Cubes Empire Champions MOD 2022


Blast, crush & match royal cubes in this awesome & fun cube matching puzzle game
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Enter the fun Cubes Empire Champions world and enjoy blasting blocks in hundreds of challenging and fun levels!

Play the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and have a relaxing fun time popping cubes and solving puzzles.

It’s easy to learn and super fun to play!

Match and blast 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to explode and clear the board.

Use the power-ups and boosts at the right time to clear the board and win awesome prizes.

It’s all up to your thumbs – make smart blasts to smash more colored blocks!

– Fun gameplay: Tap to play! Connect 2 or more adjacent tiles and blocks of the same color to create a cube blast
– Hundreds of addictive levels filled with puzzles and brain teasers
– Easy and fun to play blasting game
– Powerful boosters that will help you get past those tricky levels
– Relaxing blaster game to play with family and friends
– Play online or offline

– Tap and collapse the colorful bricks
– Earn boosters that will help you clear levels
– Complete the goals set at the beginning of each level
– Solve puzzles to advance to the next amazing level
– Plan your moves carefully and test your logic and matching skills

Unlock amazing boosters that will help you crush the cubes and win levels:
Match, blast, and explode 5 or 6 tiles to get a rocket
Match, pop, and smash 7 or 8 toon blocks to get a bomb
Match, crush and pop 9 cubes to earn a color wheel

Use these amazing boosts at the right time to blast cubes, clear the board, and win awesome prizes!

Test your puzzle-solving skills with hours of block blasting fun!

Play Cubes Empire Champions for free and train your brain with hundreds of amazing levels filled with fun puzzles and quests


A brand new update is out NOW!
- 50 new levels (4400 in total).
- Improvements and fixes to make the experience as smooth as possible.
- Stay tuned for the updates - lots of surprises await you in future versions!


40 comentarios en "Cubes Empire Champions MOD 2022"

  1. Kim Heath dice:

    Really used to enjoy this game. However, if I’m super close to completing a level and need extra turns, I usually end up watching an ad, then the app automatically goes to the Play Store. Hit the back arrow to return to the game and it restarts that level all over. But, without any bombs or arrows or anything else. Really annoying. Especially when only one or two moves are all that’s needed to move on. Super infuriating when it’s a really hard level too.

  2. Great game – but can never purchase during “sales”. The game itself is fun, requires thinking to solve…I would rank 5 stars. However… anytime there is a “sale” going on for boosters or coins, you get an error message saying there is a problem on their end. When things are full price, your purchase clears with no issue. It’s super annoying. If it happened just once, OK, but this is every time. So now, I just free play with no purchases. Their loss.

  3. Fun so far, and not a bunch of ads to ruin the experience! Edit: Reducing my rating, as some of the extreme levels are impossible to solve without boosters. Even with boosters I’m on one that won’t solve because of game mechanics. For example, combining the color wheel with the rocket or bomb should count as multiple hits – one for each rocket or bomb that hits the object in question – but it doesn’t. If the tea set gets hit with 3 rockets, you still only get rid of one cup. Not good!

  4. The whole thing is a money grab. Blatantly so. Even more than other games. If you choose to play long enough to get to some of the upper levels you’re not even given the option during the game to clear a level, the first time, without purchasing their so-called boosters. It’s not a matter of skill or experience. And so you lose the advantage of the first chance and it gets worse each chance after that. Huge money grab! Even with all their advertisers they want more!

  5. Good game, but after 500 levels it constantly says no internet. I have internet, and everything else runs fine on the phone. When it comes back intermittently, the individual race is there, but the team race doesn’t. It works fine in the morning, then I think it crashes with more players than it can host. Pretty frustrating as the races are what’s fun about 5he game. Yes, my memory is fine, all other apps are fine, I can still stream on all streaming services. I updated the app.

  6. Not sure why someone made the decision to change a pretty fun, challenging but still able to accomplish game to what it seems to have become. You now platforms that are nearly impossible to pass, multiple times the game has frozen on me making me lose my progress. It was a great way to just mindlessly pass some enjoyable time, but no more. Uninstall for me.

