Zombie Hunter D-Day2 2022


Another Last Survival Story - Realistic 3D FPS -
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It’s been 160 days since the apocalypse. Your sole goal is to survive as long as you can. Defend yourself and your teammates from the walking dead using realistic weapons, explosive firearms and advanced gear. Use special skills to clear each stage of nemesis and kill strong boss zombies. There will be several weapons to choose from. Choose the ones that will be the most efficient and robust to shoot down the zombies.


– Graphic: Realistic 3D zombies and cool shooting
– Limitless Stages: Various types of zombies and giant boss zombie appear in each stage
– Weapon Collection: many classic guns are waiting for you to unlock, merge and upgrade.
– zombie Stage mode
– zombie defense mode, boss raid mode, bonus mode, etc
– Offline zombie shooting game (العاب حرب)

– Device: Perfect optimization even for slower devices.
– Languages: EN/CN/FR/PT/ES/DE/IDIT/RU/TH/TR/VN/KR are supported.

**Just now! Download the offline Zombie Hunter Game for free! fight the zombie**

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– for the game to play, we must access the following controls.


40 comentarios en "Zombie Hunter D-Day2 2022"

  1. Aaron dice:

    Good game, easy to get the hang of, stationary zombie shooter game. I’m on the 2nd level – it’s the usual big boss at the end of each level. I don’t spend actual money on games for progression. You’ve just got to redo some of the stages in the levels to get extra cash. Oh, 1 drawback in my eyes is that when your gun reloads it costs you money to reload – Not much but enough to deter you from just holding down the trigger to mow everything down in sight LOL. GOOD GAME. TRY IT OUT.

  2. Playable but nothing special. Special missions are almost impossible to beat, regular missions are repetitive with simple waives of zombies. Deleted at lvl4 as nothing changed. At that point gap between current weapons and prices for new ones would require going back and playing from the start just to buy the next one and gaps are even biggers with progress. Watched to many add videos to get where I am now. Classic zombie “fun for the first 10 minutes” shooter.

  3. Rithiion dice:

    Not the best but its okay. Graphics are good just your standard point and shoot with no movement mechanics. This has potential if you cut half the watch ads to gain items especially on the stage pass seems like a do a couple missions and then you spend spend rest of your time wathing ads to obtain your rewards. very over satchurated with pay to play and ads.

  4. Genly Ai dice:

    1st player, zombie shooter. A huge improvement over the first one, which was already good enough. Ads do exist, but as not intrusive; plus, there’s a no-ads version. Head shooting is more consistent than the first one.

  5. It’s a very good game! The way you shoot is very compatible in mobile. But I do have 1 problem, I have to move in the left side of the screen. But with that feature, you can move and shoot at the same time! Overall, a decent fps game to play if you’re bored!

  6. lilxey dice:

    Game is very dull probably didn’t play it 10 minutes and in that time I skipped every cinematic got purchase options thrown down my throat gave me 2 mags each mission knowing I need more so it cost me money so I earn less and upgrades are crazy expensive overall not even worth waiting for it I wouldn’t recommend it / aiming is not very smooth can’t move your character not very fun

  7. I like this version better. I think it’s a little more easier and the controls are a little more easier to move around too. your graphics are great. over I think it’s an excellent game. thumbs up, two thumbs up.

  8. This game is very good. There is no force ads. And also have ultra graphic setting, 60FPS mode and even have vibration recoil setting. Love it. I recommend it. It’s easy to play and relaxing.

  9. Game is good. Graphics and sound also good. But standing in the same place and firing is boring. Everywhere ads. Offense and defense is like nothing in the game.

  10. the game is very great since after release, the graphics are HD like, frame rate is so smooth, the most satisfying part is killing a horde of zombies when they died one by one

  11. one star for making me do tutorials and for forcing me to give u stars. If could’ve; i would’ve given no stars. Takes to long for bonus rounds[12hrs a pop]. Consumable items are at miminum 50 gold-you only get like 5 gold at the end. Not worth the download-Deleting.

