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Join a crash battle with fantasy heroes!
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Crash Heads is a top-down action RPG and an archery squad game.
Lead the heroes to beat the monsters: enter an epic crash battle and smash all the enemies. Massive attacks, various foe waves, dynamic style of squad arrow game and you are at the heart of it all!

Try heroes with different roles: build unique group combinations to discover the gameplay variability and feel the fun to the max. You have an archer, ice wizard, hammerer, and others vs. bulls, necromancers, and hounds. Use axe and other awesome weapons to defeat them and go to the next level.

In each squad game adventure, you receive 1 to 5 cards with heroes and spells. Collect them all to activate new characters and use magic twists.

– Gather different hero groups with their own strengths and play style!
– Kill all the opponents with an axe, spear, or archery and enjoy juicy animations!
– Use majestic spells: falling meteorites, freezing, healing abilities, and many more.
– Control the entire squad game with one finger!

Let the ultimate crash battle begin!



∙ Royal Pass Season 1 just started: jump in and claim big rewards!
∙ PvP Event (Unlock after Level 9) and compete against other players online!
∙ 3 new heroes for your squad: Witch, Arbalester & Drunken Master!


40 comentarios en "Crash Heads 2022"

  1. Harry P dice:

    Easy and fun gameplay. One big issue: I can not get past 2200 points in the event, for the game would freeze in the last stage and does not let me go through the portal. EDIT: The game no longer lets me finish any stage, even in story mode. EDIT 2: I closed the app, opened it some time later, and all my progress is lost… there needs to be a way to save your progress. This is ridiculous.

  2. Update – Had to uninstall the game. Playing on a Galaxy S22 Ultra and it keeps glitching where you can play, but you can not progress through the levels; you just end up stuck on the same level. Wouldn’t be so bad if you could go back and replay previously passed levels, just for variety, but you can’t. Tried force stopping, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and the glitch persists. Bummer too cuz it’s a great little game.

  3. Game was okay but there is a big that you cannot leave a stage after it’s cleared. And you are stuck. It happened recently, and in all stages. So basically it’s unplayable. Update: the bug was fixed so I can play again. And last night when I log in, all progress was lost and I started from the beginning. There is no progress save so … Bye…

  4. Fun game to play. Good progress without the need to watch endless ads. Most ads are optional to aquire something. But the 2 stars are because at level 34 I can’t progress through the doorway. A previous review stated the same, and the developers said it was fixed, but it is not. So I’m at a dead stop. Otherwise it’s entertaining.

  5. This game is awesome, when it’s functioning correctly. The biggest complaint I have is that when you do PvP and it costs 500 coins to enter and at the last stage when you clear the level and the portal lights up, when I go to run through it.. nothing happens. It doesn’t let me pass through to the other side. I have to exit and lose any points I have and the other players seem to be racking up their points. Very disappointed. I have emailed the devs and got no response. Fix this for 5 stars.

  6. What happened? This game was Ok. It was kind of fun and kept me entertained. Not really any ads unless you want to watch them for bonuses. HOWEVER… Be careful spending real money on this game. I was on level 36 and had made a couple purchases for gold/gem/chests and then a couple days later I was reset to level 1 and lost all of my progress and there’s nothing I can do about it… $$$ wasted…

  7. The game overall is awesome, and I’m definitely sticking around. But I am also having the issue most players are having. I can not move through the portal of round three on level 34. The tickets for the events page are limited, and that makes the game limited a lot right now. I can’t begin to imagine the process of creating a game, yet alone building and maintaining it. Best of luck to the development team and I’m excited to see what comes!

  8. Well it’s fun and ads are optional which I like. If chest slots are full and you’re out of event tickets it would be nice if there were a mode you could play as much as you want, without missing out on chests. there seems to be a huge increase in difficulty at about lvl 46, I guess that’s where they want you to spend. And I notice they regendered the robber🙄

  9. Game reset on 12/26/2022 & 12/29/2022 Downloaded this game a few days ago, spent some cash on it, it was a little glitchy but nothing terrible, spent a bunch if time on an event, unlocked new characters and then all of a sudden, BAM!! I started the game up and it reset me to the tutorial. If the company it’s it right I’ll continue playing and will probably spend more on it but if the game is going to reset on me after a couple of days each time then it’s a waste of time and coin.

  10. I held off giving this game a review and I’m glad I did! Giving a one star only for the fact I enjoy these types of games and graphics are satisfactory. The game is fairly buggy/laggy but with so much going on, on the screen at times it’s understandable. What really lost the other 4 stars is the fact that my game was reset (SOME HOW) and I lost everything I had. All cards I had at the time were around lvl 5-8 with a few (ones I rarely used) around lvl 2-3.

  11. I am not sure what is going on with this game but it has reset my progress twice now. Both times I was well into the second or third chapter and over halfway through the events. This needs to be fixed. Gameplay is good but I will not be playing this until a fix is put into place. When will that fix be in place? I started playing again and am less than 400 points from getting the next character in the event and I get to a point in one of the levels and I cannot progress to the next level.

