Brick Ball Blast: Ball Crusher FULL


Master your bricks breaker skill in this 3D breaker game! Aim and crush!
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2021 Challenging & Creative game open to play. In this game, you will be guided into a never-experienced puzzle world. You need precise aiming and precise shooting. In addition, you also need to solve puzzles. You need to rescue the trapped bears, find the hidden foxes, and the hidden objects of the level goals, and even use rockets to take out obstacles. Now play and enjoy your breaker fun time.

Brick Ball Blast is a very creative 3D bricks vs balls game. In this game, you can crush all the bricks. Brick Ball Blast is not only a casual game, but also a brain burning game. Crushing all the bricks may not help you pass the levels. You need to focus on the level goal and solve all the puzzles, and crush all the blocks that prevent you from reaching your goal.

Brick Ball Blast Game Features
Real Free Game
Brick Ball Blast is free to download, free to play. the game will send free coins and boosters every day. Players can log in and collect free reward immediately. Now play and become the great bricks ball crusher!
Real 3D Game
Though a FREE game, Brick Ball Blast insists on using the great art quality to bring players the great game experiences. In this brick games, bricks, balls, boosters, coins and the beautiful islands, all are made with 3D technology to present players with the perfect gaming experience.
Thousands of Free Levels
Updates every week, these extremely challenging levels are waiting for you to play. You need strategies and careful consideration to pass the levels, solve puzzles, crush bricks, rescue the trapped bears, find the hidden objects, blast the pizzas, slice watermelons, and so on. Different levels give you different wonderful experiences. Come and play this game!
Brain Burning Game
If you just think that this bricks ball game is just to crush all the bricks to pass levels, then you are very wrong. In this game, you need to find and clear all targets first. Sometimes the targets will be hidden under the ice bricks or haystacks. You must shoot your balls and take them out. And the fox will run away if you do not find it in one shoot, so, think carefully and shoot accurately.

Tap on the screen with your thumb/finger and slide to aim.
Shoot the balls to crush any bricks or obstacles of your choice.
Each brick has a hit-point; it breaks when its hit-point drops to “0”.
Achieve level goal by solving unique puzzles of each level.
Game fails if any brick reaches to the bottom.

Any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

If you are a fan of ball free games, this will be a GOOD one for you!
Download it and enjoy for FREE NOW!


- Optimized some game interfaces
- Fixed some bugs
- 40 interesting levels have been updated, so hurry up and experience them!


40 comentarios en "Brick Ball Blast: Ball Crusher FULL"

  1. The game play is fine but the constant crashing of the ads are getting ridiculous I get that you need to pay if you want to avoid the ads but now the ads just crash with a black screen and there is no way to close then without forcing the app to shutdown and ruining your level progress. This is becoming very frustrating to deal with. Is this simply another tactic to get people to pay? Makes you wonder.

  2. Allison L dice:

    I’m not a huge fan of the mechanics. The aim line is never correct and after a certain point, I feel like they make the game so difficult that you can’t play without using power ups. Also, there are way too many ads, and they constantly crash, or are impossible to click out of, so you have the restart the whole app

  3. It hasn’t gotten as engaging as Breaker Fun just yet(I’m only on level 15). I’m looking to see the rescue scenes from the advertisements. Otherwise, it’s okay. UPDATE! Got to level 100 and still no adventures as advertised and it started glitching… screen freezes and such. Had to uninstall it. May revisit it again soon.

  4. The game has been absolutely wonderful UNTIL I reached level 222. I have beat the level 12 times and used many power ups and every single time, it freezes on the win screen. I can’t do anything until I close and reopen the app, and the level remains unbeat, but my power ups are gone. I can’t progress at all. I keep hoping its a fluke but it is a consistent thing. I’m uninstalling the game.

  5. S. Cary D dice:

    Trust me, do not start playing this as game. As other have said, it starts fun, but you will leave frustrated. I even paid to have adds removed. But the developers are incredibly greedy. The levels get so difficult you have to use several revive tokens just to try to make it through. They are 1200 coins for three. That is insane. You can win the medal race and only get 1000 coins. You cannot even buy the tools (hammer, rockets, etc) with coins except daily specials. It lost it’s fun!!!

  6. I love the game and while it does have crashes they’re pretty minimal. I enjoyed playing it so much I was even willing to invest money to play it. Until I spent $10 on a gold pass which is supposed to give you several power-ups and unlimited tries on an event where you have to clear a screen with one shot. Unfortunately they took my money and gave me nothing. What’s worse support won’t even respond to me and I’ve sent several emails.

  7. Pat D dice:

    Truthfully, I loved this game. Played all the way to level 1409 in just a few months. BUT, the ads are SO glitchy, I finally had ENOUGH of watching an ad and not getting a reward! It’s nearly impossible to close the ad at the end w/out getting kicked off the game and having it just reload. I feel like the developer should have to pay me for all that lost time. So I uninstalled.

