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The fate of the galaxy relies upon your fingertips.
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WinWing 2 is an arcade game of the shoot ’em up genre, combined with roguelike gameplay, which offers you 60 skills to engage in fierce battles. You have been assured an exciting game experience due to the twenty-nine chapters, endless mode, boss fights, world boss, multiplayer mode, etc. Download WinWing 2 now to experience a hail of bullets.

Great features
[Vintage arcade game, easy to play]
Use one finger to control your fighter to dodge bullets and missiles and fight back, which brings you back to the old arcade ages.

[Various evolution system]
6 magnificent barrages, 12 representative fighters, and 60 dazzling skills make up thousands of fighting preferences. Moreover, you can get boosted by a talent system, collection system, upgrade system, companion system, and equipment system.

[Immersive graphics and sounds]
You will be gratified to see the well-designed graphics and to hear the immersive sounds. The graphics and sounds alter as you advance through chapters and the enemies you encounter.

[Extend the imagination of Shoot ’em up]
WinWing 2 is not just a Shoot ’em up game merged with roguelike gameplay, but also adds the multiplayer mode into it for you never feel lonely in battles.

Network is acquired. WinWing 2 is a free-to-play game, however, you can still use real money to buy some items. By downloading this game, you agree to our privacy policy and term of use.

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Ver 1.1.3 is coming
Add dispatch function, refreshed daily with great rewards waiting for you!
Add Level 7,8,9 to the Illegal Zone.
Added Contact Us button in the Settings.
Fix known bugs.
Optimize some interfaces.


48 comentarios en "WinWing2 MODDED 2022"

  1. Chad Vega dice:

    I think it took the development team a lot of guts and well thought out planning and execution to make this sequel. I love all of the new features to this game that the first one was lacking, just to name a few, first and foremost, my favorite upgrade is that 2 they added to the name. Second, would easily be the placement and size of that 2. Third, is simply the fact that the replay value is so high. Imagine the first Super Mario on NES, now imagine that same Super Mario only with a 2 added…

  2. Long Bui dice:

    This game was fun in the beginning so i decided to support the game by spending some money to build up faster. After a few weeks of playing, i found that it is almost impossible to progress if you dont spend thousands of dollars on upgrade materials. The drop rate from the normal process of obtaining them is horendous. Its a shame, would have been a fun game.

  3. It’s a good shooter/bullet hell type of game, and so far I’m ok with it. You really have to strategize and plan your weapon and equipment loadout to pass some of the stages. For Stage 8 where you fight 10 bosses, the Boomerang Weapon at Max Epic is the best as it attacks every enemy visible on the screen. For the skills, I used a Striking Restoration + Explosive Strike combo (Epic) to destroy all mobs at and restore HP at the same time.

  4. Again..The same ridiculous flaws that will deter people from this game.I just tried to forge and level 10 rare into an epic and it failed…Twice….So that is 900 gems wasted.And the gems cost a one time 1000 for 5 dollars.On a basic forge..That is ridiculous…That system needs to be fixed ASAP..The gameplay is great but the leveling up and pricing is very steep.After awhile it is very tedious and way too expensive to upgrade.

  5. Omg what a mess. Literally at level 8 you get put against 10 bosses in a row…the last 4 bosses fire unavoidable projectiles, repeatedly so you cannot win. It’s impossible. I’ve leveled up 8 times and all my gear is blue and purple at level 30. I have an s rank ship at lvl 22 and I get utterly destroyed past wave 5. There is no way to win without paying and stacking up extra lives. There’s no gains to be had when you’re stuck like this. This should even be allowed on the store like this.

  6. Fun game! No ads unless you want them. You can progress just fine without ads or in game purchases. I’m still fairly new so I don’t know if eventually you hit a wall progression wise, without money.