  7. sun hu dice:

    Very easy to play. Reasonable amount of ads. No crashes. I’d recommend this if you were looking for a nice, relaxing game to unwind at the end of a long day. Good job, developers! Update: so I’ve been playing this game for a few months and I’ve noticed that it crashes A LOT. Worse, when it crashes, you lose your daily mission. So I’m going to take away one star. Guys, you need to fix the stablity–or at least not deprive players of the daily when it does crash.

  8. This is really less a game than it is a vehicle for ads for other games. Horrifying amount of unavoidable ads, unless you pay up, of course. Was fun for awhile but “hard” levels aren’t fun and challenging, “hard” levels are rigged to lose multiple multiple times before allowing you opportunities for play. Not any different than other games wanting you to buy power ups, but combined with the ads, it’s a pretty reckless amount of greed, and I’m not buying.

  9. Updating my review. I really do love this game. When I’m stuck on a level, the game usually helps out a bit. Great in game rewards, though some longer infinite life times would be nice. Definitely a great way to pass the time. Still knocking off a star for super slow customer service. Though they did fix the issue, it took 2 days and with no contact or return emails for almost the same time.

  10. S.G. dice:

    I’M DONE! As usual it starts out good, then the come the issues. The game starts freezing up right in the middle of the level you’re on, then kicks you out, thus listing the level you were on! Ugh!! The level with the ice cubes need more moves! I’ve only been playing a short time, but so far I’m enjoying the game. The levels aren’t so hard that you can’t get through them, and there is not an abundance of Ads… And that is huge! I have uninstalled many games because of the over kill of Ads!

  11. Althougth this game is somewhat fun to play, the adds are just anoying, you have the option to close some within a few seconds, but others are on a timer. When you loose a level, it would be very helpfull to see how many coins you have and how many moves are left, before you decide whether to start that level again or pay to continue. At the beginning, when a new ittem is intruduced and they show you how to clear it, sometimes you have to use your special ittems, which you basically wasted

  12. I love this game so much! The progression is great, and you learn to debris strategies as you go. Been playing for over a year now (6/5/22) Recently my old phone crashed & had to replace it w/o being able to transfer my apps. This one doesn’t have a PW, so I’ve had to go from level 3675 back to level 1. Had to get new user name & even join new team since my old one was full. That’s very disappointing, but since I’m so well versed in this game now, I’ve been able to progress rapidly.

  13. A Beal dice:

    Overall this is a very addictive puzzle challenge game that has you playing for hours without realizing the time! It consistently presents new types of challenges to keep your mind from going into monorobo mode! The only down side is that although you can in fact get away with spending nothing at all, as far as actual money, it also presents challenges that will take you so many attempts to pass that you will be willing to pay in order to buy coins to purchase just 5 measly extra turns to win!

  14. I will come back later to edit this rating. I have several specific things I want to give them credit for. I’ve been playing a lot of similar games, but this is one of my two favorites. They are generous with their rewards. They give multiple (3 times generally) chances per game to get 3 extra moves per ad watch.They only charge 50 coins to get 5 extra moves. Anyway, my favorite thing about it is it’s pretty easy with just an occasional hard level. So I can relax & not get frustrated.

  15. I enjoy this game however it frustrates me that it tells me there are no videos available so that I can get additional coins and then when I say OK and leave that spot it immediately shows me a video before I can play again. Either it has the video or it doesn’t, all it’s doing is creating frustration and annoyance to the app. They really need to fix that bug.

  16. The game itself is good. It’s enjoyable, it’s not overly difficult. However the amount of ads is just ridiculous. There’s always a banner ad at the bottom, and between every round I’ve played so far I’ve had to deal with at least two ads back-to-back. I turn my data off when I’m out of the house and that’s the only way I can avoid this many ads, but as soon as I turn my data back on while I’m playing, it’ll make me watch 3+ ads. Ridiculous.