  8. Really not a bad game, minimal ads, lots of new items and techniques introduced. Overall I found it boring though. You just shoot the ball through a hole and it takes care of the rest. I started purposefully shooting wrong just to make it more exciting. Also there’s so many frills, all the competitions and stars and rewards amd xoons and blah blah blah. I just wanted to play a game, not invest in a new hobby. It was a good game app, very nicely done, just not for me personally.

  9. This game is fun in the early levels. Unfortunately like most games, higher levels are ridiculously difficult and require watching lots of ads. I’m on level 882 and do not play anymore. In order to pass a level at this point, I have to watch a 30sec ad before starting, then 3 more ads at the end plus use a premium item to pass the level. It’s not fun anymore. Making the higher levels impossible to pass is the reason I stop playing many games, this one included.

  10. Sometimes the balls don’t go where you aim. Some levels are impassable. I could tell around level 135 things were less fun. Level 398 was where the fun was totally drained. Level 399 I could not pass. I’m uninstalling at the point. FYI the cute animations are more annoying than adding value to the game. Someone must think they are important however they are in the way of game play. Thank you for listening.

  11. By far the best app of its kind that I’ve played. It has different modes of play (classic, single shot, rescue), smooth gameplay, events and challenges. The few ads that pop up are cancellable in a few seconds. Devs, if you’re listening, endless and gravity modes would be a great addition in the future. Great app, highly recommended!

  12. David Mc dice:

    Great game. It plays smooth with lots of options. It stays interesting, unlike many games. Don’t mind watching an ad for extra balls when it’s my choice. But please get rid of the annoying music after each level. Too long and too loud. Tap to bypass doesn’t help. And I can’t get it out of my head. This game I’m keeping.

  13. I really like this game. Usually other games get too hard and I delete. I like to ENJOY games, not get frustrated. This game keeps me thinking “just” enough. I do actually like the ads that pushes the bricks up one level because I get so close I just need the little extra help. I also like the introduction of new style bricks. I actually look forward to them. Question: If I pay to remove ads, do I lose the ability to watch ads to push the bricks up one level? GREAT game.

  14. Got to an unbeatable level. Literally. There are windmill obstacles that you can’t destroy, even with power ups, and they block the last 2 balloons from escaping. I have destroyed everything else in the level and can’t win or lose because the balloons stay at the top. This means that I can’t progress in the game. Gave it 3 stars because up till level 931 it was a decent game.

  15. The glitch is fixed on 931 where the balloons got stuck on the turn wheels, but I did lose a few of my extra help items. I tried using them to see if they would destroy the either if issues with not allowing me to complete the level. I also had to replay the whole level 931, that wasn’t very nice. It’s like baking a cake, frosting it and then just throwing it in the trash without enjoying, but you still used the 3 eggs, oil and butter that you’ll never get back.

  16. Trisha C dice:

    The levels were semi challenging but nothing really changed from level to level. You arent bombarded with ads constantly though some popped up. I decided to delete this game because I’m stuck at level 539 and I refuse to spend money to move past it. Also, the daily deal requires you to watch a video to obtain the free deal (no big issue) however, that free deal does not work. You watch the video but get no free item. All and all this is a good game to play when you are relaxing.

  17. Chiyo A. dice:

    This brick breaker game is very well designed; one of the best-looking ones I’ve seen. The ball variety/design is very cool as well. My only complaint so far is that you can’t go back to previous levels, which is frustrating if you only get 1-2 stars in a level. Please add a level select map/grid so we can replay previous levels; that would be very helpful especially when waiting for new levels.

  18. mszoomy dice:

    Fun, gets progressively more difficult but not ridiculously so. There are ads every couple of levels but they’re not to intrusive. You can also watch more ads to get boosters tho i havent needed to do so yet but it is an option if you want to watch a few while you sip your morning coffee. There are also challenges and events that you can take part in. The graphics are nice and the music isnt to bad. So far its one of my favorite brick breaker games, i highly recommend giving it a try

  19. gary list dice:

    This game, when first downloaded, was fun. Ads were manageable, lately I get a short 4 second Facebook ad almost everytime I go to a new level. It’s a shame, it was a fun game. And now especially with Facebook becoming a liberal rag, it’s time to delete. If you wish to get back to the small amount of manageable ads, let me know and I will try again.

  20. Game is as advertised, which is nice. Yes, you don’t have to do much, but the point is to find the best rout and aim properly. It’s easy without feeling overly childish (I don’t count design, I count game difficulty) My problem, and why it’s not 5 stars, is that level 8 of the rabbit saving game seems to be physically impossible. I go for two rounds and the in-game rockets don’t break the unbreakable bricks, I can’t use my purchasable brick breakers, and then I’m stuck. No way to win is no fun

  21. Jeff Coda dice:

    The game works better on a tablet versus a phone for shot accuracy. I didn’t spend any money and got to through all levels with no major issues. The side quests gave me more than enough extras to get past the tougher levels. I was unable to replay levels which is my major complaint. I had to uninstall then reinstall the game.

