Rat On A Skateboard MODDED 2022


Grab your board and get ready for a kick-flippin' adventure!
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Grab your board and get ready for a kick-flippin’ adventure down the Banana Harbor.

Rat On A Skateboard is a playful side-scroller with an easy learning curve!
Grind handrails, stomp on garbage cans and grab cool power-ups to stack up points. But be careful not to trip over boxes and obstacles!

The game includes both RANDOMLY GENERATED TRACKS, and 80 carefully HANDCRAFTED TRACKS to master.

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– 3 game modes*
– POWER STUNTS: Perform stunts without tripping on basket balls
– BANANA HARBOR: Help, it’s raining banana peels!
– CHALLENGES: 80 tracks to master
– Delightful stunts to perform for higher scores
– Power-ups
– 2 different touch control schemes
– Donut Games’ famous 3-star level system: Increased replay value!
– Collectors Icon #24
– And much more…

* Rat On A Skateboard is free from ads and playable at no cost. The first game mode, plus 5 challenges are accessible from start.
A premium upgrade is provided as an optional one-time in-app purchase, to add more game modes and levels.

We believe in a fair pricing policy: Pay once, own forever!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enjoy another Donut Games release!


- Immersive fullscreen on all devices
- Premium will now unlock automatically for anyone who've previously purchased either Premium or the old "Remove Ads" IAP
- A reminder from the last release: No more ads! Instead, the game comes with a bunch of free levels. And buying Premium (a one-time IAP) will add additional content for those who want more... fair and square!

Thanks for standing by Donut Games. Being a small indie game company, we really appreciate any and all support we can get.


40 comentarios en "Rat On A Skateboard MODDED 2022"

  1. 0h w04h dice:

    Played this app for years, back when the second gen Ipods came out. Pre-2010 maybe? Either way, always played on n off, today I went on and saw theres a “Premium” button, and a whole lot of levels have been locked off with a pay-wall. This is not acceptable whatsoever. The banner ad’s were okay, this ruins everything. I have unlocked every single achievement and 3-starred each level MULTIPLE TIMES. It is so sad to see my childhood memory gone to waste. Uninstalled. “Fair and square” my ARSE. 😂

  2. Great game but recently went to a premium game now so you can’t play half the game now until you pay. It used to contain adds wich was better because they where just banner adds wich weren’t that much of a bother or you could just turn on airplane mode.

  3. When I was little, I would always stay at my grandpa’s house and play this game on an iPad my dad gave him. It was a simple game that I enjoyed playing. My grandpa died from lung cancer later, and we sold the iPad, and that was about it. I recently remembered this game, and went back and played it. It reminds me of the simpler times when I was young, and is still really fun. Thank you, Donut Games, for making the simple games that stick with us forever.

  4. The game is good but like the fourth game is hard after you beat the free rounds then you have nothing to do. In short, this game can only be played if you buy the full game but get this, you have to buy this games in sets. $2 that $2 this.

  5. Such an ancient company, i have played all of your games when i was little, i also dont know how i found this game again but thank you for being apart of my childhood, still an addicting game!

  6. Game could be more fun if it was easier to play. Too many obstacles, even balls bouncing around

  7. would be 5 stars but why the ad? i mean i dont care if you put ads in the menu but putting ads in the middle of a screen mid gameplay is another level.

  8. The ads are incredibly annoying since they’re on the screen mid gameplay and block your vision of incoming basketballs.

  9. Good game overall but sometimes the scoring level is very difficult to achieve the 3-stars maximum!

  10. It is a Very good game. The only problem was that the ads use to block me from seein the basketballs .

  11. In the previous version of this game, every levels are free, but now after the update almost all of the levels need payment

  12. Bit of of meh entry in the donut games collection. Might be I was nostalgic about them but moved on a bit. Played them nearly a decade ago

  13. Naminski dice:

    Rat on a Skateboard is a good smartphone game. I like it and it’s fantastic!

  14. Egg dice:

    This game was my childhood! I’d always play it on the iPod me and my siblings shared and it’s nice to go down memory lane🥺💕

  15. It used to be a very good game but today when I went into it AND THERE WAS ONLY LIKE 5 OR 6 LEVELS IN CHALLENGES.so can u plz put it back to the way it used to be when there was no premium

  16. I forgot about this game and squealed when I saw it recommended to me. Such a fun, challenging skateboarding game.

  17. This game kept me busy on the higher levels. It does get challenging.

  18. Ads ruin the game. Block half of the screen.. used to be a good game but now it’s ruined

  19. The game is great but it is very hard to play and all the levels are impossible

  20. The game automatically pause in the middle of game so i am frustrated.

  21. Good Game and Good Graphics you don’t need to be online to play this. I recommend the rat on a games

  22. Lovell dice:

    I’m not paying premium for a game that was free. I do not care if everyone uses an ad blocker.

  23. Amazing game with 4k graphics and compelling gameplay with so many plot twists 10/10

  24. creature dice:

    I can’t believe they’re making you pay for levels when they should just be in the game for free

  25. Wonderful game,i love it.I would have even paid the donut games company 100000 dollars…😎😎

  26. Litteraly the most fun game I’ve ever played on my phone. Just buy it. So worth it 😤☝️

  27. I feel bad for premium please come back all 80 levels 🙁

  28. Cool game but there’s premium to unlock all

  29. This is my favorite game but I don’t like any premium things

  30. Another great “Rat on a ” game, still just as fun as they used to be

  31. Fun but use of premium is ridiculous

  32. Thanks again for your help and support

  33. Greatest Game Of All Time Most Underrated Game Of All Time This Game Is Immaculate

  34. I love it but the adds are shoved down your throat

  35. Good game but just need more levels that’s why I gave 4⭐

  36. I burnt out my old iPods display playing this game so much

  37. ha ha im not updating it because your GONNA make the challenges cost money so no i don’t wanna DO THAT

  38. Love it, I play this game everyday I’d even say it’s the best mobile game I have ever played

  39. My grandma had this on her i-Pad when I wad 4. Since then, this game has descended into the dark void at the back of my head. Now that I’ve this I think my life is complete.

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