  7. Sweden626 dice:

    This is really entertaining. Shame You only have 20 Energy to spend. They are generous and greedy at the same time. It is a bitt slow with progress but I don’t really mind. Playing the game is worth the grind. Note1: the ‘(solo)expensive chest’ is not worth it in my opinion. Better off to save to the x10 offer… Or is it x5 and the x10 was an event🤔 don’t remember atm😅 Point being Don’t by the solo. Note2:You can dismantle items u don’t want.This give parts AND gold. Tock me a while to find

  8. It’s a fun game yes, but don’t care how much times you upgrade your weapons it’s still too week to defeat the enemies and move forward,I’ve been playing 1 stage for two almost three weeks now and with all the upgrades,I still can’t get pass it

  9. I am very disappointed guys this game is exactly the same as the first one all the missions are identical all the Jets you can get so far are identical even the weapons are identical what is the point of calling it Winwing2 if it’s the same as the first I’m very disappointed I was hoping for a newer planes different type missions hell even some missions where your camera directly behind the plane or even having it where it looks like you’re dropping bombs on the ground or whatever something new!

  10. Nick dice:

    This may mirror other reviews of the same nature. Normally a sequel to a game is an upgraded version of the game. The second version of win-wing is quite literally identical to the first except in the fact that it is actually a downgraded version. No AI support characters for example. Same Graphics as the original, same mechanics is the original, same everything as the original with zero Innovation or improvements as these people claim in their responses to these reviews

  11. D P dice:

    I spent $500+ dollars and 250 hours on winwing 1. I download winwing 2 and it’s the EXACT SAME game. No new skills or planes or items. that makes this game POINTLESS TO PLAY. LESS SETTINGS AND NO GOOGLE LOGIN. It’s like starting over from scratch on winwing 1 with no upgrades or unlocks. I literally can’t believe this If this game is the same as 1 in almost every aspect, you should allow us to bring over our unlocks and progress. Otherwise WHY NOT JUST PLAY WINWING 1

  12. Definitely the best shooting game and by far the most challenging game I’ve played !!👌👌 Them two things combined, just makes it one of the best, intertaining games I’ve downloaded!! Definitely a five star in my list!!!👍👍

  13. Daz dice:

    I just downloaded Winwing2 and it has installed Winwing1. There seems to be the Wrong files linked to this game. The only difference is all my upgrades and progression are gone. Please fix!

  14. One of the best combat plane shooting games to play. Great graphics and the plane is easy to control and also you have the ability to upgrade your plane and weapons.


  16. xGRINGOx dice:

    Why is it released with just 1 Stage, it doesnt go past stage 1 to unlock, Endless or Event. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling to see if I was glitching it something with just 1 Stage but to my shock there is actually just 1 Stage, what a waist of time!!

  17. I am disappointed. Everything that was useful here should have been added to the first WinWing. Kind of redundant to take away some features to add less beneficial features.

  18. Going with 2* for now. I Ran out of free plays, cant even watch videos- Its 2022 and there are a billion games out there. Devs… why would you WANT me to not play your game? Just ridiculous to limit plays and the opportunity to stay in your game… maybe I’ll spend money the more I play? But nope, you’re literally telling me to leave your game and go play another.

  19. Update edit – Wed 01/11/23 …my game just froze right in the middle of gameplay ..I was in 2:35mins in Endless mode then alla sudden it started to lag then suddenly it froze …this had happened before also…doesn’t happen to WinWing 1

  20. Yeah! Liked the video game winwar it’s awesome graphic and like would consider this game a good and perfect game to play when you are bord at home thinking about having fun.

  21. Jacob Gao dice:

    Game is easy up until level 8, then it becomes insane. Don’t even bother or waste time on it. Developers just want money, you won’t get pass level 8. Any positive reviews on here are developers or their friends.

  22. Really good shooter. Great fun to play and pretty challenging. So far 30 minutes in and loving it. Try it if you enjoy a good shooter game, you’ll really enjoy this one.

  23. Very addictive but with odd translation and localization. Apocalypse level was a pain but a rewarding breakthrough.

  24. Kaimusabi dice:

    Yeah. If you don’t out any money into the game you will be stuck at map 5 forever. The drops for anything other than the weakest of items is is literally non existent. Waste of my time.