  22. Frustrating game. Not enough options for help. The game has terrible angles, and angles are what make these types of games fun and addictive. In this game, there needs to be an option to change the position from where you are shooting. In this game, you constantly run into the problem of not even having a possible shot because of your shooting position.

  23. The game played perfectly for me until the last update. Now, it freezes, it doesn’t give me the option to use the 3line up or 1 line up anymore. If I fail a level, I have to exit the game and log back in for it to work because if I press retry it freezes and won’t let me do anything else. Fix it or undo the last update or I will delete the game. Too Bad too because I was really enjoying it and made it pretty far.

  24. Possible bug?? I love this game! I’m super addicted to it. But unfortunately now there’s a problem! I always use the “watch an ad for +50 balls” but the last 2 days I’ve seen this bug when I watch an ad for the extra 50 balls and when I make my first move the 105 balls go out and return as normal, but then the number switches from 105 to 55. Why am I losing the extra 50? Surely it’s a bug so I still love the game but would love it more if this will be fixed! 🙂

  25. I like the game well enough, even though there’s a massive amount of ads that sometimes pop up in the middle of a level… Lately though there’s a bug that annoys me: when trying to watch an ad for an extra ball toss, often there’s just a black screen with no wax to return to the level. clicking on the black leads to the advertiser, so that works, my extra spin doesn’t. Please fix this!!!

  26. R B dice:

    I am tired of the game algorithms controlling 1) the resolution of shot angles. Sometimes it’s ridiculously coarse & when you think you’ve got the angle right, as soon as you release, it goes where the program wants & you’ve wasted a shot. 2) where the ball returns to. Unless you can clearly see where the ball’s trail will end, it returns to where you CANNOT make any decent shots & need to bank in bizarre ways that never work. NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO LIST ALL THE ISSUES. Brick ball blast just SUCKS!

  27. Addictive game but man what’s with the ads freezing to a blank screen that you can’t exit out of! Especially after you buy something from the store. Will have to uninstall if this keeps happening.

  28. Would give it a higher rating because I lobe playing this game. However, when I buy the revive packs and you are supposed to continue your game, it freezes on me, and I lose my game, which I would have won. It has happened far too often. Can you please fix this bug. Thanks

  29. Brick Breaker Blast is a lovely brick breaker game. I like the animations, and the different kind of brick mechanics they have in the game. The major gripes I have are that the only way to get rid of ads is by subscribing to the game, and that costs a mammoth 620 INR each month. Many AAA titles are available at a one time payment of such a price, and this game demands that price as a monthly subscription.

  30. Great game! One of the best breaker games out there. I admit this one is more luck than skill, but something about it keeps me mesmerized. After around a year I was up to level 2600 and something, and the app stopped working. The game is good enough for me to reinstall and start at level 1. Good job guys (added): I reinstalled the app and to my joyful surprise, I was able to pick up where I was, level 2632. Excellent !!!

  31. Dan F dice:

    This game is fun but frustrating I’m on stage 344 I don’t know how I got there because there’s so many bugs with this game for instance blocks to have 999 You can hit them all day long and they don’t depreciate the challenge mode still says coming soon after months and months and months nothing’s been updated I’ve reached out to developers probably a dozen times and I’ve never got a response once You must be a couple 8-year-olds that made the game and then said the heck with it.

  32. Level 1766 and for a few days I haven’t been getting the option of watching ads for extra lives, or able to use the coins I have saved. The game has become very infuriating.

  33. The game itself is a 5, I used to absolutely love it. However, the ads have become far beyond acceptable. I won’t play a game where I have to put up with 30-second ads between every level and for every little boost.

  34. This would be a 4 start review except I just reach level 2746. When I try to start the level, it just says “Coming Soon”. How soon is soon. I’m glad I don’t have any money in the game.

  35. Joe Bot dice:

    The fact is that I wasted time and money into this rigged game. At first, I didn’t notice. I even paid for the “ad free” and since then I’ve been forced to watch more ads than before. It intentionally redirects your shot so you fail and have to watch ads to continue. Pathetic!

  36. Full of ads even after paying. Low concentration game, witch to me is a plus, but the amount of ads simply ruins it. Low concentration games allow you to listen to information while keeping you from getting distracted other stuff going on. The longer you play the harder the levels would become, so you would inevitably spend a lot of time watching ads for extra lifes on increasingly harder levels. Which will claim more of your attention making this game useless.

  37. I enjoy playing but am really frustrated by the ads causing the game to crash. Seems to happen most often when I’m close to completing a level and only need one ad to finish.

  38. One of the best and challenging games. Starts simple and becomes quite difficult to complete on higher levels. Which after all, is the purpose of challenging games.

  39. I quit playing this game because the ad’s became so annoying. I play other games with ads and have to watch a 30 second ad now and then. But this game has ad’s that you can’t stop. Takes you right to Google play. You can’t stop it. Frustrating as heck. Bye-bye . I was on level 1575

  40. I loved this game until level 2746. It just says “coming soon”. I know this is not the end of the game but a glitch that some people are experiencing. Seems like game crashes on levels ending in “6”

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