Crazy Diner: Design Mansion MOD


Play as a rising star chef in the crazy cooking diner & restaurant design game!
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Crazy Diner is the crazy chef’s worldwide cooking game! 🍳 Follow the world chefs to learn cuisines from all over the world, run cooking restaurants in your cooking city and enjoy cooking frenzy in every cooking day! 🍔 🍟 Start your cooking adventure and record your kitchen food truck diary in this crazy cooking madness game! 🤣

Welcome to Tasty Town – Food from dozens of countries, the star chefs👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 and people with cooking fever are waiting for you here. You will learn too much cooking skills in different restaurants, how to cook the most tasty meals and also how to satisfy the needs of every guest. Finally, defeat all challenges and open your own restaurant! 🏠 More and more guests dash into the diner!🏃‍♀️🏃 Let’s experience a brand new restaurant story !

Unique boosts make you more addicted to this Time-Management game! No matter how long the food🍕 will not burn! Have you seen any food 🌭 that can be made immediately? The guests are urging you to serve! Don’t worry, “Imagine Boost” will help you solve it easily! You have countless ways to become a top chef! Come and unlock one by one!

🏆 Cook hundreds of special recipes in different restaurants around the world!
🏆 Get keys which lead you to the top-chef! Don’t miss any level!
🏆 Unlock more kitchen machines and more ingredients!
🏆 Thousands of levels make you never bored!
🏆 Participate in exciting events and get surprise rewards!
🏆 Create the character with your own fashion style!
🏆Decorate your own special Food Street!

Cook tasty food 🍗 from all over the world, open your own restaurant and decorate the most dreamy food street. Cook these foods as fast as you can and you will find that your cooking skill is better than ever! When others are still immersed in decorating the room🚪, you have owned a food street to manage and decorate! When more and more guests are attracted by your restaurant, you will get closer to the star chef! 🌟

Call your friends to download with you together! Create your personal role and get rewards while sharing happiness! Never thought that cooking games can be so fun! 🤩


• New Event: Food Delivery is newly launched! New elements and new orders are waiting for you to experience.
• New Levels: Restaurant LONDON HOLIDAY is online. New levels are waiting for you.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Crazy Diner: Design Mansion MOD"

  1. So far, this has been my favorite game of this type. Gameplay is smooth and intuitive. I especially appreciate that the level ends when the objective is achieved, unlike some of the others I’ve tried. It does become difficult (if not impossible) to pass higher levels without boosts, but the game is unexpectedly generous with them. I’ve been surprised to find that I’m actually willing to watch ads for boosts, extra time or currency, because the game doesn’t otherwise shove them down my throat.

  2. it’s a cool game but it doesn’t let you make money you basically bottom out at 250 even with 5 plus combos unless you watch a video to double it, if you complete the goal before time runs out it ends the game even if you have customers waiting. I also don’t like you have to have money and gems to upgrade. other than that it’s a pretty cool game

  3. Very entertaining game. I spend hours playing without noticing. I’ve had it for a long time. I had it on another phone, then I stopped playing, changed my phone, lost my progress (my own fault because I didn’t link the game to an account) and now I started playing again. There are very few games I keep on my phone for a long time. With all that said… Ever since I started playing again, it keeps crashing when I watch adds to get rewards, extra seconds or extra customers. It’s very frustrating.

  4. I really enjoyed this game for a while but it’s gotten impossible to complete levels without spending money. I’ve spent a fair amount but I can no longer justify spending anymore. Even after failing several times on levels I still can’t complete and I can’t accumulate enough gems to get extra time so unfortunately it’s time to find a new game. Too bad.

  5. M Kay dice:

    I love the game and the OPTION to watch ads to speed things up or gain time is nice, but it takes away from the game play bc it’s too often. I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. The game would have 5 stars if there was a paid version without ads. It makes me fed up with playing after watching too many ads.

  6. Em Weiss dice:

    The most recent update causes ads to come up in the middle of a game, which makes it utterly impossible to beat a level because you lose track of what you’re doing with these stupid pop-ups. When you get back to the level, you can’t remember what you were doing and lose precious time. You lose your flow. This really angers me. Instant uninstall.