  25. DdAdNs dice:

    I have to go 1 star for now. Unless it changes I can’t change my mind. I’m continuing in the hopes of it being some kind of flashback scenario but so far this is the exact same game. I do not recommend downloading this as of now if you already have the first one

  26. I been playing the first one for a long time. And when I heard they released the second one I was so excited. And when I downloaded and played it..boy I couldn’t believe it..that game is literally the same game as the first one..delete….

  27. edb dice:

    Nice rail shooter. Graphics are good, music is cool too. Difficulty increases nicely. An enjoyable game.

  28. This is one of those “Ones”,game play is smooth and power-ups are plentiful.I’m old-school in nature,so this is right up my alley plus the graphics are straight Fire.They should change the name,because the names wack.But,like I said….It’s one of those Ones.

  29. Control are glitched. At some point, the ship will stay in same position even if I move my finger to other spot.

  30. Fabuloso it even keeps the grandkids kids still for a while we all just have fun. Taking turns seeing who can pass the level.. so I’ll get it five stars for sure……

  31. Missions too quick then you get a choose your skill after every mission so you spend more time choosing options than actually playing the game , then my pet hate , a boss fight

  32. JB Couch dice:

    Fun at first till world 8. Then it becomes a game that’s basically payto win/pay to process cuse they throw 10 waves of bosses with out adjusting the level up to compensate for that fact

  33. Yay retro shoot them up nostalgic fun with HD explosions and effects all is missing is some 80s anime style.

  34. So far pretty decent.. Haven’t seen a single ad but they sure do push purchases down your throat.

  35. Only played a few minutes before being asked to rate. I may change to higher star if it keeps me interested.

  36. 2nd time around won’t to play all my data lost. Game is fun but might not last long hard to start over. I’m definitely deleting this game the email to recover my account doesn’t work

  37. Eric dice:

    Lackluster. It’s the same fame as its predecessor. Same ships, same missions, same everything. Why release this??

  38. Love it didn’t notice any ads game plays amazing I hope it saves so I can continue to grow my ship!

  39. A decent little game… entertaining for short periods, action packed and fun.

  40. Tough and fun just as the first but I hope that it will let the players download your first game progress??? HOPING.

  41. K Graves dice:

    Good game. Then got stuck and uninstalled it. Later, I wanted to try it again, got stuck in the same place. That’s on me and my playing abilities. However, as with the arcade games of yesteryear, there’s no way to save progress. Okay, fine. Just that its discouraging to have to make it through 30 waves over and over. So, uninstalled it. Well made game, otherwise.

  42. I wouldn’t really call this a sequel. It’s more like WinWing 1.2. It’s pretty much the first one but a little refined. Same weapons, bosses and sounds. Has a few graphic enhancements but other than that….it’s just a brush up. I think the devs could have been a little more creative

  43. Great game except for the memory leaks. Have to restart the game after every level and sometimes, if the level is too long, during a level. Makes the game unplayable for me which is sad cause it’s an awesome game!

  44. Incredibly frustrating. Level 8 is such a stupidly designed level, it’s an absolute farce. Really a joke. The only way to beat it is with combo u keep talking to players about, well I’ve never had it which means I can’t beat it and because the amount of energy u can store is so underwhelming pathetic I’m uninstalling

  45. Overall the in game power up system is different but cool and main menu upgrades and equips are cool as well, this is a good game I’m actually enjoying it. I’ll review my rating again in the not too distant future 😊

  46. Johnathon dice:

    Purchases don’t always give you what you should be getting. Good luck with a support ticket, I’m on day 3 with no resolution in sight. First they wanted my order number, which I provided. Now they want screenshots, which I provided. I’m about to refund it all and uninstall.

  47. So close to a good mulit pull the pop up happens and uses half my crystals, so much for this game. I don’t want to start and try to regain them when I was so close.

  48. This game is of excellent graphics, absolutely brilliant with the actual game play and I’m extremely happy with this game so go on people give it a go u will not be disappointed.

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