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Awesome airborne dogfights in state-of-the-art Copters – a multiplayer epic!
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Compete in the most action packed multiplayer airborne battles, with easy controls and awesome dogfighting action!

Take control of a mighty Battle Copter and immediately plunge into 8 player battles to the death over 4 dangerous locations. Lock on your missiles and unleash hell on your opponents as you swoop through the arenas in aerial combat.

• Instantly playable, arena based, helicopter combat
• 8 player multiplayer with ‘Free For All’ and team Deathmatch action
• Arcade like controls and quick fire gameplay
• Enter a sky full of combat with up to 8 Copters in the sky at a time as well as 4 drones
• 17 war birds to pilot
• Develop your warbird with aa host of customization options and ice cool camouflage
• 5 custom arenas from a stunning, apocalyptic, city to a desolate arctic comms station
• Join or create your own Squadron and battle together to dominate the skies

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Various bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Battle Copters MOD"

  1. Need way more players. Bots at times are over ranked. “Send Fuel” to members isn’t working. Sale add covers fb icon so nobody can access it. Way expensive. Glitches alot! Need more options on controls. MWA copters are easier to maneuver. List keeps going. And of course Dev dont reply to issues. Would give it 0 stars if that was a option.

  2. I like this game , been playing for a while now. I download it each time I get a new phone. Idk what happen now but its having lots of glitch issues, needs way more players and your sale Ad is covering a red exclamation mark. FIX SOON or I will leave the game for good and never download again.

  3. Andy Lupo dice:

    I love this game, but after an Android Update, the app keeps stopping, while loading. Can you help me out. EDIT: What the hell is wrong with this glitchy game. It keeps crashing. EDIT: Uninstaled & trying to reinstal. FAILURE !

  4. this game just good for me, I’m chaos combat copter player. so I’ll talk about my experience when I’m play chaos combat. I can adjust gyroscope to make me feel comfortable when play while lying down or sit down. 2nd, no need lock-on target when firing. all need manual movement. that will make us like real pilot and more fun when dogfight. but so far so good. actually you can took chaos combat copter because that game already death 6 years ago

  5. If you can get used to this game is you can operate a chopper on any other games.once you start upgrades, you get better command performance.The bots are tough, but the real challenge is the other must spend time dropping birds, it’s the only way to rank can spend money if you want to, after all this is fun entertainment.and we all love entertainment. This game is cool as just don’t be discouraged, it’s not an easy game.see you in the hangar.

  6. It’s a good game the only problem is the hackers and some bugs wish they would fix or update the game the bot are well over powered there’s time you will be stuck in one spot and can’t kill the bots but they can kill you no problem please fix the game other than that it’s a fun game hope to see some improvement thanks

  7. This game really can compete with the old CHAOS Combat Copters, but please optimize the screen size based from our device. Currently a lot of buttons are not in correct position.

  8. please increase quality of graphics more and more like play station4,if possible.Make game fast and smooth all time.Improve visuals and effects to high degrees.Improve encounters,conflicts,actions,battles,fight,events,damage system on screen,hit,explosions,speed,levels of height,defense devices or controls,strategy of attacking,skills and risk,I want these all to be real,exciting and attractive.Add new environments with real conditions of weather.Give me new versions monthly with improvements.

  9. Just another arcade shooter disguised as a helicopter game. Great graphics though. Just a ton of enemy targets flying at you that you can fire at. No way near anything to do with real helicopter combat flying or tactics. No cockpit view, just the view of your helicopter from its rear end looking forward. Deleted. Oh and the busty stripper officer giving you mission instructions…in this day and age. I guess game programmers never dated much in high school! Deleted

  10. Dear devalper when unlock t5 copter in my device i am waiting for this movement i unlocked all copter,s and when coming diamond arena i am waiting this movement so much this game is very awesome in this game have a combo flight opption and we can sand challange many people. In this game have many copter,s this game is so smooth i like only 2 copter. 1 mk 10 and 2 dagree vv i am waiting mk 10 copter and like this opption we can do chat whith other person in over squadrone and other people

  11. Very fun game before it started glitching. That started after I followed prompt to update android. Now keeps sending copter back in game. Also be careful as game is addictive and so is spending real money for resources.