  7. This game is really fun. But I have a few problems. 1) It’s a bit too easy. 2) There’s a bug that really irks me. Bugs don’t normally get to me but this one does. It lags really bad. It only lags when I am doing those levels that require nothing burnt and thumbs up from customers. The food continues to cook and the customer patience continues to lower at normal speed but when they’re going, they move as if they’re playing Red light Green light.

  8. Too many ads to begin. Also, for whatever reason, whenever I tried to update my restaurant with keys, I was unable to click on the item. Hard to explain but feels like kind of a junky game. Not wasting my time on ads and the dynamics of the game if it’s not going to work correctly. Plenty of other games exactly like this one.

  9. Lulu Amah dice:

    This game is fun however some of the levels are weird. You can be doing everything right and still lose, and the hearts take a while to come back. Honestly to the beat the game (so far, until the next update) you have to repeat levels a lot, upgrade all food, and use boosts. For diamonds it helps to watch ads found in the right hand corner. I have been able to beat all levels without spending any real money and that is a bonus.

  10. I love the detailed graphics. The main issues I’m experiencing is when I choose the option to earn “Double Coins” the ads don’t play all the way through or end with a black screen, which doesn’t allow me to earn the “Double Coins” reward (happened 3 times). Also, the app has to reload from the beginning, which delays getting back to the place you left off in the game. Please fix this issue because it’s only happening when I select “Double Coins” making the game not user friendly.

  11. Beera S dice:

    I don’t mind the ads pop up or playing ads to upgrade ingredients. The problem was that the ads were not always generated correctly. I constantly got dark blank screen that forced me to restart the game and rewatch the ads. It’s getting to the point that it’s really annoying. You ended up spending more time on getting the ads to work properly than playing the actual game.

  12. I like it. Challenging without being too hard, cute graphics, and not a ton of ads. Upgrades cost diamonds but they give you lots of opportunities to earn them. A suggestion? After each level, instead of going back to the main screen, maybe have it stay on the level/upgrades screen and we can choose to go back? Sometimes I want to play a few levels in a row but the screen takes a while to load so having to go back and forth can be frustrating. Addicting game, tho.

  13. I enjoy the game but the ads can be frustrating. That being said it is a free game so I understand why there are ads (they need to make money somehow). I like that there is a story to follow. I like that you can watch ads to get 💎 (how you get boosts and upgrades), they usually have a special boost event every couple of days. I don’t like that as you progress, it takes more 💎s for basic food upgrades. Also the ads to get 💎 has gone from 6 to 5. Overall a cute, fun way to pass time

  14. I loved playing this game. It is challenging but not so bad that you get frustrated because you cannot beat the levels. I rated it 2 stars because every time I have to watch an ad I get a black screen & it will not go away, I have to exit the game & I do not get the reward. It bums me out because I do like this game! I am pretty much done playing. It is no longer fun :-(. update, email them & it is fixed!!! thank you!!!!

  15. I love this game so much to the point I’m addicted! Great graphics and love all the decoration options. However, I wish you didn’t have to watch a 30 second video every time if you want to double your coins. Wish the video could be cut down to 15 seconds or make the levels where you can replay them to earn coins instead. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, this game is great and just what I’ve been looking for 😊

  16. My only complaint is from the update 1/26. I liked having the timer and be able to enjoy the race against the clock, wether I completed the level or not. I hate that the level just ends abruptly and I can’t choose to finish the last 10 seconds. Having the option to let the timer finish or not would be a perfect addition in the settings. That being said, This is literally the best game! I love how they added the daily challenges and multiple ways to get the diamonds. I never get bored… 😍❤️

  17. Really used to enjoy the game but now everything just takes way too much. I’m at the second Japanese diner and the prices to upgrade things are sky high. I’m sick of watching so many ads to move on in the game, whether it’s completion or upgrading. Maybe I’m just not good enough, but half the challenge mode levels require an ad to finish, cuz I’d be SO close (or 120 diamonds!! Insane). The ads have sucked the fun out.