  12. forced me to rate before I was ready so 1 star. Update still 1 star found out you need money to reload in game so if you spend all your money on upgrade like me you can’t progress unless you play previously beaten levels a few hundred times will delete game due to this game micanic

  13. Good game, could use some minor improvements to enhance game play experience, but overall it’s a fun game, and a good time killer if you need something to pass the time faster.

  14. Was good, last update made it a cash grab. What was once 20k gold is now either too much time or 100 USD, and they only locked the best weapons behind this paywall, STARTING AT $60 FOR A VIRTUAL GUN. Stay away, even the first is a better experience.

  15. Great game 1 problem though when i clear a level sometimes it won’t confirm that i cleared the level and i can hear zombies still but there’s no more to see.😎😎😎

  16. I R dice:

    First screen is the Privacy Policy (GDPR). You must agree to the service terms and privacy policy. The “read more” doesn’t work so you can’t see what you are being asked to agree to. Intentional, maybe. Concerning and illegal, yes. Not got any further so do not if game is good.

  17. Very,very cinematic sound.Easy modifications, not bad on the gamer budget.You guys out done yourselves here! Hope for a part 3, excellent game.

  18. Donzz dice:

    I’ve been playing the game for 2 weeks now, I really like the graphics, I like the shooting aspect of it, it’s a cool zombie game and I’m really enjoying it.

  19. Awesome graphics and a lot of fun to play, however very hard much too soon! I’m stuck on 1-7.

  20. I really like this game. I recommend giving it a go for fans of fps. just play it and enjoy.oh to note offering a ad to increase, but unable to load is a joke. I’m not an idiot we just had an update since starting, so Yes I’m no fool. Stop the bs.

  21. Game is fun looks alright but again the paywall is bad I somehow made it to stage 3 with the starter gun. If you want to stand a chance you need to buy a new gun

  22. the grafics are excellent, the game in total is very, very good. Or should I said, so far so good.

  23. game is okay but you need money to reload weapons that’s insane and too expensive to upgrade weapons but the graphics are awesome the reload for weapons sucks

  24. One of the best Zombie games / Shooting games on mobile I have played and a definite improvement over the last , a very good sequel !

  25. Big No to this game. Its cost money to reload, price for gun and upgrade is expensive. Reward cash from story not worth it because you need money like 30 cash/reload, LOL.

  26. that the shooter should be moving not staying one spot and just shooting. but a good great game better than the first more action

  27. this game is the best I’ve played. graphics are perfect, and easy to play. amazing job guys!!!

  28. Arcade styled Zombie shooter. Not bad, straight forward and fun to pass time.

  29. Best version of itself , but not for free!! after playing a few level your Gun should update and that needs Credit.

  30. If you love advertising, then you will love this game! Way too much advertising!

  31. easy to play but the rewards are a little low, have buy items you need or better gun’s otherwise it’s a good game

  32. I think u should need to give a joystick control for open world experience I request a developer that please bring a next part with open world experience

  33. The game is great but on the first boss level the game freeze on my device can you please fix that problem

  34. If you like watching ads play this, this isn’t a zombie shooter survival game. This is an ad watcher

  35. It’s alright. I like how some zombies seem to dance-walk towards you. That really made me laugh -💖

  36. throws microtrastions in your face every 30secs and no multi-player boss mod and horde mode like the 1st one had they got lazy and I always hate seeing pay to win

  37. There is too much ads on this game and I got to work 5 hours for my heart’s generate so I’m not really that long just to play again

  38. The typos are so obnoxious and obvious that it shows a complete lack of care in the game. How do u spell scenarios scenartos like you literally typed the word wrong. Then cash into cas. Like that’s soooo embarrasing

  39. Fun but needs work to compete with other fps shooters first. Mechanics are awkward but easy to pick up but you can move and it’s hard to aim from one side of the screen to the other, only realistic thing about shooting is the reloading aspect accuracy is way to high & things like grenades are entirely unrealistic no bounce no real aiming u just point & it’s more like a grenade launcher than a thrown grenades if u intended as a launcher that should be expressed as such,last u can’t move at all.

  40. Great zombie game to play. Graphics are the best. You won’t be disappointed.

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