  12. This game is fun an challenging there are bots till you get stronger cuz you don’t wonna keep fighting super strong players an not go anywhere in game. There is pvp arena battles where you matched up again equal or strong players to test your skills. Piloting is very fun can even hide. You’ll see an come to enjoy this game.

  13. The matchup system is garbage. They put tier 1 copters against the best tier 3 and pro copters. This is an impossible battle for the low tier. The price for the gold, copters, vip is absolutley outrageous! Looks like they have lost a lot of players because of this. The game has way more bots than real players. The bots are also overpowered based on matchups.

  14. Hasn’t been updated in a long while. Doesn’t support teardrop displays and rounded corners. Icons and words get blocked (cannot be read nor clicked)

  15. Ryan Nur dice:

    Graphics is good. Optimize flight control. Turn off auto machine gun fire , because it creates chaos. And why only online PvP ?? You should offer game missions too.

  16. All are good, some control are fix, i don’t like auto fire, and auto gate copters don’t like, not have control zoom, etc….! Thank you.

  17. Very bad gameplay mainly due to game hanging, choppiness, scenery stuck etc etc. Need a lot to improve servers. Overall disappointing

  18. I just want to play a military game without the women showing skin! Fix that and I may come back and play the game. And spend money!

  19. Can’t even get past tutorial, at the middle part of tutorial it doesn’t let me control the chopper so I can lock on to fire

  20. Its the best copter game i have ever played. Graphic are also better. It is a soft game with no scratches

  21. It would be nice to have a few more muscle cars to choose from but in the end you did perfect on the game.

  22. Controls are wacky. Auto shooting gun is so stupid. Game for a child.. I can’t seem to find C.h.a.o.s tournament helicopter game its the standard 😕

  23. ur game sucks every time i try to move it lags and it repeats everything up like i move near the copter then it brings me back away and your game is suuuuper buggy 😡😡

  24. very 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 go to sale bread, the game is very bad,the helicopter you want, you’ll never have if you do not have a credit card, your game will always be zero if you take helicopters to users, they have you to download your game, do not the private no helicopters.the money is hard to make, and you are always put helicopters that are too powerful for you, what does that mean, then you bet on your game entertentemaint frankly you be zero.

  25. Battle Copters is a great game, I just started playing it and I have played this game before, I mean it is good. Try this game for yourself, I and gonna say that this game is fun and cool.

  26. you are not ashamed, all the games make an effort, they make “updates”, and you, it’s been 3 years since this game has no more “update”, fed up😣😣😡👻👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  27. Sadiq Ali dice:

    game is good but I play one day nothing happen 2nd day when I turn may helicopter screen shaking now this is happening every time I play

  28. This game has been quite laggy lately…hope it will be fixed as soon as possible…

  29. In all battle from today freeze screen all the time, can’t turn, something went wrong with the game…

  30. There are not trust worthy no rating for them i downloaded the game after it has downlod it then told me this game cant be downloded afther loosing my data why?

  31. Ryan Chew dice:

    How can this game so bad compared to chaos created more than 5 years back.

  32. As Compared To Chaos Its Not Good We Love Chaos. Hope so It Will be Come Back With High Graphic & Updated Version. Over & Out..

  33. This game is fun but what ever happened to “C.H.A.O.S Combat Copters” ?

  34. Game has been down for days. No notification of the status of the game. Is the game dead?

  35. What a great game 👌👏 it’s more better than any other helicopter game I’ve ever played.

  36. MANGI LAL dice:

    This game is so good. This game have not additiolal game. This game fule limit was 20min. I dowload this game 2 year ago.

  37. This game is good please add more choppers thanks

  38. Very very very much happiness

  39. This app is very good and nice for me. You play this game is once again

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