  18. Shaela M dice:

    Used to be my favorite restaurant game. The old version was better because you were able to complete the level instead of it stopping when you’ve reached the goals. Now I’m unable to collect keys because it cuts my points short. I’ve cut back on playing because of this issue, now I’m contemplating deleting the app.

  19. Ok lost a star from me due to cost! Love the mechanics, have a love-hate relationship with some of the levels lol! I do pay after my stress level hits a certain point… Developers put a lot of time energy and money to give us free games. I’m not complaining about paying, there could be less ads, but I’d like to suggest that when a player hits an X amount of payment that there be a random windfall of 💎 or bonus, or One no longer pays Or 50% discount from then on. spent 2 much on this addiction!

  20. It is a fun game to play and while yes it does become tempting to buy boosts to help clear the levels because the levels do get harder it is possible to play the game without spending any money. The game offers many opportunities to earn free diamonds which are required to level up the equipment at each restaurant and you can get free boosts along the way as well. Honestly the difficult levels only last for a little bit before you unlock something new so you just gotta put in the grind.

  21. Frustrating… I was really enjoying this game for it to drive me out with all the forced ads. I don’t mind watching an ad here and there, and I think it’s cool that you can watch an ad for in game bonuses and stuff. But when there are forced ads after every round or every other round and not even 5 second ads, FULL forced ads. That’s ridiculous and where I draw the line. If I wanted to watch this many ads, I’d watch TV. 2 stars because it can be fun to play.

  22. Sooo stupid. It’s so fun at first. You earn the little rewards you need to help on the tough levels. But as it is with most games…slowly the levels become impossible and then you can’t beat them without constantly buying diamonds to get extra time or extra perks. Which sucks because even tho I’ve made a few purchases you still can’t beat the levels so it’s pointless and a waste of money. Don’t waste your time.

  23. msalas75 dice:

    I could get this game to load and run properly maybe 20 percent of the time. Usually what happened is that an ad would start and then my screen would go black causing me to shut down the app and reopen. It got to be I could only play one level and had to constantly shut down and reopen. It was too much so I deleted the game. Now looking for something else..

  24. This could be a great game if they would allow you to progress through the game without the obvious attempts at manipulating the time it takes to serve your customers and requiring you to constantly upgrade in order to progress. Because of this, although I like the game, I wouldn’t spend any money and will probably end up uninstalling. This manipulation is clear in most games now. You also spend more time with ads than enjoying the games. I know they keeps it free, but is that much needed ???

  25. Edit: 1/22/22 Glitch causes timer to disappear and play board indefinitely. Can only end by quitting game. Have lost multiple bonuses, streaks, items, powerups this way. Tried using coins to continue and did not turn timer back on. Delightfully addicting – can’t wait for the new levels! I beat the whole game without spending any money. I did have to wait a day sometimes to watch ads to get more gems to buy perks but you can beat the game without spending if you’re patient. Really liked it.

  26. I find this game very entertaining, creative, challenging and almost addictive. I would like to suggest 2 things though. #1) I understand reason for ads but most of these are 30+ seconds long, maybe shorten length? #2) certain usable boosts and rewards are hard to obtain, have accumulated over $300,000 in coins. Would like the option to spend some of those excess ‘coins’ on boosts or reward I might need? Still 5 star for me. Thank you.

  27. 1 2 dice:

    Sooooooo many advertisements. they make you watch way too many ads. Even if you say no they make you watch it regardless. When I tried to speed up my upgrades, they won’t count the first advertisement. It happened too many times for it to be a fluke. All the advertisements are 30 SECONDS LONG AND YOU HAVE TO WATCH THEM, there is no other option! It’s sooooo annoying!! The levels are impossible.

  28. I really do love playing this game. But here lately it’s been impossible to get your coins and if you don’t pass the level and need extra try the games goes to a ad then starts over so you lose everything that you just did. It’s very frustrating to play. Please fix it tell me how to fix this problem. Thanks.