  17. Hate to admit it but I spend too much time playing this game. A few things that could be improved to make this 5 stars, but def. addictive. I don’t agree with coming close to completing a level and you don’t get the 3 free bonus plays and you are only left with the option to buy more moves. 🥴 The biggest downfall, the past 2 champion islands competition, I did not receive my “reward” for coming in 1st place. With all the time spent reaching the top and not getting the rewards – stinks.

  18. It’s a really addictive puzzle game. Very challenging at times but doable when your power ups are available. It is riddled with commercials like any other phone game, which sucks but that’s the world we live in. I did almost rage quit a few times so make sure you put it down from time to time. It’s solid overall though. 4 stars

  19. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! Starts out fun but that doesn’t last. The ‘extreme’ levels are impossible to complete. ‘Hard’ levels are nearly as bad. Game is full of bugs. Locks up all the time. So I uninstalled/reinstalled it. Lost my progress and I’m back to having ads again even though I paid to have them removed. Customer support? What customer support? Reached out multiple times but they don’t respond.

  20. This is my favorite game. It’s fun, the ads are not excessive or long, the levels are challenging enough to keep your interest, but not so hard as to make you want to give up. My only complaint is that it very often freezes during the ads. My advice to new players is to not bother watching the ad for three extra moves because of the freezing and crashing issue, but just pay the coins to get five extra moves. It’s a great game.

  21. Pretty good game, though it really strays into pay-to-win territory in higher levels. Too many cases after a while where you just have to be extremely lucky to get the pieces you need to beat the level – even spending all your power-ups can’t beat a lot of these levels, so you’d end up spending your coins on a very small number of extra moves. Also, title is very misleading – there are no empires or champions in this game.

  22. I dont typically review games. But if you want a game that you can get on and play for awhile straight or just get on for a few minutes this is great! I’m a hairstylist and i’m always sttuggling to find a simple game I can play during small breaks and long breaks but never have to switch my game. And this one is it. They give you so many power ups and I think almost every time I get on I have an hour of unlimited lives! Just dowload it! Oh and did I mention NO ANNOYING ADS!

  23. I love this game. It’s fun, full of options for power-ups, ways to get help from the group, and help them, a number of ways to get extra power-ups, except money without spending money, and NO ADS! I’m on level 111 and haven’t seen an ad yet which is fantastic! Thank you developers for finding other ways to raise money. I’m sure I’ll end up spending some eventually. Meanwhile I’m referring other people to your game.

  24. Good game. Some ads, but not too bad.. The “extreme” puzzles cause me to use up my boosters quickly, and have to try several times. Game plays similarly to Traveling Blast. Teams are nice to have. We need more players to load up the teams. Graphics and sound effects are killer. This is one of very few games that I’ll leave the music on. EDIT: In the extreme difficulty puzzles, I got so stuck. After about 30 tries, I succumb. Too hard. I’m old. Removing one star.

  25. Mandy S. dice:

    It’s a great game. Just challenging enough to keep you engaged but not so hard to frustrate you. The ONLY thing – which is a big deal for me, is it keeps saying I can’t connect to FB or create teams because of no internet connection – which I assure you there is connection. I’ve tried both mobile data and wifi – I even reinstalled the game to try again – I’m at square one again and it still won’t let me connect. Please help.

  26. I can’t stop playing. Every time I close my eyes I see colored cubes. This game is perfect. It has easy levels, hard levels, and harder levels. It’s fairly easy to get extra coins and boosts, there’s always a rewarded event or goal, I usually have mutliple events and goals at once. I rated 4 star because some of the harder levels are stupid hard and take me 3 days to pass, which gets frustrating but over all it’s a fantastic game that will make you dream in colored cubes.

  27. This app was locking up, freezing my tablet or rebooting my tablet every three to four minutes. In the app settings, I turned off music, sounds, and a third one. That was a few days ago. Since then the app has only frozen twice and both times it was caused by an ad. Now that it runs properly, it is very fun to play.