  12. CHO Main dice:

    It’s a really fun game. Problem is that at first it wiped my data 4 times and I had to restart the game part way through. Even after it started working correctly it would lock up at the same point in the same level, not letting me through a gate, and I could not progress. Had to give it a low rating because it can’t be played.

  13. jose muro dice:

    Great game, graphics are good, gameplay is good. Only BIG issue I have is it restarted my game play 2 times. About a week ago I reached lvl60 which was the games story limit at the time, and i guess there was an update and it restarted me, all coins, all upgrades gone. I didnt complain then, i figured maybe I was the early players. But now it restarted me again… could yall fix this issue. Thank you.

  14. Fun gameplay, nice graphics. LOTS of bugs! I’ve reached level 30 and every time I kill the boys at the end of that level, it won’t let me walk through door. The only thing I can do at this point is exit to the main menu … which doesn’t even warn you that you’re about to lose all your progress. It’s happened 3 times now. I guess I can’t progress further until this is fixed. Update: tried to reinstall. All progress lost. GG.. uninstalling. Too bad.

  15. This is a really fun game, the battles are hectic at times, but in a good way, keeps you on your toes! Unfortunately for now, your heros only level up to 9, then they’re maxed. Yet, half or more of the chests you get still give cards for those heroes and they’re pointless, can’t use the extras for anything. Also, once you hit the 60th level to attack, that is the end, you just repeat that level over and over. I do like the game and hope they add more to do in it.

  16. Great potential. Small issues- 1. Haptic feedback and no way to turn it off. 2. Game pauses for upgrades, but enemies don’t. 3. Alert flags in map inaccurate. 4. Only way to exit is to force close. 5. Never been a fan of waiting for chests. Don’t you want me to play the game? Summary- I’m enjoying the game, but the issues would have me uninstall eventually. Could become part of my rotation otherwise.

  17. I was loving this game from the start. The gameplay and visuals are amazing. As I progressed, however, the lack of coin income made it such a challenge to even play the game, since you need coins to upgrade your team. I had glitches, but they were quickly solved by the game devs in the last update (and a reinstall, in my case). Overall, I still think it is a great game, and it’s definitely a fun way to spend time!

  18. Super fun and enjoyable game! BUT PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX THE BUG THAT DOESN’T ALLOW US TO PROGRESS AFTER LEVEL 34. I’m giving 4 stars for the gameplay, the setup and concept. If they can fix the bug preventing us from progressing and restarting after spending all of the $, I will gladly change it to 5 stars. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON THIS GAME!

  19. Fun game but it crashes every time I watch a video without giving the reward and I hit a point where I can’t get stronger as fast as the enemies so I would have to spend money to keep up, and quite a bit to level up. Can’t even grind lower levels to get tokens/gold to level up. Good idea but buggy and hit that wall fairly quickly so unless it gets changed I’m done.

  20. Very fun, but even more buggy. Game is a lot of fun for a mess around game. I can no longer play any adventures however because they wont load properly, I click to start thw match and get a Blue screen only. I also can not finish a level if I have a certain character in my party. Literally will play the entirety of the level until it comes time to walk through the portal….then I just physically walk through the portal. Has cost me valuable game tickets needed to unlock new characters. Bummer

  21. Fun game but it has reset 3 times. Game was going great unlocking and progressing just fine. Then the whole game reset back to level one tutorial. Playing it again it would say my players were not strong enough but there was no way to play to level them up and I wasn’t getting any chests. Now I went back in and I am at level 1 again!

  22. I like it. It’s feels like clash of clans unleashed lol. But it handles well its easy to progress too. Different characters combined gives some unique effects. U have to set up your team correctly to win. Be diverse, it’s fun to actually think about the approach to a level. I actually played the 1st world before I wrote this because I had to be honest. It’s actually an interesting and good strategy game. Given you actually try it. I haven’t started the events yet but I am. Just keep it updated.

  23. Good game but now it has a fatal bug. I complete the level but cant go thru the portal. Sems to have started when i use dwarf demoman. So far i have lost 36 game tickets. They said was fixed in 1.4.1 but the issue remains. Update… have to lower my rating to 1. Now some levels dont work. Tried to reinstall but lost all progress. Done with the game:(

  24. Moderately enjoyable. Badly thought out. Game is playable up until you hit zero progress plateau levels where you can barely grind on the Adventure Ticket levels. Reward Chests are a 2 to 6 hour wait (mostly useless). Characters don’t attack enemies until you stop running and pause, as the rooms get more tiny, you get no pause, so you just die. On Elixir Spell cast popups, you are paralyzed for 2 seconds, leaving you dead if you’re running away from spears or piranha dogs.

  25. Great content and unique development, but extremely glitchy. The flow is interesting (albeit a little slow), and the rewards system is different in a good way (for instance, earned chests must first be initiated and then a timer starts until you can open them). Unfortunately I’m most of the screens, your resources to progress (tickets) are not tracked well and will occasionally disappear. I ultimately uninstalled due to a complete reset of my progress, with no way to recover.

  26. The game play is fun and addicting, but like others I agree there are some flaws. 1-upgrades during the game don’t pause the enemies so you have to be fast to pick them or get attacked. 2-there aren’t any other little games to play to get more coins, so it can be tough to progress at the late stages. 3- I was doing well and then the game restarted. Do better guys.