  29. This game had the potential to be great but many levels are just too hard to enjoy. You get frustrated with the need to buy perks because levels are simply made not to pass after 5 lives. The challenge mode is designed to be challenging (I know) but there is no way to enjoy the level of difficulty of each restaurant. I pass one level for each five attempts per restaurant. If you don’t want to lose customers, please consider enjoyment value of play here.

  30. Would give 5 stars, but I’m a binge gamer. I’m fully caught up. I wish you’d at least let us keep playing legit levels until a new area’s available. This is my second time having to wait to play what I consider one of my favorite games. Please. Do weekly updates or something… Or let us replay past levels for more coins. (It was almost impossible to upgrade everything in the new area.) And, PLEASE let is collect all the coins we earned in a level instead of random amounts. Besides that. Love it

  31. Beth S dice:

    This game is fun for a while but it constantly plays ads and wants you to spend money on things. I actually wouldn’t mind buying things if there was any real value. A “super hard” or challenge level played with multiple boosters should be possible to beat. If it’s still very difficult or impossible with tons of free boosters, why would I spend money to buy even more?

  32. Very fun game. I love the fact that ads are optional to watch, you can watch them for diamonds or extra perks or boosts to help you with the level and even to double your coins at the end of the level. But again, optional. I wish more games were like this and adapted to this concept of playing ads.

  33. Y’all this is a pretty fun game. It’s just the right amount of repetition that I love. The levels get more difficult, but not to the point where you can’t progress without buying perks. There’s plenty of ways to watch ads and get perks if you’re really stuck. I really appreciate that it feels like an honest game, rather than a game meant for you to fail so you have to buy things. It makes it feel more genuine and fun for me. I highly recommend. ♡♡

  34. I am at the levels where the hotel is being remodeled. Some of the levels are harder and the extra 10 seconds of play time is not always as an option (really doesn’t make sense other than they want you to use up your blue gems) to complete a level. So you either lose that level and any of the achievements that you have built up, or you spend 120 blue gems to get an extra 30 seconds of time for that level. At this point in the game it’s rare to get blue gems as a reward.

  35. Fun game to play. Progressively becomes more challenging. However, after a certain point it’s impossible to win without paying. Even with bonuses, I couldn’t win levels. The ads are annoying but I get it. But knowing that I’ll have to keep paying to win any levels is what made me uninstall.

  36. I really like the updates where the level automatically ends after you complete the goals and the timer doesn’t start until the 1st order comes up. But the levels where you have to make a certain amount of money and serve a certain amount of people, I don’t reach the goal even though everything is upgraded. Example, I have 15 people and need to make $400 after I serve all 15 people I only made $275, I get the orders out quick, fully upgraded and still don’t make the goal, that’s annoying.

  37. I really love playing this game but is it normal to only get 250 coins every time you complete a level? No matter the upgrade to food cost?? It lost a star because this phenomenon makes it hard to upgrade stuff and takes a long time to reach the required amount of coins needed to upgrade stuff. Is that just a bug? Or is it intentional?? I need answers!!

  38. Its why to glitchy. I cant even finish a level because your game glitches too much. I waited 5 minutes after i finished a level for it to end but it still didn’t. At that point the game was unistalled. It is not fun playing a game where i lose life because the developer didn’t do a good job. I even tried logging out and logging back on. I lost a life every time and the game was still too glitchy. I will never play this game again with how glitchy it is.

  39. Love it but there are some thing I would definitely change. 1. It is VERY easy to accidentally throw things away when there is the requirement not to. I can accidentally double tap on an empty plate and it will give me a “don’t throw anything away” warning. There is NO WAY to cancel this action and you end up failing. Totally unfair. 2. I wish there was a way to buy just assists separately from gems and all that. 3. The character customization is gone after last update. I enjoyed that aspect.

  40. Ma R dice:

    It’s very fun but it doesn’t make sense when Everytime I win the stage there’s still ad that’s popped up and there’s no exit button untill later so we are forced to watch ad. It makes sense still if I lose the stage then I have to watch ad, but Everytime the add pops up and there’s no exit button is too much, there’s no other games that do that. They will lose customers if they keep on doing this, that decrease a fun of this game..please improve this. Too much add is inhumane.

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