloaded crossy road instead

  3. the game is too dark the graphics are poorly defined

  4. This game is so much fun


  6. Very difficult to see obstacles, i understand the estetic of the game but i think the game should have some brighter colours in order to allow players to enjoy the game without having to use ther phones’ maximum brightness. I also think there should be a mode allowing the player to use different controls such as arrows to make the character move.

  7. The game is pretty fun if you like Crossy Road. I just wish you could buy it for a dollar or two instead of always having the ads pop up between games. I would probably play it more if there were no ads.

  8. The controls are super glitchy,it,s a rip off of Indiana Jones,to dark, pointless,ect. Wish I could rate this negative 5 stars or at least zero. DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME😡

  9. The control is wonky. Many times I died due to bad control sensitivity into water. I knew where to go but the controller thought otherwise! I loved it just wished i could play it.:(

  10. I give 4/5 as it is really fun/good but not easy to control.

  11. Its nice but its kinda hard to slide and turn.😝😕

  12. This app is Amazing! The teacher in my school got this on accident and it’s the only game we’ll play.

  13. So this game is a GREAT sub 😉

  14. Cool game some adds and a little dark I can’t really see were I’m going but fun

  15. The controls suck a ten ton weight falls on you if you don’t go fast and it’s dark!

  16. I loved all the ways the obstacles were and I also loved the characters that you could get.

  17. Basically Crossy Road meets Indiana Jones. Simple and fun! Touch is a little glitch for lack of a better word.

  18. Soooooo good! A great game with cool obstacles! This is one of my favorite games.

  19. The controls are hard,I swiped left and my character went forward,I recommend you to not get it.

  20. I love this app it’s like a super hard crossy road as it is has quite older kids stuff in like larvae so I would say the age to get this app is 6 – 16 But a great app all the same ☺

  21. It is so awesome I can not belive I am playing looks like Indiana Jones

  22. If you feel sad, just look at the roaster of characters this game has to offer. You can’t look at the astronaut guy without smiling.

  23. I love the game out of all the blocky games I consider this the best because it’s fun and challenging and that’s what I like about the game I love it

  24. This is way better then any Crossy esq game I’ve ever played. EVER.

  25. Very hard to get through the flaming torches

  26. Really cool because you can get bears and all other stuffs

  27. First, there’s too many commercials. You should be able to change between all the characters that you have collected. And, you should be able to pick up where you got killed. (A game save, maybe???) Why would you include a likeness of Mr. T. and name it #FOOL? Are you calling him a fool? #Mr. T or T-Man would have been better.

  28. The graphics are really good i also like blocky sports games so keep up the good work

  29. It’s doo fun and I can’t stop playing

  30. Many times it glitched and cause me to fall into water and lava as well as loss coins

  31. Its like a hard blocky Temple run

  32. It has a great graphics, and I feel like I am indiana jones

  33. Just like crossy road with different traps, all in all a very addicting and fun game!

  34. This game is 100% Trash delete it immediately💩

  35. I think try make it a bit more complicated

  36. This game becomes really easy after about 2 minutes.

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