  28. It’s an okay game to pass the time. However the advertisement is false. When I first saw a video of the game It’s shows this big picture of cubes different colors that you can trace to collect all but no the game doesn’t do that. It does have cubes you collect but definitely not the way the video shows. I am on lvl 235 and still nothing at all like the advertisement they show.

  29. Used to work great. Now game shuts down for no apparent reason. Reinstalled. Rebooted. Plenty of storage and memory. Cleared cache. Possibly due to last update. After reading other critical reviews it seems owners answer is always it’s a technical problem. They should fix it. Not my tablet, it works fine. Been even worse today. Lives never accumulate no matter how much time I give it. May have something to do with the android system webview app, maybe no longer compatible after update.

  30. It is pretty fun till around level 120. That is when you have to start using your bombs etc to be able to finish the levels. I sometimes like playing games as a sort of decompression, so making it impossible to level up doesn’t help. It was fun before that though.

  31. Marg Knox dice:

    Only been playing a short time but seems to be pretty good. Adds are a bit of a pain but at least you can close them of within a couple of seconds apart from the ones where you want an extra life or to be rewarded those adds go for up to 30 seconds but overall it is a free game. Will see if l still feel the same in a few weeks.

  32. Practically no ads and interesting game play. Would recommend. EDIT: After playing the game for a while, I realized it’s one of those damn games where you run out of lives and either have to spend your coins, use real money, or ask players for coins. There are too many good games out there to play instead of wasting my time with this. Too bad I enjoyed the game play a lot but nope. Uninstalled

  33. Addictive game. Requires lots of strategy. Doesn’t take long to move through levels. Good game for filling short or long periods of time. Would be nice to bank unused plays in order to have extra for the harder levels. I highly recommend the game.

  34. Excellent game, albeit frustrating at times. Some of the higher levels (above 4,000) are difficult to the point of quitting. There are *many* ads if you elect to play for free. All of that being said, it is a well designed game suited for all ages.

  35. I hate those awful bats that you put in the background recently. Thats the reason why I lower my rating from 5 to 2. I uninstalled and re-installed the game, hoping they would then not appear again, but to no avail. Please could you change the background back to a neutral one. Otherwise I will quit the game. I used to enjoy it a lot. Added: Skulls, witches, ghosts and all that is related to death or the devil, should never appear on such games. Halloween is not neutral!

  36. The game is okay, I just got bored because there is more time watching adds than playing the game. I do understand and agree that you need the adds to keep the game free, but to play a few seconds playing and the minutes on adds it is not worth it. My friend tells me that even though she purchased the game she still gets adds. I got to level 36 but I am uninstalling it because got tired and bored with the adds.

  37. Steph L dice:

    New levels are rarely released. Same levels recycled over and over and over throughout game. Often have to keep playing the same level until you’ve lost enough times (ex. repeating the same level 30-40 times) before the game finally gives you enough matches to finally be able to advance.

  38. Enjoyed game in beginning but as with all games they get harder and harder. Not really a problem but you start taking things away when i replay game, i do it for enjoyment and not happy when forced to buy things so bye bye. Not fun when one is forced to purchase things for a game or lose hearts when you replay bye bye

  39. this level 3793, the first 2X I tried to play, the first turn, it didn’t destroy any boxes, so no new cubes could penetrate the tiny little spot with the beginning 5.or so boxes, DOESNT MEAN I SHOULD LOSE MY GAME AND A LIFE WHEN I HAVE 30+ MOVES LEFT AND OPTIONS LIKE THE RAY GUN ETC I COULD USE. U OWE ME LIVES JERKS. THE FIRST ROUND, I DIDNT HAVE A CHOICE! IT AUTOMATICALLY GAVE THE NOT-OPTIONAL COMBO OF BOMB, AND ROCKET, NOT NEXT TO EA OTHER, SO COULDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!. WTH

  40. Hello. Again! Several months ago I sent in a comment with regards to having to repurchase add free because I changed devices. After several attempts to provide them with the info they needed to fix my account ive still yet to get a reply or my account fixed. Not sure what else to do!

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