  27. Fun game…. but bugs! My game was wiped, lost all progress, and a handful of purchases. Sad because is there is lots of potential and I don’t want to regain (or rebuild the same stuff)! Edit: revising to one star as many people have complained about losing progress with no fix. Edit 2: they responded that an update should fix the issue. Willing to give it a try….

  28. I am changing my review to 5 stars. The haptic feedback thing during the battle is removed. So, I can play this game without frustration. However, some of the things could also be improved. For example, sometimes the battle does not pause when choosing the skill. Also, the common characters seems more powerful then the rare ones. But overall, it is a really fun and balanced game 🥰

  29. It’s a great game……. Till you reach the levels in the 30s, for me, at level 34, I reach stage 4 but cannot progress any further. The gate just doesn’t work, so I cannot get to stage 5 in level 34. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, however this made me lose all my progress and I cannot get that back. I saw a similar review to mine, and the developer responded saying it was all fixed. I AM STILL HAVING THOSE ISSUES!! This has made me lose interest in the game.

  30. Maru dice:

    I really like the game per se and its aesthetics. But, there are some annoying bugs and details that feel like playing a game in beta phase. Sometimes enemies won’t attack nor move, daily quests chests are hard to open (they are tiny and u need to tap on them a few times) and finally, everytime you tap any action button, it takes like 3 seconds to respond. Edit: the game just restarted all of my progress!! I lost all of it!! Its like i just downloaded the game! UNINSTALL

  31. Would be great if I could finish levels. The gate from one level to the next doesn’t work 20% of the time so you have to quit. If you are in a PVP then you lose points. Previous review about this had a response from the devs that it was fixed. It is not. Otherwise really cool. Also hitting a blue screen where you can’t leave and have to start over. I’d send this to the devs but there is no in game bug reporting.

  32. I gave this game a chance. I really liked the gameplay, visuals and everything. Idea is awesome! But, there’s few bugs here and there and then enormous one, you can’t finish level 34 because doors bug out, I’ve tried doing literally everything and nothing worked. I wrote support team an email and a week has passed and still no answer so I do not recommend playing this game until is fixed.

  33. Vivarium dice:

    It is an amazing game, yet the longer I played the more issues I found. I have seen someone already left a review on getting stuck on stage 35 and I am now facing that same problem on stage 43. The other two things I have found to be a bother is battery life gets drained a lot as well as the lag that starts the longer you play for. I do hope when reading this you understand that I am just trying to further help the growth of your game.

  34. Like the game, even bought the first season pass. The gameplay is fun, then in level 34 (room 4) I cannot continue (I cannot enter the door to go further after defeating all enemies), I wrote the support. No reply. Support here tells to wait for the update this week, but there is none. Daily quests needs you to open a chest – but only the unlockable (where you have to wait a few hours for) are counted, so I cannot progress there as well. Neither in quests. Frustrating.

  35. Edit: Rewards constantly glitch!! Useless game! I’ve made it to level 20. By kiting the enemy I can still beat a few levels but I’m way under powered for what the game recommends. They offer very few rewards and no way to grind lower levels. Seems like they really want you to pay… You also have to wait for time limits to open chests which is a horrible idea. Graphics are good and the game can be fun but it’s a pretty big cash grab with the lack of rewards and quick ramp up in enemy difficulty.

  36. Game is neat, like the gameplay and all, but I have an issue with some levels first it was level 34, now its level 43 where after the 4 room I cannot pass. I see there are some other players having the same issue. Hope you resolve it. Otherwise its a fun and interesting game to play. Would be very disappointed if I have to delete it.

  37. Great game, amazing concept but this game does not allow players to finish level 34. It’s not just me there are like 20 other people with the same issue who have posted about this in the review comments. I’m changing my review from 1 star to 4. I still can’t progress and bug is not yet fixed. However i enjoy the game even more now cause I don’t spend too much time on it. It still allows me to play the adventures and special events.. and this serves as a great stressbuster

  38. X Yang dice:

    Playing this game for awhile now, most of my characters are pretty high lvl. Hop on today and everything is all gone. Whole thing reset back to the beginning. Don’t know if I wanna do all that work again? Also most of the characters are too weak match up to the Spearman. Hammer is not as strong but can attack from anywhere. Hammer can kill enemies around the corner without even popping his head out. Game was ok but all the gems and time lost, im done unless developers give it all back to me.

  39. Bill D dice:

    Game was fun until i paid for the pass, and then my progress disappeared, along with the premium pass. No option to restore purchases, or saved progress. Im real disappointed, and upset that i spent so much time playing this, that was now wasted. And now, an update. I am stuck on a level that will not let me go through the door to go to the next area. This is getting worse.

  40. Ok concept but sadly there are more bugs in this than under a rock that’s not been moved for centuries. Added to that it’s the same P2W situation as well, as are all mobile phone games today, sadly. Full of videos that you need to watch for upgrade purposes. Full of loot boxes… It’s just another, generic, ‘run-of-the-mill’ Archery clone. Nothing new here.

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